The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman 3  

By Bunzilla

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman Chapter 3

Zardor begins his revenge

Nothing serious happened that day for Wonder Woman. Actually she wanted some bank robber to show up or a car jacking to happen so she could blow off some steam.

In stead she just tried to fight some of the anxiety that was building. More and more her mind tried to play out the worst case senario between herself and Zardor. Was she in control of her mind? Why was she seeing herself helpless in the grip of this monster? Never had she experienced such a disturbing vision of any of her attackers. Gargantua was frightening enouph- especially when he tried to crush her in a squeeze while those Nazi's and scientists were waiting for her to black out and stick her with heaven knows what! 'Glad I got out of that one- glad I made a friend of Gargantua at the end'.

This day was shaping up as a truly weird one- 'seems like something is trying to get a foothold in my mind even now'. 'All this mental fighting is draining me as well'. Wish I knew what was going on!'.

Back in Wonder Woman's apartment the trap had been laid- Zardor was waiting in an area that secluded him perfectly. The aliens would render themselves invisible when they recieved the alarm of her presence. They also each carried stun guns if something went wrong or she found a way to block their plan. No way she was walking out of this.

Tired, a bit dazed and desperatly wanting to escape these intrusive, disturbing thoughts, Wonder Woman approached her residence. 'Maybe I've been imagining this all along... have not actually seen Zardor. Something has been stalking me however. Might be some clever male that can't get enouph me in the newspapers. Oh well, if it turs out to be that I'll consider being sweet and oh so appreciative of his admiration... I could only wish.' Even as she thought this her mind was still sending her these warning flashes that she was indeed in serious danger.

Lifting her legs over the balcony, leaning sideways to peer into her apartment, catching her reflextion in the glass of the door. She said to herself 'This is crazy- I'm Wonder Woman. Nothing's gotten to me yet after all this time'.

Walking in side she scanned the room and seeing everything as she left it. No big bad monster. No drooling aliens panting over her. No arrows, knives, spears or webbing to secure her.

She took a deep breath and let it out and found herself relaxing. 'Am I getting tired of this super-heroine job? Love getting a reaction out of the men to my outfit, but some of these villians really want to do me in...'. Just then it happened. Her mind started screaming a second before it actually began. She felt many hands around her waist tearing at her belt. The ripping sound was loud and sharp. She pivoted and expected to see her attacker. Nothing! Where did they come from? Behind? In front? How many? Unmistakable hideous lauphter erupted as she experienced a shock to her entire system. Her mind went limp and the warnings she had experienced had the fatal feel of 'it's too late'.

Bursting through her bedroom door was Zardor. Roaring and lunging at her with his claws.

Wonder Woman knew she had a terrified look on her face. Unfortunatley she knew that Zardor saw this too. With in a second or two he had her by the throat. Lifting her off the carpet floor her legs began to flail away wildly. One of her boots connected at his groin- nothing happened. His hold on her was like a vice. Her hands sought for a hold or a weak spot around his face and eyes- suddenly Zardor bellowed a shrill cry and dropped Wonder Woman.

Unseen by Wonder Woman the two invisible aliens attacked her from behind and caused her to fall backwards on the dining room table. Zardor quickly saw the opening and fell on top of her. Grabbing her in all her tender exposed areas he slammed her repeatedly on the table. Wonder Woman's head and neck struck the table countless times. Her legs tried to reach up and push him off from his chest and throw him back across the room. Zardor grabbed her around the waist and started a slow squezze. Wonder Woman saw small black dots before her eyes and knew she would pass out quick. If that happened she knew she could not wake up if Zardor chose to kill her.

Suddenly Zardor changed his attack on her- he moved his head down to her throat and shoulder area and bagan to bite her! Wonder Woman screamed and begged him to stop. 'Please! Don't do this!' All she got in return was his gutteral growls and more punishment on her body.

Zardor moved down her lovely form and bit her thighs. Wonder Woman had stopped fighting by this time and felt herself lay back on the table and surrender to his vicious attacks.

What seemed like hours of abuse finally ended and Wonder Woman opened her eyes and saw the Zardor looming over her. Embarassed by her helpless position on the table she resighned herself to the real possiblity that this was her final few minutes on earth.

Every joint in her body was screaming for releif. She had never taken such a brutal attack- at least actually. Her mind had told her this would happen.

What hapened next gave her greater apprehention: Zardor began to move his claws over her bare flesh. He lightly dragged his claws over her thighs ( her tights had been ripped off as soon as he had he on her back on the table). He trailed them over her shoulders and breasts. Lastly he moved up along her throat and jaw line.

Wonder Woman found herself saying out loud 'Please don't kill me... I'll do anything...whatever you want from me I'll give it to with out any resistence- just don't kill me'. She was not sure if the Zardor understood any of her words. She hoped that she could distract him from any more killing attacks to 'ones designed for... well... for ... sexual victory over me'.

Zardor did not move as he looked at her after she had finished her plea... 'Well, either kill me or rape me one. It has to be one or the other! I'm unable to resist you at all. Give me an order and I'll do my best to accomidate! Why don't you do something? Why are you just staring at me like this?'

At that instant the two aliens materialized and pointed two guns at her as she lay spread eagled on the table. They pointed the guns at her hips and open fired. 'Blam! Blam'. Wonder Woman jerked twice as the ray guns hit her. Several seconds later the two aliens shot her again- this time she jerked much less.

The last thing Wonder Woman heard and felt was the aliens jibbering away and she felt the unmistakable hands of Zardor pullin her thighs toward him. He hoisted her up by her crotch and shooke her violently to test that she was unconcious. Flopping forward against his chest her face was buried into his chest while her arms and shoulders hung limply.

Holding her tight Zardor began another slow exploration of her body. Pulling at her outfit, exposing more of her hips and thighs, he groaned and made disgusting noises. The two other aliens took this opportunity to poke and prod her from behind. It was clear the tree aliens enjoyed pulling, twisting and flipping Wonder Woman in every position imaginable. If Wonder Woman had conciousness she would have been glad to be unconcious at this time. For an extra messure of safety Zardor lay her down of the dining room table and gave the aliens what sounded like an order. They dutifully obeyed and reproduced the lazer guns again. This time those shot her twice more. Wonder Woman moaned and screamed at the last hit and they knew she was completely unconcious.

Zardor picked her up from her armpits and shifted her to a firm, uncomfortable and unlady-like hold. The three looked at each other and headed off toward the balcony.

Wonder Woman was unconcious, bruised, severly weaked, and in the sharp clawed hands of the Zardor. They left with her and disappeared in to the night.

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman part 3