Gargantua's Victory 3  

By Bunzilla

Gargantua's Victory Chapter 3

Dinner time for Gargantua

Yep. He grabbed her. We've got to follow them now to make sure he kills her.

I'll bring the gear and get the Land Rover.

Gargantua had been swinging through trees for about 20 minutes when he spotted the perfect large tree. It was situated in the base of a small valley over looked by several mountains.

Climbing to a safe hight to do his work he sat at a crook of a large straight limb that was at least three feet wide. Cradling Wonder woman in his lap he began to look at her.

During the initial snatch of Wonder Woman Gargantua took her quickly into some over groath and grabbed vines to get her away from the movie set. Swiching his hold on her for a better position in which to carry her, she banged her head on a tree trunk. That stopped her screaming.

Now Gargantua looked on the helpless heroine as she was splayed out on his lap. He began to touch the designs and colors on her outfit. Glancing at her earings her tapped them lightly. Her mouth was slightly parted so he stuck his finger in it and fingered her lower lip.

There he is! He's got her up in the tree!

What's he doing? Is she dead yet?

Can't tell from this angle. Let me get the binoculars. OK, their coming into focus. Oh man! He's got her!

What's he doing though?

You're not gonna believe this. I think he's 'going down' on her!

No! You sure? Let me see!

I just want to know if she's dead!

She will be soon if this goes like it looks now.

Gargantua had begun to trace the line between the fabric of her outfit and her skin. When he touched her tights he did not like that feel . Growling he began to rip off all of the tights. The tearing, ripping sounds reverberated throught the high tree tops.

Mixed voices and thoughts raged through Gargantua's brain: 'kill, eat, destroy, friend'. His imprinting told him to kill this woman now, his stomach told him to eat, other parts of his brain recognized this face as someone who was tender and warm to him.

Sensing a strong smell he was quickly distracted. While Hank was teasing Wonder Woman during the filming, Wonder Woman got 'hot' a bit. She noticed she started to feel the moisture building in her and she could even smell herself for a second.

Gargantua smelled her strongly. Picking her up under her armpits he laid her on her back length wize on the thick branch. Her arms and legs naturally drapped over each side of the branch. Gargantua quickly discovered the location of the strong musky aroma. Placing his hands under the small of her back just above her buttocks he lifted her pelvis high and pulled her close to his face. Wonder Woman softly moaned as the tree bark cut into her upper back and shoulders. Gargantua snarled and barred his teeth at her in case she woke up and started screaming. Not sensing any more movement from Wonder Woman he moved his face close to her crotch. Smelling her gave him a mad rush of conflicting sensations, 'mate, eat, No! Kill now!'

Gargantua began to lick the sweat from Wonder Woman's thighs. Grabbing her hips and lower back firmly he pulled her even closer. Smelling and tasting the fabric was different than the flesh. 'flesh'.

Wonder Woman began to regain conciousness. She had two strong sensations initially- the first was the sharp pain in her back and shoulders. This she concluded was from the bark of a tree. 'Why am I lieing on a tree?' The next sensation was completely incomprehensable 'something has its tounge and mouth on my... Hank should not be doing this...NO!!! Blacking out was her only available response initially. Too horrifying to consider further.

He still eating her?

Yep, man she is getting man handled! At least she'll go in a horrifying manner.

As long as he does it!

So, who wants to lay odds on how he'll do it? I say he ripps off an arm or leg and she bleeds to death!

I think he'll snap her neck!

I'm going to withhold making my bet just yet. He's got some time left with her I can tell. He did not do what he's doing now to the other ones we gave him.

I'll wait another half hour then I say we use the mega-phone!

We'll see.

Wonder Woman came to again and made herself relax and accept what may be happening to her. 'If I scream or jerk quickly this will probably set him off quick. Without my belt I'm dead meat in his hands if he decides to do me in.' Slowly she roller her head to the side and shifted ever so slightly to see where she was. 'My gosh! I must be 100 feet up in this tree! How am I going to get down? Can't run from this that's for sure.

Again very slowly she decided to raise her head and see what was being done to her . A sickening sight blanketed her mind as she saw Gargantua with her crotch lifted up and enclosed in his mouth! Her thighs hung on either side of his head. His strength was, even at this level of abuse, frightening. His paws and lower arms were wrapped around her lower back and hips. Instinctivley she moved a lovely slim arm up to her forhead to rub the pain. Gargantua saw the movement and erupted in a roar! 'No! No! No! Don't hurt me! Don't be afraid!

This did little to calm the mixture of rage, arousal and confusion. Gargantua roared lowdly and grabbed the defensless woman in a strong crushing embrase.

This is it guys! She's done for. Any second now.

My turn with binoculars!

Gargantua glared into the beautifull eyes of Wonder Woman and growled ferociously. 'Don't, please, calm down.'

Gargantua had a flurry of pictures and images running through his mind as he decided what to do with Wonder Woman. The strongest signal was the most recent. He was gonig to do to her what the other gorilla was doing.

Oh, here we go! Man, he's turing her upside down and holding her by one ankle. Good gosh! Wonder Woman's face is right in front of his... No he can't be doing that. I did not think a woman could be bent in that position! Whoo boy this is a show. Wish we had some beer and chips like at the movies.

She lost a leg yet?

Actually she just might be loosing it right now.

Gargantua had turned Wonder Woman up side down and was holding her by her left ankle. His other paw had grabbed her two wrists and held them behind her back. Her other leg dangled and swung depending on the lunges and twists Gargantua gave her. His ferosity made him bite her thigh high up next to her hip joint. This made Wonder Woman scream wildly and thrash about. She banged her face accidentily into his maleness and saw that he was fully aroused. 'Now there's a vulnerable spot- can't bring myself to do that- I'd rather be ripped apart by my old friend...'

Gargantua fastened his mouth on her thigh and bit her hard. 'Ooowww!'.Twisting her quickly upright her bit down hard on her shoulder and then bit again on her upper arm. Looking at him and fully horrified Wonder Woman begged for mercy.

Gargantua now fully aroused knew what he would do to this lovely peice of flesh. 'Must mate with you!' 'No, Gargantua, please! I beg you don't hurt me any more.

Sitting down on the base of the limb Gargantua grabbed a blue portion of her outfit right over the crotch and pulled it viciously aside. 'No, stop, don't!!!'

Pulling Wonder Woman to a sitting position on top of him he began to rock her back and forth and to thrust hard and painfully. Pinning her arms behind her back he saw her shoulder and bit hard on each of them. 'Oooowwww! Stop! You're killing me!'

Yep, he sure is Wonder Woman! Glad to see you finally leaving the picture. OK boys look like he's going to 'rape'her to death. Who wins?

You can't kill a woman by raping her. It has to be something else. How long he been doing this to her? Been 20 minutes ?

Yes, more than that.

Give me the bull horn. 'Gargantua, KILL HER NOW!!!'

Gargantua heard this as well as Wonder Woman and she screamed in terror at the possibilities of an instant obedience.

Gargantua looked wildly around and roared back 'NO, MATE FIRST!'

Wonder Woman felt her lower back rip and she heard a sharp pop. 'Nothing I can do- he's half way up my stomach and my belt's gone, I'm too high up in this tree and there is no way I can break his grip on me.'

Wonder Woman went completely limp. Gargantua disregarded that and saw her exposed throat and concluded this was an invitation so... he clamped his sharp jaws around her throat and muffled a scream from the writhing, moist and helpless heroine.

Gargantua's Victory part 3