Gargantua's Victory 2  

By Bunzilla

Gargantua's Victory Chapter 2

Gargantua wrecks havoc on Wonder Woman

What do yoou mean he failed the tests? He killed all the women didn't he?

Yes, eventually. But it took him too long to do it. It should have taken him one minute maximum. He played with them and seemed transfixed by the colors of the outfit.

Oh come on... he pulled on them as if they were pretzles and each one died a horrible death- just as we trained him to do.

But Gargantua raped two of them and he almost ate the third one. Licking her like he did.

Well we can do more imprinting but we've een doing this already for over a month. He's a killing machine if there ever was one.

The movie production site is winding down. We've got to move on her soon or we'll have to wait or another opportunity. She may not stay in Africa long after the movie is done.

Agreed. We move tomorrow then if all factors remain the same.

The next day Wonder Woman was on location doing the final scene for the film. The weather had been bad with lots of rain. So today, with a sign of a long period of a dry, cool climate everyone was ready to film and wrap it up.

On cue Wonder Woman walked out from a cover of thick jungle. Looking apprehensivly around her she made tentative steps toward the half-track a few yards ahead. The scenes cut before had built up the suspense of the giant gorilla tracking her from the trees and uttering low grunts and growls. Hostility burned in its eyes as it targeted the loan female walking through the jungle.

Earlier in the story Wonder Woman had beaten Gargantua back from an attack on a military scientist. She had hurt him badly and shocked his system. Enraged he leaped out of the small building and disappeared in the cover of trees. Wonder Woman's job was to find him and bring him to justice.

Slobbering and drooling well for the camer the gorilla began his death stalk of the shapley woman below.

'OK, now he should be in sight behind me now. He's lining up to deliver a hard brain blow- hear him move on the leaf covered ground. Hank really knows how to get at me. Just love playing this with him.'

Here I an sweatheart, ready to do you in (chuckling). Remember that if you think through everything as if it's hapening it will show on your face and the camer will pick it up. Shift left now!

Lunging but missed- 'Arggrrr! Not again.'

Wonder woman quickly stepped behind Gargantua and attempted to neutralize his attack. Breaking her feable hold on him he spun around to face her. Towering 2 feet taller than this lovely vision his massive left hand whipped out and secured a strangle hold on the princess. Wonder Woman fell for the ploy and raised both hands to pry his hand from around her throat. Then Gargantua struck again. His massive right paw found her groin easily and lifted her high above his head.

'Oh Hank, each time this happens I feel myself melt a little.'

'Now sqirm like we've rehersed Wonder Woman. Perfect. Give them that helpless 'I can't beleive he's grabbed me there' look. Choke a little, great. Now gag a bit- fine. Look down the length of your body to see my hand at work on you. Now groan. Now look all passive and helpless as I pull you in and cradle you against my stomach. Arch back show you fantastic chest. OK now let your arms go limp and let you eyes flutter some- perfect! You've got this down! All the men in the theatre will be having a heart attack by now. Now moan as I cary you over near the half-track. Now for your lines- go!'

"Gargantua, what are you doing to me? Why? I saved you from horrible men. Don't do this to me."

Inserting a voice for the film Gargantua is heard to say. "I am an assasin- payed to destroy you. How I do it is up to me. Off with your belt!" (Ripp!). Quickly resecuring his hold on her crotch he jerks her some for effect.

"Ow! Ouch! Please don't kill me!"

"I'll give you a choice, quick death or ... ." Gargantua growled deep and hugged her arched body close to his and worked her inner hip joint in his rouph paws.

"Oh, that hurts! Stop! Please... I don't want to die. What do you want me to do? Order me- I'll obey"

With a lowd roar over laid for the camera Gargantua slammed down the princess back on the half track. Legs off the ground, arched backwards Gargntua pounded the submissive heroine with his fists.

Wonder Woman played it out perfectly. 'Lets see if I can react perfectly to those blows. There, again, again, now I'm supposed to go semi-concious.' The begging line went well. 'Now Hank grabs my thigh and bites me here. Oh. nice little nip! Man they did a nice job on the teeth of this costume. Now the other leg- he wrenches it that way. Boy the camera man must be enjoying this. Maybe Hank and I could watch this together over a glass of wine. My arms go back over my head and rest on the half track. Ouch, its getting a bit hot. My belt usually protects me from things like that . Glad Hank is just playing with me. Now time for the final strangle and his colapse over me.'

"OK, princess go completely limp. Got you right where every man wants you." Playfully Wonder Woman thought 'OK Hank, now what are you going to do? You've got me on my back, unconcious and absent my belt.'

A massive eruption occured on the set as Gargantua swung down on the set and roared . In a quick attack he hit Hank behind the head and threw him 50 feet across the jungle set.

Wonder Woman opened her eyes and with a pleasnat surprize on her face said "Hi buddy. Long time no see!" Almost instantly she realized that Gargantua was back under some horrible conditioning. She lunged for her belt but Gargantua's waiting arms found her.

Grabbing her by her wrist he leaped on to a vine and disappeared with Wonder Woman trailing behind him.

"Cut, Cut! What's going on? Whose the other ape? There's only one stunt ape here! Hank get up!"

Hank was not moving and all they movie crew could hear was loud thrashing in the trees and Wonder Woamn's screams mixed with the horrible roars and grunts of Gargantua.

Gargantua's Victory part 2