The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman 5  

By Bunzilla

Wonder Woman

Zardor begins his revenge

Something unusual jared Wonder Woman out of her desperate spiral of pain. The walls of the cave rumbled and some of the cieling sprinkled bits of dirt on the floor around her. 'What was that?' She thought. The aliens payed no attention to the disturbance.

Zardor had attacked her five times. Each time he emptied himself in her, she thought 'This is the time he's going to kill me.' The first time he raked his talons down her outstretched form. 'No! Please!' was all she could say.

The second time he wrapped his hands around her throat while he thrusted wildly. 'This has got to be it. I'm so helpless in this position. Cannot block any of his assaults. My arms and legs are stretched away from my body and he is strangling me!' During this session of abuse the two smaller aliens stood in front of Wonder Woman and held her belt in front of her in a taunting mannner and jabbered away at her. They then threw the belt down on the ground in front of her. 'My rescue is only mere feet away- obviousle I'm as stretched out as I can be. Can't reach it'. Zardor seemed to enjoy that and emitted a gutteral alien lauph.

After the third ravaging Zardor walked away and lay down a short distance. Four of the 'tree-like' aliens walked over to Wonder Woman carrying a large vase about two feet tall with a lid on it secured elaborately. They began to unseal the top. 'Uo Oh' thought Wonder Woman. 'This does not look good for me'. Indeed it wasn't. Setting the vase down directly under her as she was drapped back over the boulder she leaned her head forward and tried to peer in the vase. What she saw in their shocked her beyond belief.' Those things look like a cross between crabs and spiders! No, they can't intend to put those things on me can they?'.

The first few crawled out of the top of the vase and looked around. The were about the size of blue crabs with 'hair' like a spider. Large eyes were on the head and jutting from their'mouth' was a long pointed probiscus about 2 inches long.

The first two of them jumped up from the rim of the jar and landed on Wonder Woman's ankle. Crawling up along her boots they emitted a crackling popping noise as they moved their 'stinging pointer' in and out of their mouth. The other ten or so of the creatures followed the original pair and made their treck up Wonder Woman.

As they hit her knee some of them stopped and immediatley dug their 'sword' in to her flesh. 'Ow! Stop that! That hurts! Ow Ow Ow!' No they can't be doing this! she thought. 'They are sticking me and sucking my blood!' Three of them were mounting a vicious attack on her inner thighs. One walked up to the edge of the blue section of her outfit and poked at the fabric. Not finding any immediate blood it pushed up the edge of her outfit and burrowed underneath in an attempt to secure a good feeding position. His neighbor saw this process and decided to copy its success. Now two of the insect vampires were nestled under the bottom portion of her star spangled outfit and were feasting greedily. The others swarmed over her arms, shoulders and wrists, which were already bruised and bleeding from the wrentching pulls of Zardor.

One 'little vampire' got too close to Wonder Woman's mouth and she crushed it in her mouth and spit him out. Collectivle all the vampires reacted by stinging her more and diggin into her flesh for a new hold. 'Arrgge! Please stop! Hven't you sucked me enouph? There is nothing left of me.' Actually there was considerably more of Wonder Woman 'left'. After a time the vampires began to fill up visibly like a tick. One by one they dropped off on the floor leaving small holes in her which trickled minute amounts of blood. The two underneath her outfit had a difficult time working themselves out. Wonder Woman wretched as they crawled past her most vulnerable area. The last vampire lingered at that point and gave her the impression it wished it had noticed this part of her earlier. Fattened with her blood however it squirmed out from it's warm, pleasant prison and fell to the floor in a 'drunken stupor' filled with her blood.

However, all this happened some time ago. Zardor was back at her for the fifth time mounting an undescribable assault on what was 'left' of Wonder Woman. Her outfit had been ripped in a few places but still clung to her body and accentuated her curves. The back of her thighs and upper back were raw from the grinding of the boulder. Right now, however, Zardor had his arms wrapped around her waist and was, again, pulling her away from her bound position on the rock. Her shoulders and hips popped with each of his pulls and twists. Exploding in her the fifth time he fell against her and crushed her into the sharp rock. Every muscle in her thighs was twitching and she had uncontrollable contractions in her stomach and hips. It looked as if electric currents were shooting throught her as she fought for a foot hold against the bottom of the stone slab. The heels of her boots had been worn down by this action for the past several hours.

Zardor stood, addressed Wonder Woman in an unintelligiable manner and walked over to the edge of the cave and drew out a long spear. The end of it shined dangerously even in the low light of the cave.

'I don't think he's going to rape me with that. This is it. I put up the best fight I knew how. Hope those little beasties got their fill of me.'

As the Zardor stood in front of her she saw him hold the spear down just below her waist. 'Oops- maybe he does intend to rape me with it first. Everything else in this cave has been stuck up me in some manner. The bastard won't draw that much blood from me. Hope he's dissapointed when he sticks me'.

Suddenly the cieling gave way and stones fell over all the aliens in the cave. Some of them hit the boulder Wonder Woman was strapped to and severed the bond of her left arm. Zardor looked up and missed the quick action of Wonder Woman twisting to pull the other strap loose. Dodging rocks falling on him he glanced at Wonder Woman- she was kneeling down instraping one of her ankle straps. Enraged he lunged at her and attempted to finish her with a quick thrust.

Luck had finally turned to Wonder Woamn's favor as a stone landed square on Zardor's head crushing him to the ground. Quckly snatching her belt she dove for cover.

It took her two days to dig out of the cave. That was last week. She realized that she could have died several times under Zardor's attacks. 'I hope the earthquake killed them all- especially the disgusting little vampires'. Wonder Woman instinctivle rubbed the area still sensitive to their attacks. 'Not again, I hope'.

On Wonder Woman's living room table sat a stack of mail. One of the items was a large manilla envelope that was the response she answered for a part in a movie staring herself and Gargantua. 'just what I need to relax. Work on a movie that will be play time for me- think I'll accept their invitation to start next week.'

The End.