The Black Lagoon Incident 5  

By Bunzilla

The Black Lagoon Incident 5

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'Capt. Castillo, with respects, Wonder Woman specifically said she would be back and docked by sundown. It is already past that time. I am frankly worried.'said a shaky Sgt. Mendoza.

'I find a woman such as her far from needing help from men such as us. She is after all endowed with super human strength.' assured the Capt.

'Please Capt. she would not have told us her plans with out the possibility of needing our help!' pleaded Mendoza.

'Alright Sgt. Take one soldier with you and patrol the area she mentioned. This will not releive you of your duties tomorrow morning however.' Lectured the Capt.

'Si, my Capt. I will be ready for morning duties.' _________________________________________________

Sgt Mendoza and a new recruit patroled the river were they knew Wonder Woman had patrolled. Suddenly around a bend in the river their flood lights hit her boat achored in the Black Lagoon.

Pulling up along side they called out to Wonder Woman. Mendoza shined a light on the deck of the boat and saw the obvious disarry of all the equipment.

'Oh my, this does not look good. There appeares to have been a violent fight aboard!'

Out of the night a loud roar and several grunts broke the stillness of the evening. A woman's scream quickly followed and some indestinquishable begging noises.

'It is coming from that cave! Quick get you gun!' Mendoza tasted the burning metalic taste in his mouth as he feared the worst from Wonder Woman's screaming.

Pulling the boat close to the cave entrance they jumped over the side and into the water.

Sgt. Mendoza gave an extreme effort to keep from peeing in his pants. He was quite certain the new recruit Capt. Castillo had selected had soiled his fatigues by now.

Sgt. Mendoza knew he was not the most courageous man in the villiage- 40 lbs over weight, not very attractive by most of the women's account, and he was sure he would not be promoted above the grade of Sgt.

But now, with Wonder Woman depending on him, he would do anything for that lovely woman. No one had been as kind to him as she had. If she was in trouble, well...'Carefull now. We are quite close Private'.

Peering around a curve the sight in front of them shocked them into stupified pacifity. The Creature was hunched over a boulder with Wonder Woman underneath it. As it thrusted wildly the poor heroine flopped erratically at the attacks from this monster.

'Oh No'! You evil bastard!' screamed Sgt. Mendoza.

The Creature whirled his head toward the intruders. Snarling horribly it pulled itself out of Wonder Woman as she moaned.

Rushing at the closest intruder the Creature struck out and hit the young private solidly in the head. Before he could raise his rifle to fire the private's neck was snapped, verified by a loud crack and a pop. His gun clattered to the ground.

Finding ferosity and courage he did not know he had Sgt. Mendoza lifted his machine gun and leveled it at the Creature. Firing repeatedly into his checst and trunk the bullets ripped through the Creature. Imobilized by the volume of bullets ripping into him the Creature stood still in complete shock.

Having emptied his machine gun into it Mendoza dropped the gun and pulled out his colt 45 and with a steady two handed hold he leveled it at the Creature's head. Large chunks of flesh and skull blew from the Creature's head from Mendoza's gun. Falling back against the cave wall the Creature gurgled fluid from its mouth.

Not wanting to make 'another mistake' (as so many people accused him of doing for so many years) Miquel slapped in another full clip and emptied it into the Creature in all the various mortal spots.

Finally he saw the life leave the eyes of this horrible Creature. Turning to look at Wonder Woman he saw her looking at him but she had not moved from her drapped position over the boulder.

'Please, help me...' she said weakly. Miguel quickly went over to Wonder Woman and tenderly lifted her head off the boulder by sliding his hand under her neck. Cradleing her in his arms he slowly carried her out of the cave and toward his boat. ________________________________________________

Ten days later Capt. Castillo summoned Sgt. Mendoza to his office. Miguel, we recieved word that Wonder Woman wants to see you. She is in room 125 of the transition unit at the hospital in LaPaz. You may take as many days off as you need.

Indeed Sgt. Mendoza's reputation had changed considerably when he brought in Wonder Woman. When some of the medical personell came to carry her from the boat she clung to Miguel's neck and said 'No! Please! Not yet.Give me a little time.'

For the next hour Miguel held her and comforted her as she cried on his shoulder. Firmly Migule ordered all the medical personell away as well as the other soldiers standing around. Surprized at his own authoritative voice and the obedience of the men he looked down at Wonder Woman as she nestled into him further.

That was some time ago. 'Now what could she want with me?'

Walking into the discharge area he saw Wonder Woman standing arguing with several doctors stating that 'I'm fully recovered now! See! I can move just fine. I tend to recuperate faster than you anyway!'

'Buenos Dias, Wonder Woman!'

'Oh Miguel! Thank God you came! Get me away from these beauoughcrats!

Walking outside to his jeep Wonder Woman wrapped her arms around Miguel and said 'Please come to my place tonight. I'll have some dinner for us. Would you be kind enouph to bring some wine?'

Flustered and completely tongue tied Miguel mananged to sputter out a 'Si'.

'Thank you. Around 7? Is that good?'

Another sputtered 'Si' _________________________________________________

Knocking on her her promptly at 7, Miguel tried hard not to wear his 'nervous,unconscious grin'. Opening her door Wonder Woman smiled at Miguel warmly and ushered him into her living room.

'Goodness I've got to find a way to quickly relax Miguel' she thought. 'How can I get him to recieve my thanks if he's a nervous and tight as a drum?'

After some wine and very good food Wonder Woman sttod up and moved to the center of the living room.

'Miguel I need a favor from you- don't know any other way to put this so I'll just say it. I need you to love me tonight.'Wonder Woman said as she looked him straight in the eyes.

Miguel dropped his fork on the floor and nearly spilled his wine. Wonder Woman noticed he went all pale. 'Is he going to pass out on me?' she thought.

Standing up Miguel said 'Wonder Woman, I... you were so abused...I...saving you mad me...'

Interuping him Wonder Woman said 'Feel all fatherly and protective of me?'

'Si, something like that.'

Miguel I would like to express my thanks to you for clearly saving my life. The Creature would have killed me. I need you to 'save me again' so I can see love from now on instead of what the Creature did to me'.

'Maybe this would help?' Wonder Woman pulled off her belt and lay it on the edge of the sofa. 'Now I'm as weak any girl. But this girl wants you.'

Miguel was sweating now. He was clearly eager and interested and he beleived that Wonder Woman wanted to show her appreciation. Still...

'Maybe this would help a bit' Wonder Woman opened a drawer from a lamp stand and produced a pair of hand cuffs. Walking over confidently to Miguel with a twinkle in her eye she said 'Take me in Sgt. I'm in your custody.' With that she turned around and crossed her hands behind her at her lower back.

Miguel could not contain his growing arousal. Taking the hand cuffs he gently put them around each wrist and heard the familiar click sounds.

Wonder Woman backed into Miguel and felt his maleness. Turning her head back toward him she said 'I'm not a fragile piece of porceline- please treat me as if I'm an uncooperative prisoner who has valuable information you must have'

How did she know that was one of my fantasies!

Turning to face Miguel she said 'I'm under your control. I'll obey any order you give.'

Finding his voice Miguel asked 'Is any place on you still tender?'

'Since you've cuffed me and I'm helpless and in you power that does not matter does it?'

'No, Seniorita, it does not.' Miguel picked up this beauty and carried her over to the couch.

Playfully Wonder Woman said with mock drama and coy helplessness 'Oh please Sgt. don't torture me!' ________________________________________________

The next day Miguel walked into his office and all the men had a quiet reverence for this man. With a relaxed ease he set the agenda for the week and confidently spoke to Capt. Castillo and asked if he had missed anything. By the end of the meeting Castillo had a nagging thought that would not go away- 'Sgt. Mendoza is going to have my job...hell... he will probably be elected Mayor!