The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman  

By Bunzilla

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman Chapter 1

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Wonder Woman knew that Zardor had been stalking he for a week. She tried to deny it but there was unmistakable evidence that he was back. She first knew of the possibility when she did an unplanned visit to the underground cave system where they fougtht last time. The fetid, sickly smell of Zardor's brath was too fresh. 'Oh no... he can't be back. That alien nearly ripped my joints out of socket last time. This is not good... for this planet or me.'

On two occations she noticed things missing in her apartment and many things were moved as if someone had picked them up and looked at them or smelled them. Since then she had change her routine and always entered her apartment from her balcony. After she leaped up to the second story balcony she would slowly peer around to her gliding glass door. After she settled herself that Zardor was not lurking in the shadows somewhere waiting to grab her she'd enter and go about her nightly habits. Tonight she'd do the same. 'Can't wait for this to be over... the worst part is always having to look over my shoulder expecting to see that alien and his claws grabbing for me'.

Unknown to Wonder Woman three pair of eyes were watching her shoulders at that very moment, not to mention the rest of her. Out of range of her hearing the breathing of the Zardor became raspy and agitated when Wonder Woman walked into view. It was just after sunset and the aliens used the trees of the grounds adjacent to her apartment as cover.

As she stood on her balcony her mind wandered to the creatures and villians that nearly defeated her. Zardor was one. Gargantua was the other. 'Both big wild beasts that were decidedly male' she thought. 'Goodness, can't bring myself to imagine what either one of them would have done to me if they had knocked me out'.

As if on cue her mind did a change of direction by flashing pictures of the Zardor in her apartment like before. Only the level of danger was much more intense. She saw herself in front of him and found herself looking at his long claws and the abvious strength of his massive frame. Suddenly, as if invisible hands tore at her her belt was ripped from her waist and faded from her sight! 'What?! How?' These were the only words that escaped her lovely throat before Zardor lunged at her and stated strangling her.

Chocking and couphing Wonder Woman saw herself in the arms of the Zardor with out any real defense.

As if in a dream She saw Zardor shift his long arms around her waist and start to crush her. 'Please... Can't breath... what do you want?...'

Then Zardor breathed out a pink, smelly gas from his mouth. Wonder Woman started to gag from it.

Without warning her mind stopped the images and she felt herself 'gain control' over her mind. 'What happened!? This is crazy. It was like something took over my mind.'

After some minutes Wonder Woman sat down on her couch and held her head. 'I can't decide if I had a precient warning of what may happen to me or did something take over my mind and play it like a musical instrument? This is scary... by himself Zardor almost killed me. If this is some kind of attack on my mind as well I got to think of a way to protect myself. If something ripps my belt off while I'm standing in front of Zardor. I'm finished.

In the dark one of the two small aliens slid down from her balcony with a strange device that looked completely other worldly.

His body language conveyed a message that did not contradict the jibberish he spoke to Zardor and the other little alien- They were confident they could destroy this super heroine.

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman part 1