Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer 3  

By Dark Wiccan

Wonder Woman : Diana’s Secret Admirer

by DarkWiccan

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Queen Hippolyta, Etta Candy Trevor, and all other characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any similarity between characters, names, places or events is purely coincidental. This Story and all its material is a work of fan-fiction. It is written purely for the purpose of fun and entertainment, not profit.

Warning: The following story is rated X and should only be read by people, who are 18 years old or older. If you are not of legal age, or do not enjoy reading erotic stories then do not read this, as this story contains strong sexual content and adult themes.

Story synopsis: Donna Troy and Queen Hippolyta play matchmaker for the Amazon Princess when Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island for some much needed rest and relaxation during the Summer Games.

A note to the reader: All of the events within this story take place in a parallel universe much like our own but with surprising differences. The events in this story take place both before, during, and after the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Previously in Chapter 2 of Wonder Woman…….

Donna’s Amazonian nature was causing her mind and body to submit to the mating call of Aphrodite, allowing her Amazonian nature to overwhelm her body, as she pulled Khloe to her aching bosom. “MORE !” Donna cried out in erotic desire.

“DON’T, STOP,” the Amazon Princess implored her lover Khloe.

Chapter 3: The Seduction

Khloe complied with the Princess’s request as she lowered her dark-haired head to Donna’s enormous bosom. She did not need the Princess to tell her anything else. Instinctively, Khloe placed her full pink lips to Donna’s rosy pink nipples as she proceeded to wet Donna’s nipples with her skillful tongue, to moisten them one at a time so that Khloe would be able to latch onto her love’s bosom with greater effectiveness, in order to increase Donna’s sensual desire’s all the more. This was to prepare her for the events yet to come.

The gentle touch of Khloe’s hands upon her bosom was wonderful, and Donna could not help but respond to Khloe’s advances as she toyed with her soft, supple bosoms. Khloe took her sweet time exploring every curve and slope as she slowly groped, fondled, squeezed, and rubbed Donna’s ample bosoms, sending intense erotic urges of passion and desire throughout every inch of her sensuous Amazonian body.

With each passing moment Donna’s attraction to Khloe began to grow more powerful than she had thought possible. With the greatest of pleasure, Khloe licked Donna’s pink rosebud nipple with the skill of a seductress. Each lick of Khloe’s talented tongue created new feelings and sensations deep within Donna’s body.

As a royal Amazon Princess, Donna had her pick of many Amazons who she had the pleasure of calling her lovers, and she had come to be regarded by her sisters as both an

Amazon Princess, and one of the finest lovers in their society. Donna’s mind and body were awash in a sea of passion and pleasure, as she felt Khloe’s tongue suckle upon her nipple with a skill she had not thought possible. The young Amazon Princess was being driven mad by the Amazon masseuse’s skillful tongue.

The feelings and sensations were too strong to resist and Donna found herself gasping and panting as she tried to form a coherent sentence, but her womanly body had other ideas as Donna called out to Khloe as she arched her back causing her boobs to bounce up and down before Khloe’s eyes. “Please,” she begged, her voice filled with desire causing Khloe to cease suckling her boob.

“Please, what?” Khloe asked the young Amazon Princess as she looked into Donna’s baby blue eyes.

“Please…t…take me,” Donna said without shame. “Take me please…I need it…want it.” the Princess admitted.

Khloe showed no outward sign of satisfaction, but deep within her, her heart quickened as she thought to herself that all was going far better than she had hoped for. Donna’s Amazonian nature was growing stronger and more powerful by the second. What little resistance Donna may have had was now gone, making her Seduction of the Amazon Princess all the sweeter, as the daughter of Hippolyta now begged Khloe to take her.

“But, first things first,” Khloe thought to herself as she wanted to enjoy this moment in history, before she did anything else. “What, do you need?” Khloe asked with a sly smile as she drew Donna closer to her, all while running her hand through Donna’s long dark hair, while gently holding on to the Amazon Princess’s body with the other.

“I need, release,” Donna admitted weakly as she looked into Khloe’s sultry brown eyes. “I need, to cum,” she exclaimed with desire.

“And so, you shall,” Khloe told Donna as she lay the Amazon Princess down upon the massage table, as she once more placed her lips to the Princess’s tender nipples as she suckled them both.

No sooner had she suckled Donna clean of her resistance, Khloe continued to massage and caress each and every inch of her royal body, starting with her bosoms as she worked her way down the Princess’s nubile form. Khloe’s hands massaged and caressed their way over her rib cage and abdomen, down her flat smooth stomach, and over her shapely hips as her hands traveled down to the dark -haired triangle between Donna’s legs.

Donna could not help but watch as Khloe gently took hold of her long shapely legs and parted them with ease. She watched as Khloe took a moment to look upon Donna’s dark-haired pussy with the greatest of admiration.

Khloe smiled as she stood beside the long white marble massage table, as she looked at Donna’s lovely pussy. A second later, she turned her attention back to Donna who returned her gaze with love and affection.

Khloe then placed a hand upon Donna’s head as she sweetly stroked Donna’s long dark hair. Her other hand was strategically placed between her legs. Without a second thought, Khloe lowered her head to kiss Donna passionately upon the lips, as she continued to stroke Donna’s long dark hair. At the same time, Khloe’s other hand slid between Donna’s legs, as she slowly stroked the lovely dark-haired pussy that was Donna’s womanhood.

Khloe’s fingers were a delight to the Amazon Pincess as she could feel Khloe’s fingers playing with her most intimate womanly treasure. The feel of Khloe’s fingers stroking the hairs of her pussy filled her with new feelings and sensations. Sensations that she allowed herself to enjoy with this most attractive Amazon whom she found herself falling in love with the moment she saw her.

Suddenly Donna’s whole body shook with a power that she could not control. Khloe’s stroking of her pussy had its desired effect. Donna’s pussy grew moist and wet, as it responded to the carnal urges coursing through the Princess’s body-urges that had been initiated by Khloe’s masterful skills of erotic pleasure.

It was at this moment that Khloe had ended their kiss, causing Donna to reach out as she grabbed hold of Khloe’s arm as she begged for yet another passionate kiss.

“Please,” Donna begged with wanton desire.

“All in good time, my sweet,” Khloe assured her in a warm and loving manner that reflected her equally deep attraction to the daughter of Hippolyta. “The joy will be all the sweeter, if you wait,” Khloe explained as she began to stroke Donna’s dark-haired pussy a little faster to increase her arousal.

The expression on Donna’s face was one of deep emotional and erotic bliss. Donna had a delightful red blush to her cheeks and lips that was most noticeable when the Princess was highly aroused. Her eyes were closed and she allowed her mind to wander, and her body to relax as Donna submitted to the sensations that were growing within her.

Donna could feel Khloe’s finger slip into her moist vagina as the Amazon masseuse probed the Princess’s womanhood. Gradually, Khloe increased the timing of her exploration of Donna’s womanhood, causing the Amazon Princess to shudder with an uncontrollable sensation that began to build within her loins.

Donna could tell she was about to climax. With each passing second the climax grew in strength and power, until Donna could no longer contain the powerful erotic sensation. Unable to control herself, Donna instinctively raised her legs and spread them ever wider as she braced herself for the coming climax, as huge amounts of Donna’s Amazonian cum gushed from her pussy like a waterfall as her cunt lips opened like a Passion flower waiting to be plucked!

“OOOOOOHHHHHH !!!” moaned Donna as she threw her head back in pleasure as the climax rocked Donna’s body with sensations so powerful they hit her with an impact just as powerful as the thunderbolts of Zeus !

Khloe smiled with satisfaction as she watched Donna carefully, as her body continued to shake in the throes of passion as she experienced a second climax, even more powerful than the one she had experienced just seconds before. This caused still more thick, white, gooey creamy cum to be expelled from Donna’s pussy. By now Donna’s vagina and thighs were coated with streams of feminine cum. While still more of Donna’s love juice had dripped down her womanhood and thighs to stain the sheets beneath her, that were now a testament to Khloe’s erotic skills of love and pleasure.

Even now, Donna’s body still trembled with erotic ecstasy, as she twisted and turned her body as still more erotic sensations flooded and overwhelmed her very being. Her head thrashed about from side to side, as her long dark-hair flowed to and fro.

Seeing that Donna was now at her mercy, Khloe stroked Donna’s long dark-hair once more, as she lowered her head to whisper into Donna’s ear. “Prepare yourself, my sweet,” the Amazon masseuse told the daughter of Hippolyta.

Without hesitation, Khloe walked to the end of the marble massage table, where she took hold of Donna’s long and shapely legs as she lowered her head between her thighs to lick Donna’s dark-haired pussy clean of the sweet love juices that still dripped from Donna’s womanhood. No sooner had she placed her head between her legs, Khloe’s tongue went to work lapping up the sweet tasting and intoxicating love juices.

Khloe licked and sucked Donna’s pussy for a long time as she allowed her tongue to travel up and down the Amazon’s well-lubricated pussy. Each new tongue stroke was more insistent, than the one before it, as Khloe’s tongue parted Donna’s vaginal lips as it entered into her moist and now well lubricated pussy, as it probed deep into the walls of the Princess’s womanly center as it stirred even greater sensations deep within her core.

Donna trembled with desire as she felt Khloe’s tongue probing deeper and deer into her womanhood. Without warning Donna experienced a third climax that was so powerful that it eclipsed the previous experiences in strength and power.

Donna, who was already weak and exhausted as a result of her previous orgasmic experiences, did not attempt to resist the awesome power of this new climax. Instead she allowed herself to succumb to the powerful erotic urges, feelings, and sensations, as they washed over her and through her like a tidal wave crashing down on the sandy shores of her island home. She pictured herself laying upon the beach sunbathing in the nude, wearing no more than a blissful look upon her face, and her Amazonian bracelets upon her wrists, as she allowed the tidal waves to wash over and caress her naked body.

Again Donna arched her back and threw back her head, as she cried out her passions. The sound of Donna’s voice raised in erotic joy and happiness could be heard throughout the spacious chamber.

The sound of Donna’s moans was a joy to Khloe, and she smiled knowing that Donna would soon be hers. While at the same time on Mount Olympus the Gods themselves watched with interest, as Khloe gave Donna’s pussy a most sensuous tongue-lashing that had the Princess just seconds away from cumming!

As Khloe’s tongue continued to lick Donna clean of any strength or thought, the Amazon masseuse placed her tongue as deep within the Princess’s womanhood as possible. While at the same time Khloe inserted two fingers into Donna’s moist and swollen pussy. With the greatest of ease, Khloe’s fingers entered Donna’s glistening cunt lips, sending Donna ever deeper into untold erotic pleasure as her body twisted and shuddered of its own accord. Donna’s ample Amazonian bosom bobbed and jiggled up and down as her nude body trembled with unbelievable ecstasy as Khloe’s fingers found and toyed with her clitoris!

Donna cried out in erotic bliss as she felt the same sensation as before. No sooner had she realized this, than her legs again parted as pints of rich, creamy white liquid gushed from her pussy, along her legs and on to Khloe’s face as she continued to lick Donna clean and drive her mad with desire in the process!

Khloe wasted no time, as she took Donna by surprise. At the height of this encounter, the Amazon masseuse quickly removed her fingers from Donna’s tight pussy, leaving the Amazon Princess with a sense of disappointment as she was left on the edge of an experience that left her feeling empty and weak.

The look on Donna’s face changed from one of pure joy to one of sadness, as her body cried out for the delightful joys of the flesh. She wanted more. She wanted Khloe !

Little did Donna know that Khloe was actually toying with the royal Amazonian beauty, to see just how much more Donna could take before she crumbled. The expression on Donna’s face was more than enough to convince her that now was the perfect time to seal the deal.

And with that, Khloe took as much of Donna’s cum into her hands as possible and used the Princess’s own intimate love juices to massage every inch of her shapely Amazonian body from head to toe, including the Princess’s most intimate areas, such as her vagina, breasts, and nipples. Last but never least, she placed some of Donna’s cum upon her own fingers, after which she made Donna lick her fingers clean so she could taste and swallow her own sweet cum so that she would remember this most intimate and erotic encounter for as long as she lived. Donna and Khloe kissed, as they shared the joy of this most intimate moment.

However, unknown to the two Amazonian lovers, the Gods of Olympus were not the only silent witnesses to this most intimate event. Donna’s twin sister had been walking to her personal living quarters located in the south wing of the Royal Palace, when Diana had heard sounds coming from the spa and decided to investigate.

So it was that Diana looked in, but had not entered the spa. For this was a sacred moment between her twin sister, Donna, and her new friend, Khloe. This was their moment, Diana thought to herself, and she would not dare to interrupt them.

Diana smiled as she thought to herself, “Donna always had the best taste in women, just like our Mother.”

Aroused by the highly erotic scene she had witnessed, Diana turned around and walked down an adjoining corridor that would allow her to walk back to her personal quarters without being seen. As Diana walked back to her royal quarters, the Amazon Princess could not help but smile. She had no doubt that she would have some very pleasant dreams tonight.


Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer part 3