By Bunzilla

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman & a vicious giant squid

'You will not beleive who was on the phone with me just now' said a distracted and wide-eyed Capt. Pike.

'Who, sir?'

'Wonder Woman. She'll be here with in minutes!'

'She's coming here? Man I guess we'll be getting some serious fire power to deal with this giant squid situation'.

'There's no debating the account of the giant squid attacks- too many people have called in the same thing. And too, how do we explaine the missing items off the boats harbored in the area?'

Capt. Pike went on the summarize the accounts for the five men standing in the room over looking the Tampa bay area. The coast guard had been the official, but secret agency dealing with the sightings of the giant squid attacks all along the gulf coast of Florida. No press had been notified, for the sake of the vacation industry and the inevitable 'nosiness' & havoc the press brought to any situation. But the talk in the street was increasing and the general population was giving this a bit more consideration than the 'National Enquirer' status of last month.

Capt. Pikes summary was interupted by a knock on the door.

'Come in!'

'Hello gentleman. Thanks for agreeing to see me on such short notice'. Wonder Woman had poked her head through the door and smiled warmly at the six coast guardsmen. Confidently walking in the room with them she shook each of their hands.

'Wonder Woman, these are my point men on this incident. We are trying to keep all official discussion and actions limited to the men in this room'

'Not a problem. My lips are sealed'. The room had taken on a dicidedly different 'air' when Wonder Woman walked into it. The men stared with a few of them having to push their jaws back in place. Wonder Woman was stunning! The colors of her outfit and the effect of her deep black hair caressing the tops of her shoulders was hypnotic to these military men.

'Can I see on the map all the alledged locations of the attacks?'

'Yes ma'am.' Rolling out a large map on the centrally located table Wonder Woman leaned over the map and followed the points of one of the men as he specified the hits on the map. It was all Capt. Pike could do to resist looking at Wonder Woman's cleavage as she leaned over and traced her fingers next to the Sgt's narration of all the sightings. The men standing behind her suddenly lost all their military bearing and looked at each other with incredible shock as Wonder Woman shifted her weight on to one hip as she focussed on the designated points on the map.

'The report I saw from your fax stated that documents were taken as well as some men were missing when the alleged attacks occurred. Is that correct?' Asked Wonder Woman.

'As hard to beleive as it may sound we are treating this as a factual account of what some eye whitnesses relate... a giant squid crawled on to a number of military boats and pulled documents and highly classified gear from them and disappeared back in the water'.

A look of concern and slight shock hit Wonder Woman's face as she stated the obvious. 'That means that the squid had extreamly high intelligence and can take actions that it knows will disrupt pur military complex!'

'Yes ma'am. It does. The people that have disappeared at these attacks are a great concern to me as well. Highly trained military men with some serious weapons just vanished.'

'That's a bit spooky to me' admitted Wonder Woman. I've been grabbed by a giant octopus before. Some are very cunning but never faced anything like this!'

'You've had a giant octopus grab you?! Oh my gosh!'

'Not very pleasant. The things move quick. Had those tentacles all entwined around me. Took all my strenght to pull them off and get back to the surface' confessed Wonder Woman.

The men had started to sweat now as she related the details of that harrowing event. Two of the men sat down to cover up their embarrasing reaction to her vivid description.

Capt. Pike asked 'Would you like to go with my men and look over the sights here locally?'

'Thanks but I have an engagement tonight I can't get out of. I'll be back tomorrow and we can continue if that's 'O.K.' with you men?'

All the coast guard men silently nodded quickly.

'All right then... Tomarrow down by the coast at 8 AM?'


Ariiving back to her apartment Wonder Woman thought to herself 'This giant Squid can wait till tomorrow to begin a search. Finally got up with Hank. No way I'm going to miss him tonight.'

Some hours later Wonder Woman had changed and made her place ready.

Breaking out a bottle of Merlot and some strong cheeze Wonder Woman inserted the video outakes of the movie she shot last month. She keyed it up and set the control by the sofa.

On cue the door bell rang. Going to the door she opened it and saw Hank standing there. 'Hank so good to see you again. Watch you head!' Hank's 7'2' frame had to dip to enter Wonder Woman's apartment. Her 5' hight was an obvious stark contrast to his massive bulk.

'Wow... you look great! That's not the same outfit we worked together on at the movie set.' Hank looked her up and down as he drank in the lovley woman before him.

'No this is not my fighting, everyday outfit. This I wear for 'special'occations.' Wonder Woman said with a mischevious gleam in her eye. The outfit was similar to her well known public one but with some seductive differences. A high french cut showed her full hips. When she turned and walked back to the kitchen she revealed a bottom that was exposed more than covered. The back of the outfit dipped fully down to her lower back.

Hanks mouth went dry and then fully wet again in a matter of secongs.

Oh why not... I'll give him a good view of my hip movement while I get the wine.

Hank set his large suit case down and followed Wonder Woman to the kitchen.

After 2 glasses of wine the conversation took a relaxed turn.

'Thanks for holding my belt for me and returning it Hank. You don't know what that means to me.'

'My pleasure. I just hopped I was going to see you again. I remember hearing you scream before I passed out'

'Mmm humm. Things went down hill from there. Oh well, lets move on to more pleasant things. What 'cha got in the suit case Hank?'

Some what embarrasingly Hank looked Wonder Woman in the eye and said 'The Gargantua outfit.'

'Oh no... I'm doomed! More attacks by a large gorilla!'

'If you like... Be glad to mount a vicious assault on you' stammered Hank.

Wonder Woman stood next to the couch and said 'If I have a say in what's about to befall me I'd like to watch the out takes of your jungle attacks on me first'.

Wonder Woman sat in the middle of the couch and patted next to her for Hank to sit. Like a hungry preditor he quickly sat next to her and bumped her shoulder and hips.

'Oh that looks good on camera... see what I mean when you shifted that way? Your shoulder look great'

'Good gracious Hank. The way they cut this it looks like your ripping into me here' admitted Wonder Woman. Man this is getting me going. Loved playing this with Hank.

'You reacted perfect to those blows.' Images of Wonder Woman draped backward over the Half-Track while Gargantua pounded her stomach amd thighs transfixed them both.

'I felt that bite on my thigh when you did that!'

Nervously 'Yes. Sorry about that that. Did not know the teeth on the outfit were that strong and sharp.'

'Now time to strangle the barely concious Amazon. Having you legs do that was good don't you think?'

'My word Hank, I didn't know you had me flopping so much like that! That's a nice touch having the ripping sound as you bull my belt off'

'Shifting your hips toward me like that was a good move for the camera... now you went limp perfectly here'. Gargantua fell over Wonder Woman and began chocking her and slamming her on the half-track. Arms limp, legs loose and dangling wide Wonder Woman was at the mercy of an enraged gorilla.

Crossing her legs and folding her arms across her chest Wonder Woman asked Hank 'So what did you enjoy most about these scenes?'

'Grabbing your crotch and pulling you close. You had some very good helpless looks on you face during all this. You did this easily and naturally In my himble opinion' chuckled Hank.

'It was fun. I enjoyed it completely.'

'Why'd you find it so much fun Wonder Woman?'

'Think about it Hank. All my adult life I've had monsters, aliens, and assorted villians try to kill me, rape me or just get me out of the picture period. It's nice to pretend to be a helpless heroine while a genuine good guy pretends to 'do me in'. I also helps that you are quite handsome.'

Standing up and going over to the suitcase Hank begins to open the case and pulls out the Gargantua outfit.

I'll be right back... just let me 'freshen up' Wonder Woman quckly said.

Coming back into the living room she sat down again on the couch. She looked at Hank now fully clothed in the Gargantua outfit and asked 'Now what have you got in store for me?'

'Something I wished I would have done on the set!'

'Do I get to make a request before you attack?'

'Sure, as long as it involves your lovely body.'

'It does. I want you to tie me up.'

'My pleasure. Any thing else before I wreck havoc on your lovely form?'

'yes please- use my laso to do it.'

Sitting next to her 'Gargantua' reached for her laso next to ner waist. Pulling it free he asked Wonder Woamn 'Any thing off limits for the next few hours?'

'Hank, I'm a good judge of men. I trust you. Once you bind me with my laso however, you are in complete control of me. I think you know what I want. Please surprize me. Oh, and rouph me up really well.'

'Hands behind your back Wonder Woman!'

Giggling 'Yes Gargantua'

As Hank pulled her close by her waist he tied her wrists behind her back. As soon as this was done Wonder Woman went completely passive and all of her muscles relaxed.

Mimicing Gargantua's voice as best he could Hank said 'Now I have you. You are to be my slave and if I so choose you will serve as my dinner'.

'Yes Gargantua. I am yours'

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