Tentacles 3  

By Bunzilla

Wonder Woman

'What time is it?' asked Sgr Rose.

'8:25' answered Lt. Silk.

'I'm sure we agreed on 8 AM. Wonder where she is? Hope nothing's happened to her.'

As they group continued to talk while waiting on the beach a jet engine roared over their heads. Engrossed in their discussion and eagerly expecting to see Wonder Woman walk up they neglected to look up and search for the jet. If they had attempted to they would have seen nothing.

A few minutes later Wonder Woman walked over a crest of a beach dune and waved at the men standing at the sea shore.

'Man she looks good! Can you beleive we've got a meeting with Wonder Woman like this?'

'She seems really friendly too. That makes it so incredible. Usually most women this beautifull are too full of themselves.'

O.K., quiet she's getting close.'

'Morning guys! Sorry I'm late. I was tied up and couldn't get away.'

I can't beleieve I said that... hope they don't get the double entendre...

'Considering your line of work we were a bit concerned for your safety. We hoped you were not in trouble and stuck somewhere.'

'Oh, that's so sweet of you to think of me like that.' As the Lt. & Sgt talked with Wonder Woman one of the other men answered his private radio and walked a short distance away to not disturb the conversation. His face took on a horrified look and he began to shake his head in an unbeleiving manner.

'Excuse me Lt.?'


'Sorry ma'am, just took a communique from Capt. Pike. His office picked up an unauthorized transmission near our headquarters from a man who's background didn't check out. Seems he was heard saying Wonder Woman was working with us. He mentioned a Dr. Mordecai.'

Wonder Woman gasped. 'Mordecai?! I've been waiting to get my hands on him for years. Never been able to associate him directly with any crime but he's been close by when things have gotten dicey with me.'

'One more thing sir... this morning a man called the coast guard and said he saw a giant squid attack a woman on the beach a few miles from here. The report said it pulled the woman from the beach and disappeared under water with her.'

'This changes things drastically.' stated Lt. Silk. 'If a preditory squid is stalking sunbathers this could create wide spread panic in the region!'

Wonder Woman felt a chill run up her spine as she stood in the morning sun. The picture of a squid dragging a poor woman into the surf was horrifying. 'Lt? May I meet with this man who made the unauthorized transmission?'

'I can arrange it, Yes.'

'Just put my little laso around him and he'll answer any question I put to him.'

Some time later, in a sub floor room of the coast guard stockade, 'Now this won't take long... just don't struggle and it will soon be over'. Wrapping her laso around the man as he sat handcuffed to the chair she asked 'Where is Dr. Mordecai?'

The man affected a blank look and said 'He has a lab next to the coast down from here about 100 miles. Never been to it. He said it is called Bruntild cove.'

'I know where that is' said Lt. Silk.

'Can you give me directions?' asked Wonder Woman.

'Sure. But wouldn't you like to ride with us in our helocopter?'

'Thanks but my jet is a bit faster and I've got some good fire power on it if I need it. I'll meet you there and we can assess what's going on at Mordecai's lab.'

Landing less than a quarter mile from Mordecai's lab Wonder Woman walked carefully up to the compound. Finding an outside door unlocked she opened it and started down a hall way. Her intuition rang a strong sense of forboding as she observed the instruments and pictures that characterized this place. 'Ugh, whoever did this is demented. That's sick!' she thought looking at one particular picture.

Hearing muffled voices she moved toward them and waited out side the door. Placing her ear next to the door she listened quietly...

'We are ready to make our biggest strike now. When we release it there will be such destruction the likes of which this place has never, nor will ever be seen.'

That's all I need to hear thought Wonder Woman... pushing through the thick metal door it crashed to the ground and revealed to the three men inside a beautifull woman standing in the frame of the fallen door.

'Wonder Woman! Well I don't see your purse so I know you don't have a warrent for this invasion! What do you want?'

'I assume you are Dr. Mordecai?'

'At your service dear lady. By the way meet Archetuthis!' At this point Mordecai pushed a buttom and a curtain scrolled back revealing a large giant squid contained in an underwater cage. Immediately the squid moved to the glass window and stared at Wonder Woman. Her red, white and blue outfit was the only striking colors in the bare, technology dominated room. 'I think he likes you Wonder Woman- pity I have to release him to do his work. There he goes!' Mordecai had opened the outside doors to the ocean and the squid sped away.

'Where is that monster going Mordecai?'demanded Wonder Woman. That would be telling dear lady. Come to arrest me?'

'You might say that- I should just kill you and save the tax payers some money.'

Standing up on a console Mordecai said 'Well come over here do it!'

As Wonder Woman moved toward him Mordecai shouted at the Jacko & Raul. They moved quickly back to raised areas on a level with Mordecai. Instantly Mordecai threw a switch that sent electrical current throught the floor sending current through Wonder Woman. Loud snapping lightening sounds erupted in the laboratory. Wonder Woman fell limply in a heap in the center of the floor.

Walking over to her collapsed form Mordecai, Jacko & Raul looked down on her.

'Boys I've got a delicious idea. Lets gather this damsel up and follow me.'

Tentacles part 3