Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer 4  

By Dark Wiccan

Wonder Woman : Diana’s Secret Admirer

by DarkWiccan

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Queen Hippolyta, and all other characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any similarity between characters, names, places or events is purely coincidental. This story and all its material is a work of fanfiction. It is written purely for the purpose of fun and entertainment, not profit.

Warning: The following story is rated X and should only be read by those who are 18 years old or older. If you are not of legal age, or do not enjoy reading erotic stories, then

do not read this, as this story contains strong sexual content and adult themes of a mature nature.

Story synopsis: Donna Troy and Queen Hippolyta play matchmaker for the Amazon Princess when Wonder Woman returns home to Paradise Island for some much needed rest and relaxation, during the Summer games.

A note to the reader: All of the events in this story take place in a parallel universe much like our own but with surprising differences. The events of this story take place both before, during and after the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Previously in Wonder Woman…..

Aroused by the highly erotic scene she had witnessed, Diana turned around and walked down an adjoining corridor that would allow her to walk back to her personal quarters without being seen. As Diana walked back to her royal quarters, the Amazon Princess could not help but smile. She had no doubt she would have some very pleasant dreams tonight.

Chapter 4: Diana’s Surprise!

A short time later, Princess Diana arrived at her personal quarters where she is met by her Aide, Cydippe. “Welcome home, Princess,” the tall blonde beauty said with joy as she greeted the Amazon Princess with a smile.

“Thank you,” the Amazon Princess said to her friend. “It is good to be home,” said


“Come, with me,” Cydippe said with a smile. “We do not have much time,” the Royal Aide told her Princess, as she took Diana’s hand and all but dragged her into the main chamber of Diana’s royal quarters.

“Time for what?” Diana asked as she stopped in her tracks, in the center of the main living room of her royal quarters.

Seeing the look in Diana’s eyes Cydippe told the Princess the truth. “The Queen has given me strict orders to see that you are prepared for tonight’s event,” the Aide explained. “I am to make sure that you arrive on time.”

“I, see,” replied the Amazon Princess. “Am I to understand that this event as you call it is in some way tied to the surprise that my mother has planned?” questioned Diana.

‘It is,” Cydippe assured her, “but I can say no more.”

“Well I would never want to spoil a good surprise,” Diana mused. “Very well Cydippe, lead the way.”

“So be it, my Princess,” Cydippe said to her friend and Princess with a smile. “Come,” she said as she led Diana into her Royal Bedchamber to prepare her for the night’ coming event. “May I suggest, that you undress and slip into something a bit more comfortable.”

“What do you, suggest?” the Amazon Princess asked her trusted Royal Aide.

“Might I suggest something befitting of a Princess,” Cydippe hinted.

“Something of a Royal fashion?” Diana asked her aide.

Cydippe simply bowed her head and smiled at the Amazon Princess. “You did not hear it from me,” the blonde said with a mischievous grin. “Now if you will excuse me, I will see to it that the hot tub is prepared for your use.”

“Thank you, Cydippe, I will not be long,” Diana stated.

“As you,wish,” Cydippe replied as she smiled at her friend before taking her leave. She left the beautiful Amazon Princess alone in her bedchamber as she went to her walk-in closet to select an appropriate dress to wear for this evening’s surprise event.

Soon afterwards, the Amazon Princess walked back into the main bedchamber, where she placed her dress for the evening on her royal bed. A moment later, the dark-haired beauty reached behind her back as she removed her magical golden belt and lasso. She then placed her belt and lasso upon the bed next to her dress, while she sat down upon her bed long enough to remove her red and white boots, placing them next to her bed.

Less than a second later, the Amazon Princess reached behind her back to undo the unseen clasps that hold her royal red and gold bustier so close to her bountiful breasts. Soon, the royal red bustier loosened as the Princess took the bodice and placed it upon her bed, allowing her bountiful breasts to be released from the snug bodice.

Diana then lay down upon her bed as she took hold of the waistband of her blue star-spangled tights and slowly pulled them all the way down her long legs, revealing her dark triangle between her thighs. She then placed her tights upon the bed, as she rose from her bed to remove her tiara, which she placed on top of her dresser. Now completely skin-clad, the Amazon Princess walked out of her bedchamber, and into the bathing chamber where the Amazon’s trusted Aide awaited her friend’s arrival.

True to her word, Cydippe did not have to wait long for the first born daughter of the Queen to arrive, as Diana entered the bathing chamber wearing nothing but a smile.

“Your hot tub awaits,” Cydippe told the Amazon Princess.

“Thank you, Cydippe,” Diana said to her friend as she lowered herself into the relaxing waters that were heated by the islands geo-thermal springs deep beneath the island.

“OHH, that feels so good.” Diana said to her friend, Cydippe, as she leaned back in the hot tub as she moaned with contentment. “AAAHHH.”

“I am glad to know that you are pleased,” Cydippe chuckled.

“I, AM,” the Princess sighed with contentment.

“Then allow me to provide you with yet another surprise,” Cydippe stated as she handed Diana a goblet, and a very special scroll tied with a pink ribbon.

“What is this?” asked the Amazon Princess.

“It is a special wine, for a special woman,” Cydippe said with a knowing smile. “A certain someone wanted me to give you both the wine and the scroll,” the Royal Aide said with a smile, but would not say anything more.

Whatever was going on, Diana had no doubt that she would find out soon enough. Diana then took the goblet from Cydippe and smiled, as she placed the goblet near the edge of the hot tub as she took a time to unwrap the pretty pink bow that had been tied around the scroll. A second later, Diana unraveled the scroll and her smile broadened with joy as she read the enchanting words upon it.

Enchanted by the words upon the Scroll, Diana could not help but read the words that followed yet again. It read …..

My beloved, I send to you these special gifts, a most special wine for a

special woman.

Let this wine be both a sign to you of good things yet to come, as well as

the erotic and loving blessing’s that we both shall soon share.

I have also given you a clue to my true identity, the “pink” bow I had tied

about this scroll.

Correctly guess my true identity, and I shall be yours this very night!

Fare thee well, my huntress.

Your Secret Admirer.

Princess Diana said not a word as she rolled up the scroll, and tied the pink ribbon around the scroll once more. The Amazon Princess could not help but grin as she finished her goblet of wine. Diana could not help but think to herself, “It looks like this is going to be a very interesting night.”

One hour later, Princess Diana arrived at the Royal Dining Room, escorted by her Aide, the lovely Cydippe. As the two women entered the room, one of the guards standing at the entry way announced the arrival of the Amazon Princess and her Royal Aide.

“Announcing the Princess Diana, and her escort, Cydippe,” stated the queens guard.

As Diana and Cydippe walked into the spacious dining room, all who were present could not help but notice the lavender-colored summer dress that the Princess was wearing. The style of the dress showed off every sensuous curve of her voluptuous body. Along with it she wore her golden belt about her slender waist. Upon her forehead was her golden tiara, much like the one her mother once wore as Wonder Woman. As always, upon her wrists were her silver bracelets, and her feet were adorned with golden sandals. Her long dark hair flowed freely about her bare shoulders and back.

To all who saw her, the Amazon Princess was both a vision of loveliness, but more than that, she was a dead ringer for her late aunt, Queen Antiope. Even the Queen herself took notice of this fact.

The Queen walked up to her daughter with open arms to welcome her. She took hold of her daughter’s hands, all the while taking in the sight of Diana’s beauty. Hippolyta looked at her daughter with love in her eyes as she smiled and said, “Welcome, dear daughter.”

“Thank you, mother,” the Princess said with a smile. “I trust that we are on time.” She explained, “I had a feeling that this night was going to be special, so I thought something of a Royal nature was called for.”

“You look lovely,” Hippolyta had said to her beloved daughter, not as a queen, but as a mother, “and you are quite correct, this is going to be a most special night indeed. Come, allow me to escort you to the dining table,” Hippolyta said as she offered her hand to her daughter, at which point Cydippe gave Diana’s hand to the Queen. The Queen then thanked Cydippe, before walking her daughter to the dining table.

The rest of the guests followed the queen and her daughter. Once everyone was seated around the large dining table, the queen rose from her seat at the far end of the table to address her guests.

“Sister’s, I thank you all for coming here this night, so that we can welcome our beloved Princess Home,” the Amazon Queen said as she looked at her daughter. “Let us eat, drink, and make merry on this most special night,” declared Hipplyta.

No sooner had she finished her speech, than four Amazons walked out into the dining room carrying large trays filled with plates full of food, while two of the Amazon servants went about filling everyone’s goblets with the finest of wines from the Queen’s very own wine collection. With great care, the Amazon Servants set every large trays of food upon the dining table-foods from every ancient culture, every part of the world. This included some of the more exotic foods like wild game that the Amazons would often hunt and cook over an open fire, just as they did so long ago, back when they still lived in Asia Minor.

The sight of the roast boar reminded Hippolyta of the many hunts she and her twin sister, Antiope, had gone on together so many ages ago.

All of the foods had one thing in common. All were foods that Diana enjoyed, both growing up on Paradise Island as well as others she had tried and enjoyed when she had first come to man’s world. More to the point, they were all foods that would be prepared in honor if someone were to ask the queen for Diana’s hand as a beloved partner and mate.

Just then, Diana was hit with the sudden revelation as the magnitude of the surprise that was intended for her.

Queen Hippolyta was the first to notice the look upon her daughter’s face as she peered over her goblet of wine to conceal the grin on her face. She knew that it would not take long for her daughter Diana to figure out what was going on. Hippolyta also noticed that her daughter was now beginning to guess what all the guests had in common as well. Some of them had competed in the original tournament for the title of Wonder Woman.

The question that mattered now was, could Diana guess which of the Amazons now seated around this dining table was the person who wanted to take her as a mate. Was it Penelope, Pallas, Paula, Phillipus, Trina, Sonya, Scarlet, Atria, Dalma, Kira, Magda, or Mala.

It was at this time that Donna and Khloe both took notice of the expression on Diana’s face. If a picture was truly worth a thousand words, then the look on Diana’s face was priceless.

“Am I to understand that this dinner that you had planned, this surprise that you mentioned earlier, is in fact, a Devotional Dinner?” the Amazon Princess questioned her mother Hippolyta.

Queen Hippolyta took one last sip of wine from her goblet, before placing it back upon the dining table. She looked at her beloved daughter and said quite honestly, “IT IS.”

“Someone has come to you and asked for your royal blessing to court ME?! Diana asked her mother in a somewhat stunned manner.

“Yes,” Queen Hippolyta told her daughter, “and you should know, here and now, that I have given her my blessing.”

“If what you just told me is true, and I have no doubt, that it is,” stated the Amazon Princess, “then it is reasonable to believe that you would never have done such a thing unless you were confident that I would agree to accept the Amazon in question as my chosen one.”

‘You are correct,” Queen Hippolyta told her first born daughter with a sly smile. “Allow me to introduce you. Come forth sister and make yourself known.” proclaimed Hippolyta.

At that moment one Amazon rose from her seat at the royal dining table. That Amazon was Mala. On this Special night Mala wore a hot pink summer toga with gold trimming,

About her slender waist, she wore a golden sash-tucked inside it was a scroll. As she walked up to the Amazon Princess, the tall blonde beauty looked at her closest friend with both love and admiration. She took Diana’s hands in her hands as she addressed the beautiful Amazon Princess with a contentedness born of love for the Princess who had so

enchanted her. So it was that she spoke to Diana with love and purpose and proclaimed, “Princess Diana, I come to you this night, on the eve of the Festival of Aphrodite, to proclaim my eternal love to you as I ask before all who love you…if you would be my beloved…my chosen one…’till the end of time’.”

It did not take the Amazon Princess long to make up her mind, as she told her beloved Mala with the greatest of joy...”YES! I would be honored to call you, my beloved.”

Mala then pulled Diana into her arms as she closed her eyes, lowered her head, and

kissed the love of her life passionately upon the lips with the greatest of desire.


Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer part 4