Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer 5  

By Dark Wiccan

Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer

by DarkWiccan

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Queen Hippolyta, and all other characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any similarity between characters, names, places or events is purely coincidental. This story is a work of fanfiction. It is written purely for the purpose of fun and entertainment, not profit.

Warning: The following story is rated X and should only be read by those who are 18 years old or older. If you are not of legal age, or do not enjoy reading erotic stories, then do not read this this story as it contains strong sexual content and adult themes of a mature nature.

Story synopsis: Donna Troy and Queen Hippolyta play matchmaker for the Amazon Princess when Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island for some much needed rest and relaxation, during the Summer games.

A note to the reader: All of the events in this story take place in a parallel universe much like our own but with surprising differences. The events of this story take place both before, during and after the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Previously in Wonder Woman….

Mala then pulled Diana into her arms as she closed her eyes, lowered her head, and passionately kissed the love of her life upon the lips with the greatest of desire.

As the two lovers kissed, the world around them seemed to fade away. In that instant, the Amazon Princess saw two women-one was a blonde, the other a brunette. Both Amazons lay in a large queen-sized bed, decorated with royal red bed sheets made of silk, as they lay together entwined in each others loving embrace. But it was the blonde who had more than a few surprises for her lover this night. The softness of her lover’s body was so enticing, that the blonde bombshell lowered her head to suckle upon her lover’s ample bosom. This caused the dark-haired beauty to place her hands upon her lover’s head, to pull her ever closer, as she encouraged her lover to continue with her most delightful and erotic act.

The feel of her lover’s lips purposely suckling upon her bosom sent waves of pleasure throughout her entire body, causing the dark-haired beauty to become more aroused as the blonde began to cup her lover’s bountiful bosoms, as she slowly and skillfully played, squeezed, massaged and toyed with her lover’s charms with the greatest of joy.

The beautiful brunette was more than content, to allow her lover to have her way with her. Here in the privacy of their bedchamber, she could allow herself to be just a woman. Here within their bedchamber, she was more than happy to allow someone else to take the lead. Here within the confines of their new apartment, the dark-haired beauty could allow herself the indulgence of being nothing more than a woman in love, with her lesbian lover and life partner. To the people of the mortal world she is the world’s greatest super-heroine, but truth be told it was moments like this that she had secretly yearned and prayed for, for so long. Now she felt more content, more complete than she ever had before. And it was all because of her lover, Pamela.

Pamela looked at the beautiful brunette and smiled with delight, when she saw the lustful expression on her lover’s face. The buxom blonde responded in kind to the look of happiness upon her lover’s face as she lowered her head and continued to suckle on her lover’s left breast, as she slowly repeated the same erotic techniques that had so aroused her lover. Without a second thought the blonde placed her soft red lips upon her love’s soft pink nipple as she began to repeat the process that would once again stir the sweetest of desires within her lover’s body.

The beautiful brunette said not a word, for she did not need to the broad smile on her face, the perspiration on her face and body, as well as her own affectionate nature left little doubt that the Amazon was more than pleased by her lover’s erotic skills. She was so pleased that the dark-haired beauty placed her hands upon her lover’s head to guide her down to the dark triangle between her thighs.

Taking the hint from her love, the blonde bombshell placed her head between her lover’s thighs as she began to go down on her lover, as she gave her a long, slow, and well skilled tongue-lashing. As time passed, the blonde bombshell drove her tongue deeper and deeper into her lover’s womanhood.

The warm erotic sensations deep within her body caused the brunette to wrap her legs around the back of the woman between her thighs while she ran her hands through her long golden-blonde locks, as she moaned with unbidden desire. “YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!” exclaimed the Brunette as she felt herself cum as her lover, Pamela, took great pleasure in licking her pussy clean.

Never before had she tasted anything so sweet. To Pamela, her lover’s nectar was sweeter than ambrosia. Hours later, at the pinnacle of the lovemaking, the buxom blonde kissed her love before she whispered in her lover’s ear, “I have a surprise for you my love.”

“What have you done this time,” joked the dark-haired beauty.

“You will find out, soon enough my love,” stated the buxom blonde bombshell.

The blonde beauty leaned forth to kiss her love, just long enough to distract her while she reached under her pillow and removed what appeared to be a custom made belt of some kind, with what looked like a large dildo attached to it. Never before had the brunette seen such a contraption as the one that Pamela now held in her hands. In truth, it looked like a strap-on dildo. This was not to say that the brunette was unaware of such things as sex toys; as a matter of fact her twin sister, Donna, had given her a dildo a couple of years ago as a birthday present. Donna had been concerned about her sister, because she did not have someone special in her life to be with her during the times that her big sister was out saving the world.

When she had asked Donna about the significance of what the dildo was intended to mean, her twin sister had told her, “It wouldn’t hurt you to allow yourself to be a little naughty once in a while, like when we were kids growing up on Paradise Island.”

But nothing could have prepared her for the sight of the device that Pamela now held in both of her hands. “What is that thing?” asked the Amazon Princess.

“The Queen gave it to me, before ‘she’ left,” said Pamela. “She told me that it was a gift from the Goddess of Love.”

Believing the device to be a gift from the Goddess Aphrodite, the Amazon Princess smiled.

“Shall we?” Pamela asked the Amazon Princess.

“Why not,” Diana told her lover. “I wouldn’t want Aphrodite to think that we don’t appreciate her,” she told her lover as she caressed Pamela’s cheek.

Without hesitation, Pamela strapped the device around her tiny waist like a belt. A split-second later, the entire device began to glow with a golden aura. No sooner had the aura faded away, Pamela noticed that the enchanted device was secured into place by two straps that now connected to both the upper and lower sections of the device together so that it would remain securely in place.

The lower section of the strap-on dildo had been made to look like a genuine phallus. What neither Amazon knew at the time, was that this enchanted phallus had a very special secret.

Princess Diana looked up at her beloved Pamela, and held out her right hand as she beckoned her love to come and take her in the name of love. Never one to deny a royal request, Pamela gladly took hold of Diana’s hand, as she allowed her love to bring her ever closer to her beloved Amazon Princess.

As the two Amazon lovers embraced each other, Diana could feel her lover’s desire, as

Pamela slowly inserted the enchanted phallus deep within her womanhood. To Diana’s surprise the enchanted phallus felt warm and thick, almost as if it was the real thing, but that was impossible. Undoubtedly, Aphrodite had put a spell on the enchanted gift to allow it to mimic all the same pleasurable sensations that a woman would feel during the act of lovemaking. Unable to resist the incredible erotic sensations coursing through her Amazonian body, Diana drew Pamela ever closer, as she wrapped her arms around her bare back.

While the Amazon Princess instinctively wrapped her long legs around her waist, Pamela used the enchanted phallus to penetrate deeper and deeper into Diana’s fertile and unprotected womb.

At the height of their passion, both Pamela and Diana experienced an odd but pleasurable sensation that neither of them were familiar with. Unable to fight the incredible unknown feeling, Pamela was no longer able to resist the urge she felt between her loins-an urge that she knew Diana also felt.

A split second later, Diana felt the enchanted phallus grow to it full size within her. Without warning, a powerful thick white gooey substance jetted out from the enchanted phallus, spraying thick streams of potent cum deep within Diana’s fertile womb.

The sudden and unexpected outcome was a surprise to them both. Without a second thought, Pamela removed the strap-on dildo. A split second later, the enchanted device once again appeared to be nothing more than an ordinary sex toy. Pamela then placed the enchanted gift in the special box that it had come in, placed the lid back on top of the box, and slid the box under their bed.

The two Amazon lovers fell asleep in each others arms, exhausted from their erotic lovemaking session.

Just so, they are unaware they are being watched.

Beyond the world of mortals, deep within the underworld, a dark shadowy figure watched the events in question, shown through the power of the magic sphere. “This is not good, my lady,” said her trusted assistant. “The Prophecy, is coming true.”

“Then it is up to us, to change it!” stated the Dark Goddess, as she grinned wickedly, her pale white face unseen due to the hood of her long black robe.


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