The Black Lagoon Incident  

By Bunzilla

The Black Lagoon Incident 1

Wonder Woman & the Creature from the Black Lagoon

'Si Senior, do you know how I may get in touch with this Wonder Woman?'asked Capt. Castillo.

Lt. Silk answered that he had a Sgt. on his team that saw her with regularity. ' She helped us tremendously with a giant squid some months back'.

'Yes Lt. Silk. I remember that account from some dispatches I recieved. That is why I am calling you. This creature has raided some local villages and we fear some people have died. We do not have the political resources or the manpower to make a concerted effort to hunt this thing down'.

'Wish I could help you capt. but you're way out of our jurisdiction- the coast guard dosn't go down that far!' Chuckling at the obvious.

'Our country is not that big and the Amazon give us so much business that we cannot afford to ignore this creature. As you can tell we are a bit desperate.' admitted Castillo.

'The least I can do is to forward your request for Wonder Woman to contact you. Much more than that and I'm afraid that my superiors will bust a gasket if I lend any military aid. Clerks are always jerks if you know what I mean.'

Si. We have similar problems here as well...'


'Looks like I'll be taking a trip to the Brazil area Sgt. Rose.' Wonder Woman said to Bill as they froliced in the swimming pool.

'Are you well enouph now to take that trip? I'm feeling all protective of you still from that squid incident.'

'Tackling these kind of things is what I do Bill. Cannot imagine life apart from my duty to protect people from dire circumstances. Anyway- each time I face touph situations I get a little smarter and stronger.'

Bill pulled her close and said 'I just want you to come back in one piece. Got some things we can do together. Like this little move...'

Her eyes sparkling, Wonder Woman said 'Lets try this under water'.

'No fair! You can hold your breath longer than I can.'

They tumbled around in the pool and play fighted by trying to secure a hold on each other. Both allowed themselves to be 'caught' by the other. Sgt Rose thought he would come out of his skin a few times as Wonder Woman moved her lips over him and nipped him a few times. 'Man, I'm going to miss her when she leaves tomorrow' he thought.


Wonder Woman loaded up her boat and checked her equipment for the final time. Capt. Castillo was quite direct in his request of her services. He wanted her to kill this monster as soon as possible. The harpoons, mini torpedos, stun guns and other weopons were neatly laid out. The 30 ft boat would navigate the waters quite well. If the visibility was good she could track anything under the water and line up for a good shot. 'Haven't tried out this boat yet anyway' she thought... 'this will be a good test of its capabilities- there's even a nice sun deck on top for me to toast away and enjoy the sky... oh well, fun after I've finished this monster.'

The Black Lagoon Incident part 1