The Black Lagoon Incident 3  

By Bunzilla

The Black Lagoon Incident 3

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'Thank you for guarding my boat last night Sgt. Mendoza'. Actually Sgt. Mendoza had trouble getting any of his men to leave. The promise of seeing Wonder Woman again was too much for these men to resist.

'It was our pleasure Senorita. May we assist you at all on the water?'

'Thank you but I do not want the responsibility of any of your men getting hurt if the Creature gets out of hand. I plan to be back by sundown, however'. Opening a map she said 'Before I call it a day I plan to scout out the caves in sector 5 of this area'. Wonder Woman shifted beside Sgt. Mendoza and slightly brushed him with her arm and shoulder. Sgt Mendoza swallowed hard and began to sweat profussely. 'These men must not get out much. Wonder what would happen if I started to pose or stretch for them?' Wonder Woman thought.

Allowing herself to be 'helped' onto her boat the urge to jerk these men's chains over whellmed her. 'Think I'll giver them a little show- maybe it will bring some pleasant memories to them for the weeks to come' mused Wonder Woman.

Pulling out a long bayonette she jammed it into its scabbard. She then strapped it high on her right thigh. Testing the draw and pull she retied it several times. Next she pulled her hair up and put it in a pony tail. The play of her arms and shoulders caused the soldiers to drop their jaws and almost their weapons. Picking up her harpoon she felt its weight and struck a shooting pose. Checking all the other articles and weapons she bent, dipped, tested and other wise drove the men wild with her antics. Finally the coup de graz 'Would one of you put some coppertone on my back please?'

All of the soldiers moved toward her at once- including Sgt. Mendoza. 'My, so many willing gentilmen. Who do I choose? Tell you what I'll just turn around and let you men decide'.

Handing the bottle to the closest man she turned around and moved her hair away from her back. Hearing a brief scuffle and then the bottle hitting the deck she waited patiently. Within seconds she heard someone shaking the bottle and then the familiar squirting sound as one of the men squirted it in his hands. With shaky hands a soldier moved his hands on her neck, shoulders and arms. Wonder Woman assisted by moving herself in helpfull ways. 'Don't forget right here, if you please? Yes, that's it. Thank you. I can do the rest.' Wonder Woman did indeed do the rest. Slowly covering her arms, chest and throat she thanked them for all their help last night and this morning. 'When I return could we meet and discuss anything I'm unsure of?' All at once all the soldiers said 'SI!'. 'You are all so kind. Untill tonight then!' _________________________________________________

She'd been traveling down the river for a few hours now. The water was surprizingly clear.'Maybe there's an under ground spring close by?' she speculated. Unknown to Wonder Woman the Creature had been following her boat. Several times it raised its head to peer at the woman in front of him. The boat looked strange and some what threatening. The Creature's retilian mind told him this was the same woman he had looked at the previous night. Same colors, same hair. As the female looked around he would dip his head under the water again.

Wonder Woman scanned the area under water with the telescope under the boat. It had not occurred to her to turn on the radar or to shift the telescope to the rear. She did not consider that the Creature would stalk her at this time.

'Time for a dip in this lagoon' said a some what shakey Wonder Woman. Checking her bayonnette adn picking up her long spear gun she slid into the water from the back of the boat.

The water was cool against her skin. She relaxed at the cleansing,refreshing feel of it. Moving toward a cave opening she hesitated at the dark forbiding entrance. Her mind created a picture of a hungry monster grabbing & eating her as she saw herself swimming into the darkness. 'Put those thoughts out of your mind, girl! These villiagers are counting on you!'

Moving toward the darkness she swam untill she started to see a dim light. Moving toward it she surfaced in a cave and screamed in horror at what she saw.

The Black Lagoon Incident part 3