Gargantua's Victory  

By Bunzilla

Gargantua's Victory Chapter 1

Gargantua wrecks havoc on Wonder Woman

On location in Africa-

'Thank you for meeting with us Wonder Woman'. Said a thin man who looked every bit the movie director. 'My pleasure, I need a break. So this movie proposal is a good idea'.

'There is big demand to see you on film and to reenact some of your adventures- particularly Gargantua!' 'I'll bet. We are chummy now but he was programed to kill me some years back. He almost did actually,' admitted Wonder Woman.

'Gives me chills just picturing that Wonder Woman!' slimmed the director.

'I'll bet it does' thought Wonder Woman. This guy would love to see me down for the count I'm sure. My guess is he'll look for opportunities to see me slayed out for the camera to get a good ogleing of me. 'Oh well, as long as he keeps his hands off me'. she said to herself.

Later that afternoon they rehersed some of the scenes between Wonder Woman and Gargantua. The actor playing the gorilla was already in his gorilla suit. He spoke up and said 'Nice to meet you Ma'am, looking forward to putting the squeeze on you!' He lauphed nervously. 'As long as you stick to the script we'll be fine I'm sure. By the way, any man who is going to grab my crotch and go for a strangle hold around my throat should take off that mask and let me look at him!'

'Sorry, I'm used to doing things like this and the actresses not caring to look me over'

'Not a problem for me- by the way, was it the director's idea to start with this scene?

'Yup' grinned the stunt man.

Just as Wonder Woman thought, they started on the more suggestive scenes which called for Gargantua to lift Wonder Woman by the crotch with an accompnaying strangle hold.

After ten times Wonder Woman was getting ticked off at the director. 'What's he doing wrong? He has grabbed me and lifted me so much one of these scenes has to be acceptable!'

'My dear lady would you go throught this again and look a bit more 'agast' at his hold on you? After all, while the kids don't know what he's doing all the men in the audience will have their eyes glued to your lovely groin area and the look of surprize on your face. Now really...'

'This stinks' thought Wonder Woman. 'We've got to move to other scenes soon.'

In a different part of the country, deep in a mountian laboratory, three men were hudled over the form of a very large gorilla unconcious on a medical table.

'Can he even function? We've replaced so many of his bones and inserted plates deep in his trunk to protect his vital organs?'

'All he needs to do is destroy her and then who cares- he's done his job. If he's damaged we'll help him die quick'

'True enouph- we need to give him a test run. Three women enouph to see if our conditioning has worked?'

'Two should do it but I'd like to see three just for fun'

'Fine, all in one day or do you want to spread it out over three days?

'I would think that if the first attack goes well we could throw the other two ladies at him one at a time. Putting two or more women dressed as Wonder Woman in with him would definatly confuse Gargantua. Each time we could wipe the memory clean of the last attack and restart.'

'Sounds like good thinking to me. Are the women ready?'

'They've got their outfits on and they think they are going to a costume party.'

'What a surprize they are in for!'

Back on location some weeks later the film crew was well over half done with the movie shoots. Wonder Woman actually was having fun. This was relaxing playing super heroine 'for fun' with no chance of being seriously hurt. She liked the stunt man. He hammed it up great and threatened her appropriatley and kindly practiced with Wonder Woman on certian moves that she had trouble making for the camera.

'Now move a bit more tthat way. Yes your leg looks good cocked that way. Have you ever danced? She stifled a lauph at that one. Men usually got around to commenting on her legs. They looked at everything else- actually they drank in everything of her. A day did not go by that she did not see someone devouring her with their eyes. 'Yes, now bend that way, no too much the camera cannot see your shoulder well that way. 'Is this better?' she giggled and complied.' Yes you are geetting the hang of this well. Did Gargantua hold you upside down by the ankles this way? Can I pull you up this way? Oops, sorry. Did not mean to touch you there. 'Oh you're fine. A gentilman actually'. The camera thinks I'm a gorilla twisting you around for a better postion to 'do you in'. 'Oo la la. Not too soon I hope' Wonder Woman said as she looked into the gorilla faced eyes of Hank the stuntman. OK now let your head fall back as I squeeze you like this. Can you look like you are in more pain? Oh, that's it. Now push off on my chest with your arms. Your clevage looks perfect. Now bring up your left thigh. Good. Squirm now and have a pleading look.

All the time the director was shouting instructions but Hank was giving her what she needed to make this film dramatic and at times frighenting. OK. now I'm suppossed to loose my grip and drop you. Just like we practiced. Good, caught the ankle again. Yep, your suppossed to have passed out- good. Got your knee now, my your thighs are truly lovely! (Stop it! You're making me lauph). Oops did it again Wonder Woman. It was not intentional! My your outfit is a lovely blue down here...

And so it went most of the day. Unknown to Wonder Woman, a gorilla matching the size of this stunt man was going through horrible torture to imprint on his brain to destroy Wonder Woman. He has titanium for bones, extreamly quick reflexes and a chemically induced strength that matches Wonder Woman.

Gargantua's Victory part 1