The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman 4  

By Bunzilla

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman Chapter 4

Zardor begins his revenge

It was a long horrifying trip to the under-ground cave system for the helpless heroine. Several times she felt her self regain conciousness. Each time she felt Zardor's hands pawing at her. Other times different hands touched her- sometimes they pinched, sometimes they probed. other times they squeezed hard.

At one point Wonder Woman tried to push out of the grip she was in. Her herself faintly moan 'Why have you let me live? What are you going to do to me?'. Instinctively she put up a faint struggle. Zardor lauphed twisted her around to face the smaller aliens and held her under her arms. Blam! Another hit by the stun guns dead center at her waist. 'Uggh! Why?...' Wonder Woman's legs dangled liflessly in front of her captors. The brief struggle being over they continued on toward their destination.

Finally after several hours of hauling their delicious prey they arrived. At the cave entrance the two aliens let out a cry to the waiting crownd inside.

The first thing the waiting mob saw was Zardor holding Wonder Woman high above his head. Her arms and legs dangled liflessly. Her red, white and blue otfit and gorgeous skin was a stark contrast to the dark surounding of the cave.

With a great blood curdleing roar the Zardor threw Wonder Woman straight toward the middle of the shouting, frenzied mob of aliens.

Hundreds of alien hands grabbed her and passed her from group to group. At times all one could see was a red boot sticking out of a throng of alien arms and heads, another time a bear arm thrust itself clear of the marauding pack of aliens.

Now the frenzied mob began tossing Wonder Woman from group to group. She landed sometimes face up other time face down but was always caught and twisted violently by the increasingly agitated hoard.

One alien grabbed her thigh and started to pull her leg. Looked like he wanted some legs for dinner at a barbecue. Other ones grabbed her wrists and pulled the opposite direction. This enlivened more of the remaining ones and they went after the other leg, arm and some tore at her trunk.

Mercilously Wonder Woman came to and could only think she was waking to loose her mind. Thousands of hands and other things she could see to properly dertermine were touching every part of her. She screamed out for mercy and pleaded for them to stop. Their alien jibberish only intinsified, not to mention their rouph treatment of her.

She did not kow how long this continued but at some point she her a peculiar wistle and all groping on her stopped.

She shifted around to see the Zardor moving toward her. 'Could this be it? Is this how I'm going to die? Please, I hope he just finishes me off quick. Too much suffering already.... Who an I kidding, this monster has not spared me in the least to this point... My last defense is woth a try... I don't want to die... maybe I can distract him from using those claws on me again. How can I 'arouse' him? Is that even possible?

Zardor lunged for a bear hug on Wonder Woman and of course by this time she was a weak flopping rag doll in his arms. Walking over to a high bolder he pushed her back up against it. 'This is it... got to do something! Anything!'. Some of the smaller aliens climbed on top of the boulder and took hold of her wrists which Zardor had pushed up for them. Securing her arms over her nead she felt hersel being pulled up the boulder a bit.

Simultaneously aliens toward the ground grabbed each of her ankles and secured them seperatley. Now Wonder Woman was secured on a boulder, spread-eagled in front of Zardor and a frenzied, screaming mob of aliens.

As a last ditch effort to distract Zardor Wonder Woman decided to move the only thing that could be moved: her hips. Slowly she twisted her hips and looked into the eyes of Zardor. Moving her chest was a bit uncomfortable but she tried. The effect was surprizing. Complete silence fell in the cave. Zardor and the aliens froze and glared at the seductive moves of a super heroine bound to a boulder.

Zardor moved to with inched of Wonder Woman. His face was next to hers. He emitted a pinkish, sickly smelling gas in her face. Wonder Woman couphed and gagged. When Wonder Woman finishe couphing she her the eerie silence. Opening her eyes she saw Zardor remove his cape and his belt.

In her position she noticed that he had perfect access to all the 'important' parts of her anatomy. 'Damn,' she thought 'at least I was hoping it would have been difficult for this beast to get at me. At this angle he won't have to break a sweat raping me. I'm positioned perfectly for him'.

Zardor took one of his claws and ran it along the edge of her outfit along her thigh and hip. He moved it toward her crotch and pulled the fabric off to the side.

A spontanious loud scream erupted from the mob as Zardor cover Wonder Woman. The only thing visible was her arms and legs peaking out of Zardor's black form as he mounted his most viciuos assault on this lovely creature. Wonder Woman screamed and then blacked out.

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman part 4