Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer  

By Dark Wiccan

Wonder Woman: Diana's Secret Admirer

by DarkWiccan

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Queen Hippolyta, and all other characters, are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any similarity between characters, names, places or events is purely coincidental. This story and all its material is a work of fan fiction. It is written purely for the purpose fun and entertainment, not profit.

Warning: The following story is rated X and should only be read by those who are 18 years old or older. If you are not of legal age or do not enjoy reading erotic stories, then do not read this story, as it contains strong sexual content and adult themes of a mature nature.

Story synopsis: Donna Troy and Queen Hippolyta play matchmaker for the Amazon Princess when Wonder Woman returns home to Paradise Island for some much needed rest and relaxation during the Summer Games.


A note to the reader: All of the events in this story take place in a parallel universe much like our own but with surprising differences. The events of this story take place both before, during, and after the summer solstice on June 21st.

Prologue: Twenty-Four Hours Earlier …..

Just an hour ago, Special Agent Diana Prince returned home to her apartment in Georgetown. She had just completed her most recent assignment for the Department of Metahuman Affairs, and she was exhausted.

Ever since she had been promoted to Field Agent, she had been pulling double duty shifts, both as Special Agent Diana Prince, and as Wonder Woman.

Truth be told, she was in need of some serious rest and relaxation, and to her surprise, she had gotten her wish. Three days ago, Etta’s husband, Undersecretary Steve Trevor the 3rd, had countermanded Director Steel’s orders to have Agent Prince assigned to the new phantom strike force.

Trevor had been more than a little concerned that Director Steel was deliberately sending Agent Prince on suicide missions that he had hoped would bring about her untimely death. For this reason Trevor had ordered Agent Prince to take an extended leave of absence, until such a time as she heard from him.

So it was that she had complied with Trevor’s orders. But what Diana Prince had no way of knowing at the time, was that her life was about to become a lot more interesting. For no sooner had she returned home to her Georgetown apartment, Diana discovered to her most pleasant surprise that she had an unexpected visitor.

Standing in the center of the living room was a young woman with long wavy dark hair.

She was 5ft. 11” in height, and was the spitting image of her twin sister Diana.

Just like her big sister, she too had the same 38-22-38 hourglass figure that so many men lusted after. But they lusted to no avail, for the young Amazon Princess desired only the company of women.

Dressed in a red, gold, and blue costume patterned after the one worn by her big sister, stood Donna Troy, a.k.a. Wonder Girl!

Diana’s twin sister had been waiting for her. “Donna, what are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you, of course?” Donna told her big sister as she stood before her with her arms folded across her ample Amazonian bosom.

“I don’t understand,” admitted Diana.

“Then understand this,” said Donna, “I got a phone call from Mr. and Mrs. Trevor. They told me Director Steel has been working you like a dog, and that you haven’t had any downtime in over a month!” exclaimed the young Amazon Princess.

“Steve and Etta called you?” Diana asked her twin sister.

“Yes they did,” said Donna. “That’s why I went ahead and took their advice,” the young Amazon Princess informed her twin sister Diana.

“What advice?” Diana asked her better half.

“I called ‘all’ your friends,” Donna told her twin sister. “As of now, you are off duty both as Special Agent Diana Prince and as Wonder Woman!” Wonder Girl stated as a matter of undeniable fact.

At first Diana had considered protesting her sister’s actions, but thought better of it. Deep down, she knew that her friends only had her best interests at heart.

Plus, the fact that her sister was just as strong willed as she was, convinced Diana that there was no sense in arguing with her twin sister Donna on this matter.

Knowing her kid sister as well as she did, Diana had no doubt that Donna had called Dinah Lance, a.k.a. the Black Canary, who also just happened to be the current Chairperson and leader of the Justice League of America.

Diana had no doubt what so ever that Donna had informed Black Canary of the call she had received from Mr. and Mrs. Trevor, and asked Dinah to pass the word to one and all in the superhuman community that until further notice Diana would be out of town and unable to be reached.

Diana had also deduced that her twin sister’s very presence here in her apartment was a clear sign that her Mother, Queen Hippolyta knew as well.

As a matter of fact, Diana believed with all her heart and soul that Queen Hippolyta had instructed Donna to bring Diana back home to Themyscira post haste.

“Perhaps you should change, before we leave.” Donna suggested to her sister.

Just then Diana realized that she was still wearing her black blazer, white blouse, and black slacks and shoes that she wore during her day job as Special Agent, Diana Prince of the D.M.A.

“A most excellent idea, sis,” Diana agreed with her twin.

Diana then removed her glasses, just before she started to twirl around in place faster and faster until there was a sudden and powerful burst of red, yellow, and blue light! Seconds later, the light faded away, taking Diana Prince with it and leaving Princess Diana standing in her place, dressed in the familiar red, gold and blue costume of the Amazon heroine known as Wonder Woman!

“Much, better,” Donna commented with a grin.

“Where are we going?” Princess Diana asked her twin sister Donna to test her theory.

“Home,” Donna answered her twin sister as she waved her hand in a circular motion to summon the hidden portal that would take both sisters back home to the tranquil shores of Paradise Island.

Within seconds, both Diana and Donna stepped through the dimensional portal that would take them back home. They left the mortal world behind them as they vanished from sight.

End of Prologue.

Chapter 1: Return to Paradise.

Diana and Donna reappeared seconds later on Paradise Island, as the twin daughters of Hippolyta stepped out of the dimensional portal that had returned them both to the lush hills and valleys of their enchanted home. Looking a little bit surprised by her sister’s knowledge of the magical arts, Diana freely admitted, “I had no idea that you were so well versed in the arts of magic.”

Donna simply smiled as she looked at her big sister and replied. “Proof positive that you have been away from us way too long,” giggled Donna.

“Something I must work to correct,” Diana admitted as she smiled at her twin sister and stroked her sister’s long dark hair.

No sooner had the twin sisters set foot upon their homeland, than both Diana and Donna were greeted by a small group of Amazons.

Among the group that had been awaiting their return to the Island, was Queen Hippolyta herself. Like her beloved daughters, the Queen was a woman of exotic beauty. Her ebony black hair was long and curly, flowing freely down her bare back and over her broad shoulders, stopping just inches away from the impressive canyon of cleavage that was showcased by the Queen’s new summer toga.

The toga was light purple in color, and had a V-shaped plunging neckline that clearly accentuated every detail of the Queen’s voluptuous body.

“Welcome home, Diana,” said the Queen as she stepped forward to hug her daughter and welcome her home.

As Queen Hippolyta embraced her daughter, Diana could not help but feel aroused when she saw her mother wearing her new summer toga.

The plunging V-shaped neckline and style of the garment allowed Diana a most pleasing sight of her mother’s bountiful bosoms that brought to her mind many childhood memories and fantasies. She felt a great wave of love within her soul blossom like a flower, followed just seconds later by a warm and gentle tingling sensation deep within her womanhood between her thighs.

As a sign of both love and affection, Diana returned her mother’s most loving embrace. Not just to greet her mother according to Amazon law and custom, but also to allow herself the intimate pleasure of feeling her mother’s impressive bosoms as they rubbed against her own, taking advantage of the opportunity to give her mother a most sweet and affectionate kiss. During the course of their embrace, one of the two women experienced a powerful vision. In it, Wonder Woman can be seen kissing a tall statuesque woman with long blonde hair.

She is looked upon with love and admiration both by men and women alike, for she has done something no person has ever done before.

She has romanced and seduced the greatest warrior woman in the world.

The blonde bombshell has taken Wonder Woman as her bride!

Here within the royal bedchamber, they will consummate their relationship and a new era will be born.

Alone in their bedchamber, the two Amazonian lovers kiss passionately as the blonde bombshell leads Wonder Woman hand in hand to the marriage bed .

The dark-haired beauty looks at her lover with love in her eyes, yet her mate knows her all too well. She is nervous and she has every right to be. Tonight at long last the woman she loved for so long will give herself to her. Surrender herself to her.

Submit to her both now and forevermore!

It has taken years of careful planning, and tonight what was once thought of as the rantings and ravings of a mad woman will at long last become a glorious reality.

All on Paradise Island watch as the dark-haired beauty and her beloved make their way to the Queen’s royal bed as it allows the Amazon lovers a view of the full moon on this most sacred night.

As the full moon rises to its highest point in the night sky, the blonde bombshell takes hold of her mate, as she kisses her upon the lips. While, at the same time, the blonde reaches beneath her lover’s pillow as she gently lays her lover’s body upon the bed,

as she produces a special surprise for her beloved mate.

The voluptuous brunette recognizes the object that her lover now holds within her hand. It is a dildo, the same dildo that was used to deflower her former lover so very long ago. Now it is her time to surrender herself once and for all. Now she will truly be a woman.

“I have waited so very long for this moment,” the blonde bombshell says with a gleeful smile.

“I know,” the dark-haired beauty says with a wishful look on her face as she looks up at her lover, just as the full moon reaches its highest point in the night sky above the Royal Palace. Less than a split second later, the blonde Amazon thrusts the flesh-colored dildo deep into the Queen’s virgin pussy. As she continues to thrust it into her womb deeper and deeper, the blonde bombshell slides the dildo as far humanly possible, until at long last the young Queen’s hymen is breached by the thick dildo! At long last, the beautiful brunette wraps her legs around her lover’s back as she cries out in pain and passion!

As she cries out with erotic joy beneath this night’s full moon, the sexy brunette feels something else as well. A clear thick and potent liquid shoots out from the head of the dildo and heads toward its intended destination-the Amazon Queen’s unprotected and

fertile womb!

The blonde bombshell pulls the thick dildo from the Queen’s now deflowered womanhood. The enormous dildo clutched in her hand is now stained with the Queen’s virgin blood.

Upon this night alone in her bed with her beloved wife, the Amazon Queen pledges herself to her beloved wife as she declares, “Now and forever I am yours, my beloved Pamela. Do with me what you will!”

“JA WOHL, MEIN LIEBCHEN!” exclaims Pamela.

As the full moon glows high above in the starry night sky, two lovers kiss and make love long into the night, while the Goddess Aphrodite watches from high above on Mount Olympus and smiles!

To Be Continued in Chapter 2: Love at Second Sight!

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