By E.N. Cuire

WONDER WOMAN- MILK MAID PART II E.N.Cuire Wonder Woman was beside herself. Her two friends seemed to be under the control of this Villianess who called herself Milk Maid and their oppulent breasts had suffered dire consequence, obviously at her hands. Wondie wondered to herself if she could hold out in hopes of rescuing her friends but feared what was to come. Hadn't this Villainess defeated Supergirl? A Woman as powerful as herself? What Wonder Woman had failed to notice up until now was that her arms were bound behind her in some sort of metal cuff and she'd also failed to note the prod she was leaning against. Viewing her friends' distress and degredation had taken her mind off her own plight. She tried to kick as Milkmaid approached her but Milkmaid was too quick and grasped one of Diana's booted ankles, cruelly twisting it to an nth of dislocation and tearing a grunt of pain from Wonder Woman. "Try that again and I'll start at your ankles and then dislocate your knees to boot..." Went Milkmaid who wasn't even winded by her action. Wondie quickly subsided knowing she'd need both legs healthy in order to get out of this mess. Milkmaid again approached her and, a little more carefully, unzipped |Wondie through her crotch before flipping a switch that put whatever was behind Wonder Woman in motion. " UUUMPH-H-H-H-H..." went Wondie as she felt something HUGE between her asscheeks. Something that was turning like some kind of drill. Something that was already attempting an opening of Wondie's privatemost orifice and something HELLBENT on succeding. Wondie tried to push herself further from the wall and her assailant but the machine just followed and was delving and churning deep in her rearmost regions while Milkmaid sent a gloved hand between her muscular, booted legs and sent two ebonclad fingers into a cavern that was already moistening as Wondie's body reacted to the pain and degredation. Then three fingers. And now four. "Quite a slutcave here..." Commented Milkmaid as she delved deeper, making an arrow of her gloved hand and forcing it deep into Wonder Woman's cunt. "Thought Amazons were supposed to be Virgins..." She added for bad measure. Wonder Woman had no alternative. She had to take it and, taking it she was. Fore and aft as the spinning drilldildo ran several inches deep already. She was sweating in pain and horror already but Milkmaid had her juicing along like that slut Blunder Broad already. And now Milkmaid was tweaking the Amazon's nipples, at once playfully and at once painfully as she used her strength to nip down on those nips while Wondie willed them not to react to manipulation she knew would have them engorged in no time. Her assailant now reached behind Wonder Woman with one hand and brought a long lucite cup ringed in beige rubber from behind and slipped it over Wondie's right tit. Quickly, she went through the motions again and Wondie almost staggered as an intense suction started and held both milking cups to her tits. The suction, in fact, was not quite steady and seemed to pull on one nipple and, while pulling on that one, suction would relax on the other. "NO... I'M BEING... MILKED..." She was. Her breastly magnificence was being horrendously tortured as her nipples engorged under the pull/release/pull of the machine. A machine that was seeking to suck her entire udders into it's confines. A machine a thousandfold more powerful than any used on a Cow. Except she was now a cow... A Wondercow..." The dam broke and tears welled down her lovely cheeks. Somewhere she'd heard that a Woman could not give milk unless she was pregnant and Wondie hoped that the stories had truth in them. Truth that was already starting to be a lie. She was GIVING... Spurts of mothers milk were already gushing in small shots as suction continued to increase and Wonder Woman openly cried. "I see you're in a giving form, Wonder Whore... Bet you thought it couldn't happen to you... I'll bet you're hurting right now, too... Pretty soon you'll be BEGGING me to turn off the milking machine but, of course, that would spoil my enjoyment, wouldn't it???" "Going to... UG-H-H-H... talk me to ARGH-H-H-H ... death..." Went Wondie to herself between orgasms she could do nothing to disguise. Her rubber booted legs felt like jello and no amount of mental persuasion could order them to use their huge musculature to remove her from the spinner now ensconced and churning some ten inches up her rectum. Sweat was trickling down the inside of her outfit and into her long boots as well as down her forehead and cheeks. More was beading and flowing down her titmasses that were already showing signs of depletion. Signs they were starting to turn into milk bags. By now, too, Milkmaid had gone to her thighbooted knees in the sloshy liquids and was doing to Wonder Woman what Wondie had rarely experienced before. Her ebongloved arm was deeply ensconced in a Wondertwat and had formed a fist in that oft reamed channel. Wondie was being fistfucked as she showered her assailant with her own juices. Wondie was being degraded in ways she would never imagine another of the Sex referred to as 'Fair' could inflict on one of a like sex. And yet, degraded, defiled and deeply diddled, Wondie orgasmed again and again. And, for worse measure, she orgasmed again. Wondie was almost relieved when she noticed Milkmaid tiring of her efforts. "*I* have won... *I* have defeated her and exhausted her..." Wishful thinking at best. Rising with liquids pouring off her long boots, Milkmaid sloshed over to a cabinet and came away with a stuffer even Wonder Woman had no wish to see. She guessed correctly. It was, indeed, destined to fill the void left open by Milkmaid's gloved fist... And it slid up that moist, gushing orifice as if well oiled. (It was! Wondie's own oils were soaking it.) The Amazon Beauty was not glad at all to discover another devious 'delight' about the stuffer as Milkmaid flipped a switch that had needles burying themselves into her inner membranes just before the device sprang into a life of it's own, twisting around in what was becoming an Amazon RAVINE down there. Not only that but some kind of electric shock was being jolted through those needles at varying intervals. Her mouth was hanging slack by now as she had to endure (?) more orgasms and more again. Sometimes she rued her Amazon constitution that increased her sexuality a hundredfold just as increased her Super abilities. She hardly noticed that Milkmaid had taken Batgirl from her bondage and had left the dungeon. She was too busy cuming again. Even an Amazon as powerful as the Princess can not continue to orgasm and not pay some kind of price. Wonder Woman paid a price as she dropped into the land of nod even though, as Supergirl saw, Wondie's body continued to be wracked by orgasms powerful enough to set the richter scales going in the Big City not too far away. And, in her time of sleep, the milkers continued their appointed tasks of depleting Amazon breasts of their contents. They were now reaching some two feet down from her chest and horribly deflated at the tops and still bulbous where they met her nipples. Nipples that had been engorged and mistreated with suction so much they had lengthened to almost three quarters of a foot and a thickness to rival a big man's big toe. It was hard to tell how long Wondie was out. She slowly returned to a reality she didn't relish at all. She woke when she heard the massive steel door to the dungeon being opened and witnessed Batgirl's degraded return. Batgirl's top to her catsuit had been cut away while the rest of her outfit, including the eared blue cowl had been left in place. She was only peering out through one blue eye since the other had taken on the swollen aura called 'Black'. And Wondie, through bleary eyes, noticed that Babs' boobs were constricted in a barb wire bra thad had trickles of blood oozing down her pale skin while drool seeped in steady drips from mouths, upper and lower, that looked puffy from obvious beatings. Her tormentor was behind her and now smashed a blackjack across the back of her cowl, sending Batgirl to her booted knees in the dungeon's liquids "Suck Wonder Twat's clittie like you love to suck cock..." Wondie knew Babs would never obey and shook when the beauty's mouth sucked Wondie's clittie into it, Babs' tongue lifting it like a little shovel so her lips could get a better adherance. Wondie shuddered again as an unwanted orgasm rushed through her sublime body as Babs mouth now pleasured her. "That's it, Batslut... Show her how well you sucked off my prize stallion..." went Milkmaid as her gloved hand went between her own legs that were displaying just how wet rubber will stick to set flesh. Milkmaid must have cum and cum as she made Babs suck off the steed. Wondie was so far gone that her legs and arms felt like they'd gone away on vacation some time ago. Milkmaid laughed, pointing at Wonder Woman's depleted boobs that were lengthened again and drooping on each side of Babs' cowled head. They had grown thinner again and were possibly three feet long by now while her nipples added another eleven inches. The breasts were now as thick as Wondie's calf muscles and full of those marks Women call 'stretch'. Somehow, milk was still being sucked from the nipples that had turned a hue close to that of Wonder Woman's boots. Milkmaid looked pleased with what she saw and poised to ring some kind of bell that brought several muscular Men to the dungeon bearing what looked like an old fashioned wringer used in days of old before the invention of that labor saving device called a drier. They sat the appliance, including it's tub before Wonder Woman and stepped back to await further orders' "Ever had your tits in a wringer, Wondercunt? You are about to..." The cups were quickly removed from Wonder Woman's tits and the tits were fed between the rollers. Had Wonder Woman been ungagged, her scream would have certainly been heard clear to the Big City as one of the men started turning the handle and sucking Wondie's depleted tits through the ringer's rollers. The pain in heer asshole from the churning there was quickly forgotten and Wondie somehow ejected the huge needled prod up her puss as her opulent body spasmed from more pain than she'd ever encountered. Or remembered encountering. And her tits continued to be wrung of titmilk as she continued to suffer. Her trials seemed to have just begun. Her tits were now flattened and, as the ringer went into reverse and was taken away, a table was placed where the tub had just received Wondiemilk. The bases of her breasts were now surrounded by a press device sometimes used on grapes before it was gradually, and painfully tightened down. But that was not to be all planned for the Princess of Punishment as a huge two by four about three feel long was placed on the table so the middles of her breasts could be draped over it. Wondie almost swooned in pain as another was placed atop her breasts and then felt horse as she screamed into her gag while the huge Brutes used mini sledge hammers to hammer nine inch nails through the top board, through her breasts and well into the bottom board. "You'll have to carry that yourself, Wonderslut-t-t-t!" Went Milkmaid as she nodded to two of her henchmen to free Wondie's arms form their long time constriction. Quickly then, she nodded for the table to be removed. Wondie almost tipped forward as she brought gloved arms with no strength to try and grab the wood breast encasement. She screamed again into her gag as her rear router scraped deep in her annus but kept her aloft. "Oh, dear... We did forget something, didn't we? You're still hung up on your ass lover..." Guffawed Milkmaid in apparent amusement. Wonder Woman meanwhile was trying to get her fingers some purchase between the boards so she might attempt prying them apart but Milkmaid quickly spotted the tightening muscles. She sprang forward and grabbed the Amazon's gloved wrist and, just as rapidly dislocated it with a loud snap and pain that sent Wondie to her knees. For bad measure, Milkmaid dislocated four finger joints on that hand before moving to the other side and repeating the painful process. Wondie, her boots swilling with liquids now, was hoisted to her feet and push-pulled from the dungeon and upstairs before being lead by a baseball bat in her already loosened rectum, down to a farm enclosure. "Dear Wondersucker... It's time for breakfast... You DO like a protein mix, dont you???" WHAT IS TO BECOME OF WONDER WOMAN AND HER DEPLETED TITS? Only time will tell...