Tentacles 4  

By Bunzilla

Wonder Woman

Lt. Silk and his men arrived at Dr. Mordecai's facility less than an hour after Mordecai had Jacko & Raul carry off Wonder Woman. 'I don't like this at all. No sign of Wonder Woman or anyone else' said a shaky Lt. Silk.

'Over here sir! Look at this!' All the men rushed over to see pictures and plans of the giant squid going through training of various senarios. 'That's the tie in we need! Now we just have to find Wonder Woman. Lets grab this and move down the beach in the helacopter- only thing left to do at this point.'

On a small island off the gulf coast of Florida-

'Hey Dock, mind if we have a go at her?'

'A 'go' my dear boy?' asked the swishing Dr. Mordecai.

'Yes sir. Before you summon Archituthis may Jacko & I rape this piece of first class ass?'

'Why yes, but do not draw any blood or break any bones- that will be Arcituthis' job.'

Raul insisted that Jacko go first. Knowing he would be done quick. Jacko was like a 15 year old school boy loosing his virginity for the first time- no skill, no thinking through his intensions for Wonder Woman. Quickly, as Raul thought, Jacko rolled off the unconcious heroine.

Raul was surprizingly innovative in his use of the defeated super-heroine. Mordecai actually felt the beginings of arrousal. 'Alright boys. I want to get on with this. Raul, would you push her outfit back to its proper placement on her? I can't stand to see anyones clothes so askew! Thank you dear boy.'

At Mordecai's orders Jacko & Raul carried Wonder Woman to the edge of the beach. Dropping her on the ground Jacko began hammering four long iron spikes in the ground while Raul held them in place. 'Sink them deep Jacko, don't want our delicious guest to pull them free. Oh, glad I remembered this- Jacko. Please remove Wonder Woman's belt.' Jacko fumbled with the belt at Wonder Woman's waist and gropped her one last time for good measure.

'Excellent! Now strap her arms and legs to the spikes with these. Make them failrly taught... good. Let me check them out just in case.'

Jacko & Raul had staked Wonder Woman out on the beach just at the point of where the water came. The three of them stared at Wonder Woman as she lay spread eagled in the mid-morning sun.

Wonder Woman moaned as she regained conciousness. 'Hey boss, I think she's coming to!'

Upon awakening Wonder Woman felt the water lap at her knees and inner thighs slightly. She heard Jacko say she was 'coming to'. Immediately panic surged in her throat as she surmized her situation.

'Well, well my little sweetie, awake from your little nap?'

'Mordecai! What... if you think...'

'Let me save you from asking some rather stupid questions. Here is the plan I have for you. I've called Arcituthis. He should be here very shorly. I'm positivley certain he likes you!' A tear trickled down Wonder Woman's cheek as she realized her helpless situation.

Wonder Woman began to pull on the binds around her wrists and ankles. The leather emitted a stretching, popping sound that confirmed the strength of her secured position.

'Sgt, we've gone up and down the beach at both ends. Either we go back to the base or try some of the smaller islands after another 5 miles this direction' said a despondent Lt. Silk. 'Yes sir'...

'Oh look! Here he comes now Wonder Woman. I think we'll stick around and see how you two get aquainted.''NO!!!!!!!!' screamed Wonder Woman. 'Please dont' do this to me!'

The squid's arrival was anticlimatic. The sea being as calm as possible with no waves, it had a glassy,calm surface. One long tenticle broke the water's edge and found Wonder Woman's ankle. It quickly snaked up and around her leg rising higher and higher. A liquid, slick sound dominated the atmosphere as the men watched it wrap around her thigh and begin a tight squeeze.

Wonder Woman screemed and jerked at the first touch of the tentecle. A second tentacle started its slithering movement up her spread legs. With in seconds more smaller arms had moved on her and sought a hold on her outstretched form.

As she screamed and jerked wildly Mordecai knelt down next to her head and said 'I wonder how he will like your taste Wonder Woman?'

With that Wonder Woman raised her head and looked down the length of her body. Seeing a mass of tentacles covering her she turned to Mordecai and said 'Mordecai- call him off I'll do... if you...'. 'Oh save your soon to be short breath Wonder Woman. You have nothing I want. Wrong gender for one thing. You are giving me precisely what I want: to see you devowered by my little pet'.

Instantly the giant squid lunged out of the water and heaved its bulk straight at Wonder Woman. Screaming, Wonder Woman saw the beaked mouth inches away from her tender groin. The squid made a snapping, clicking sound with the beak as it inched its way closer to her helpless position.

With the muscles rippling on its side the monster snaked its way up against Wonder woman and wrapped its tentacles around her waist. Portions of her thigh peeked throught as the creature enveloped her lovely lower half. One tentacle squirmed around her throat and face. Poking its way around her ear, eye and mouth Wonder Woman instictively wretched.

'That thing biting her yet? Seems she'd be screaming more if it was ripping out chunks of her flesh'

'Let's ask her! Well dearie, providing Archituthis with any nourishment? Jacko and Raul found you a delightfull little snack while you were unconcious. Squid got your tongue?'

Wonder Woman was horrified at the touch of this monster as well as the gloating of these sick criminals. The suckers were biting into her skin and she felt the creature try to pull off bits of her skin with its hold on her. All she could do was emit grunts and groans as the attack continued.

Unexpectedly the squid stopped its circuatous movements over her body. The men looked down at it and all said 'What's it going to do do now?'

Wonder Woman panicked at the break in the assault too. Wild and wide eyed she looked at the squid and saw it shift its arms for another hold. She felt its mouth flex next to her crotch and screamed! A loud sucking sound reverbereated along the beach. Wonder Woman had a horrified look as she felt this grotesque action from the monster.

The squid started to pull Wonder Woman toward the ocean.It quickly pulled her arms taught. 'Arggghhh. Stop! You pulling me apart!'

The monster began a rythmic jeking and pulling of Wonder Woman. Each time he did it she grunted and moaned. The squid had her so taught that the only part of her touching the ground was her forarms and the back of her head. Her crotch was fully in the maw of a giant squid. Wonder Woman began to feel the loss of circulation in her legs. They flopped eratically whenever the creature searched for a better hold else where.

'You know I think he intends to eat her in the ocean. Probably considers it bad table manner to eat on the sand like this. My dear I could cut your wrist bonds and let the monser eat you under water but then we'd miss all this free show! Think I'll just see how those lovely arms and shoulders of your's can hold up. Hmmm? How do they fee? Oh look, you hands are turning blue- not long now.'

'Sir look down there! Is that what I think it is?

'Let me focus on it... On my Gosh! Hurry pull around for us to get a shot. This squid has Wonder Woman in its mouth. She's tied up and three goons are standing around watching her!'

With in seconds one of the men put a bullet in Jacko and Raul. Mordecai saw the helocopter and ran quickly toward the cover of trees. Bullets struck around his path until he disappeared.

Landing quickly, the men jumped out of the chopper and ran toward the monster with axes and machetes in their hands. Quickly they started hacking at the tentacles that were wrapped around Wonder Woman. Cutting some of them off they fell to the sand and continued to writhe. Lt. Silk took his ax and sunk it in the left eye of the squid. It emitted a clear viscous fluid all over Wonder Woman and started to howl. Not stopping their hacking untill they freed Wonder Woman, the blood flowed freely on the beach. One soldier, cutting her bonds at her wrists, grabbed Wonder Woman under her arms and pulled her away. she quickly bearied her face in his chest and heaved deep sobs. 'I thought I was gone... any second he was about to eat me'.

Tentacles part 4