Gargantua's Victory 5  

By Bunzilla

Gargantua's Victory Chapter 5

Gargantua wrecks havoc on Wonder Woman

Gargantua woke and had a strong sense of betrayal on his mind. His mind told him who shot him. 'men who hurt me!'

Rage filled his being as he sniffed the ground and air and located the sent of Wonder Woman. 'Mate!' He stood up, grasped his side where the blood still flowed and took off toward the lab.

You know if We're going to bang her some I'd like her to smell good. How 'bout we bathe her?

Fine with me! I get the lower half!

No way! We flip for it! Tails the winner- ha ha!

Damn! Heads! Have to make do with her face and mouth. Oo boy! Let's undo the straps.

Getting sponges wet with a mild soap they went to work getting all of Gargantua's evidence off her.

Be sure and wipe good down there- that's where I plan to spend most of my time.

Are you kidding? I'm enjoying this! Man he rouphed up her thighs. Look at these gouges up here.

Brad and Steve lifted, pulled, wiped and scrubbed. Neither of them admitted it but they were amazed this lady survived the brutality dished out by Gargantua.

OK, now a good rinse- think we'll leave her wet though- any objections?

Nope. Lets do a pony tail look on her- I've seen her kid sister and she looks hot in a pony tail.

Let's get the straps back on- 'twip, pop,twip pop,....

Man I can't wait to start on her...

Alright Brad, here's my plan. This shot should waker her up. Flip you for the pleasure of sticking her. Tails you win. Great! Luck is headed my way.

Let's see... where to stick her? Just kidding, eenie meenie ... stick it right here. Nice and fleshy here.

Hey, I think she feels it. Nice moan.

In a few seconds Wonder Woman couphed and opened her eyes. 'You! I thought I recognized the voice in the jungle! Seems like all slimey roads lead to the three of you sooner or later '

Now, now Wonder Woman, no way to talk to someone that plans to kill you. I'd be nice if I were you.

'Do what you have to do you monsters!'

OK my delicious heroine. By the way we enjoyed bathing you. Especially down here.

Wonder Woman jerked and twisted at his touch.

Here's my plan for you- I stick you with sodium pentathol and you tell me valuable information. You resist and you suffer long. Tell me right away and Marvin here gets to slit your throat.

You heard me ealier, do what you have to. Where is Gargantua?

What?! We left him in the jungle- his wound was not life threatening. Why?

'You left him there?!

Oh man, she's concered about a gorilla that raped her high in a tree top!

He's a friend and you have warped his mind. He did not know what he was doing to me.

We do, however. If you still have affection for Gargantua then you're going to love us by the end of the night!

Wonder Woman swallowed hard at the thought of that implication.

'Lets get on with it. Stick her' pleaded Marvin.

You turn Brad.

Was it the right thigh you stuck Steve?


Well now, I'll shove this up the left one... can't find a vien.

Try it higher up... there.

Still no vein

'Here, use my belt.' Taking off his belt Steve handed it to Brad.

Wack! Wack! Wack!... still no visible vein.

Hit it harder right... there...

Ca Plack! 'Ow!!! 'STOP!' That hurts!

See one now. OK, slide it up here... woops. Start over... Damn, I got sticky fingers...there. Now push the plunger up in the moist flesh. You smell delicious you know?

With in minutes Wonder Woman was reelling under the effects of the drug.

Wonder Woman...where is Paradise Island?

NO! You can shove a harpoon in me. I'll never reveal that!

A harpoon? That's a thought. Have one of those around here guys?

Have this cannon we made in case Gargantua got out of control

No, We'd have to unstrap our gorgeous little heroine for that.

Steve began to move behing Wonder Woman out of range of her eye-sight. She heard him unzip his zipper and heard his clothes hit the floor.

What you gonna do Steve?

'Something Gargantua did not do!'

That's hard to beleive. He put her through murder up there. We saw it all.

Steve crawled over Wonder Woman's head so that they were inverse to each other. 'Come here sweetheart. I've got something for you'...'Talk you delicious thing!... He pushed her thighs wide apart and treated her brutally.

Man Steve, you must have it in for this babe. You're giving it to her worse than the ape did!

Gargantua stode over to the window of the laboratory and looked inside. What he saw enraged him beyond all description. Two of his enemies were attacking his mate. She looked hurt. They were touching her places only he was allowed to do. Screaming, he crashed through the main door and ran straight for Steve and Brad. Gargantua killed them so quick it was difficult to see how he did it. Marvin, however, ran for the shoulder held cannon the team had made. Lineing up on Gargantua he activated the device and fired.

Gargantua did not understand why he could not stand any more. He looked down and saw his left lower leg was missing. Plaster and debri fell over him and Wonder Woman.

Now stay right were you are Wonder Woman. Just let me load another round and the table explodes with you.

Gargantua saw him aim the cannon at his mate and made a desperate leap toward Marvin. Marvin fired and cursed loudly as Gargantua struck him full in the face. Marvin's face did not truly exist any more- actually his head was for all purposes gone as well.

Dragging himself over to the table Gargantua pulled himself up to look in the beautifull face of Wonder Woman.

'Mate?' he asked.

'Untie me... can you?'

Gargantua dutifully obeyed his mate and starting at her wrists freed the heroine.

'Yes, my mate'

Wonder Woman slid off the table and crawled over to Gargantua. 'Bad Men?'

'Yes, Gargantua, bad men. Sorry I could not save you from them. You saved me from them. I'll miss you.'

Gargantua stopped breathing and Wonder Woman closed his eyes.

Walking outside she breathed the warm jungle air and made an unpleasant decision.

'If some mad scientist comes here he could get some of Gargantua's DNA and put me through something similar again. Too hideous to contemplate. I'll have to blow this facility up.

In the days that followed several of the Congo papers reported an explosion in a remote medical facility.

M.D. Mordecia and his team sifted through the rubble and concluded... 'Not a complete loss. There is still ample amounts left to accomplish our goal.' He smiled evily as he looked toward the west.