Tentacles 5  

By Bunzilla

Wonder Woman

Blood mixed with the mild surf and spread slowly covering an area approximately 30 feet on the beach.

Some of the men hacked a few remaining slithering tentacles of the beast. The squid had not moved for 2 or 3 minutes.

Wonder Woman clung to Sgt. Rose as they sat on the sand. 'His mouth... it was about to... ' .

'Ssshhh. I know ma'am. Just take it easy.' Wonder Woman heaved deep sobs and clung to Sgt. Rose's neck.

With out any warning the squid made a last lunge at Wonder Woman and made a loud bellowing sound as one tentacle wipped out toward the huddled forms of Rose & Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman screamed and skooted into Sgt. Rose closer as they worked themselves away from the bloody, partially dismembered monster.

Lt. Silk and the remaining men emptied their side arms into squid. 50 rounds hit the trunk of the wildly squirming monster. Spending all the amunition they hacked more at the monster with axes and macheties.

Collapsing and sobbing on Sgt. Rose, Wonder Woman tried to speak... 'Would you be kind enouph to wash me off?' 'Yes ma'am. I'll carry you a good ways down the beach and get this sticky fluid off you.'

Picking her up under her knees and an arm around her back Rose carried her down the beach a good 100 yards. Entering the surf he held her on top of the water and lightly rubbed her skin and outfit untill the slime was off. 'Hold your breath just a moment- lets clean your face and hair... good.'

Wonder Woman nestled her face in the neck of Sgt. Rose and said 'Thank you for saving me. Another couple of minutes and I'd have been torn apart. Thank you so much.'

'We killed two of the men- Mordecai is still loose on the island somewhere. I see the others starting their search now. We'll find him before long ' stated a resolute Sgt. Rose.

'Who fired the rifle killing Jacko & Raul, Sgt.'

'That was me, Ma'am. Thought it best to take them out and save the tax payers some money.'

'You and I think alike Sgt. Rose. Please just hold me a bit more.' I need a man to keep me centered and safe a bit more- not ready to act all confident just yet. Feeling a kind man next to me is undescribably comforting just now.

All these thoughts were running through her head as Sgt. Rose held her in the water. 'I trhink I'm going to faint or sleep one, Sgt Rose. Please don't leave me- just hold me tight. And Oh, when you take me back down the beach please put my belt back, OK?'

'My pleasure- just relax and go to sleep Wonder Woman.'


From a safe cover of palm trees Dr. Mordecai had put on his scuba gear and watched as the soldier held Wonder Woman. 'I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!'

Diving into a stream which let out to sea Mordecai was already plotting his revenge on Wonder Woman. 'Almost had her. No one's luck can hold out forever' he thougt as he moved his flippers throught the water.


Later that night, in her apartmnent Wonder Woman sat on her couch. Having taken a long bath and dried her hair she pulled her glass of hot tea to her. Her deep red silk robe gently carressed her aching body as she stared off into space. No way I'm going to watch Discovery Channel again- especially squids and octopi. Doing little mental excercizes she slowly removed the pictures and memories of the squid's grip on her. She looked at the phone book under licened massage therapists- 'That's what I need'.