Gargantua's Victory 4  

By Bunzilla

Gargantua's Victory Chapter 4

Gargantua wrecks havoc on Wonder Woman

Is she dead yet?

Hard to tell, can't see her face clearly. Wait- now I can. Nope, still see that distressed look on her face.

That's it. How long has he been screwing her?

Going on 90 minutes ...

I say we get the Winchester 45-70 and put one throught her head- she can't use her deflecting braclets while Gargantua'a got her arms pinned.

Gargantua wants to keep mating with her- she is not going to die that way except for hunger. That would take more than 30 days!

Wait, didn't Gargantua say something about eatin her? Won't she die that way? Hell, bite of enouph chunks of that lovely flesh and she'll go quick.

OK, but if he does not obey immediately I'm putting Wonder Woman in the sights of this scope and then we are all going home.



Focussing better on her form as she sat impalled on Gargantua, he saw the sweat rolling off her limber form. Wonder Woman was panting as if she was searching for a deep breath. She craned her head in the direction of the mega-phone and looked directly into the crosshars of the rifle scope.

Man she looks so weak! She can barely keep her head up straight.

Gargantua released his mouth from her upper arm and looked toward the mega-phone... 'EAT?...


Gargantua looked into the half open eyes of Wonder Woman and heard her plead with him. 'Please Gargantua'... she lifted an arm slowly and stroked his face gently...'Don't eat me'. 'I've got to think fast...if he's raped me for over an hour he may get too hungry and obey them... with his strength and metabolism I'd be just a quick snack for him...can I say it? Will it work?...'Mate more with me!'... Gargantua's eyes went wide with shock and pleasure. He quickly strengthened his hold on her waist and jammed her hips down hard on himself eliceting a sharp cry from Wonder Woman...'NO! MATE MORE!!!'. Falling back from his chest Wonder Woman's back landed hard on the tree limb. Her arms fopped helplessly as she started to cry. Gargantua obeyed her wishes and worked her hips in and out like a pile-driver. Wonder Woman's thighs and calves spasmded visibly. Looking over toward the hostile scientists she expected the bullet to come any second.

Oh damn, she's got a trick up her sleeve! (No sleeves on this gorgeous she is taking the abuse!) She said something to him- he'll be there all night if we let him.

Fire the bullet. Put it right between her eyes.

Let me line it up...ok... there... now smile for the camera Wonder Woman!

pulling the trigger he saw Wonder Woman's face a picture of resignation and helplessness. He saw her chest and arms moving from the thrusts of Gargantua's attack on her and unknowingly took his mind off his goal. Bam!

Smoke obscured his view of the result.

You missed her!

Gargantua reacted quickly and masterfully. Grabbing Wonder Woman by her right knee he swung from the tree to get away from the rifle.

Oh man we had her! You blew it!

We've got more rounds- get off another one!

Finding Gargantua's figure swinging quickly through the trees he fired at Wonder Woman's limp body. Gargantua roared...

Did you hit him?!

Hope not... he'll be mad now... and not at Wonder Woman.

Some hours later the men found Gargantua and Wonder Woman on the jugle floor. Gargantua had fallen on top of Wonder Woman in what was clearly a protective move. Her head, an arm and legs were the only things visible from the body of Gargantua.

Both of them were unconcious.

OK, now can you put a bullet in her brain? You can't miss from this angle.

Got an idea guys... any reason why we can't take the lovely lady back to out lab?

Oh come on ... she's seducing you enen when she's out cold! Kill her now!

Man I'm too turned on from watching Gargantua get at her. I'd like to contine the punishment!

Me too!... I've got some things that will make her holler back at the lab.

You guys are making a mistake! What about Gargantua?

We can't lift him into the Range Rover! He weighs more than 600 lbs.

We can call him back when he wakes up... the signal responder we put in his brain will do all the work.

Pulling Gargantua off Wonder Woman was touph. They rolled him on his back and saw the bullet wound clearly. It did not look life-threatening.

Wonder Woman looked as if she had been beaten with clubs. Bruises were on her shoulder, thighs and her throat had red scrapes running down to her breasts.

Let's pick her up and throw her in the Rover. Finding hand-cuffs they set her on the back floor board and moved her hands behind her back. Clicking the cuffs into place they looked at her unconcious form.

Marvin, since you have no interest in her, you drive back. Brad & I will make sure she has company back here.

On the three hour trip to the laboratory Marvin heard Wonder Woman moan and softly please twice. Brad & Steve were obviously wrecking their own havoc on her in the back area.

We've got to wash her up back at the lab. I can't stand all that gotilla smell on her.

Did we test Gargantua for rabies? Ha ha ha...

Brad & Steve pulled the semi-concious heroine from the trunk. Brad had an ankle in each hand, Steve carried her under her arms. Her head hung limply back.

With in seconds of arrival they dropped Wonder Woman on the main examination table and secured each ankle firmly on each side.

Gargantua's Victory part 4