The Prison Princess 3  

By Brian Kim

The Prison Princess

Chapter 3

Written by Blade

The characters in this story belong to Dc Comics and I am in no way making any money off of it. This is also a parody and it is not meant to harm anyone living or dead.

Wonder Woman pants on her knees her eyes closed remembering the touches of the Mexican when Brady and the guards walks in who quickly unlock her the cuffs holding her and Brady grabs her by the hair speaking to her.

"Most of the population is eating lunch right and so is your cell mate whom you had the pleasure of meeting about thirty minutes ago. I think we should take you over there unfortunately in this prison you have to earn your clothing and you haven't done that yet."

The other guards chuckle slapping the naked Princess on her buttocks as Brady begins to pull her along by her hair making her crawl out on all fours down the hall her breasts bouncing under her. Soon they enter the cafeteria which was noisy with the chatter of the prisoners eating but as soon as Brady entered with the naked

Wonder Woman the chatter stopped as the prisoners looked at the super heroine with lust their eyes moving up and down every curve of her body. Brady smiles guiding the naked woman over to the table where the Mexican was sitting.

"I have brought you your play toy,Francesca, please take good care of her."

Francesca smiles as Brady pushes Wonder Woman toward her as the Mexican quickly grabs her by the hair spanking her ass as she does so causing her the soft well rounded buttocks to bounce and pulls the naked Princess up in her lap her back to her. The Mexican's hands soon find their way to the Princess's ample breasts and begin to move them around in circles as Wonder Woman gasps in pleasure her eyes closing as she moans softly as Francesca speaks softly.

"Yes that's it, Princess, let Francesca take care of you. Relax and let me help myself."

She smiles moving one hand down to Wonder Woman's pussy and begins to rub it sliding a finger in and begins to thrust in slowly before she returns to having a normal conversation with the people at the table. Wonder Woman moans feeling the hand knead her breasts and the other hand thrust into her as she gasps juices leaking out of her and down her thighs as she moans softly her eyes half open. She then hears Francesca speak to another of the women at the table.

"Hand me that ketchup bottle there. Yeah the plastic one that is shaped like a glass bottle I want to see if my little toy can take it."

Wonder Woman moans not paying attention until she feels the remove and then suddenly she felt the bottle pushed into her as she gasps her eyes opening drool leaking from her mouth as her insides squeezes around the bottle. The Mexican smile pushing the bottle in further until it touches the Princess's womb and then slowly begins to move it back and forth as Wonder Woman gasps moving her hips back and forth her eyes closed not caring how she looks or that all the female prisoners are gathering around to watch as Francesca use her. Francesca smiles working Diana's breast with one hand while using the other to move the back and forth making sure to touch the hard clit in the wet pussy fur. Wonder Woman moans arching her back thrusting her breasts out as the Mexican slowly leans forward kissing the Princess on the neck and nibbling on her ear as she smiles before thrusting the bottle in one more time and nodding to the other women who quickly cleared the table. Wonder Woman gasped cumming hard around the bottle her juices squirting out around it and running down her thighs as Francesca slowly picks her up and lays her on her back pulling out the bottle smirking looking at the naked sweating Amazon. She smiles speaking out load at the gathered prisoners.

"It seems that the little Princess has tired herself out but it also seems she is offering us dessert so who want to taste her first and get some dessert."

Soon the women was lining up and each one begins to lick at the naked heroine's leaking pussy drinking her juices some even reached up and kneaded her breasts and stroked her clit which caused her to release more juices into their waiting mouths. During this time Diana moans feeling the hands massage her breasts her nipples hard and erect as she feels fingers rub her clit and her body sensitive though she doesn't know why.

Francesca smiles speaking to two other prisoners each of them was Asian softly and pointing to the Princess's heaving breasts and erect hard nipples before they nodded they soon sat down on either side of her and lowered their mouths to her breasts and begin to suckle on her nipples causing the Princess to gasp in sudden pleasure shaking her head back and forth her eyes opening and closing. She moans loud feeling one of the prisoners move her nipple back and forth with her tongue before sucking again as the other tried to suck the whole breast into her mouth. She moans louder as a prisoner stick her whole tongue into her as she gasps softly her face flush.

Finally the last prisoner was done and Francesca looked at the Princess who was unconscious from all the pleasure she was put through she smiles picking up the naked super heroine like she was nothing and carrying her to their cell.

End of Chapter 3

The Prison Princess part 3