By E.N. Cuire

WONDER WOMAN- MILK MADE By E.N.Cuire Any relationship between characters to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Wonder Woman, of course, is Copyright of DC Comics and Time Warner Entertainment and is being borrowed for this story for which I'm receiving no renumeration. Just the pleasure of writing it... The material is VERY ADULT in content so, if you're easily offended, go read something else... ************* Wonder Woman sighed as she looked out of her apartment. It was going to be one of those long weekends she hated. Rainy, gloomy and cold. Not like her Island Paradise where she'd been brought up and where weather was always moderate and sunny. "Well. I'm ready this time..." She went to herself as she delved into her secret closet and brought out a large box. "I'm sick and tired of being cold and wet and having to slosh around with my tits hanging out while fighting crime..." The outfit she brought out of the box shared it's color with her more usually seen costume. A lovely blue with white stars and shiny, like the satin she normally wore. This costume, however, was of a heavier rubber and multi zippered and treated with some of her own Island's amazing Amazoline which made it almost indestructable. She soon had it smoothed over her lush curves and fitting better than O.J. Simperer's glove and she turned to the big mirror to admire it's cut after pulling on the upper thigh reaching tight rubberlike boots with their five inch stiletto heels. "Oh, my... I didn't expect a fully covering outfit to be quite as... Revealing..." She went as she noted the way her abundant nipples stood at attention and would gain attention from all who saw her. And the way the rubber indented well between her labia and asscheeks as well. "Oh, " She added as an excuse. "It'll give with a little wearing..." (Sure, Wondie. If you believe that, Hitler was a kindly Gent...) The gloves were next. Red, like the boots, with a white inch wide faux cuff at her shoulders and displaying her muscled arms so well. And now the golden girdle which she cinched tightly around her trim waist. She knew she looked great and revelled in her mirror image just before the phone rang. It was bad news. Her sometime boyfriend, oft time Cop called to let her know that two Superheroines had gone missing and even Superman could not seem to find them. Supergirl and Batgirl. Something was amiss and Wonder Woman had better not miss looking for them. "Dont worry... *I* shall find them..." She stated with more confidence than she felt. She knew Batgirl had gone off on a search in the Countryside looking for someone who'd been stealing cows from various farms. That, she somehow felt, was the right place to start. She was surprised at how great the new costume felt as she soared aloft. She felt almost streamlined as she flew swiftly to Dairy Meadows, the burg from which Batgirl had last phoned her. She came down in the main street much to the joy of some watching kids who nudged eachother in glee at the bobbling of those two rubber encased appendages on her magnificent chest that were behaving like giant bowls of jello right now. She quickly strode toward what looked like the local police station and went through the doors in a rush. "Hey, Lady... We got laws here against lewd displays..." Went a Gomer Pyle lookalike that even sounded like him. "You're some lewd display all over..." "Am I not completely dressed?" She asked and caused a look of consternation to the deputy's face. "Aw, shucks, Ma'am... Guess you are... Kind a like that chickie in the high yellow boots who was here couple of days back..." "*I* am WondurrrWomannn and I'm looking for her. Do you know where she went?" "What's a WondurrrWomannn anyhow?" he replied. " She was askin' 'bout old man Trash's place... Tole her how to git thar and she scrammed..." "So, Deputy... How would I get there?" Asked Wondie hoping the Deputy would stop staring at her tits. "Tell me and I'll, ah, scram too..." She made short of the journey to Trash's place, her long booted legs moving like pistons as she ran, carful not to tread down too hard at each step because she'd just found out her boobs were coming up and hitting her under the chin should she jounce too hard. She slowed as she came to what the Deputy had called Trash's junk yard and slowly entered the realm of rusted automobiles and farm machinery, her new boots squelching ankle deep into black oozing filth at every step. She went a step too far and her right leg seemed to be sucked down past her knee, surprising her and sending her off balance and, as she fought for a return of that balance, failed to hear the creaking from above, only noticing it when a cabover Pete's rusted hulk smashed her deep into the mire, giving her the kind of headache Amazons hate most of all. She would have normally just risen slowly and toss the hulk away from herself but, the more she struggled to rise and accomplish that feat, the more she sank into the dank mire that was already doing what so many baddies wanted to do. Claiming a suffocating hold on Wonder Woman. An old schoolbus landing atop the big truck certainly helped the muck claim it's gurgling victim and Wonder Woman found herself quickly fighting for her very life as her long tressed head was forced under the surface. It was, however, many, many minutes before the Amazon ceased to struggle. Even a chest as mighty as hers could not hold a finite amount of life giving oxygen. 2. She slowly regained consciousness. Wonder Woman was sore and aching all over but somehow, she was still alive. "Can it be the Goddesses listened to my pleas?" She went to herself just before she heard a whimpering like that of a small kitten who's lost it's mother. Her eyes started adjusting to the gloom of her surroundings. (Amazon eyes do that. No X-ray vision but the ability to see in very low light) What she saw made her gasp and also realize her own position. She tried to gasp out the name but all she issued from her gagged mouth was "Umphhhh" What she had intended to voice was, "Batgirl!". Batgirl was chained to what looked like a dungeon wall, one of her thigh high yellow rubber boots almost to her knee and seeping what looked like... "Pussy juices..." Thought Wondie in shock. "What have they done to you, Babs?" That's when Diana noticed Batgirl's boobs. If you could call them boobs right now. Gone were the nicely rounded, pert breasts Wondie had taken to mouth on occasion and what replaced them were travesties of what had been there. Babs' breasts could only be described as resembling spaniel ears albeit big ones. They hung down Babs' front like two empty water balloons while her usually pert and upstanding nipples hung long and in a hue of purple Prince would have adored, long enough to reach her puss that could be seen through her unzipped ebony rubber costume and drooling what could only be described as Mammas milk down Babs' booted legs. Babs' usually shiny costume was filthy with what looked like farmyard detrius, her yellow boots and shoulder length matching gloves caked with brown muddy sludge. Wondie noted too that Babs seemed to be pussy impaled on an immense appendage that seemed to be oozing a whitish cream into her. Wondie had no time for commiseration as another groan brought her beautiful face around the other direction. "Supey... Oh my Goddess Hera... What have they done to you???" Of course the statement and question was silent due to the immense balllgag jacking Wondie's jaws so wide apart. Supergirl was denuded although she still retained her thigh high boots,shoulder length matching red gloves and, almost a travesty, her cape. Her gloved arms were bound together at her wrists and she appeared to be dangling from them only just enough to keep most of her weight off the perch she was painfully straddling. A perch green of hue that Diana took right away to be Kryptonite. Supey's breasts drew Diana's eyes, to her own shock. The normally large but firm appendages looked more like loaves of french bread before the dough hit the ovens. Pasty and sweaty, they seemed to be suffering a lengthening due to the huge lead weights that dangled from newly pierced nipples that, themselves, had to be almost six inches in length and had ended up resting on the thigh portions of the long red boots she was wearing. "Ah... I see the Cavalry awakes at last..." Came snide tones in a voice that reminded Wondie of another who had caused problems to the trio of Heroines in the past. T'was not Catwoman but someone who could have almost pass for Selena Kyle's twin sister. At least, the hair color and the color and material of the crotch high ebony rubber boots and shoulder length gloves were similar but the costume was a bright yellow rubber and, while Catwoman's was demure in covering up an amazing chest, this one's dove down in a deep vee that displayed so well the canyon between two huge titmasses that rivaled those protruding from Wonder Woman's own chest in immensity. "I see you've noticed how your friends breasts have been remodeled... I do so love to see you supercilious cunts suffer and loose your tone... I can assure you a fate similar to theirs, Wonder Woman... I'm going to make you wish you'd had a breast reduction years ago... I'm going to reduce your boobs for you..." "She's cracked... Completely mad-d-d-d... She cant to this to us-s-s-s..." "You're probably wondering.... I LOVE that... Wondering..." She cackled, "Just who I am... I am she who is known as MILK MAID..." "Milk MAD would be more appropriate..." Shot through Wondie's wonderful head as she stared back at this sexy apparition and grimmaced. Milk Maid waded toward Wonder Woman causing Wondie to note that the floor of the dungeon seemed to be almost ankle deep in what looked like milk. Milk mixed with what is referred to in ugly parlance as Girl sap, undoubtably issued by her two bestest buddies. Milk Maid opened the zippers hiding the Amazon's mighty mammoos and used gloved hands to shovel the titmasses from their confinement, slightly sweaty and showing why they'd become so famous as they bounded into out thrusting torpedos. Milk Maid licked her luscious lips. "Oh... These will be such FUN-N-N to deplete and torture... We'll have you begging for mercy in no time flat... Just like your two girlfriends here... You will become my favorite sex slave, Wonder Cunt... I've ALWAYS had a thing for girls with ebony hair... " If looks could kill, Milk Maid would have been burned to a crisp right then and there. The look Wonder Woman gave Milk Maid was full of venom and hate. "I see you doubt my ability to turn you into a sex slave, Wonder Slut-t-t-t... Let me give you an idea of how well I can train you Superwhores..." Went on Milkmaid as if shrugging off the occular assault with ease. She turned and walked over to Supergirl and stood in front of her. "You'll want to go peepee for me, wont you, Stupidgirl? So... Pee then wipe your pussy along the blade you're resting on..." Wondie was shocked as Supey's beautiful visage took on a look of concentration before, a moment later, yellow liquid started gushing from between her long legs, a trickle to begin with that dribbled down those long boots and then a veritable FLOOD that gushed and splashed down the insides of the red boots and into their tops as well. Done at last, Supergirl's face took on a look of extreme pain as she rocked her pussy back and forth on the blade that she was astride. "Po-or Bay-bee... She's so horny and wants to get off... Doesn't she?" Supergirl nodded while reddening. Her clittie was standing at huge erection as she continued to hurt herself. Milkmaid worked her way over and took that little piece of femgristle between gloved fingers and proceded to wank the little thing like a little cock and soon Supey was shuddering in pain and induced orgasm. Milkmaid wiped her glove on Supey's elongated boob, almost in insult and turned to Batgirl while going on to Wonder Woman. "I'm afraid Batgirl cant pee for us with that pole up her... She consumed about a GALLON of laxative last night while you were asleep so I'm sure she'll shit if I order her to... " She then looked deep in Batgirl's green eyes. "Go on Bat-toilet... Let it go..." Wonder Woman was shocked again. NEVER would Batgirl allow herself to defecate in front of an audience but a look of concentration similar to that Supergirl had displayed came over her face and, after a prolonged fart, the flood gates opened and brown goo FLOODED down the insides of those long booted legs, steaming and hissing in the cold air. A look of relief crossed her beauty despite the disgusting display she'd made of herself. WILL WONDER WOMAN SUFFER THE FATE OF THE OTHER TWO? Will she become nothing but a SUPERSEXSLUT for Milkmaid? Only time and another chapter will tell...