Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer 2  

By Dark Wiccan

Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer

by DarkWiccan

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Queen Hippolyta, and all other characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any similarity between characters, names, places, or events is purely coincidental. This Story and all it’s material is a work of fan-fiction. It is written purely for the purpose of fun and entertainment, not profit.

Warning: The following story is rated X and should only be read by those who are 18 years old or older. If you are not of legal age, or do not enjoy reading erotic stories then do not read this, as this story contains strong sexual content and adult themes of a mature nature.

Story synopsis: Donna Troy and Queen Hippolyta play matchmaker for the Amazon Princess when Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island for some much needed rest and relaxation, during the Summer games.

A note to the reader: All of the events in this story take place in a parallel universe much like our own but with surprising differences. The events of this story take place both before, during, and after the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Chapter 2: Love At Second Sight

Just as quickly as the powerful vision had flashed through the Amazons mind, so it had ended just as quickly. A second later Diana ended the kiss as she looked at her mother and smiled, as she proclaimed, “Merry Meet, Mother.”

“Merry Meet, Daughter,” Hippolyta said with the greatest of joy and happiness, as she returned her daughter’s greeting with affection. “It is good to see you again Diana, you have been sorely missed,” Queen Hippolyta told her firstborn daughter.

“Thank you Mother, it is good to be home.” replied Diana. “I don’t get to come back as often as I would like to,” admitted the Amazon Princess, “especially now with all my duties, both as Special Agent Diana Prince and as Wonder Woman.”

“Then perhaps the time has come to address that concern,” the Queen told her daughter, Diana. “As a matter of fact, the timing of your return could not be more precisely timed,” stated Queen Hippolyta.

“How so?” Diana asked her mother.

“Tomorrow, is Friday the 13th,” Hippolyta reminded her daughter.

“I remember,” Diana told her mother. “Tomorrow is the sacred festival of Aphrodite. Each Amazon places the name of a potential mate upon a scroll, and the Priestess counts the number of names. Whoever has the most requests is then given the honor of taking on the role of Aphrodite on the night of the Summer Solstice, as Aphrodite chooses a willing partner to mate with before our Sisters. As the Amazon is bedded she tries not to submit, but make her lover submit to her instead. Whoever wins decides the conditions of the new relationship,” explained Princess Diana.

“Very good, Diana,” remarked the Queen. “It’s good to know that you remember the rules of the sacred rite so well,” Hippolyta stated with a hint of mischief to her voice.

“Mother, what did you do?” Diana asked.

“You will find out soon enough,” Hippolyta said with a smile.

“As for now, allow me to introduce you to your new servant girls,” Hippolyta stated as she introduced Diana and Donna to the two newest members of the Amazon sisterhood. “Their names are Khloe and Mala.”

“Donna, I would like to introduce you to Khloe. She will attend to your every need during your time here on Paradise Island,” Hippolyta explained to her daughter, Princess Donna. “Khloe, this is Princess Donna of Themyscira.”

“It is an honor to meet you, your Highness,” Khloe said as she bowed gracefully before Donna as a sign of love and respect for the daughter of Hippolyta.

“Please, call me Donna,” requested the young Amazon Princess.

“As you wish, Donna,” Khloe said to Donna with a joyful smile.

Khloe was a true beauty in every sense of the word. She was almost as tall as Donna. She was a good 5feet and 10 inches in height, with an equally athletic body that was every bit as soft and desirable as any Amazon sister. Like Hippolyta and her daughters, Khloe had long dark hair, yet not nearly as long as the Queen’s or her daughters’. Khloe tended to wear her hair at shoulder length. Her brown eyes gave the Amazon beauty a mysterious and sultry nature to her character.

But the thing that most people noticed, was Khloe’s resemblance to the legendary Seer known as Cassandra, for she was the Seer’s cousin and like her she too could see the future. But whereas her cousin Cassandra could see the future whenever the Gods saw fit to allow her to do so, Khloe could see the future by using her tarot cards to foresee events to come. At this time, Khloe was dressed in a simple white toga. The sheer white cloth clung to her womanly body and accentuated all of Khloe’s many curves and charms, a fact that Donna could not help but take notice to as she smiled at the raven-haired Amazon.

Donna took hold of Khloe’s delicate hand and raised it to her lips to kiss it as a sign of her respect for the Amazon whom she found so enchanting. “I look forward to getting to know you,” Donna stated with a twinkle in her eye that her big sister Diana knew all too well.

Queen Hippolyta then spoke to Khloe and requested, “Khloe, why don’t you take Princess Donna to her quarters in the Royal Palace. I will be there shortly.”

“As you wish, my Queen,” responded Khloe as she bowed to her Queen. A moment later, Khloe turned her attention back to Donna, as she took hold of Donna’s hand as she led her away from hr mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her sister, Diana.

As Khloe and Donna headed back to the Royal Palace, Queen Hippolyta was left alone with her daughter, Diana. Also present was another Amazon-her golden blonde hair, blue eyes, desirable body, and impressive bosom could not help but be recognized, for the woman standing before them was none other than Mala, Diana’s closest childhood friend and first love.

Mala said not a word as she reached out and pulled Princess Diana to her. As she took Diana into her strong yet slender arms, she held the Amazon Princess against her own athletic Amazonian body and lowered her blonde head to give Diana a most unexpected yet very passionate kiss. That caused Diana to feel weak in the knees, as if she were a young maiden wishing to be courted by her first love. Moments later, Mala ended the kiss as she looked into Diana’s baby blue eyes, just before she spoke. “Welcome home, Diana,” Mala said with a smile as she noticed the surprised look on Diana’s face.

“What was that for?” asked Diana.

“Let’s just say that you are in for a surprise,” Mala said with a grin on her face. Diana knew that expression all too well. Mala seemed quite pleased with herself, much like the night when Mala had seduced Diana when she had come of age to be considered as a potential mate by her Amazon sisters.

Diana knew that her mother was up to something, and that Mala was privy to it, but she could sense that they had gone to a lot of trouble, so Diana went along with her mother’s wishes. Sooner or later Diana was bound to find what is going on, and knowing her mother and Mala as well as she did she had no doubt she would find out soon enough.

The blonde and the brunette shared a second equally passionate kiss. Queen Hippolyta looked on and smiled, as she thought back to the time when both Diana and Mala had competed in the tournament for the title of Wonder Woman. Of the thousands of Amazons that took part in those games, only Diana and Mala were left standing. On that day both women fought until only one emerged victorious. On that fateful day, Diana won the right to be called the Champion of the Amazons, and fulfill her destiny as Wonder Woman. Hardest of all was Diana’s parting with her beloved Mala, who had been her first great love, and who destiny had taken away from her before she could pledge her love for the blonde Amazon beauty.

Now, eight years later after that fateful contest had taken place, Queen Hippolyta had felt that these two extraordinary women deserved to be happy, and so it was that she had gone to the Temple of the Gods to pray. Thankfully, the Goddesses of Olympus also agreed with the Queen, and decided to set certain events into motion-events that would be a surprise to them all.

“Perhaps we should head back to the Palace as well,” stated Hippolyta.

“In that case, I shall return to the Palace to see if Princess Diana’s surprise has arrived yet,” Mala said to the Queen.

“A most excellent idea, Mala.” Hippolyta agreed with the beautiful blonde Amazon. So it was that Mala went on ahead of the Queen and her daughter to see if Diana’s mysterious surprise had arrived at the Palace, while both mother and daughter walked back to the Royal Palace together.

Back at the Royal Palace, in the south wing, Khloe had taken Princess Donna to her Royal Suite, just across the hall from her big sister. Now that Donna was home once again all she wanted was to unwind and relax, so she had decided that what she wanted most of all was a good full body massage. To Donna’s great delight, Khloe had told the young Amazon Princess that she would be honored to give the daughter of Hippolyta a most relaxing massage.

“I thought you were just a servant?” Donna admitted.

“I have many skills,” said the raven-haired beauty.

“I will go to the spa to prepare for your massage. In the meantime, stay here in your quarters and remove your costume. When you are ready, come down the hall to the spa and I will take good care of you,” said Khloe. Khloe bowed respectfully before Princess Donna, before leaving her Royal Suite as she headed to the spa to prepare for Donna’s arrival.

A short time later, Princess Donna lay face down upon a long white marble table draped with long white sheets. Her athletic Amazonian body was totally nude. The only thing she wore were her silver Amazonian bracelets, as all Amazons wore their bracelets at all times, to forever serve as their punishment for their fall from grace at the hands of Heracles and Theseus, and the five-hundred-plus Athenian warriors that had raped and enslaved them.

Donna’s naked form did not move as she allowed herself to relax, as she waited for Khloe to begin her massage. She was calm and content. Her eyes were closed and she had a lovely smile on her face as she replayed the most recent events within her mind, when her mother Queen Hippolyta had introduced her to Khloe. It had been a long time since Donna met someone who made her want to eorship her and love her. Donna could not help but be attracted to Khloe.

The Daughter of Hippolyta could not help but notice just how similar Khloe was to herself, as well as her mother and twin sister. Khloe’s dark hair could have fooled any mortal into believing that she was a long lost sister of Diana and Donna’s, but her smoldering brown eyes were a tell-tale clue that she was not related to the Royal Family of the Amazon nation.

It was at this time that Khloe entered the spa wearing a new toga. Draped over her arm were a set of towels, while in her right hand she held a deck of tarot cards. In her left hand was a bottle of oil that she used to relax her patrons who sought her healing touch when it came to the fine art of massage. Khloe said not a word as she walked over to the marble table, where Donna now lay in a restful and relaxed state. She then placed the items in question on a nearby table.

Just then, Donna was jolted out of her reverie as She felt Khloe’s gentle hands upon her back rubbing out all the tension and stress that came with living a double life. As Khloe’s skillful hands rubbed and caressed her back and arms, Donna found that she could not resist Khloe’s strong yet gentle touch. Donna to let slip a moan that was music to Khloe’s ears.

“You, like?” the Amazon masseuse asked the twin sister of Wonder Woman.

“OHHH, YESS,” Donna said in ecstasy. “OHHH, That feels SOOO good,” Donna cooed.

Slowly but surely, Khloe massaged each and every inch of Donna’s body, starting with her back and shoulders as she continued to work her way down to Donna’s tight round buttocks, which she took great pleasure in caressing with a softness and gentleness that was not just pleasurable, but sensual as well.

The soft, tender touch of Khloe’s hands playing with her tight round derriere was driving Donna crazy with desire. Each touch of Khloe’s hands upon her was sending new sensations throughout every part of her voluptuous body, causing her to shift her hips and legs, allowing the beautiful Amazon masseuse greater access to the crevice between Donna’s ass cheeks. The next sensation that Donna felt was Khloe’s hand gently feeling and exploring all of the most intimate areas of her ass.

“Sweet Aphrodite, what are you doing to Me !?” Donna cried out in erotic pleasure, as she felt that familiar tingling sensation deep within her loins as her pussy became more and more wet with desire.

“I should think that is obvious, my Princess.” Khloe said in a most sensuous voice, all the while continuing to massage each and every part of her ass. A moment later, Khloe allowed her hands to move further down to Donna’s long lean and shapely legs.

“MMM,” Donna purred in contentment. “It is.”

“GOOD,” Khloe whispered into Donna’s ear as she ran her fingers through Donna’s long and luxurious dark hair, causing Donna to turn over so that she could look upon Khloe’s beautiful face once again.

“I am going to have to thank my mother for introducing me to you,” giggled Donna.

“Shsh,” Khloe said as she put a finger to Donna’s lips to silence her. Khloe leaned down and kissed the young Amazon Princess with great tenderness. Time seemed to stand still as the two amazons traded kisses.

The passion between the two Amazons grew more and more intense with each passing second. Unable to resist the desires stirring within her, Donna acted upon her powerful attraction for the lovely Khloe. Instinctively, Donna reached up and pulled Khloe to her, allowing her to run her hands through Khloe’s dark hair as she slipped her tongue into Khloe’s mouth as she French kissed her with an affection she had not felt in a very long time.

Things were happening so fast. Donna had only just met this most lovely woman today, and yet she felt something for Khloe: something strong and powerful-something that could not be explained. All Donna knew was what she felt, as if she had known Khloe her entire life, and that the two of them shared a great destiny. Donna then noticed that Khloe was wearing a light-blue colored toga with a very revealing V-Shaped plunging neckline, much like the one that her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had worn earlier.

“No, fair,” Donna said as she looked up at Khloe with a mischievous grin upon her face. “Here I am completely naked and you’re wearing a toga.” The young Amazon Princess pulled Khloe to her as she lowered the straps of Khloe’s toga, allowing it to fall to the floor of the spa. Donna smiled with approval as she gazed upon Khloe’s bronze Amazonian body. Standing an impressive 5 feet and 10 inches in height, the shapely servant sported an hourglass figure that any woman would love to have.

Given her life-long reputation as a devout lesbian, Donna had long ago mastered the art of being able to guess any woman’s measurements, and Khloe was no exception. In Donna’s humble opinion, she had guessed that Khloe’s bust size to be a 35-C cup, if Khloe were a mortal woman and not an Amazon. She also estimated Khloe’s waist to be a modest 25 inches- not too big, not too small as the old saying used to go. And her hips were also a good 35 inches wide. In short, Khloe was a vision of loveliness, and Donna’s heart quickened all the more when she saw the strawberry red nipples that topped Khloe’s soft and supple bosoms, as well as the dark patch of hair between Khloe’s legs that begged to be played with. As Donna looked upon Khloe’s exquisite body, the Amazon Princess made a mental note in the back of her mind to stop by the Temple of The Gods and offer up a prayer of thanks to Aphrodite.

Donna was about to grab hold of Khloe once again to pull her back into her strong yet loving embrace, but it was made clear to the young Amazon Princess that Khloe herself had other plans for the Princess, as she placed a finger to Donna’s lips as if to say “Not So fast, I have something better in mind.” At which point Donna relaxed allowing the dark-haired servant to call the shots. Donna lay back down upon the long white marble table, her long dark hair flowing all about her desirable Amazonian body, her large round Amazonian bosoms bouncing up and down upon her chest. Her head was comfortably supported by a soft round pillow.

Khloe, who had taken a bottle of massage oil from her nearby work table, had squeezed the bottle just enough to allow the scented oil to drip out from the bottle and onto Donna’s naked body. With a practiced hand, Khloe tilted the bottle just enough to allow the sweet-scented liquid to drip out onto Donna’s globular breasts and nipples.

The feel of the massage oil was like nothing Donna had experienced before. The oil itself was warm and pleasant and had a delightful fragrance that made Donna feel calm and peaceful. The warmth of the liquid was also pleasing to the Amazon Princess as it created a most enjoyable sensation not unlike the warm tingling sensation between her legs that even now was building in intensity.

Khloe noted the joyous expression upon Donna’s face as she applied the oil to her Royal bosom, and the sudden erotic gasp that escaped Donna’s lips. Having noted this, Khloe took some of the massage oil and applied it to her hands before placing it back upon her work table. Without hesitation, Khloe moved ever closer to Donna’s naked form, as she placed both her hands upon Donna’s bountiful bosom as she began to toy with the Amazon’s womanly charms.

The gentleness of Khloe’s hands combined with the oil she was using created a powerful erotic feeling unlike anything she had felt before. Donna gasped once more as she moaned with pleasure as she felt Khloe’s hands touching, squeezing, caressing, and fondling her royal bosoms with joy and admiration.

“You are very well endowed,” Khloe told Donna as she continued to toy with the beautiful Amazon Princess. “You are much like your mother, strong and beautiful yet tender and passionate as well,” stated Khloe.

Donna was amazed at just how insightful Khloe was. She seemed to know her needs almost as if they had been long time friends, but she had only just met Khloe today. How was it possible that She knew her so well? She had wanted to ask the Queen’s beautiful servant, but was unable to as her mind and body were being put through their paces as she experienced unbelievable pleasure as Khloe continued to toy with the Amazon Princess.

Donna could do nothing as Khloe took her time, as she continued to toy with the young Amazon Princess, who even now was finding it hard to do anything at all. Donna’s Amazonian nature was causing her mind and body to submit to the mating call of Aphrodite, allowing her desires to overwhelm her body as she pulled Khloe to her aching bosom.

“MORE !” Donna cried out with desire. “DON’T, STOP!” the Amazon Princess implored her lover, Khloe.


Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer part 2