The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman 2  

By Bunzilla

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman Chapter 2

Zardor begins his revenge

After a fitfull night of minimal sleep Wonder Woman stretched herself in her bed and pondered the possibilities of the day. 'Another possible day to kick some 'bad-guy butt''.

Her morning exercize and stretching over she doned her outfit. Looking at herself in her mirror she said 'Yep, this outfit always drives the men wild. Too bad none of them will get to act on their fantasies'. At least she hoped not as regards Zardor. 'Nothing titulating about flirting with him. Still not sure if he just wants to tear me limb from limb or do some other dasterdly deed on me.'

Her mind went through possible defense senarious if the Zardor trapped her or sprung a surprize ambush on her. 'I've gained some breathing room before by playing up my vulnerability to a crazed villian- seems like some of these idiots in the past had me right where they wanted me and then saw me unconcious and wanted to jump my bones... wonder if Zardor could be suseptable to that?' Rethinking that dangerous option she thought ' Should I let that monster that close to me? What if he is he is stronger and more cunning than I'm aware of? The thought of him raping me is too horrible to contemplate... still if it would buy me some time and get him distracted, I could look for a way to turn the situation around. Just hope he's not busy turning me around while I'm looking for a way out.' 'Guess I'll make that call when and if the situation happens.'

Across town in a dark, cercuitous cave system Zardor and hundreds of small aliens were doing what could only be described as a fever-pitched 'dance'. Zardor was standing calmly looking like his mind was elsewhere. The two smaller aliens still manipulated the alien-looking technology- as if they were fine tuning some of its capabiliteis. The rest of the hord looked like tall, thin, creatures that had two arms and legs but had the distinct appearance of being walking trees. Brown in color, the skin texture of a tree trunk, with deep cavernous, black eyes with no definition.

The two smaller aliens let out a cry and all eyes focussed on them. The machine emitted a humming noise and the two aliens standing close together disappeared! A flurry of leaping and shouts and hollers erupted from the alien mob.

Zardor lifted him arms and all the smaller aliens flocked around him and seemed to cheere him in what could anly be described as an emotional rally for a battle.

From the look of the plot that was forming against Wonder Woman there would not be a long protracted battle. Two invisible aliens walking up to her to prepare the way for Zardor would be quick work for the mob. If it went according to plan Wonder Woman would be redered helpless in seconds and face the terrifying attacks of the Zardor.

Zardor stared off into space while pandemonium continued around him. Images of Wonder Woman caught in his arms with her legs and arms flailing like a limp rag doll energized him beyond description. If the plot happened according to plan then it would be a quick victory. Yes, the goal was to destroy her. She defeated me last time... but now we have superior weapons... my strength is greater... her mind will be under our control... and the invisible attack will shock her and render her weak as an ordinary female. Zardor ran over the options on how to finish off Wonder Woman. Should he kill her in her apartement? Stun her and carry her back to the cave? The possibilities were many and varied.

One thing was certian- he would relish his victory over her. He would savor every moment of her defeat.

His final thoughts were of her unconcious form laying helpless on her back with his hands wrecking havock on her lovely female form. 'They do not come this gorgeous on my planet... she stirs my insides like never before.'

The Plot to Destroy Wonder Woman part 2