By E.N. Cuire

Wonder Woman Milkmaid

Part 4


Good to her word, Milkmaid gave the order for Wondie's joints to be reset.

Wondie, she knew, wasn't going anywhere soon. At least, not on her own.

She was walking like one too long in the saddle and it's doubtful that even an Amazon such as *She* could break into any kind of run right now. Wondie was depleted from (too) many cumings and looking down in self disgust.

She had not even been able to disguise her own cumings, serving notice that she was becoming the perfect sex slave.

"At least..." She thought. "My breasts are becoming beautiful once again..."

They were. As we've noted with a fellow Amazon, Wondie was also one who repaired quickly and her sacs were engorging toward their original splendor once more. Milkmaid, of course, noticed the change.

"Why you're almost ready for milking again, Wonderudder... Off to the milking shed we go, hey-ho, hey-ho..."

It should be noted that Wondie wasn't at all receptive to Milkmaid's jolly sing-song but there was nothing she could do or say. When she opened her mouth to issue a complaint, her well stretched gullet refused to allow her to form words. She issued a croak instead.

"Jolly good..."Went Milkmaid full of glee. "I think she wants to be milked some more... We'll just have to accomodate her, wont we?"

Wonder Woman almost passed out from the sensations coursing through her breasts as she became milked again. It was almost as if she was enjoying the trial, the proof obvious as drool ran down the insides of those long booted legs. She shivered in an agonized pleasure as her humungous tits were again depleted and started looking more like spaniel ears and shuddered some more in unbidden orgasm. "She means to ruin my beautious breasts for all time... I should have gotten a breast reduction long ago and my enemies wouldn't have paid such close attention to them... "

"I think Behema is up to some morning exercize... We mustn't let Behema

down, must we? As my chief Bodyguard, she loves to keep fit and, alas, there have been too few attacking me so to give her exercize..."

Wondie wondered what Milkmaid was talking about. She'd never, up to now, heard mention of this Behema and, looking up through bleary eyes, now wished fervently she hadn't. A Giant of a Woman was entering the milking shed. Enough of a Woman to put fear in any Mortal Man, let alone Woman.

She must have stood some six foot eight inches tall in bare feet, had she been in bare feet. She wasn't. She had crotch high ebony rubber boots on her feet.

Boots with thicker but feminine six inch heels. She was also wearing shoulder length black latex gloves that showed all the musculature under them

"Darn. She needs a bra, this one..." Went Wondie noticing the behemoth's breaasts before all else. "She's got to have a fifty quadruple X bra size if Frederico's even makes one that big... She doesn't need an underwear maker, she needs a constuction company..."

Behema's eyes lit up as she spotted the depleted (un)heroine. Wondie shuddered under a gaze of ice blue intensity that send chills up and down her spine. "The mud wrestling, Mistress?" Behema went to Milkmaid more in certainty than in question.

**"Yes. I believe so... I must warn you that we've given her a fighting chance against you... We reset all the joints we dislocated so she can use her arms and legs... You will, of course, defeat her without use of your arms, wont you?"**Milkmaid went sweetly. Too sweetly. Both Wondie adversaries tittered like schoolgirls while the rest of Milkmaid's crew followed suit.

"Big mistake..." Went Wondie to herself. "I'll have her down deep in the mud in no time flat-t-t..." Before finding herself being led to the mud wrestling ring and being fed through ropes that looked like old, rusted hauser cable.

Gll-O-Oppp. Gloopsh

Wondie went to her knees in viscous mud as her legs felt they were being sucked to the center of the Earth. Her high, stiletto heels were like hot pins cutting their way through butter. She stood there weaving back and forward unable to move a foot. Even an inch. Behema didn't seem to be worried by the mud and quickly sloshed her way toward Wondie.

"Hold it... There are rules..." Went Milkmaid. "Behema will not use her arms or hands and Wonderjugs gets to use all her appendages... The looser gets to pay a horrendous price... Should Wonderjugs win, she gets to go free and we will restore her breasts. May the best Woman win..."

"*I* can beat her... *I* have defeated foes bigger and meaner than this one and I get to use my hands..." She then stuck out a gloved hand to shake the hand of her opponent before the fight began only to see Behema twist and a humungous boob send her hand around her back and follow through to connect with Wondie's puss. (Yes. The upper one.) Another twist, which Wondie did not see, came from the other direction and a huge boob

smashed her face the other way. Wondie bleated.

The big Woman moved with surprising speed and agility. A turn and an arched back sent about a ton of tit into an uppercut that almost lifted Wondie clear of the mud and had her seeing stars before another twist and turn smashed Behema's left boob deep in a so rounded tummy and causing Wondie to bend forward again to receive another roundhouse boob that turned her clean away from her attacker. And Wondie was falling forward

toward those splintery, rusting ropes and hearing a scream emanate from herself as her depleted breastflesh tore against the ropes. Another boob, this time in the small of her back, sent her deeper into the ropes and wishing she could cry 'Auntie' for once in her life. She screamed instead as a size fourteen boot toe tore into that area so abused by so many and her tits were being turned to hamburger meat. Raw hamburger meat.

The next kick landed well up a hole slightly abaft of the first and had the effect of slamming Wondie upward and over so she came down with the ropes twisted around her once oppulent body effectively wrapping around her arms as well and making them useless. (Well, they hadn't seen much use in this fight, anyhow).

Behema waded forward, twisting from one side to the other, sending each punishing titmass smashing into Wondie's face in a display of breastly control that was turning the former Heroine's eyes to mere swollen black and blue slits spewing tears as Wondie wailed. Not as bad as when a rubber clad

knee came up and sought to rearange Wondie's puss somewhere close to her cervix or the next knee to the tummy that forced a spewing of Wondie's urine down her own booted legs.


One at a time, Behema stepped down on Wondie's well splayed knees and dislocated them before repeating the manouver with Wondie's ankles. Wondie shuddered and quaked in unspeakable agony but was without voice to make a complaint. She had been knocked, as writers are wont to type, scatty. Never was the next word heard more comforting to the former Heroine.

"Enough!" A word issued by Milkmaid.

Behema looked barely out of breath. Oh, her massive hooters were jiggling up and down but she stood tall and looked at Milkmaid. "Do I get to play with her, then?"

Milkmaid nodded her permission and Behema unclasped her hands from behind her back. Seeming to have minds of their own, they went to well milked nipples that looked to be about a foot long. Wondie's. And engulfed them.

Wondie screamed again as she felt her nipples nipped by two ultra powerful hands that were seeking, it seemed, to squeeze them into shafts akin to jerky sticks from their present wiener size. Behema now started pulling them to each side of Wonderwhore while lifting the distraught Damsel almost out of the mud. Wondie felt like her breasts were to part company with her body.

She felt like she was being torn assunder. She felt like... She felt... She was shuddering in orgasm brought on by the pain and degredation.

She found herself lifted bodily through the meatgrinder, ah, ropes that tore at her once beautious body and thrust down into the mud, firmly planted. And found herself staring up at a pussy surrounded by black hair and a clitoris that looked as big as a man's cock. Before she couldn't see it any more since it was being forced into her slack, swollen mouth and deep in her throat.

"How can a Sister do this to another Sister?" She wondered as she was now being mouth raped and was almost gagging from the sheer size of what was already starting to shoot in her throat. Two latex gloved hands slamming on each side of Wondie's head urged her to better cock, ah, clit sucking and she found herself climbing again toward an unwanted (?) peak. She finally passed out cold.

End Part 4