Tentacles 2  

By Bunzilla

Wonder Woman

Nestled in a rarely used or seen cove the giant squid moved back to the door it had used for the past few weeks. Touching the lights and pushing a set of numbers the massive under water doors opened. The squid quickly entered its holding area. Moving over to the windowed wall the squid saw the familiar faces of the three men who had 'trained' it for so long.

'Dr. Mordecai, this thing is coming back on que with out a hitch.'

'It is responding pefectly now. It hasn't bucked or glitched for weeks now.'glowed Mordecai.

'We gonna get alot of money for the stuff its been grabbin?' asked the large and rather dumb looking man.

'Jacko, I will either sell the information or figure out how to use the weapons and wreck extensive terrorism here in Tampa. Either way I...we'll make alot of money.'

Approaching from a door that led out to a hallway a second man, clearly smarter, with the eyes of a snake said 'Got some bad news Dock! Our contact at the coast guard says Wonder Woman is already sticking her ass in our activities.'

'Wonder Woman?!' Mordecai had a shocked and pleasant look on his face when Raul informed him of that. 'I have so longed to have a go at her for years. My dear Raul. This will spice up our plans all the more.'

Raul had a distrustfull, wary look on his face and said 'She has a way of slipping out of some bad situations. Some of the guys I know said she was as beaten as a woman could be by a psyco ape and she managed to squirm out of it.'

'Really? All I can say is she has not faced an adversary as brilliant and demented as me. It would be my pleasure to finish her once and for all'. Dr. Mordecai began to look at the giant squid in the holding tank and sick thoughts came to his mind. For Mordecai the thoughts were stimulating and arousing. Wonder how long Wonder Woman could hold her breath? Could that beak on this monster tear off some of her limbs? Hmmmm...

'Boys, I have an idea. Is it possible to command our dear little monster to kill specific people I wonder?'

Jack had trouble with this one and blurted out. 'Gee boss I dunno. How it gonna do it?'

Raul helped his dim witted partner saying 'Its got a beak the size of the jaws of life. Those tentacles also have tiny teeth on the suckers- not to mention the strength in those arms'.

'Lets set up a trial run on an unsuspecting victim at a near by beach. Jacko, scout around for the next couple of days while I send archituthus on a few more errands. This time of year there's bound to be some delectable lone female on the beach just dieing to be a test subject for us.'

'Alright. Should be easy to do. If I see a good candidate I'll signal and get my end ready.'

'Oh you're such a dear. This is going to be so much fun!'

Across the great city of Tampa, fun was being had in another form. Can't make my mind activate my voice or my body. Hank is having a great time putting me through another wringer. I'm having a ball too. I'm so turned on I could scream- if my mind would let me. All I can say is whatever Hank tells me to say.

'O.K. Wonder Woman- I've been easy on you up to this point. Lets see. Your ankle looks to good. there... got it. Come with me'. Hank was now dragging our gorgeous, helpless heroine by the ankle toward her bedroom. Her other leg flopped weakly to one side as her back rubbed along the carpet to her bedroom. Climbing on her bed he pulled her up along with him. 'Hmmmm... better secure one lovely leg to a bed post just for fun. You don't mind do you Wonder Woman?' Swallowing hard...'No Gargantua, I am your toy.'

'You are being very cooperative. I'll reward you for that!'

Her hands still tied behind her back, Gargantua fastened her ankle to a bed post. 'I'll leave one leg free for some of the more tricky positions. How rouph do you want me to be Wonder Woman?'. Weakly and fully submissive, 'As hard as you want to be Gargantua'. 'Good answer. I'll let you take a good deep breath before I pile into you... ready? Here it comes... open wide... that's a good girl...'. Hank began to thrust, bang,grunt and scream over his captive. As comanded Wonder Woman asked for more if he 'didn't mind'. Hank eventually released her ankle. Carried her to the dinning room table, then the coffee table, then the kitchen bar counter. Here he decided to rub olive oil all over her. The smell was moderate- neither strong nor faint. 'Your skin is so smoothe. How does it stay that way considering all you've been through? Especially here? Is that a little tension in the leg muscle? Hmmm... better work on that some. Does that feel good? How does a bit harder feel? Love it when your mouth is open like that. Give it to me!'

Some hours later Hank decide he had better 'finish this lovely lady off'. Taking her back over to the couch he sat down and placed Wonder Woman on top of himself and had her strattle him. Rocking, thrusting and jamming her down hard he exploded and collapsed forward on top of her on the floor. After finding some strength he worked Wonder Woman out from under him and turned her over on her back. Seeing her from the rear with her hands tied behind her back he rapidly found more 'strength' and mounted a rear assault. Turning her sideways, flopping her face down again, yanking her thigh nearly out of its socket he filled her again. The sounds of her body flopping back and forth on the floor along with her moans and grunts and gasps for breath drove him wilder. 'No ma'm. No protection in this outfit! I'm getting you good!'

Some time later Wonder Woman bent her head to look at Hank deep in his eyes. Hank lovingly untied her. Completely spent Wonder Woman snuggled up to Hank and pulled off his gorilla mask and kissed him deeply. 'Just what I wanted you to do for me... anything I can do for you?'

Tentacles part 2