The Black Lagoon Incident 2  

By Bunzilla

The Black Lagoon Incident 2

Wonder Woman & the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Wonder Woman pulled her boat up to the docking area. Conseco was an attractive little country that was sprouting good, substantial revenue from some of the local population. The Amazon was obviously facilitating some of the industry in this region as Capt. Castillo stated.

'Watch this now old girl, carefull... nudge it this way a bit... good now bring the engine down a bit. My that man on the dock looks eager to help me. Think I'll wave to him and give him a cheap thrill. He's got a nice smile too. How 'bout that. Wave to a man and watch them move!'Wonder Woman let her thoughts wonder as she sized up the locale. Several military men stood near the dock and looked eager to meet her aquaintence. 'Wonder if any of these handsom men is Capt. Castillo?' she mused.

'Buenos dias, Wonder Woman. May we assist you?' said what looked to be a Sgt.

Oh why not, I'll give him my hand and let him help me off the boat. Can't remember when a man offered to do that for me. 'Gracious, Senior?'

'Sgt. Mendoza, Wonder Woman. Please follow me to the Capt.'s office. He would have met you but he has been 'swamped' is that the word? with calls from the Mayor's office.

'Yes, Sgt that is the perfect word for the situation. No offence taken by me for the Capt's absence. Would you make sure that no one goes aboard my boat please?' Wonder Woman gave him one of her million dollar smiles. Sgt. Mendozo nearly blubbered and sputtered at her request. Quickly he barked his orders to the men standing around the dock. The latin blood in these men took over and they were eager to help this lady in the tight revealing red,white, and blue outfit. Instantly on cue they cocked their weapons and formed a human wall in front of the boat.

Sgt.Mendozo, with all the gallantry he could muster, asked this beautifull lady, 'Would you be so kind to follow me?'


For the next several hours Capt. Castillo elaborated for Wonder Woman the extent of the damage wrought by the Creature over the last several weeks.

'Of course we have not counted the number of pigs or goats missing but that is miniscule in relation to the terror fommeting among the population here. We have not determined the motivations of this Creature. Some reports have come across my desk that small villiages have been raided and men have been killed. And... women taken...

'Have the women been seen again or have they turned up some where? asked Wonder Woman.

'At this point I am unsure of anything. All that I am sure of is that the creature seems to be located near what has been refered to as the black lagoon.'

'Could you describe this Creature to me Capt.?'

'Si, reports read that this thing is close to or above eight ft. tall. There is a line of sharp scales running down the spine area. His hands, or flippers, are quite sharp and I have seen the damage they can inflict. Flesh was ripped off one unlucky man. One account said that it has long fangs in its mouth. This would bear out from the pucture wounds found on another corps.'

Suddenly Wonder Woman had some misgivings on her assaignment. 'Do I want to tackle a humanoid that has long sharp claws and fangs? I make a solemn promise to myself to stick a spear in him the first time I see him' thought Wonder Woman.

'I see' said Wonder Woman. 'Could I freshen up a bit and unpack my gear before I plan out my attack on this thing?'.

Si, of course. Sgt. Mendozo will show you to the room we have secured for you. I beleive you Americans call it a 'chalet'? Is that correct?'

'I'll let you know if it is, Capt. Thank you for the briefing.'


That evening Wonder Woman ran through the possibilities of this assighnment. Too many unknowns about this. The last thing I want is for something to go wrong. If I take it slow and stick this thing I can collect my applause and go home. Let me see... should I call Hank or Bill when I get back to Tampa? I think I'm eager for Hank to go all 'ape' over me again. Oh well...

Unseen by Wonder Woman the Creature was peering into her room from a window. It watched her as she stood in front of the full length mirror and tilted her hips, put her hair up and adjusted her outfit.

It had grabbed females from below before in the water, some from the land. Most had drab colored clothes that he ripped off and quickly mounted. This female had bright colored clothes and moved in ways that flamed his insides.

Wonder Woman pulled up the bottoms of her outfit exposing more of her thighs. A slapping sound jarred the Creature out of its self imposed revere'. He shifted his position at the window and bumped the side of the window.

Wonder Woman turned instinctively to look at the sound by the window. Seeing nothing she returned to her activities at the mirror.

The Creature moved off into the night with the image of that female burned in his mind. Filled with agression he approached the river. As he entered the water a camen lunged at him and bit him on his leg. The Creature quickly grabbed the camen and ripped it in two starting at the mouth. With in minutes the Creature had eaten the reptile. As it ate it heard the snarl of a jaguar and moved toward the sound.

The Black Lagoon Incident part 2