Wonder Woman : The Contest  


Based loosely upon the story by William Messner-Loebs
and Mike Deodato Jr. featured in the Wonder Woman
comic book series, issues #0, #90-#100. Now without
any damn censoring.

DISCLAIMER: The following story is an adult-themed
parody of the Wonder Woman comic book. Wonder Woman
and all related characters are property of DC Comics,
a Time Warner company. No copyright infringement is
intended. The author received no payment for this
story, and no money is to be earned by its distribution.

WARNING: The following story contains adult themes
and explicit descriptions of extreme sexual events.
MINORS MUST NOT READ THIS. Many so-called adults
shouldn't, either. If you are below your country's
age of legal majority, kindly bugger off.


The island was on no map. No one in nearby Bermuda
knew of its existence. Yet there it was, as a
misplaced piece from some neglected past. Among its
lush forests, rose graceful buildings and statuary of
carved white stone that would have baffled any art
historian. The temples and other edifices existed in
perfect aesthetic balance with the luxurious greenery
of nature around it, so that many a poet would have
called it Paradise.

Inside the largest building, light was suddenly born,
as a brazier set in the middle of the vast central
chamber glowed with an eerie light, and the abundant
fumes it spawned coalesced into a curtain of shifting
smoke, many feet wide, in whose rippling surface
bright colors swam, first in erratic patterns, then
settling into shapes, defining images. These were at
first hazy and blurred, and viewpoints shifted
erratically, changing angle and distance with no
apparent reason, until they finally stabilized into
a vivid recreation of reality.

"Watch," said a stern voice in a Greek dialect long
forgotten by the rest of the World.

Floating high above a white sea of clouds, in
clear defiance of gravity, a man and a woman,
both dressed in red, blue and gold, embraced,
and their lips joined in a slow, passionate
kiss. Sunlight glowed off the young woman's
lightly tanned skin, her golden-plated corset
and brief star-patterned blue panties scarcely
covering the generous curves of her voluptuous
yet gracefully athletic figure, as she pressed
tightly against the tall, muscular frame of
the dark-haired man, clad from neck to toes in
skin-tight fabric. His flowing cape danced
wildly in the wind, wrapping itself in sudden
gusts around them, as if vainly calling for
their enraptured attention. One of his hands
was lost amidst the swirling curls of her shiny
black hair, while another was on her slender
waist, pulling her close to him, his grip
unsure, hesitant to touch the skin bared mere
inches below by her skimpy bottom.

"It is the Princess!" a voice muttered. The small
number of women gathered on the marble steps of the
Amazon Council Chamber all stirred in various degrees
of surprise and mild embarrassment.

"Please be silent," said the stern-faced woman who
sat at the raised throne, though the furrowed brow
failed to mar the regal beauty of Hippolyta, Queen
of the Amazons of Themyscira.

"Mother?" began the beautiful young woman who stood
on the hall's lowest level, a few paces to the side of
the brazier, and whose identical image, was portrayed
in the mystic fumes. "What is this ab-?"

"Just watch," the Queen said, her voice carrying an
edge that brooked no discussion, not even from her own
daughter, Princess Diana, Champion of the Amazons,
who the world knew as Wonder Woman.

Their lips and tongue danced to a slow but
insistent cadence, and she slid her hands down,
to grab his firm buttocks. Opening his eyes
wide in surprise, he broke the kiss, blushing.
"Diana, I..." he began.

"Shhh..." she whispered, her hands tugging at
the skin-tight fabric covering his body with
growing urgency. "This time it will be

The voices seemed to travel from an impossibly long
distance, echoing with strange acoustics. Still, even
those unfamiliar with the English language could not
fail to recognize the tone, heavy with passion and
longing, of the words spoken.

She uncovered his torso, and slid down, rubbing
sensuously against him, her lips brushing the
wide expanse of his chest, in a tender yet eager

"Mother?" Princess Diana began, her cheeks reddening
with embarrassment as she looked away from the display.
"What is the meaning of this? That was a private
moment, why-?"

"Be silent, and watch."

Her hand moved down the ridged muscles of his
abdomen, and pulling at the cloth at his hips,
she freed his hardening penis from its confines.

More than one gasp was heard from the assembly at the
sight. "He must be a god," an awed voice whispered.

"Silence, Amazons," Hippolyta ordered.

"Diana..." he whispered, closing his eyes for
an instant, as her delicate touch ran over his
already fully erect length, encompassing his
girth with her slender fingers, while her lips
and tongue slowly teased his left nipple.

He pulled her up into his arms with sudden, near
desperate urgency, and her red lips, glistening
wetly, met his again, with hungry eagerness.
He fumbled clumsily with the lace bindings at
her back for several anxious instants, before
finally grabbing the top's edge and pulling it
down roughly in one quick motion, freeing the
fullness of her large, round breasts. Arching
her back, she pushed her chest towards his mouth,
and moaned softly as he bit on her nipples, the
rosy buds already erect between his teeth.

"Mother, please!" Diana said, her face flushed red.
"Surely this does not concern all-"

"Your mission on Patriarch's World was not a vacation,
Amazon. It concerned all Themyscira," Hippolyta cut
in, in a tone she had never before used to address her
daughter. "It is proper that we know to what you
dedicated your time."

"But why-"

"Silence, I said."



Struck speechless by the Queen's sudden anger, Diana
sought to meet her mother's eyes, in frank bafflement,
but the Queen looked away deliberately, and Diana
lowered her head in compliance to the command. She
had been more shocked by such unwarranted vehemence
than the spectacle of the brazier's display itself.
Minor embarrassment had given way to worried concern.

"Now, NOW," she demanded breathlessly, her own
hand sliding aside the flimsy barrier of damp
cloth between her legs, as she moved to
straddle him, their bodies twisting in mid-air.

"Diana, I can't-" he said, in an instant of

"Clark, shut up and fuck me," she growled,
locking her long, muscular legs behind his back,
and with one fluid motion, mounted him, taking
his erect member deeply inside her. She arched
her torso and threw her head back, her long hair
streaming in the wind, as their voices joined
in a twin cry.

"Oh, Diana!" he cried out, as her legs tightened
around him, pulling him closer and deeper.

"Yes!" she moaned, as he grabbed her hard round
buttocks with both hands and began to thrust
with superhuman strength. "HERA, YES, YES!"

Looking at the images, Princess Diana sighed deeply.
If only they had began like that those years ago, she
mused wistfully, even as she shifted her feet uneasily,
wondering what was in her mother's mind, and why was
her intimacy being publicly exposed.

"Oh...CLARK!" she gasped, as their motions grew
faster and wilder, until they stopped hovering
and went hurtling through the air. Their bodies,
joined as one, struck the side of a mountain
peak like a missile, the thunderous impact
shaking off tons of snow and rock, yet he did
not stop his powerful thrusting. His motions
grew even faster and harder, making ancient rock
compress and crack behind her back, as each
thrust made the whole peak tremble.


Diana felt her face flush. Her voice in the recreation
had shifted to the Themysciran dialect. As she heard
herself urging her lover on with wild abandon, she
thought that somehow it sounder dirtier to say such
things in her native tongue than in English, and she
felt the beginning of a smile form on her lips.

Her nails raked long red streaks over his wide
back, her cries and moans becoming louder, while
he thrusted at speeds beyond what most humans
could even conceive. The incredible friction
where their bodies joined turned the shattered
ice beneath them to steam in mere seconds.

Her final cry of culmination preceded his by
mere fractions of a second, and further
avalanches were created as the whole mountain
shared their shudders.

Diana shifted her stance self-consciously, a small
tremor involuntarily running through her legs, as her
body seemed to echo the events she now relived as
spectator. She could almost recall every single,
overwhelming sensation. It had been hardly months
ago, yet it seemed both mere instants and full
eternities away.

"Di-Diana... I-I..." he stammered.

"Save your breath..." she whispered, brushing
long wet locks of hair off her face, smiling
with clear mischievousness. "There's a whole
mountain range left..."

The images then began to blur and fade, and were
soon lost among a multitude of swirling colors in the
brazier's fumes. Diana sighed softly as they were
gone. This too, had been too fast, too fleeting.

"Very interesting use of your gifts, Daughter," the
Queen said softly.

"I had no idea you had me watched, Mother," Diana
replied, raising an eyebrow.

Several paces away, the Amazon sorceress Megala,
whose arts had lighted the mystic brazier, looked
down, avoiding Diana's eyes.

"So this...man, is your lover?" Hippolyta asked, her
lips pursed with disdain as she pronounced the word

"Superman is a close friend," Diana said softly after
just the merest pause. "Our relationship, which I
treasure highly, is a private matter, which I do not
think needs-"

"Then you fornicate with all your friends?"

"Mother?" Diana asked in surprise.

"Has this man sworn his love to you that you would
give him your body?"

Diana stared for an instant, at loss for words, before
replying, uneasily. "No. He is...engaged to-"


"-Promised in marriage...to someone else," Diana
concluded, her voice showing just the barest hint of

"I see. Yet you had carnal congress with him."

Diana looked down for just a moment. After Superman
had apparently been murdered by the monster Doomsday,
her grief had awakened feelings she had thought long
forgotten. So when months later, the Kryptonian hero
had reappeared alive and well, she had practically
thrown herself at him, and they had made love with
the passion that only lenghty denial can provide. The
contrast with their disastrous previous attempt had
been immeasurable, but afterwards, they had agreed
that nothing else would ever happen between them, as
he planned to propose marriage to his long-time love
Lois Lane.

"It was a one-time thing," Diana began. "I had
believed him dead, and-"

"Wished to celebrate his health?" Hippolyta asked
sarcastically. "Are you always so...generous with
your attentions?"

"Excuse me, Mother, but just why must I discuss in
this council the details of my personal life?"

"So you are ashamed of your actions being revealed?"

"Of course not! Superman is one of the noblest heroes
in the world. We were lovers, even if briefly. What
shame can there be in that?"

"And how many other so-called 'heroes' have enjoyed
such privilege, Amazon?"

Diana stared for a moment in disbelief. Shaking her
head, she placed her hands on her hips, and replied
with resolution. "I've had other lovers, yes. Some
were indeed among my peers, those who serve as
protectors of the world. Why is that a problem?"

"You are the representative of Themyscira to the
world of Men. Your actions speak for us."

"I am aware of that responsability," Diana replied,
frowning. She did not like at all the slant of the
interrogation. "But as an adult, I'm also entitled
to a personal life, and if it includes relationships
with individuals whose strengths or virtues I find
appealing, I fail to see why I should apologize for
it in any sense."

"Why? Because you cannot carry on a barely-concealed
'private life' of reckless promiscuity without its
tarnishing the image of all Amazons."

"Mother, that's ridiculous!" Diana exclaimed in
astonishment. "'Reckless promiscuity'? I haven't-"

"You were supposed to uphold our values and honor, to
deliver our message of true equality, and to fight for
justice and peace among mankind. Not to give in to

"That is absurd! Sex is a normal, natural part of
life. I enjoy it, as most other Amazons do. I'm sure
that some of our sisters have more sex during a week
than I do in a whole year!" Diana said, making
several of the Amazon council members smile briefly.
"So what is the difference? That I also do it with

"There is a difference, yes," Hippolyta said.

"Of course is it different, but why is it be wrong?
In fact, experiencing the diverse aspects of sex has
been invaluable to better understanding the troubled
gender relationships of humanity," Diana continued
nonchalantly. "So my having an active sex life is
in no way against the spirit of my role."

"And seeking such understanding made it necessary to
dive into the depths of man's depravity? Is that your
excuse for sacrificing your innocence? Your purity?"

"Is that what all this is about? Oh, please! Mother,
the value given to virginity as a moral and physical
virtue is born of a sexist double standard, another
atavistic restriction forced upon women by possessive
men since ages ago. As Amazons, we surely cannot
follow such absurd prejudices, such denials of nature.
Ignorance is not innocence."

Surprised looks of agreement were exchanged amongst
the attending Amazons. Many voices began to whisper
in hushed, yet excited tones.

"Perhaps," Hippolyta muttered, before raising her
voice with renewed determination. "Disappointing as
it is to see my own daughter so casually embracing
the dubious ways of Patriarch's World, if you feel the
need to seek acceptance among men through casual
carnality, wasting valuable time that could be better
employed in your mission-"

"Mother! That is unfair. I have never neglected my

"-we cannot dispute your freedom of choice. However,
what we must question is your dubious discretion in
choosing with whom to exercise this 'natural function',"
Hippolyta concluded, gesturing at Megala, who nodded
in silent acknowledgment.

The sorceress mumbled and gestured, and the blurs of
color in the mystic smoke began to change, to form
images, recreating again the recent past.

Statues of ancient Aegyptian deities lined the
frescoes-decorated walls of the ornate chamber.
At the room's center, raised on a marble dais
and with thick marble columns standing at each
corner, was a large bed clothed in sheets of
jet black silk, over which two nude bodies lay
in erotic entanglement. Scattered on the floor
were several items of clothing, including a red
bodysuit bearing a stylized lightning bolt
symbol, a golden-plated bustier and brief blue
panties patterned with white stars.

Diana's eyebrows rose in surprised recognition.
"Mother, this was not-" she began, but the Queen
silenced her with a curt gesture.

"Just watch," Hippolyta commanded.

His head was between the Princess's legs, and
her fingers ran through his short, curly dark
hair, while his mouth worked on her sex, making
her squirm and moan in evident enjoyment. But
just as she was beginning to tremble and gasp
for breath, he abruptly stopped and moved back,
making her pout with disappointment.

"Enough foreplay," he said, kneeling up to
position himself between her spread thighs.

"You know, I don't normally go this far on a
first date," she said breathlessly, her eyes
running over his heavily muscled body down to
his rampant erection. "But perhaps this once
I can make an exception," she added, lifting
an eyebrow.

Embarrassed glances and subdued whispers about the
man's obvious endowments were exchanged among the
Amazon Council members, before the Queen's icy stare
withered such gestures.

Reaching down, he lightly ran his fingertips
over her flat, muscular abdomen, which still
trembled with unreleased tension, and moved
down toward her pubis, to cup her mound below
the carefully trimmed wedge of soft damp curls.
Smiling at her breathless anticipation, he
slowly slid his thumb between her soft folds
and inside her sex, making her breathe in
sharply at the intrusion.

"Tighter than an underage schoolgirl," he
muttered, withdrawing his hand to suck on the
moist thumb with relish. "Think you're ready

"For all that?" she replied, looking up from
his quivering phallus to meet his gaze, a hint
of wild playfulness in her bright blue eyes and
dazzling smile. "I doubt it," she added with
mock shyness. "But there's only one way to
find out, right?"

"Indeed," he laughed, moving forward, making
her gasp as his member parted her swollen labia,
entering her with deliberate slowness until,
with a deep groan, he pushed deeply into her
in a single powerful thrust.

She moaned, shifting her position to better
allow the penetration, as he began to thrust
powerfully. "Mm, yes...Wait, slower. Yes...
Yes...Oh, YES!"

In the Amazon Council chamber, Princess Diana stood
perfectly still, her brow furrowed, a grimace of
distaste in her mouth, all in contrast to the
enthusiastic demeanor shown by her image in the mystic

"DAMN! You're tight!" he groaned, thick muscles
bulging with tension, as he began to pump faster
and harder, his motions becoming wilder, rising
to an almost savage frenzy.

"OOW!-Oh-OOh-Oh, Yes!" she cried out, delighted
by his increased fervor. Moaning loudly, Diana
tossed her head from side to side, seeking
handholds in the bunched sheets, her hips moving
up to meet his every thrust with equal power.
"Deeper, faster! OH, HERA! YES! YES!"

With a shudder and a gasp, she arched her back
in a sudden spasm, her legs and buttocks tensing
as she clearly reached her peak, crying out her
pleasure without any inhibitions.

"DAMN!" he growled, clearly ready to follow her.

"Do-Don't finish inside," she gasped, still in
the throes of her orgasm.

"What?" he groaned, anger flashing across his

"Come over me!"

He smiled with gritted teeth, and seconds later,
he closed his eyes and growled loudly, pushing
himself into her with one final mighty push,
before pulling his member out, just as it began
to powerfully shoot copious streams of milky
sperm, which splattered over her breasts and
face, his buttocks contracting rhythmically in
time with his ejaculation.

"Damn!" he muttered, after a long pause filled
only by labored breathing, his hands kneading
the firm flesh of her thighs. "You must be the
most delicious woman I've ever had. Your depth
and tightness are prodigious!"

"You weren't bad yourself," she said, rolling
to a side, and stretching langorously with a
pleased smile, her red tongue licking at her
upper lip.

"I confess I had misjudged you, Princess. I'd
even thought you'd be a virgin. Yet you are as
talented as you are beautiful, and your body is
truly worth a kingdom," he said, as his hand
reached for the deep cleft between her buttocks,
one finger seeking her puckered anal sphincter.
"Are you even tighter elsewhere?"

"Not that fast," she said, turning around and
away. "I think we have already done quite
enough, and I'm not that easy," she added,
"Not even for someone
as good as you."

"A pity..." he said with a shrug, moving to the
edge of the bed.

"But don't go," she said, reaching for him.
"Let's stay together for a-"

"I think not," he said, his sudden motions a
blur, too fast to see, as from the heap of her
discarded clothing, he took a slender length of
golden rope, which he instantly tied around the
metal bracelets on her wrists. Before she
could react, she had been tied, hand and foot,
to the bed's massive marble corner posts, and
he stood looming ominously over her. "I just
hate cuddling," he finished.


Many surprised, angry murmurs could be heard. Bondage
was not something taken lightly among the Amazons.

"Untie me! What does this mean?" Diana asked
with indignation, her eyes opening wide in shock
as the man's features began to change, waves of
blurring distortion seeming to flow from his
contact with the golden lasso. The pleasant,
boyish face became slender and narrow-eyed, the
ears grew pointed tips, and the mouth curled to
a side in a cruel, mocking half-smile. At the
foot of the bed, the red bodysuit also changed,
the cloth becoming pitch black around the golden
lighting symbol.

"Circe warned me that your lasso could break her
glamour, but it doesn't matter anymore, no?"

This produced an instant turmoil among the Council
members. The evil sorceress Circe had caused the
death of dozens of Amazons.

"Interesting friends you keep," Hippolyta spat.

"Circe?" Diana asked, astonished. "Who are you?
What do you want?"

Diana's countenance was grim as she spoke out loud.
"Circe used her sorcery to disguise her ally, Black
Adam, as the hero called Captain Marvel, in order to
seduce me," she explained "I failed to discover the
deception before he...was successful."

"Obviously," Hippolyta said curtly.

"Oh, possessing the most desired woman in the
world, the one-and-only Wonder Woman, is rather
its own reward," he laughed, rubbing one hand
along her smooth thigh.

"After Circe's illusion was broken, I was trapped by
my own lasso and Black Adam's strength, which was a
match for my own," she explained.

"GET OFF ME!" she demanded, twisting in her
bonds in desperate fury, her powerful muscles
straining in vain against the unbreakable
golden lasso. She had no proper leverage, and
the lasso's slack was not enough for her to
grab or kick with any effectiveness.

"The columns anchoring the lasso also had some kind
of sorcery deriving power from it, otherwise I should
have been able to break them."

"Any of those 'heroes' you hang around sampled
your charms?" he asked, fingertips running over
her bare skin, before squeezing one soft breast
with deliberate roughness. "Surely no one was
man enough. You were even surprised that Marvel
would make a pass at you at all, weren't you?
Ha! What folly to waste such a delicious morsel!"

"You bastard," she growled through gritted teeth.
"You will pay for this affront."

"A carefully laid trap indeed," Hippolyta commented.
"That just needed you to willingly walk into it. And
you eagerly did so, didn't you?"

Diana lowered her eyes, knowing that she deserved the
chastisement. Captain Marvel's sudden interest, a
radical departure from his usual shyness, should have
been warning enough, but she had found his sudden
aggressiveness as appealing as his physical beauty.
The hints of his deception were obvious in hindsight,
but she had foolishly ignored any misgivings.

"You were a lot more willing seconds ago," he
mocked, making her gasp as he pinched roughly
a nipple, his face approaching hers. "Can you
say that you did not enjoy being mine? You
came in my arms, Princess, with my cock deep
inside you, remember it. I bet you're still
dripping wet, and I think you could use more.
Much more."

Grabbing her face, he pressed his mouth to hers.
Instantly he bounded back and away, his hand
wiping at his mouth, a brief look of surprise
on his face at the sight of his own blood. She
spat unceremoniously at him, his blood mixed
with her spittle.

Less than an eye blink later her face was thrown
brutally to a side, the echo of the slap's sonic
boom resonating in the chamber.

"You will be a fine addition to my harem," he
hissed. "But first you must learn obedience."
He grabbed and spread her legs, pulling her hips
up. The lengths of lasso binding her ankles
loosened, but his strong hands held her legs
firmly as he moved between them, his still
erect member seeking access to her buttocks.
But Diana did not attempt to break away from
his grasp, instead, she pressed herself up and
against him, going with the force of his hold,
her legs pressing tightly against his sides.
Wrapping both legs tight around his middle
torso, she locked her ankles, and lifting her
lower back off the bed with a grunt, her
muscles tensed and her legs squeezed.

Adam's eyes suddenly bulged, his mouth opening
wide, gasping for air, as her thighs compressed
his lower ribs almost to the breaking point.
His hand released the golden lasso's end.

Instantly, Diana grabbed onto the lengths of
lasso tied to her wrists, and in one powerful
contraction, she violently bent backwards,
throwing Black Adam to crash against one of
the columns behind her, the marble shattering
with the impact.

Black Adam began to dazedly kneel up among the
debris, when a booted feet hit his jaw, and he
was sent to slam with a thunderous crash against
a wall, already unconscious.

"Now, that was enough foreplay," Diana said,
brushing her hair off her face.

"But as you see, I managed to free myself," Diana
stated. "And ultimately I succeeded in thwarting
Circe's schemes."

"Nothing less would have been acceptable," Hippolyta
said coldly, gesturing Megala to stop the display.
As the images dissolved in erratic washes of color,
she added: "But that you allowed such a thing to
happen at all is a disgrace. The ridiculous ease
with which you were seduced almost ensured Circe's

"I realize I let things to escalate faster that what
was prudent, Mother," she said. "I apologize for my
lack of caution."

"Did this man at least paid for his crime? Did you
end his worthless life?"

"No," Diana replied, frowning.

"You failed to avenge yourself?"

"I prefer to avoid taking lives whenever possible."

"But while he lives, your honor is sullied, and with
it, that of all Amazons!"

"I do not think that my honor is such a flimsy thing,
and I feel that it would be more damaged by needless
bloodshed that by an act of sex," Diana stated. "I
regret the shame brought by my mistake, but I regret
far more the death of each living being I have ever
slain, no matter how malignant."

"So you would rather accept abuse than deal just

"Death is not synonymous with justice. Black Adam
had been a hero in ancient times, and he actually
turned against Circe in the end-"

"That does not undo what happened!

"Sparing gave him a chance at redemption. Are we not
to follow the virtues of compassion and love?"

"Some men may deserve compassion, others only deserve
death," Hippolyta said, her lips closing tightly.

"And are those choices easily made? Are we so wise?"
stated Diana, before shaking her head. "I'd rather
err on the side of love, Mother. If that is my crime,
so be it."

"The nature of your choices and the extent of your
errors is what we are examining here, Amazon," the
Queen said, closing her eyes tightly, and rubbing
them with a hand in irritation. "Megala, let us see
more," she commanded, and seconds later, lights
shifted and images were formed anew in the mystic
brazier's smoke, again recreating the recent past.

Amidst a scene of wanton destruction, a nude
Wonder Woman knelt astride a large figure
laying face up on a groundwork of cracked
concrete, surrounded by twisted steel girders
and shattered masonry and concrete.

The flickering light of the damaged overhead
lighting made all motions appear jerky and
surreal, as Princess Diana's body moved up and
down in rhythmic fashion, over the thick lower
torso of the being below her. Her generous
breasts, set high on her slim-waisted, athletic
torso, shook and bounced, firm flesh jiggling
with her feverish motions, her smooth skin
glowing with many layers of sweat. Only the
charred tatters of star-patterned cloth
surrounding the ankles of her knee-high boots,
remained of her costume.

Diana's breathed deeply, knowing that this particular
liaison would not be easy to explain.

Wonder Woman's eyes were closed and her teeth
clenched. Her breath came in fast, hard gasps.
Her long mane of flowing black hair fell like
a cascade of night over her wide shoulders and
back, as she tossed her head from side to side,
her whole body shaking and trembling.

The bound creature moved in unison with the
Princess, matching her rhythm, while his wide,
fanged mouth opened to let out deep groans and
growls. His normal eyes were closed, but the
third eye, located in the middle of his sloping
forehead, below the rigid, sectioned fin that
crested his hairless head, was open, glowing
with unearthly energies. The erratic flashes
of light revealed the coils of Wonder Woman's
lasso binding the creature's oversized muscles,
gold gleaming over the dark red hue of his
massive body.

"Merciful Minerva..." an Amazon whispered in horror.
"He -It- isn't human!"

"But it is clearly male," Hippolyta interjected
bitterly. "Now, be silent, and watch, Amazons."

The image zoomed closer, allowing clear view of
the thick mass of hard meat that protruded from
the creature's groin and sank between the
swollen folds of the heroine's sex as she moved
over him with feverish urgency.

"Hades! He's huge!" another voice said.


"Oh, GODS!" Diana screamed out loud, throwing
her head back, shudders running unchecked
throughout her body, while her lover roared,
his own massive body also seized in powerful
spasms. Thick dark fluids spilled from the
Amazon's impaled sex, dripping around the
thick base of the creature's throbbing phallus.

In the following instant, a shimmering crimson
glow grew all over the creature's figure, and
even as its roar faded away, so did its body,
shrinking, shriveling away, the massive being
contracting beneath Wonder Woman's form in mere
seconds, until only a miniature shape, wrapped
in a blood-red energy nimbus, remained,
floating inches over the ground in front of the
kneeling Amazon Princess.

The expression on the young heroine's face
seemed a mixture of surprise, relief, and
an undefinable kind of sadness, perhaps even

"Enough, Megala," the Queen ordered, her mouth now
twisted in disgust, as the images faded into a blur
of shapeless colors. "Was this...creature, one of
those peers, these heroes you are so attracted to?"

"No," Diana began. "Despero was a being from another
world whose madness menaced the world. I fought him-"

"An enemy, then? A rampaging alien monster! By Hera!
Is that the kind of lover you seek in Man's World?"

"Despero had defeated the Justice League. Its most
powerful member, the Martian Manhunter, was almost
slain," Diana explained uneasily. Although he was
much more human-like than some others she had known
sexually in the past, Despero's obvious alienness
complicated matters considerably. "I fought with
all my power and skill, but he could not be stopped
by physical might alone."

"So you let it take you? You allowed that fiend to
abuse you?"

"I was not abused. I willingly chose to have sex
with him."

"What? Why would you do such a thing?"

"To stop further useless violence. There had been
too much needless death already. By linking us by
flesh and the Gloden Lasso, I allowed the Martian
Manhunter to access his mind and attack from within,"
Diana explained. "In the vulnerable moment of
orgasm, his mind was trapped inside a recurring
fantasy construct, where he would relive that same
single instant endlessly. Thus our coupling became
his prison."

"But to willingly allow that thing to...touch you!
How could you even contemplate such an act?"

"Despero was hate embodied. He sought only death and
destruction. By having him unleash his fury through
sex instead of murder, using my body to divert his
madness, millions were saved. It wasn't that high a
price to pay."

"And one you were glad to pay?"

"Excuse me?"

"We saw your expressions, Amazon. Heard your...
exclamations. You speak of selflessness, but how
enjoyable was it for you to mate with that revolting

"That is irrelevant, I coupled with Despero to save
lives, not to seek gratification. It allowed us to-"

"But you felt pleasure while mating with that thing,
did you not?" Hippolyta insisted.

Diana breathed deeply before answering. "My body
felt pleasure, yes. Despite my distaste at his
brutality, I climaxed during our coitus. But even
as we coupled, my soul wept for him, as for his many
victims. I knew carnal pleasure, Mother, but little
joy. They are not the same."

Hippolyta frowned. "You wept for him? Why?"

"He deserved pity. Despero had known only fear and
hate since birth, becoming a hollow shell, consumed by
his own hatred, denied of any other reason for being,
for self. He embodied the very worst in man. Helping
him to find pleasure in my body was the sole way to
fight his hate and give him peace. He was stopped and
no further death was necessary, as I chose to make love,
instead of war, Mother."

"Love, instead of war..." echoed Megala, the sorceress'
eyes dawning with a new light.

"Yes, Megala. We Amazons preach love, but we are far
too eager to deal violence. Must hate be always met
with hate? Are certain sacrifices not preferable to
bloodshed?" Diana turned her eyes to the Queen, and
added: "I would do it again, without any qualms."

"Oh, I am sure you would," Hippolyta said. "You make
a bold statement, Amazon. You speak of lofty ideals
and admirable sacrifices, but such easy willingness to
compromise your sexuality to an enemy is highly suspect.
Did you do truly what you had to do, or only what you
desired to do?"

"That is not-"

"Megala!" Hippolyta called out, ignoring Diana's voice.
The sorceress nodded in silent acknowledgment, and new
images took shape in the mystic brazier's smoke.

In a luxurious ballroom, among several men and
women dressed in colorful costumes, the graceful
figure of the Amazon Princess stood before the
enormous towering bulk of Despero. His massive
red-skinned body wore only a metal torc circling
his thick neck and spandex briefs precariously
stretched over his loins, barely containing the
large bulge of his genitals.

"-control device could only be repaired using
the circuitry of my system's core," the hulking
creature was saying, his clipped pronunciation
strangely incongruent to his brutish appearance.

"Seems that your monstruous lover was not imprisoned
for long," Hippolyta commented coldly.

"...Could have mean the end of your individual
consciousness, yet you were willing to sacrifice
yourself," Diana said, her bright blue eyes
showing true admiration. "That was extremely
brave of you, L-Ron."

"Merely expedient, Your Highness," the artificial
intelligence controlling Despero's body replied.
"Thankfully, most of his mind was well gone
beyond consciousness by then-"

"Call me Diana, please," she cut in, smiling.

Diana could feel her cheeks and ears grow warm. She
knew where this was leading.

"Was quite a surprise recovering full awareness
inside his organic form. Biological sensory
systems are much different from my old interfaces.
Rather fascinating, really. I am still learning
the capabilities of such an unique organism-"

"That would indeed be interesting to explore,"
she whispered, raising an eyebrow and biting
her lower lip. "I wouldn't mind helping you in

"Your Highness?"

"Diana," she insisted, a mischievous sparkle to
her eyes, as her hand reached for his .

"Megala, jump forward," the Queen commanded, and the
images blurred for a moment and then changed.

"OH, HERA!" the Amazon Princess gasped, her
trembling body dwarfed by the huge male figure
laying over her, his massive raised torso
supported on tree-trunk-like arms, their loins
joined in erotic fervor. Her flushed, flawless
skin was framed by the spread curtains of her
long lustruous black hair, spread wildly over
the crumpled sheets of white linen, damp with
their mingled sweat.

Her voluptuous bosom shook wildly while his
hips pumped between her long spread legs, the
power of his thrusts making the large bed
beneath them shake precariously, as if made
of flimsy sticks.

"Clearly you felt that a further sacrifice was needed,"
Hippolyta mocked, her anger now unmistakable. "Were
many lives at stake again?"

"He was no longer the same person-" Diana began.

"MERCIFUL-APHRODITE!" she cried out, her eyes
closing in a grimace of sudden pain. "It-It's
so big!" she gasped. "Gods! I-I had forgotten
how big it was!"

"Are you in pain? Should I stop?" L-Ron asked
with solicitous concern, but without missing a
beat in his machine-like pumping rhythm.

"Oh, no!" she said, her delicate hands grabbing
his thick forearms in a grip that no normal man
could have withstood. "II can take it. I don't
mind some pain at first. Just go on, you're
doing just fine!"

"It does seems indeed a tight fit, despite your
abundant production of lubrication," L-Ron
observed, the large protruding brow furrowing,
"If it proves too painful-"

"No! I like it like that! Don't stop!"

"I do register an astounding range of sensory
input myself. Almost overloading in intensity,
I can-"

"By Hades! Stop analyzing it!" she blurted
out. "Just go with the flow!"

"I dare not allow much instinctive behavior
lest Despero's dormant persona reassert-"

gods! Yes! Harder, now! Harder! HARDER!
OH, YES! YES!" she cried out, as he pumped
into her with power enough to pierce steel.

She should have been looking anywhere but at the
display, Diana knew. Yet, despite her unease, her
eyes were riveted to the scene, feeling a powerful
voyeuristic thrill to watch herself having sex from
an outside perspective. Hopefully she had not grown
as wet as she felt, she thought, biting her lower

The bed's thick metal frame shuddered and
finally shattered beneath them, unable to
withstand the strain of their twined exertions,
dumping mattress and lovers alike to the floor
with a loud crash.

"Mr. Lord will not be pleased..." L-Ron said.

"You and the creature became quite friendly, no?"
Hippolyta asked with biting sarcasm. "You desired
him all along, Amazon, confess it!"

Watching the images fade, Diana allowed herself a
brief smile. Uninterrupted, the spectacle would have
lasted several hours more. Few lovers had ever
provided her such prolonged and physically intense
sex, even if she had needed to tell L-Ron how to do
practically everything. The danger from the original
brief mating with Despero was missing, as was the
added excitement of sensing J'onn's mind throughout,
both watching and sharing, but it had been almost as
good to let herself go in such wild sex without
having to feel any second thoughts or reservations
regarding the partner's nature. But that was not
the sort of thing to discuss with her Mother.

"The situation was vastly different," she explained.
"When Despero was freed months later, L-Ron, an
artificial intelligence from another world, bravely
risked his existence to take over his body. I felt
attracted to such courage and the...obvious physical
prowess of his adopted body, so we had a brief affair.
That was all."

"An artificial intelligence? A machine you mean?"

"Not exactly, but-"

"You had sex with a machine? An alien machine?"
Hippolyta asked incredulously. "You take into your
bed alien monsters and nonliving mockeries? What
shall be next? Will you lay down with animals?
Mate with swine or dogs?"

"Mother -I..." Diana started, flustered, feeling her
face grow warm in an instant, as she looked uneasily
at the jumbled colors in the brazier's smoke.

"Have you already indulged in carnal lusts to such a
degree that you must seek the perverse, the forbidden
thrill of the dirty, the grotesque?"

"No!" Diana replied, sahking her head in astonishment.
How had things come to this point?

"Was this the true reason why you sought to go to
Patriarch's World in the first place?" the Queen
insisted. "So you could debase yourself rutting
with a loathsome monster?"

"I did not debase myself!" Diana complained with
growing exasperation. "For Hera's sake! I just had
sex! So my partner was not conventionally handsome?
Why is that so wrong?"

"Why?" Hippolyta echoed in disbelief. "You are a
Princess of Themyscira! You cannot lower yourself
with such actions?"

"Please, Mother! Appearance is not the sole measure
of worth! I've met many beings from other worlds and
realms, with forms that deviated greatly from human
standards, but whose strengths or virtues were far
more attractive than any simple cosmetic beauty."

"Surely you would not dare to suggest you mated with
other such monsters!" Hippolyta exclaimed.

"Whenever there was opportunity and mutual interest,
why not?"

"By Hera! How can you speak so lightly of such

"And how can you judge so superficially? Whatever
their forms, most were noble, heroic beings who
honored with their desire. Shape is no more valid
a reason for discrimination than gender, race, or

"So you would claim that these monstrous lovers of
yours, were all also heroes?"

"Most were decent, intelligent beings that-"

"Yet you admitted that this Despero was originally
an evil, dangerous creature!"

"Yes, but his madness was born from-"

"So none of these creatures you knew sexually was

"Not necessarily, but-" Diana began, hesitating for
a second.


Diana stood silent for a couple of seconds, before
breathing deeply and replying.

"Things are rarely so simplistic," Diana began,
weighing her words with care. "At times I've met
individuals of...dubious morality, whose goals or
agendas placed us in direct conflict. Yet being an
antagonist does not implicitly make someone 'evil',
or discounts the need for finding alternate ways to
reach agreements-"

"So you had sex with these 'antagonists'?"

"Sometimes sex happened," Diana admitted. "But
only under extraordinary circumstances. It is not
something I would ever do casually-"

"Really? Perhaps we must be enlightened as to such

"Mother, there are some things I'd rather not discuss,
particularly in public. You must trust that I-"

"Trust? Trust is earned! Megala!"

The aged sorceress sighed and began to mumble, and
the eldritch lights in the brazier's smoke again
changed into a different place and time.

Wonder Woman was slammed hard against a rocky
cliffside, the powerful impact driving all
breath from her. The gigantic furry hands of
her attacker held onto her neck and one thigh
with irresistible strength, repeating the
action again and again, until the heroine was
on the verge of unconsciousness. The golden
lasso whose other end was looped ineffectively
around the creature's thick torso, slipped
from her limp hand.

Diana's eyes opened wide in shocked recognition, and
her face grew pale. "The Shaggy Man," she whispered,
feeling her stomach knot. She could not believe that
her mother would display this particular event.

The creature roared, holding Wonder Woman with
one hand against the rock, several feet off the
ground. With one single motion, the other
oversized hand tore off her sparse clothing.
Drool dripped profusely from the huge, tusked
mouth, and an obscenely long, thick tongue
lashed at her exposed chest, the firm flesh of
her bosom flopping wildly with each rough
forceful lick. Oversized jaws opened wide and
one full round teat was sucked whole into the
gaping maw, hairy cheeks hollowing in mighty

The gathered Amazons stood mute in horror. The
monster was almost twice as tall as the Princess,
its enormous hairy body making her seem like a
slender, fragile doll.

Wonder Woman cried out in pain as teeth bit
into her trapped flesh, and despite her
dazedness, she struck out instantly with both
hands, double hand-heels striking at the sides
of the creature's head.

Letting go of the Amazon's breast, the creature
roared in anger, and one huge hand brutally
slammed into her head, making rock crack noisily
behind her skull.

"I can see how well you and your beloved monsters
work out your agreements," Hippolyta sneered between
gritted teeth.

"Please, Mother. I beg you not-" started Diana, before
Hippolyta cut her off with an abrupt gesture.

"The Council must see this," Hippolyta said. "All of

Pressing one massive hairy forearm across her
upper torso and neck, the creature pushed the
inert heroine up over the rocky surface, and the
grotesquely wide, deep-set nose moved towards
the juncture of her legs, sniffing noisily.
One of her limp legs was roughly moved to a side,
and the creature's wet snout and drooling mouth
dove at her now exposed pubis.

Gasps and muttered curses filled the air, many Amazons
shuddered and looked away in disgust.

Diana tightened her fists, her lips pressed tight in
rising anger. The genetically engineered being called
the Shaggy Man had proved completely unstoppable, its
immense strength and invulnerability matched only by
its mindless ferocity. The Justice League had fallen
before its senseless fury, and she had brutally
discovered that it's rudimentary mind held something
besides the thirst for destruction.

Still unconscious, she squirmed and whimpered
while the creature's coarse tongue lashed at
her sex, lapping at it like a frenzied dog, as
if seeking to consume all of her taste.

She could not understand what her mother was driving at.
What did she want? What could possibly justify such

"Is there any reason why all this must be turned into
a spectacle, My Queen?" Diana asked grimly. "I thought
I deserved more respect than this."

"The sort of respect you are shown by these unholy
creatures you defend? The respect you seem to crave?
Let us all watch and share these all-important lessons
in human nature you claim to seek in Man's World."

The monster leaned back from between her legs,
its slimy tongue licking the fluid-covered wide
lips. With casual brutality it threw Wonder
Woman to the ground.

"This was different! I was not given a choice! The
Shaggy Man was an almost invincible entity. His power
was overwhelming. I could not stop him before he..."
Diana cut herself short, her jaws shutting tightly in

The Shaggy Man knelt down and spread apart the
heroine's long legs, pulling one over each of
the hirsute thighs, lifting her hips up towards
its midsection, to position her sex directly
before the gigantically oversized phallus as
it emerged from its hairy sheath. The engorged
member, purple and streaked with red and blue,
was incongruously big, the glans alone seeming
ridiculously out of proportion to the pubic
mound facing it, as it pressed against the
moist portal to her sex, saliva and thicker
fluids making the swollen folds glisten.

"Before what?"

With one deep grunt, the brute simultaneously
pulled on her hips and thrust forward,
impaling her, the thick member penetrating her
with irresistible power, making her cry out in
sudden agony, her whole body seized in a
violent convulsion.

"-Before he raped me," Diana whispered.

"Ah, so this was no noble sacrifice, then?" Hippolyta
asked in a dry, almost impersonal tone.

Wonder Woman gasped as a huge hand completely
encircled her slender neck, pushing down and
holding her pinned to the ground, while her
lower body suffered the powerful battering of
the creature's savage thrusting. Each thrust
drove the huge penis deeper inside her,
painfully forcing her tight passage to accept
more and more of its enormous girth.

"Of course not!" Diana protested.

The heroine began to struggle desperately,
fighting for breath as she tried to close her
legs against the assault, or squirm free, but
she lacked the leverage needed to force the
huge creature off her, and she could not even
budge the powerful arm strangling her. Soon
the tightening grip on her throat made any
cries or protests a luxury. The growing lack
of oxygen made it impossible to focus on her
flight power, and her raw strength seemed to
be seeping away. Only the constant, hammering
pain in her loins kept the encroaching cloud
of unconsciousness from claiming her.

"Please, my Queen, can this be stopped now?" Diana
asked softly, her voice and stance perfectly
controlled, revealing none of her inner turmoil of
conflicting anger and shame.

"The act itself needed stopping, Amazon," Queen
Hippolyta said coldly, "Yet you were unable, or
unwilling, to do so. How could you allow this to

"Allow it? The Shaggy Man overpowered me! Took me
by force, against my will! Isn't it obvious?"

The Shaggy Man roared with satisfaction while
pumping relentlessly into her, while the ground
literally shook with each mighty stroke. No
normal woman could have survived penetration of
such magnitude and brutality. Only her
superhuman resilience and the lubrication
provided both by the monster's saliva and her
own fluids, secreted under the initial oral
assault while unconscious, had kept her from
suffering serious injuries.

The monster roared, as she felt the huge member
inside her throb, and scalding fluid erupted
powerfully in her depths, yet the monster kept
pumping without pause, its fury undiminished.
Just like its hunger for destruction, it could
go on without knowing fatigue or satiation.

In an instant of clear lucidity, she relaxed,
her resistance vanishing before the monster's
brutal thrusts. Her hips began to move,
clumsily seeking to match her attacker's wild
rhythm, her hands ran caressingly up the hairy
arms, and she sought to arch her back towards
him. The Shaggy Man registered her sudden
change in attitude, and loudly groaned in
delight as her inner vaginal muscles began to
tighten around him, not in resistance but in
apparent welcoming cadences.

"Yet you soon seemed to grow much less unwilling,
Amazon. Is all your resistance so short-lived?"

"I had to do that," Diana stated, grimly. "It was
the only way."

The creature relaxed its grip, allowing the
heroine to gasp for breath. Her hands still
ran over the hairy, massive upper arms. Her
arched torso emphasized the jostling of her
breasts, the large firm orbs moving in jerky
motions with each forceful thrust. The rosy
nipples had grown hard and stood out clearly
over each swollen, raised aureole.

Diana could now distinguish the words of indignation
muttered behind her back among the attending Amazons.
She allowed herself a mirthless smile. They would see

Reacting to the visual stimulus, the Shaggy
Man bent forward, its maw moving towards the
jiggling bosom. Wonder Woman's hands slid
gently over the huge shoulders, pulling it
down to her. As the sharp teeth opened to
bite on the tempting flesh, Diana's hands
reached the side of the monster's head, and
focusing all her remaining will and strength
with clinical precision, she pressed and
twisted hard, up and to a side.

The monster screamed in pain as its neck was
dislocated, its hands opening in reflex,
releasing the heroine's neck. Instantly she
grabbed onto his arm, leveraged her legs
against him and, with all the furious power
she could summon, she pushed and twisted her
hips savagely to a side, while clenching her
powerful vaginal muscles.

The creature's howl of agony seemed endless as
she staggered to her knees, fighting against
disorientation. Gritting her teeth, she
winced as she pulled out the large mass of
flesh still lodged inside her sex, throwing
then the torn member to the ground beside her.

"YES!" One Amazon cried out, standing up, before
Hippolyta's stare made her sit back down.

The Shaggy Man was convulsing on the ground, its
howls deafening. Over half a foot of mangled
phallus still remained on its groin, but the
bleeding was already slowing to a trickle. As
Wonder Woman jumped to grab the end of her lasso
several paces away, the creature's neck lost its
awkward angle, slipping back into place with a
loud snap.

Diana knew she could not give the monster time
to recover. Ignoring the pain at her core and
the growing numbness in her legs, she set her
feet firmly on the ground, and grabbing her
lasso in both hands, she focused and tugged.

The monster, its torso still bound by the
unbreakable rope, was pulled into the air, and
kept there, as the Amazon Princess spun its
enormous body over her head, keeping it devoid
of all leverage. In the next second, she was
airborne, still whirling her lasso and its
captive, at ever increasing speeds.

With one final grunt, Wonder Woman willed her
lariat loose as she threw the Shaggy Man up
and away, making it achieve escape velocity,
propelling the monster into the icy cold of

In a corner one Amazon clapped softly for a few
seconds. Diana smiled, recognizing Phillipus, her
former combat teacher.

"No more, Megala," Hippolyta said, frowning at the
defying show of support, as she signaled Megala to
put the sorcerous brazier out. "We have already seen
more than enough," she added, her voice tired.

Megala nodded, and at her command, the brazier finally
lost its unearthly glow, its fumes drifting off in
fading wisps of smoke.

Diana breathed deeply, feeling minor relief at this.
Apparently, no more events would be brought out. That,
at least, was conforting.

"I am not proud of this, Mother," Diana began softly.
"I should indeed have fought more wisely from the
start, and found a way to defeat him earlier, but-"

"But you did not. As usual, you let another enemy,
a monster, abuse you. You surrendered to its lust."

"I never surrendered! I only endured it until I could
strike back! I needed to buy time, gain advantage!"

"How? By letting yourself be disgraced? Is that how
an Amazon faces combat? Falling on the dirt to spread
her legs in eager submission? Better to fight to the
death rather than accept like a whore such shameful

"And what would that have achieved?" Diana asked,
full of hurt and indignation. "It would have raped
my dead body anyway and gone off to imperil countless
others. My life was not the only thing on the line!
If I hadn't-!"

"Or were you were actually willing, eager even, to be
ravished by that hideous thing? Perhaps you longed
for its revolting touch, to add yet another monstruous
lover to your tally!"

"Mother! That is absurd!"

"Did you fail to defend yourself properly on purpose?"

"NO! How can you accuse me like that? I could never
compromise my actions-!"

"How else may we explain that an Amazon champion could
have been so easily defeated?"

"I was not defeated! Whatever happened, I vanquished
him at the end!" Diana replied, controlling her anger
with conscious effort.

"After it had possessed you!"

"I was not possessed! I'm not a thing to be owned!
His penis was inside me, but that does not make me
his property! For Hera's sake, IT JUST FUCKED ME!"

through clenched teeth, livid with rage. "You are
my daughter, but I am still your Queen!"

"I-I am sorry, My Queen," Diana replied formally
after a moment's hesitation. She looked down,
shamed by her outburst, her loss of self-control.
"I apologize for my rudeness."

Hippolyta remained silent for a while, all her anger
seemingly drained from her, before finally continuing
in a raspy voice: "Your admission of sexual congress
with unnatural beings was bad enough, Amazon, but to
know that you, our Champion, has been defiled so by
such an abominable enemy, is simply unforgivable."

"I was overpowered by a mighty foe, My Queen, but
I endured and ultimately prevailed," Diana stated.
"I believe I am not the only Amazon to have known
abuse and still have managed to overcome it."

Murmurs of surprise ran through the assemblage at
Diana's rebuttal, and its reference to the darkest
episode of Amazon history, the betrayal and abuse of
the Amazon Queen and Nation by Herakles and his men.

Hippolyta glowered at Diana and her implied challenge,
while the muttering among the attending Amazons grew

"We have been victimized by men before, yes," the
Queen replied finally. "But such crimes forged our
determination, and we learned from our mistakes.
Did you also learn the lesson, daughter?"


"Did you learn to properly defend your honor from
the lusts of men? Can you say that no other enemy
ever forced you into sex? Can you say that no man
ever raped you again?"

The silence lasted just a second, but the look
exchanged between mother and daughter seemed to
extend for a lifetime and speak volumes.

Finally, Diana whispered: "No."

"Speak up!" Hippolyta hissed, clutching the throne's

Diana breathed in deeply. Technically, no mere man
had ever raped her. Dominating her by physical force
was not easy, even for her superhuman foes, and the
few who had achieved it had been either much more, or
quite less, than human. But truth was not something
to be diluted through semantic games.

Looking straight at her mother, she spoke in a loud,
clear voice: "I've had sex with some of my enemies,
by violence or other reasons-"

"What other reasons can there be for fornicating with
the very evils you were supposed to fight?"

"The safety of others, of the world at large. Like
with Despero, sometimes I have chosen to have sex for
the greater good, other times I was not given a choice.
But this is just another one of the challenges I must
face, and if my mission demands that I must deal with
it, then I will," Diana said resolutely.

"So you care nothing about being used as an object?"
the Queen asked, her voice bristling with fury.

"I do care! But if an enemy who could have slain me,
like the Shaggy Man, attempts instead to rape me, that
gains time, and opens further opportunities at escape
or retaliation, at fulfilling my mission and finding
a final victory!"

"So the end makes all that came before acceptable?
Are you now adopting Man's amoral sophisms?"

"With the stakes at play in the menaces I face, sex is
often not that high a price to pay!"

"So these are your great accomplishments in Man's
World, Amazon? Coupling with every single monster or
villain that crosses your path?"

"No! Such events have been only a handful among the
many menaces I have faced and overcame! The Children
of Ares, the Challenge of Zeus, the GodWar, Darkseid!
Is it all now meaningless? Just why is it so damn
important if I had sex with an enemy or not?"

"Why? Because it is important! Because it is wrong!
You have been tainted by the depravity of Man! You
give your body to your foes, when you could find other
means for victory. In truth, you seek such situations.
You have learned to desire, to crave such abuse!"

"NO!" Diana cried out, fighting back bitter tears of
frustration, her body trembling with fury. "How can
you think that of me? Don't you understand? IT IS

yelled, rising to her feet. "How could you fight
with a clear purpose an evil foe who has just
conquered you?"

"I have never been 'conquered'!" Diana complained,
refusing to back down. "Sex by itself cannot
subjugate me. If I can endure a violent coitus with
an enemy, why would it break my will or destroy my
self-esteem? Male chauvinistic conceit is what
branded sex as a form of humiliation, of oppression,
and taught women to be afraid or ashamed of enjoying
any form of sex!"

"So you are not ashamed of such acts? Instead you
enjoy them?" Hippolyta demanded, her knuckles turning
white as she clenched her fists in rage, while the
murmurs amongst the Amazons grew to a wild cacophony
of shocked exclamations and arguments.

"I do not enjoy being forced to partake of sex with
evils beings I despise, but-"

"Yet you admitted that the red monster pleasured you.
Did the one called Black Adam not do the same?"

"Even if I experience any carnal satisfaction with an
enemy, that would never make me despise his evil any
less, or stop me from fighting him! Pain, is also
suffered during combat, but I never yield to it. Why
would pleasure be any different? Both are just
physical sensations to be mastered. Important as sex
is, it cannot compromise my actions as Wonder Woman,
no matter how it happens or with whom!"

For a long, tense moment, both mother and daughter
stood silent, their eyes locked, words no longer
useful to express their grievances.

Finally, Hippolyta's gaze faltered, and looking down,
she spoke with a tired voice. "That is little comfort

Diana sensed the pain in Hippolyta's voice, and felt
shamed by her own egoism, for not realizing before
how deeply this had to be affecting her mother, for
not seeing the grievous hurt behind the accusations.
She approached Hippolyta's throne, extending a hand
in concern.

"Mother, I am sorry. It was never my wish that..."

"What you wish is irrelevant," Hippolyta replied,
closing her eyes wearily, and refusing to acknowledge
Diana's gesture. "I wish my daughter had remained
unsullied by the filth of men. I wish our Champion
had been capable of better defending herself. I
wish the Amazon honor had remained untarnished.
I wish many things."

"Mother, our honor is not-"

"Have these degrading experiences not shown you the
error of your ways? Will you not renounce your

"That is not the whole of sexuality! Sex is not only
abuse and degradation!"

"That is how men use it!"

"It doesn't have to be like that! Sex is also an
affirmation of life! It can be a way to grow closer,
to express love, or it can even be a tool, or weapon!"

"Believe as you will. Your rationalizations are of no
interest to us. While we find great disappointment in
your behavior, wasting yourself in a life of depravity
is your own decision. But we cannot allow such an
example to represent the values of Themyscira."

"But I have always fulfilled my responsibilities!
All my efforts should not be judged just through a
few unavoidable compromises!"

"And just how successful have those efforts been?
You have defeated an ocassional foe, but have war and
crime and injustice vanished from the world? Have
women gained equal respect and power in Man's society?
Have abuse and exploitation of the weak stopped?"

"It is not that simple! The evils at work in the
world are greater than what we ever imagined! Even
my powers can be small in contrast. But I have-!"

"Of course nothing has changed, since you spend your
time in exhibitionist displays of your undeserved
gifts with those you call 'heroes and villains',
engaged in gratuitous acts of violence as prelude to
your lustful fornications with both!"

"Mother! You know that is not true!"

"You have proved yourself unworthy of both the gifts
of power from the gods, and the mantle you received in
trust from your sisters. You are not fit to represent
the Amazon race. Therefore you are relieved of such
honor and duty."


"As Queen of the Amazons of Themyscira, I hereby
declare vacant the title of Champion of the Amazons.
At dawn tomorrow a new Contest shall begin, to
determine who among our sisterhood deserves to become
the new Wonder Woman!"

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Wonder Woman : The Contest part 1