By E.N. Cuire

Wonder Woman vs Milkmaid

Part 5


She felt like she was in her Mother's womb. All warm and cuddly and in a sac of warm liquid. And Wonder Woman was returning to a semblance of sanity feeling like she was in a dream. In a dream where she was taking a soothing bubble bath. "Mother will be angry with me... I have my boots and gloves on in the bathtub..."

She really didn't want the pleasurable feelings to stop. Something slick and moistfeeling was laving the inside of her pussy and playing with her clittie at the same time. And she was suckling on a nipple while something else had ensconced itself in her abused asshole. Her whole body was being moved up and down forcing that something else into a pleasurable in and out motion inside that hole.

"I'm being assfucked and am accepting it..." She cried to herself. That's wehn she realized she was in a huge tub with Behema and suckling on a tit that had done so much damage to her.

"Oh, good... You're awake... Mistress gave you to me for the night... I assure you it will be a sleepless one for you..."

Not the kind of thing a Superheroine needs to hear after being soundly beaten and abused. For the first time, she realised, she was severely bound.

Her long booted legs were tied at ankles, calfs, knees and upper thighs while a singe 'armbinder' leather glove held both her arms severely behind her. She felt herself lifted from the tub and inversed so water could be poured from her boots and gloves before she was taken to a bedroom with a roaring fire.

She was then fed feet first into the embers and chains brought down so their rings could be clamped through her nipples to hold her erect. "To dry you out, my dear, and make you a warm little bedpan for me..."

She tried to lift her feet from the red hot embers and found she put unwarranted pain to her nipples as her whole weight came onto them. She cried out in dolor."She means to fry me alive... I'll never eat a roast pork again..."

And meanwhile, her bedpartner readied herself for the night ahead.

Wondie, meanwhile, had found that a little pain she was giving herself was also getting her off. She was getting hotter and not just in the tootsies and already adrool as she placed her weight on her nipples again. And again. And Wondie found out, again, taht she could cum while in distress. And cum again. She almost teared as she was taken from the hearth, dry by now, and thrown on the immense bed.

"I require eighteen orgasms each night, Wonderwhore. Your job is to stay awake and make sure I'm well sated and rested... I've only had one whore who could succede in giving me my needs and that one was once known as Batgirl... " With that, Behema climbed aboard and climbed aboard the Amazon's ass, thrusting deep into it with a clitoris Wondie and already well sucked.

Behema slept well that night, deeply ensconsed in a well that was warm and encompasing. Wondie was another story. When she showed signs of nodding off and ceasing her movements, she found what remained of her tits massively mashed and hurt enough to awaken her to her repeated task. By morning, she was a tangle of jangled nerves and looked like something the cat had dragged in. Her once virginal rear entry was sore and felt like sandpaper had been used in it all night. Or perhaps some kind of mixmaster.

"Time to get up Wonderwhore... Have to go potty and guess who's the potty?"

Wondie tried to struggle from her latest trial but managed to take a severe beating, bound as she still was. She finally acceded in taking that member that had been ensconced in her own self to mouth and sucked it to the first orgasm of the new day. Make that ninth for Behema had been cuming along all night. And then received the promised libation and swallowed it fearing the consquences Behema predicted. Wondie direly missed her toothbrush and Aquafresh that morning.

"What about me? I need to go potty, too..."

Behema picked her up with ease and carried her to the bathroom where she deposited the once Heroine upright, ankle deep in the loo. "So go pee, then, since you have to..."

She had to and knew, by now, it was senseless to argue with these people and point out that privacy was a good thing. Arguement might have got her beaten senseless. Again. She must disgrace herself and allow her bladder release down the insides of her long booted legs and, to her credit, still managed to redden in self disgust.

Her bonds, including the arm binder, were finally loosened and Behema ordered her to take herswelf to the milking shed where, doubtlesly, some of Milkmaid's minions would surely be lurking to drag more Amazon milk from her repairing breasts. Wondie left the cottage and started down the path before realizing.

"I'm free... I can run away... I can take off..."

Milkmaid, Behema and the minions all thought Wondie had been trained sufficiently by her ordeals as to be the perfect, obedient slut-slave.

With nary a thought for the other suffering Heroines, captives of the Milkmaid, Wondie took off at a run, her long booted legs pumping magnificently as she ran. She took the eight foot high fence in a single bound and was out of the Estate and barreling down the muddy road as fast as her legs would carry her. (Very fast. She's after all, an Amazon). She was well away from the Estate by the time the cry was raised of an escaped milk cow and heard the first persuit vehicles way before she saw them. She dove through a hedgegrow before she could be spotted and found herself rolling down a slope and coming to rest thigh deep in thick, oozing clay. With many hungry eyes eying her luscious form.

"What have we got here, fellow inmates? A kinky pussy to use..."

She'd landed in a clay quarry being worked over by five hundred of the most visious inmates from the local Pen. But that's another story...