By E.N. Cuire

WONDER WOMAN vs. MILKMAID #3 E.N.Cuire Wonder Woman could hardly see where she was being directed. Tears blurred the Heroine's eyes. Tears as much for her poor, ah, titbags as much as the disgrace of having disgraced herself with her tears and cumings. She knew she was out in the open air and could already hear the sounds of various farm animals in pens nearby. She shuddered when she was driven, that baseball bat in her rectum acting like a rudder, into a large barn. "Time for your breakfast, Superwhore... Some good bull sausage... Followed by some protein if you're really good..." The import of the statement sank into Wondie's head. Vehemently, she shook her head while backing further onto her 'rudder' and taking another two inches of baseball bat up her already stuffed and stretched rear cavern. "Anyone would say you LOVE getting cornholed, Wonder Slut... You've now got ten whole inches of thich bat up your butt... Guess you LIKE the pain... here's a little more..." So saying, Milkmaid RAMMED the bat as hard as she could, sending two more inches of lumber into an opening not meant for such punishment and sending Wondie slamming breast first into the side of the pen. Had Wondie's boobs been their normally upstanding selves, she might have suffered less distraction from the pain in her behind. "Now get in there and get that mouth around the Bull's prick. Be fast about it..." Wondie shook her magnificent tresses in the negative and Milkmaid noticed her own error. Rather than taking herself to task for what she overlooked, she took her wrath out on the pitiful creature just RIPE for more abuse. "Get that fucking ball out of her mouth... " Commanded Milkmaid while grabbing a high powered cattleprod that she applied liberally to one of Wondie's cigar length nipples. Wondie shuddered and, disgracefully, had yellow pungeant urine running down her booted legs and splashing over her and Milkmaid's booted feet. That seemed to anger Milmaid further despite that they'd already trekked through a mire of manure mixed with animal piss on the way to the barn. "Down on your knees, Supersow, and get my boots shining so I can see myself in them..." Wonder Woman sobbed and fearing more of the prod and more, went to sloshbooted knees and bent to her newest appointed task. At least, her tears helped melt some of the more stubborn excrement and the bulk proved to be the first 'meal' she'd had in too many hours. It took alomost a half hour but she had Milmaid's ebony boots shining as if sprayed with a fresh coat of Armorall. Her tongue felt about ready for a taste of anything that would take away from the taste now in her mouth. Wonder Woman wasn't so reticent about climbing the wooden rails and dropping into the bull enclosure this time. She stood there, her mind a-reel from degredation and her booted legs acting like the rubber they were made of before acceding to the command to get to all fours and under the huge animal. The henchmen had a good laugh at the fact that Wonder Woman looked like a beast herself with a 'tail' in the right place. The still ensconced baseball bat. "Get that cocklapper to work, Gur-r-r-lll or I'll turn you around and let him fuck your ass..." Ordered Milkmaid in a stern voice. "I can assure you that the baseball bat will feel like a mere gnat compared with the bull's cock up that second cunt of yours..." Wondie moved forward and into direct head to head confrontation with her breakfast and sent an exploratory lap of her pink lapper to test the waters, as it were. A little drool of what is known as pre-cum started a pearldrop on the massive appendage and Wonder Woman found herself licking it up. "You'd better show us you really LIKE to suck cock, you poor excuse for a streetwhore... Get that thing into your mouth and down your throat... If not, I've got a cattleprod that has your clittie in it's sights and I can assure you, with all that disgusting drool and pee down there, it's bound to cause you painful distress..." Wonder Woman bent to her task. She stretched her jaws wide and tried valiantly to encircle a cock akin to that of the Jolly Green Giant. Or the Incredible Hulk, perhaps. She had to stretch her mount further and still couldn't get her lips around the appendage. Not until the promised prod was applied to a drooling clittie that sent her forward like a charging rhino. The bull? He wasn't about to back away so something had to give. Wondie thought her lips must split at the corners of her mouth as the huge cockhead slammed into the back of her throat and so deep Wondie must bob her head back in order to draw her next breath. The bull had found a hole that felt pretty good to him and wasn't about to let that hot, moist cavern get away so drove forward again stretching Wondie's throat past her tonsils and leaving Wondie fighting for her very life. Even an Amazon can not be deprived of breath for too long and this Amazon was no different. Each time she got her head back far enough to draw a breath, the bull drove deep again and Wondie knew that, in order for her to survive, she must become the champion cock sucker of all time. Wonder Woman was having an additional problem by now. Her most secret masochistic bent had clicked into gear. Like so many people of great power and might, there was that something that sometimes DEMANDED her own degredation. Hadn't she forced Batgirl and Supergirl to degrade her in the past? Wondie's superlative (except for her boobs) body was now moving wantonly benieth the huge beast, her ruby mouth moving back and forth on that giant appendage and Wonder Woman was shuddering in orgasm. She was busy snorting through her nostrils in breaths that were full of excitement and passion. Wonder Woman was lost in lust and giving the bull a blow job most men, let alone a bull, might dream about. Wondie was going to milk the bull's balls and bending to suck his very essences from him. Diana felt the bull's cock grow even bigger in her throat and mieweled, knowing a cuming was close. The bull's eyes seemed to glaze over in pure lust as his gism started FLOODING Wondie's now gulping gullet. Wondie's belly was already distending as several GALLONS of bull sperm firehosed down her gasping throat... Had Wonder Woman's arms not been buried and trapped to her elbows and her booted gams not trapped to their tops in bull shit, she would have surely dropped into the stuff from the poser of her own orgasm. She didn't drop, however, partially held in place by the huge cock that was so humungous it couldn't withdraw from her throat. And right now, his pleasures appeased, the bull wanted out. So did Wondie. Her mouth and throat, however, could expand no more. She and the bull were stuck together. But nature will always find a way. Wonder Woman's eyes widened as she realized what was happening in the bull's huge body. He was about to... And he did. And Wonder Woman had to accept his foul tasting urine as he shot it into her gullet with so much power that streams of the yellow, steaming liquid shot from her nostrils making her look like one of those fountains of Ancient Greece. She was mortified and worse, she'd filled with so much liquids she felt like she was sloshing inside. The poweer of the discharge, however, slammed her bead backward and off the gushing hose that was even now splashing rudely in the face that had given it so much pleasure. "*I* have surely defeated Milkmaid and taken her worst..." Thought Wonder Woman to herself as the bull was led away and two of the henchmen wrenched her from her noisome imprisonment, her boots and gloves making horrendous sucking sounds as they came free. "Surely she will let my friends and I go now..." Wonder Woman was not through by a long shot. She was forced to carry her own breasts and their wooden construct and found herself staring at what looked like a giant aquarium. "Rumour precedes you, Wonder Cunt, and tells us you'll fuck anything if given half the chance... Aw... Dont be so modest... That fellow Amazon Blunderwhore claims to have taken on much, much more than you and we're going to see if you can play catchup... We know about the time she was raped by an octopus but we're sure she's never fucked a dolphin... That's to be your next lover... Arent you excited?" Wonder Woman was not excited. Wonder Woman was terrified. How was she expected to stay alive under water she could only wonder. "You're already wearing waterwings around those travesties you used to call boobs... We're going to add an aqualung so you'll be able to breathe o'kay... One more thing..." Milkmaid added for bad measure. "You'll be holding the aqualung in your useless arms and I wouldn't let it go if I were you... Maybe we'll reset those dislocations after this..." "And sticks and stones..." Thought Wondie without voicing her feelings out loud. And then screamed out loud as the long ensconced baseball bat was pulled from it's home. She could do nothing to prevent her shitting herself and adding three and a half minutes of peeing down her already filthied boots and legs. She reddened and waited for the order to clean Milkmaid's boots again. Milkmaid was crafty as well as clever and cruel. She knew what Wondie expected as an order and knew that surprising the former heroine by not issuing that order would put her off guard. Milkmaid nodded to two henchmen who loaded an aqualung into Wondie's almost useless arms and thrust an air mouthpiece between Wondie's overstretched lips then, grabbing her like a fragile parcel at the post office, flung her over the lip of the tank and into it. Wondie almost panicked when she went deep in the tank but, true to Milkmaid's prediction, her wooden 'waterwings' gave her some boyancy so, despite the drag downward from her boots, Wondie slowly rose part way toward the surface. The grey form she spotted swimming in the murky water toward her did little to ease apprehensions since, for a few moments, it looked like a Great White Shark. She was relieved when she recognised the friendlier visage of a bottlenose Dolphin. The dolphin playfully pushed her with his nose and Wonder Woman almost came unglued. She didn't quite know what to expect even though she'd swam with dolphins as a young, as yet untested Princess. This dolphin was getting aggressive and now butting her around his domain like a piece of flotsam then driving up with his nose at speed to dive deep up her twat. She gasped and ingested about a gallon of water before thinking fast enough to breathe through the mouthpiece and failed to notice another dolphin that now slammed his nose deep in her gut. Somehow, these mammals had a yen to find out just what this invader of their domain was. Wondie tried valiantly to use her long booted legs to protect herself and to swim out of the dolphins' way but her element was one of air and blue sky. The sleek mammals aimed at her time and time again, hitting her in her muscular but unprotected gut, in her kidneys and scoring several hits on her beautiful puss. (The facial one). She was groggy and spent when she felt herself upended and something gristly slam deep in that hole so recently vacated by a Louisville Slugger. She tried to shriek in unspeakable PAIN as something as huge as the cock on her last lover skewered her to a depth that must have rivaled the baseball bat. She blew bubbles beautifully as she became sandwitched between the two sleek leatherfeel bodies and another member buried itself, this time in her still lubricated quim. Wondie's wonderful body was now starting to become used to abuse. Just as used to it as her mind had been bent to it and the old masochistic bent swung into high gear again. She was being double dorked by a duo of dolphins and, with no savior there to get her out of the mess, the Miss became a mess of messages that missed the point and forced her participation in her own defilement. She was a bundle of orgasmic nerves and cuming along in a mind blowing series of orgasms that had her wanting to be raped repeatedly for hours and hours. The dolphins comings became hers as they proved the Mammals they were by shooting what felt like boiling hot lava deep in both fuck holes. They were, after all, warm blooded. Once the deed was done, both buddies swam away to a fest of fresh and frozen sardines knowing for sure that another of their kind would soon grace the Earth while Wondie rose gradually to the surface with a smile on her beautiful mouth, to be unsummarily pulled from the water and dropped heavily on her heavier side. WILL WONDEER WOMAN BE ABLE TO TAKE WHAT MILKMAID HAS TO DISH OUT? CAN SHE SURVIVE THE CONSTANT DEGREDATION OR WILL SHE BECOME A MINDLESS SEX SLAVE?