The Black Lagoon Incident 4  

By Bunzilla

The Black Lagoon Incident 4

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The Creature followed Wonder Woman as she swam under the water and explored the area. It became agitated when she approached the opening of the cave where it stored most of its food for relaxed consumption.

No human, male or female, had ever invaded its feeding room before. Narrowing its eyes in an angry, defensive expression the Creature swam quickly to catch the loan female who dared to enter its domain. _______________________________________________

The sight in front of Wonder Woman made her scream with horror and fear. Upon bringing her head out of the water she walked up a natural stepped incline and stopped about mid-thigh and saw a huge Anaconda digesting a large... something ... not 30 feet away from her. Scattered around the cave were several half eaten pigs, goats and donkeys. This Anaconda got in here somehow and decided to eat on one of the almost dead animals.

With in seconds of Wonder Woman making her presence known the Anaconda started to disgorge its meal. 'Why is the snake working the bulk back toward its mouth?' In a flash Wonder Woman knew the answer to her question. 'Oh no you dont' big boy. Your not making a meal out of me!'

Rapidly vomiting the barely recognizable hog in front of her the snake reared up for a strike at Wonder Woman. Its huge body quickly worked its way around and behind Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman raised her spear gun and put a spear down the mouth of the hissing Ananconda. She fired two more spears and nailed its body to the ground and back wall. Writhing and hissing and trying to strike at Wonder Woman the snake was clearly not giving up. Wonder Woman stood transfixed at the sight of this large snake. 'I didn't think snakes grew this big!' Suddenly the snakes stopped striking and froze in its impaled position. It stopped hissing as well.

Wonder Woman saw a quick flicker of a shadow come up from behind her. Wirling around in the thigh deep water she was confronted by the Creature. Towering over her by at least 2 feet she screamed in fright. Instinctively she tried to bring up the spear gun. The Creature was standing too close for her to level it at his vital spots. With out any warnig the Creature batted the spear gun away with blinding speed.'So quick!' Wonder Woman thought.

Wonder Woman fell back at the blow of the Creature as it had struck her arm. Falling back half out of the water and on her back she looked up at the looming moster. It was clearly male. It was clearly aroused as well.

Slowly the Creature worked his mouth and lips together- it made a distinctive smacking sound that resembled possibly speach or possibly a digestive action.

Gaping down at the female splayed out in front of him he surveyed her form and appearence. The colors of her form exited him. She held her legs in an invitation for him. She kept herself on the edge of the water line which his primitive desires told him was the perfect spot to mate.

Lunging down at Wonder Woman he attempted to smother her for his mating purposes. Finding the strength and speed only an amazon could possess she shifted aside as the Creature crashed to the ground with a sickening 'thud!'.

Quickly moving around the Creature and scrambling to her feet Wonder Woman leaped over the Creature and headed for the under water exit.

Swimming with all the strength she could muster Wonder Woman quickly broke out of the darkness of the tunnelled cave.

'Better listen to my mind next time. There were TWO monsters waiting to eat me down here!'. Half way to the surface wonder Woman chanced a look back over her shoulder to the cave. No sign of the Creature in pursuit.

Seeing her boat on the surface she made her way to it as fast as she could. 'I'm at a disadvantage under the water- never liked fighting things under water any way.'

Climbing on to the back of the boat Wonder Woman stepped over the side and made a bee line for the torpedo controls on the console. Before she took a full step toward it the Creatue burst through the water and landed, on his feet, on the center of the deck in front of Wonder Woman.

Now the Creature was enraged at this intrusive female who did not quickly succumb to his mating rituals.

Wonder Woman drew her bayonett from her thigh scabbord. Lunging at the Creature she slashed him across the chest. The scales protected him from the killing intent of the swipe but drew a bluish fluid none the less. Roaring in pain the Creature struck Wonder Woman on the shoulder and sent her sprawing across the boat deck. Equipment fell around her, banging into her as she fought for balance on the wet floor.

Holding his sharp claws in front of him the Creature quickly moved toward the female who was flailing for a secure hold on the bottom of the boat. Leaning toward her and going down on one knee the Creature attempted to grab her around the waist.

Wonder Woman lifted a leg and struck the Creature in the chest again- this time with the heel of her boot. Howling in pain as the heel dug into the already bleeding area, the Creature lost all desire to mate with this female. Grabbing her ankle it pulled her closer to him. Opening his mouth wide he bit Wonder Woman on the leg above the knee.

This time it was Wonder Woman's turn to holler. And holler she did. The Creature's fangs were long and sharp. The pain stunned Wonder Woman and she looked agast at the huge monster looming over her.

Grabbing a wooden chest near him the Creature crashed it down on Wonder Woman's head. This stopped her screaming and her movement. Still holding her leg by the ankle the Creature calmed down and observed the unconcious female under neath him. Most females went into this state as soon as they saw him. This female faught him with all her strength.

Dragging Wonder Woman out from all the rubble that had fallen around her he hungrily stared at the unconcious form in the failing daylight.

Having over powered her his desire to mate returned.

The Creature gathered Wonder Woman up in his clawed flippers and sought a convenient hold on her. Finding one, he sunk his teeth in her shoulder to claim his authority over her. A slight moan escaped Wonder Woman's throat as the Creature growled into her unconcious face.

Jumping over the side of the boat the Creature desided not to take this female to his feeding den but to his mating cave a short swim away.

Towing Wonder Woman by her left wrist he swam toward a cave that was partially visible above the water line.

With in minutes the Creature was carrying Wonder Woman into his cave. As the Creature lay Wonder Woman over a large boulder she began to instinctively couph up some of the water she had ingested.

Even the Creature's primitine, prehistoric brain conveyed to him that this female was wearing clothes of some kind. Touching Wonder Woman he felt the difference between her flesh and the material wrapped around her.

Falling over her with out any hesitation the Creature fought for the mating hold on this female. Probing and thrusting it sensed it was close in its goal.

The helpless heroine lay unconcious as the primitive monster crushed her between its thrusting bulk and the sharp boulder digging into her back and legs.

Her arms and legs moved with the thrusts as the prehistoric behemoth mounted a victorious assault on the lovely heroine.

Wonder Woamn groaned as she began to regain consciousness. Intending to remind his catch that he had control over her, the Creature roared and sunk his teeth on her arm.

Coming to, Wonder Woamn screamed and twisted under the successfull assault of this Creature. 'No! Please stop! Don't do this to me! STOP!

Thr Creature's grunts and slobbering were loud in the cave. Wonder Woman's 5'2' form was dwarfed by the huge bulk laying over her.

Running her hands over the boulder feeling for a weapon of any kind she found none. The only weapon was being used by the Creature on her.

Wonder Woman ran her hands over the Creature's body feeling the scales and the sharp fin running down his spine. Some of the Creature's blood ran onto Wonder Woman's chest and shoulders as he continued to thrust away at the defeated heroine.

'If you can understand me please stop! You're tearing me up inside. We are not the same! STOP!'

The Creature was annoyed with the arm movements of this female and the loud chattering. It grabbed the females wrists and moved them over her head to keep them ancored.

'Oh!Oh! No! NOOOOOOOOOO!' Please Stop!' I can't survive much more of this. He's ripping me up! His claws are also weakening me with all the scrapes.

The Creature increased his attack on the fallen heroine. Wonder Woman screamed one last time and then blacked out. The Creature payed no attension to the writhing female beneath him. Its desire to mate over road any other urge.

Twisting and adjusting his prize for easier postions he set his mouth on Wonder Woman's left shoulder and with single-minded ferosity thrusted and rammed his victim until the female's arms and legs flopped like a lifeless rag doll.

The Black Lagoon Incident part 4