Chapter 3 - Ordeal

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Chapter 3 Ordeal

“For obvious reasons the powers of Kryptonians have always been a source of interest to me,” Luthor said, seating himself in his chair. “But I am also genuinely curious as to the extent of your powers and the effect of kryptonite upon them. It will be my pleasure to discover exactly how little is needed to render you helpless. And it will be my further pleasure to explore your body and its reaction to stimuli.”

Kara shuddered as Luthor spoke. His last statement had ended in a lascivious grin and his eyes had shifted to her nether region, leaving no doubt as to what he meant. The pain was still intense, but nothing like what it had been. Finding her voice she spoke.

“You won’t get away with this,” she threatened. “I have friends who will look for me. If you harm me in any way you’ll wish you’d never laid eyes on me.”

“Oh I doubt that very much,” said Luthor calmly. “I am enjoying very much the sight of a superheroine helpless and completely at my mercy. As a matter of fact, I find it quite stimulating.”

Kara’s azure eyes widened still farther as they strayed involuntarily to Luthor’s groin. There was no mistaking his meaning or the formidable erection that bulged out the front of his trousers.

“Let’s begin by seeing just how much pain you can stand,” Luthor continued. This dial is divided into increments of ten. The first I call level one. Each successive level is ten times the intensity of the previous setting. The level of kryptonite radiation is now at a level of two. It was a three when you walked into it. Let’s see what happens when I raise it to a four.”

Kara tried to scream as Luthor twisted the dial, but the pain was so intense that she could not make a sound, not even a whimper. But her body responded, arching back on the floor until she was bent in the shape of a bow, her mouth wide open in a silent scream, and her arms and legs twitching spasmodically.

“An interesting substance, kryptonite,” said Luthor. “An atomic weight of 273; bright green; and it gives off an eerie glowing green light. Despite the fact that it is clearly radioactive, its radiation has no effect on terrestrial life, but on Kryptonians…” He took out a black notebook and a gold fountain pen and jotted down a few notes. “Well let’s see. How about a level five?”

Kara thought she was going to explode with the pain. Her already tightly arched body curved even farther, prompting Luthor to turn the dial back down. He made a few more notes. “It wouldn’t do to have you snap your spine,” he explained. “Assuming of course, that such a thing can happen to a superheroine. I haven’t determined yet as to whether or not your invulnerability is affected. But I soon will.” He smiled again, his lips twisting cruelly.

Kara could only whimper in fear as the villain’s fingers went to the dial again. She had fallen into a carefully laid trap. Stupidly, she had supposed that her super senses and great strength would protect her against whatever threats came her way. Now she was helpless, her body twisting in agony and completely at the mercy of the deadliest villain New Gotham had ever known.

Kara’s sense of relief was so immense that she almost wept. Luthor’s fingers had gone to the dial once again, but instead of increasing the pain, he had decreased it. “Level four,” he said.

He left it there for a few minutes, his eyes fastened on her. He made a further notation and then touched the dial again. To Kara’s further relief the pain lessened even more. Luthor leaned toward her. “Tell me superheroine; does it still hurt? The truth now, or I’ll leave it where it is.”

Dumbly, Kara nodded. The incredible agony that she had suffered had taken a lot out of her. There was no way that she wanted a continuation of the torment that had twisted her body so painfully.

“Good girl,” Luthor said. “Now, I am going to decrease it slowly. Tell me when you feel nothing.” He twisted the dial again.

It was hard for Kara to believe how good it felt to be free of pain again. It was harder still to accept the fact that Luthor had only been torturing her for about half an hour. It felt more like a day. Her body was completely soaked in sweat, and her muscles ached due to their violent contraction.

“Is that better?” Luthor asked. Kara nodded. “Are you completely free of pain?” he continued.

“Yes,” Kara answered, finding her voice once more.

“Good, now I want you to stand up.” Luthor’s voice was calm. It was almost as if he was a doctor examining a patient.

Kara just lay where she was, fearing that any movement of her body would send spasms of pain through it.

“Come come, superheroine. Surely you are stronger than that. Do as I ask or I will turn the dial the other way.”

Kara did not have to be threatened twice. Gathering her strength she tried to sit up, but nothing happened. She tried again, but was unable to move. Her limbs simply lacked the necessary strength. “I can’t,” she said plaintively. “Please don’t hurt me again.”

“Fine,” said Luthor, “at least you are cooperating. Let’s try this.” He turned the dial once more. By now Kara could see that at least half the circle of lights was barely on.

“Now, try again.”

Feebly, Kara tried to roll over. She breathed a sigh of relief as her muscles responded, but that was as far as she could get. The strength to move any further was just not there.

“One more time,” ordered Luthor.

This time Kara managed to get to her knees. Grasping the edge of the large marble table she heaved herself unsteadily to her feet and stood in the centre of the room, swaying weakly.

“Excellent,” Luthor chimed. He got to his feet and approached her, seemingly completely unafraid. “Now it is time for step two in the experiment. You have back some of your strength. Let’s see what has happened to your power to resist harm.”

The blow to her stomach caught Kara completely off-guard. If Luthor had not caught her she would have collapsed to the floor, but as she doubled over, retching violently, he caught hold of her cloak and kept her on her feet. For a full minute she could only gasp in pain, her knees buckling, and her hands clasped over her belly.

Luthor guided her over to the marble table and lay her on the surface. “Excellent,” he said again. “You have some of your strength back, but not any of your powers of invulnerability.” He scribbled a few more notes in his black book.

Kara lay gasping on the table, her back pressed against the cool marble. The unexpected and cowardly attack had almost finished her. She wasn’t sure if she could stand much more. But Luthor was just getting started.

“Let’s try this,” he said. He touched the dial again. Kara gasped in surprise as a surge of power swept through her. Almost immediately, she rose from the table, but Luthor had anticipated her recovery. Even as she got to her feet she felt the strength drain from her body as he adjusted the dial the other way.

“Feeling better? I thought that might revive you,” he said with a chuckle. Now let’s try this.” He turned the dial to a lower setting and bent over her prostrate form. Without warning his hand flashed out, slapping her hard across the face. The force of the blow loosened several of her teeth and badly cut the inside of her mouth. As her senses swam he grabbed her by the chain that held her cloak and jerked her to a sitting position.

“Well, I see that you felt that.” Pinching her lower lip between his thumb and forefinger he forced her mouth open, noting the dribble of blood from her lacerated cheek.

Stepping back he twisted the dial again. Once more Kara experienced the sudden sensation of power as her strength returned, but as soon as she sat up Luthor rendered her helpless once more. As she collapsed back on the table he returned to her side and prying open her mouth checked the inside for bleeding.

“Very interesting!” he exclaimed. “Completely healed.” He made another notation in his black book.

For the next two hours Luthor toyed patiently with the settings. At times for just a millisecond or so he brought her back to full strength and then he took her the other way, even to the point of sending renewed waves of pain through her body. Through it all, Kara lay helpless, forced to allow the sadistic villain to experiment upon her the way he would with a lab rat. Finally at the end he seemed satisfied. Rising from his chair he approached her again.

“Enough science for one day,” he said. “Now it’s time for a little fun.” Rolling her over on her belly, he fumbled at her neck and found the catch holding her cloak. He removed the garment and then searched for the zipper at the neck of her costume.

“W… wh.. what are you doing?” Kara exclaimed,

“That should be obvious, even to someone as stupid as a superheroine,” Luthor replied. He pulled the zipper down to the small of her back, and peeled her costume off her, removing the sleeves from each of her arms and then pulling it away from her body.

Mentally exhausted from her ordeal, Kara cried out in protest. “Please don’t. Let me go. I won’t tell anyone about this.”

“Broken so soon, superheroine?” Luthor sneered. “I’ve hardly started. I have determined that when I remove you from the debilitating influence of the kryptonite you have the power to completely regenerate any damaged tissue. I have also determined that by carefully adjusting the level of radiation I can raise or lower your superheroine strength. Right now I have rendered you helpless, but in a few minutes I will return you strength to the level of an average terrestrial. Then I plan to have a little fun with you.”

“No, you can’t,” protested Kara. “You can’t do this to me.” She could almost taste her fear as it welled up inside her. She could well imagine what Luthor’s idea of fun might be and she was absolutely terrified.

“Please release me,” she begged as Luthor continued to strip her costume from her body. As each item of clothing was removed her heart beat faster, until it seemed like a drum was pounding inside her chest.

“Relax, superheroine,” Luthor laughed. “If I am right about you I suspect that you might enjoy this.”

“No, please!” cried Kara as he took her left arm and slipped a rope about her wrist. “Please don’t do this, I’m a …”

“Virgin?” Luthor finished for her. Well of course you are. You’d probably kill any earthman who tried to mate with you. But in your weakened condition…”

“No,” Kara whimpered, as Luthor lifted her slightly so that he could slip the rope over her breasts. “You can’t do this to me.” She had not intended to say ‘virgin.’ Her session in Kink Kennedy’s headquarters had robbed of that. She was going to say ‘superheroine,’ but Luthor had jumped to conclusions. Frightened and humiliated she did not correct him.

“Why not?” Luthor asked. “Did you think it was never going to happen? A high and mighty superheroine brought down to the level of a mortal.” He laughed. “You are a fool. The way you continually placed yourself in perilous situations, sooner or later you were bound to be captured.”

“I never expected this,” Kara replied.

“Didn’t you? Constantly placing yourself in danger. Going after desperate and brutal men. It is simply my honour to be the one to do the job.”

Kara’s only reply was a sob as Luthor continued to bind her. He obviously did not know that she had already been deflowered. The secret of her violation and humiliation had been erased by the destruction of Kink Kennedy’s headquarters and everything in it, including Kennedy and most of his men. And unless she told him it would remain that way. Her ability to heal completely had erased all traces of the rape. Even her torn hymen had healed. As far as nature was concerned she was a virginal as the day she was born.

But now she was more interested in what Luthor was doing to her. He had tied her left wrist and pulled it upward by running the rope under her right armpit and then across her upper chest. He had finished by bringing the end of the rope over her left shoulder and down to her wrist again. He repeated the operation with her right arm leaving her wrists painfully crisscrossed between her shoulder blades. Then just to make sure that her arms were completely immobilized he took several turns of the ropes around both wrists, lashing them tightly and painfully together. Kara gasped at the painful bondage. She could hardly breathe and agonizing pain jabbed with almost electrical intensity through her shoulder joints. Somehow the cruel bondage was almost worse than the agony she had experienced under the kryptonite lights. It was not nearly as painful, but it was infinitely more degrading, signaling her helplessness as both superheroine and a woman. Weakly, she struggled to escape, but was able to do little more than wiggle her fingers. She was naked and immobilized. And the ropes hurt. It was something she was not used to. She had experienced more pain in the last few hours than in the first eighteen years of her life. Luthor, however, was not quite finished. Seizing her ankles he bent each leg and lashed her lower legs to her thighs. Then he stood back to admire his handiwork.

The heroine lay helpless, securely bound and still weakened by the kryptonite. Her naked body gleamed under the lights with a thin sheen of sweat. It was not warm in the room, but he would not have realized it to look at the trembling heroine’s body. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her right shoulder, partially obscuring her face, and her full rounded breasts bulged out from under her torso. Luthor licked his lips. It was time to have an even better look at her.

“Now to put a bit of life into you,” Luthor said. He adjusted the dial on his console, and Kara felt some of her strength return, but she lay quietly, knowing that Luthor could rob her of her strength whenever he chose, and ashamed to reveal more of her body.

Luthor, however, did it for her. Grabbing her by her blonde mane he pulled her into a sitting position and turned her toward him. Then he stepped back to admire the view. Kara teetered unsteadily, her weight now on her knees and toes. Her back was arched and her magnificent rose-tipped breasts were thrust out, the upturned nipples pointing directly toward him.

“Splendid,” he thought. The most beautiful and powerful woman on earth and she was completely within his power. He could not help feel a surge of pride in his genius. She knelt before him, like a supplicant, her incredible azure eyes wide with fright. Her pouting lower lip trembling with fear and humiliation. But she did not look away. Frightened and helpless, she still had the courage to face him without flinching.

“A work of art,” thought Luthor. “A goddess.” As she shifted her position slightly her high pink-tipped breasts swayed slightly. Even robbed of her superheroine strength she hardly needed any support.

“Lovely,” he said aloud. His eyes went to the golden triangle between her legs. “Tell me,” he asked, “do invulnerable superheroines ever shave, and if so how? I notice that you have no armpit hair. Why is that?”

“Kyrptonians don’t have hair in all the same places as Terrrestrials,” Kara answered. “At least that is what I have been told.” She was blushing furiously, but at the same time terrified of what was happening to her. She found Luthor’s matter-of-fact examination of her body both acutely embarrassing, and incredibly unnerving. Desperately she tried to think of a way out of her perilous predicament.

“That information comes from your cousin no doubt,” Luthor sneered. “It is quite amazing; you probably know less about yourself than I do.”

“I had no one to teach me,” she replied, defiantly.

“Well then,” said Luthor, “I guess it is up to me. I think I’ll start with a cosmetic change.” He strode toward her. In his hand he held a straight razor.

“What are you going to do?” Kara asked, her voice rising in pitch.

“Don’t worry,” said Luthor, “I’m not going to cut your throat. At least not yet.”

Reaching the helpless heroine he lifted her chin and looked into her gorgeous eyes. “So beautiful,” he said. “And I can do anything I want with you.” Pushing her down on the tabletop he spread her legs. In his other hand he held a can of shaving cream.

“Stop,” Kara protested, as Luthor lathered her pubic mound. “What you are doing is disgusting.” She was breathing heavily, her beautifully rounded breasts rising and falling erotically.

“Disgusting? Far from it. I find it quite stimulating.” He moved the razor deftly, each stroke removing a little of Kara’s golden down.

“You know,” Luthor mused as he worked on her, “I’ve desired you ever since I first laid eyes on you. How old were you then, fourteen? And now I have you. Soon you will know the true meaning of what it is to be a woman.”

There was no mistaking his meaning; Kara felt cold chills run through her body as her pubic hair was methodically removed. “Please,” she tried again, “there must be some arrangement we can make. Let me go and I won’t arrest you.”

“Won’t arrest me?” Luthor laughed. You must think I’m a fool. I have New Gotham’s greatest heroine completely in my power and she promises not to arrest me. What would be in it for me if I agreed to your ludicrous proposal?”

“I’ll leave you alone,” Kara said plaintively. “You won’t have to worry abut me from now on.” She was truly desperate, and willing to promise almost anything. She felt a leaden fear in her gut that was worse than anything she had felt when a prisoner of Kink Kennedy. Her ordeal at the crimelord’s hands had been brutal and frightening, but somehow Luthor absolutely terrified her.

“You know,” Luthor said. “I came to this city two years ago to get away from you and your cousin. Even before your cousin sent me to jail the last time I had begun this base. You can imagine how annoyed I was to find out that just as it neared completion you decided to take up residence here.” He grinned. “But now that problem is solved.”

Luthor finished his barbering. Laying down the razor he ran his hand over Kara’s now smooth pudenda. “Just like a little girl now. This is going to be most enjoyable.”

Kara had to clench her teeth to keep from crying out as Luthor’s fingers caressed her vulva. Her chest heaved and she strained at the ropes, but Luthor was just playing with her. He was still fully clothed. He placed his hands on her arms and moved her into a sitting position again. Then he moved back a foot and began to unbuckle his belt. He grinned or perhaps smirked was a better word. “Time to make a woman of you, superheroine.”

Kara averted her eyes as Luthor undressed. Desperately she tried to think of a way to get him to stop, but her mind was a blank. Luthor had her at his mercy and there was nothing she could think of to stop him from having his way with her.

Slowly, Luthor removed his clothing, folding each item carefully and setting it on his chair as he did so. Finally he stood before her, his manhood fully erect and throbbing with anticipation. His smooth body seemed to shine in the light. He was completely hairless. Everywhere. In spite of her fear, Kara’s eyes were drawn to his impressive phallus. It was tilted upward like a sword. The thought that it might soon be inside her had her shaking.

“No.” Kara mouthed the word, rather than said it aloud. Trembling she could only watch as Luthor moved toward her. She could hardly believe that this was happening to her again, the greatest of New Gotham's superheroines.

“Please no,” she muttered, straining against the ropes that held her. Placing his hands on her shoulders he gently pushed her to the table top again. He could feel her strength as the muscles of her well-toned body flexed beneath her satin skin, but she was helpless to resist him. Using his strength he bent her backwards and then spread her satin thighs.

Only then did Kara react. She knew her resistance was useless, but she could not just let Luthor rape her. There was, however, little that she could do other than clamp her thighs together. Luthor responded with a laugh. He had hoped for something like this. So far his domination of the heroine had been entirely too easy. He wanted a little bit of a fight. He had actually adjusted the kryptonite lights to give her a bit more than normal strength, counting on the ropes he had bound her with to keep her under control. She should have been strong enough to put up quite a battle but so far had disappointed him.

She didn’t disappoint him now. He had to use all of his strength to pry her legs apart. The heroine fought desperately, thrashing her body from side to side in a frenzied attempt to preserve her virtue. But it was a very one-sided contest. There was no chance of her snapping the strong cords he had bound her with, and the convulsing of her body was incredibly erotic.

He clamped his powerful hands over her knees and slowly parted her powerful legs. The writhing heroine screamed in rage and desperation as Luthor slid between her legs and using his weight flattened her against the top of the stone table.

Legs spread wide, Kara bucked like a frightened pony as Luthor mounted her. Clamping her legs hard against his thighs she sought desperately to hold him back, but inexorably his impressive endowment moved toward the heart of her love triangle.

She fought to stop him with everything she had; twisting her body so violently that he almost lost his hold on her. Her wrists bled as the ropes cut into her skin and droplets of sweat flew in all directions. But Luthor kept his grip on her, pressing her shoulders back onto the cold marble of the table top.

“No!” she pleaded. “Please no!” She continued to struggle frantically despite the utter hopelessness of her situation. He now found her resistance after all he had done to her surprising. But he realized that he should not have. She was a true superheroine after all. He enjoyed the struggle to its fullest, knowing that its outcome was predetermined. Despite her every effort there was no way that she could escape, and her fierce effort to preserve her virtue excited him beyond measure. He had never had an erection so hard and so large, nor had he ever felt so completely in command and powerful. Moving into position he thrust into her.

Kara screamed in fear as Luthor’s lance parted her labia. She gave one last heave and then his superior weight and strength overcame her defences. “No! Noooo! Aghhhh!” Her final cry came as he thrust against her hymen, ripping through the thin membrane and taking her virginity.

Now superheroine, You are a woman,” crowed Luthor. He held her trembling body and drove deeper into her, delighting in her screams of pain and rage.

“You bastard,” Kara cried, and then she gasped in agony as he buried himself within her.

“Aren’t those rather harsh words for a superheroine?” Luthor asked. He was amazed at how tight she was. Her vagina gripped his staff like a velvet vise. Every inch of penetration was a battle. But a battle he found most enjoyable. Withdrawing slightly he thrust forward hard, enjoying the arching of his victim’s back as he drove into her.

Kara whimpered in pain. Luthor was huge. Each thrust of his phallus ripped the delicate membranes of her vagina, causing exquisite agony. But more than the pain was the utter humiliation of being ravished by the ruthless villain. Pinned by his superior weight and strength she could do nothing to prevent him from doing whatever he wished with her. When he lowered his head and bit down on her right breast she screamed like a banshee.

Luthor worried her teat like a terrier, shaking his head as his teeth tore her skin. Sobbing, Kara begged him to stop, but his only reaction was to bite down hard on her other breast, leaving her quivering globes torn and bleeding. Raising his head he clamped both hands over her breasts and squeezed until the soft flesh bulged out between his fingers. Exerting crushing pressure he hammered his pelvis forward while the superheroine moaned and twisted in agony.

The rape continued for over an hour, ending only when Luthor finally climaxed. Shooting his seed into her, he rolled off her, breathing heavily. “You think superheroines get pregnant?” he asked. “Perhaps we’ll find out if I do this enough times.”

Kara could only weep in reply. Blood trickled from her ravaged vagina and Luthor’s teeth marks on her breasts also bled. She had been completely defeated, and the promise of more to come left her utterly demoralized.

Stepping over to his neatly folded clothes, Luthor dressed. Then returning to Kara he cut the ropes binding her legs and hauled her to her feet. “Come on superheroine,” he sneered, “it’s time to see your new home.”

Kara walked unsteadily in the direction Luthor pushed her. Her nether region was so sore that she walked slightly bowlegged, much to the amusement of the villain. “My poker burn you a little, superheroine? Well, it might take awhile to break you in, but I suspect that you’re going to get used to it.”

He pushed her toward the opposite wall. As they neared it, Luthor touched a button on the wall and a panel pulled smoothly back. A small well lit room was revealed. It was strangely designed in that it was completely circular and all of the furnishings were placed in the center of the room. A double circle of lights in the ceiling provided more than adequate illumination.

“Here you are,” Luthor said, “your home for as long as I decide to keep you alive. So far I have found you immensely interesting, especially the last hour of our association. You had better hope that I do not get bored with you.” He touched several more buttons on the wall outside the cell and turned away. Then, almost as a afterthought he turned back. “Oh, by the way. The lights above your head are identical to the lights in the main room. The first circle will reduce your strength to that of a normal human. The outer circle will kill you. Stray into them at your own risk. If you stay in the middle of the room your superheroine strength will return. I suggest that you use the shower there to clean yourself up. You are quite a mess.” With that Luthor turned away again and returned to his console. Once there he began to work over the controls as if Kara was not even there.

Mindful of his words, she stepped into the centre of the room. At once she felt the surge of power as her strength returned. Within seconds the pain of her injuries was gone and all traces of the brutal rape had disappeared from her body.

But she was still naked and a prisoner of the demented scientist. Tentatively she stretched her hand forward under the first circle of lights. Immediately she felt her strength fleeing her body. She didn’t bother to step farther forward toward the outer circle. She had little doubt that Luthor was telling the truth. She also realized he was right about her appearance. She was covered in sweat and blood, and her vagina dribbled blood and sperm.

In spite of the return of her powers she was completely demoralized. Her situation seemed hopeless. Fiendishly trapped, she could think of no way out of the plight she was in. Resignedly, she did as Luthor had suggested and stepped into the shower. Washing the evidence of the rape from her body helped her spirits somewhat, but although she scrubbed herself thoroughly, she could never get completely clean. Luthor had defiled her body and no amount of soap and water would ever get rid of what he had done to her. Finally stepping out of the shower, she dried herself and sat on the bed. It was the only piece of furniture in the room, other than the toilet and the sink. No clothing had been provided or any bedclothes. But the psychological impact of her ordeal had left her so exhausted that it didn’t matter. Curling up on the mattress, she closed her eyes and was soon fast asleep.

She awoke screaming. Her dreams had been filled with rape and torture, and when her eyes opened she was covered in sweat and half off the bed. “Sweet dreams, superheroine?” Luthor was standing in the doorway.

Kara glared at him, but behind her flashing blue eyes was a hint of fear. Then her eyes narrowed, as a sudden thought crossed her mind. She was trapped in the room, but the power of her X-ray vision could penetrate great distances. Luthor was only feet from her. All she had to do was focus on him and he would be fatally burned. And yet she hesitated. It seemed far too easy. Surely Luthor would have taken precautions against such a deadly weapon. She also had difficulty in bringing herself to kill him. Despite what he had done to her, she found it almost impossible to bring herself to use her powers so ruthlessly.

But she could use her X-ray vision in another way. If focused into an intense beam the X-rays could melt metal. She was trapped by the lights, but what if she burned through the electrical connections powering them? She felt stupid for not thinking of such an obvious tactic much earlier. She immediately put her thought into action.

The pain was of an intensity that defied anything she had been subjected to before. She lay on the bed, her limbs contorted with agony. She couldn’t even cry out, although her mouth was wide open in a silent scream.

Luthor grinned, maliciously. “You truly are one of the stupidest women I have ever met. Did you think I would not take any precautions against that deadly vision of yours? There are sensors set to trigger the lights if any X-rays are detected. Congratulations on surviving a level six dosage. I wasn’t planning to finish my pain experiments today, but since you have decided to participate I guess I may as well.”

Turning from the doorway, Luthor left the pain-wracked heroine while he went to a cupboard. He came back carrying a heavy set of shackles. “Titanium,” he explained. “I’ve modified it somewhat by bombarding it with radiation. It is much stronger than the regular metal but still retains its light weight. It will be interesting to see just how strong you really are.”

While he spoke all Kara could do was lie on the bed, trying to keep her muscles from contracting to the point where they would tear away from her bones and ligaments. If she could have screamed she would, but her voice seemed paralyzed. By the time Luthor returned a red haze was floating in front of her eyes and she was on the verge of unconsciousness.

Luthor punched a few buttons on the doorway. “Oh no you don’t,” he said. “I need you fully conscious for this.”

Kara gasped in relief as the pain diminished. It was still excruciating, but no longer so agonizing that it threatened to cripple her. Luthor entered the room, the kryptonite radiation not affecting him at all. Dumping the shackles in a heap on the floor he selected one set and clamped it on her left wrist. Stretching her arm across the corner of the bed he fastened the chain to a ring in the wall. “Strain gauge,” he said. “It will test your strength when you struggle.”

“Struggle?” Kara thought. The pain was so intense that it paralyzed her. What was Luthor going to do that would make her struggle?” The fear within her grew as she wondered what his plans for her might be.

He fastened her right wrists in the same way, and then dealt with her ankles. When he was finished, Kara was spread-eagled across the bed, her body in the shape of an”X.”

“There, that should keep you from ripping your body apart,” Luthor grinned. “Now tell me when it hurts.” His fingers swept over the control buttons. Kara managed just one short scream before the pain became so bad that it froze her vocal cords. After that she lay in mute agony, her limbs twisting against the restraints Luthor had placed on them. This time the pain was so bad that the level she had been subjected to before paled into insignificance. It was as if every nerve in her body was being burned by a white hot wire. At the end of an hour her bed was drenched in perspiration. It was certain that she would have dislocated her arm and leg joints if the chains had not stretched her out.

“Incredible,” he said finally. “Level ten. I can’t take it any higher than that. I would have thought the pain would have killed you.”

Kara did not reply. Her breasts were heaving from the pain and horror of the ordeal. Unbelievably, the pain ended as soon as Luthor adjusted the controls to the lower settings. She had no strength, but the frightening pain had gone, replaced by a splitting headache that simply would not go away.

“Now to test your strength,” Luthor said. Attached to each of the chains is a strain gauge. It will be interesting to see just how powerful you are.”

Kara had no intention of cooperating, but matters were taken out of her hands. Luthor’s fingers flicked over the controls. Above her Kara saw several of the lights begin to move. To her horror she saw that they were moving to direct their rays toward her breasts and nether region. Luthor nodded in satisfaction, and then punched the buttons of the control panel. Kara felt her strength return. Tensing her muscles she pulled against the chains that held her. But Luthor had judged her strength well. Each shackle was over three quarters of an inch thick and the chains matched. She knew at once that even her enhanced strength could not break them.

“Hmmm,” murmured Luthor. “That registered over three thousand kilos. Is that all you have?” Immediately, Kara relaxed, refusing to cooperate in Luthor’s experiment. The villain grinned and touched one of the buttons.

This time Kara did scream. The rays burned like white hot irons. Thrashing wilding on the bed she attempted to snap the chains that held her.

Luthor had a hard time keeping his eyes on his instruments. The writhing body of the superheroine was much more interesting. Her quivering pink-nippled breasts bounced alluringly and her back arched enticingly. Quickly he took his measurements as she fought desperately to escape.

“Fifteen tonnes, steady” he said. “Most impressive. And double that at the peak. Enough power to bring a semi-trailer truck to a halt. All that power, and all of it mine.” He licked his lips, his eyes fastened on the enticing region between her flexing thighs. He touched the control panel again and watched the shrieking superheroine regain control. He smiled. He did not intend to let that last long.

Kara lay helpless on the bed. She was completely exhausted mentally. Naked and frightened she was at the mercy of a fiendish madman. The chains that held her were the least of her worries. Her X-ray vision was capable of burning through them if she was allowed to use it. But she doubted that she would get the chance. All she could do was wait and see what other forms of torment Luthor had in store for her.

She wondered what had happened to the villain. From her position on the bed she could not see all of the room that lay beyond her cell and he had moved out of her line of sight. Suddenly there he was. He had removed his shirt, revealing his muscular torso and powerful arms and shoulders. In his hand he held a tube that resembled the sort of tube toothpaste came in. Slowly, he unbuckled his belt, and then, kicking off his shoes, dropped his pants to the floor. His socks went next, and finally his undershorts.

“Luthor,” Kara whimpered, “you’ve won. You’ve proven your point. You are stronger than I am. Please let me go. You have my word as a superheroine I won’t try to interfere with anything you do.”

It was a humiliating admission. She wept in shame and frustration as she said the words, but she was beaten. She no longer had the courage or fortitude to stand up to Luthor any more. The most mortifying aspect of her defeat was the fact that she was completely unhurt. Luthor had caused her excruciating pain and had brutally degraded her, but essentially she was unharmed. He had defeated her simply by breaking down her will to resist. But she had never known the sort of torment that Luthor had caused her. Pain was something foreign to her and she was ill-equipped to stand up to it. Now that she understood what it was to be tortured she would do anything to escape further punishment.

Luthor merely laughed at her plea. “You don’t really understand do you superheroine? I have no intention of letting you go – ever. You are part of a scientific study and I intend to find out as much as possible about you.” He paused to smile. “And have as much enjoyment as I can at the same time.”

Kara found her eyes glued to his startling erection. If anything it seemed even larger than on the previous day. Her sea blue eyes got even larger when he removed the cap from the tube and began to rub some green gel over his penis. “Kryptonite lubricant,” Luthor said, “it should make our lovemaking a little easier, and I am most curious about its affects on you.”

“No you can’t,” Kara begged. “It will hurt.”

“That’s part of the idea, superheroine.” Luthor had moved onto the bed and settled between her splayed legs. His phallus almost seemed to glow as he positioned himself to take her again.

“Oh no, not again,” Kara pleaded. “I could get pregnant.”

“Wouldn’t that be something?” asked Luthor. “Imagine a child with my brains and your strength. He could take over the world. Now you’ve really given me an idea.”

“No!” Kara screamed as Luthor entered her. Then her scream rose to a terrible high-pitched shriek as a terrible burning pain filled her vaginal region. The kryptonite lubricant burned like acid. Contracting her body, Kara sought to snap the chains that held her.

But her strength was gone. The radiation given off by the kryptonite lubricant had once again robbed her of her powers. As Luthor’s burning phallus penetrated her all she could do was scream in acute agony.

Luthor pounded into the screeching, writhing superheroine. Penetration was much easier this time because of the kryptonite lubricant. He had expected that, but the pain he was causing her was an added bonus. Then he got a bit of a shock. He had thrust into her only a few centimeters when his heavy phallus encountered an unexpected barrier.

“What is this?” Luthor asked. “It appears your hymen is intact. How can that be?” For a merciful few seconds he withdrew from Kara’s throbbing vagina.

Kara moaned; the burning lubricant still coated her love tunnel. She was confused by Luthor’s reaction, but thankful for the respite from the brutal violation. Her relief did not last long, however.

“Apparently your ability to heal even applies to the loss of your virginity,” Luthor said. “You are a perpetual virgin, which will make it very interesting if you ever bear children. It will be the first virgin birth in two millennia. I will have to note this phenomenon – when I’ve finished.” As he spoke he resumed his invasion of Kara’s garden of earthly pleasures. She screamed in agony as she was deflowered again, the burning lubricant setting her love tunnel on fire.

The pain of this rape lasted long after Luthor had climaxed. Kara was finally forced to resort to a shower douche in order to rid herself of the brutal pain. When she was finished she lay exhausted in the shower, too beaten mentally to even drag herself to her bed. “How long can this go on?” the eighteen-year-old asked herself. “Each time my powers are returned I regain my lost virginity. Each day Luthor devises another way to torture and humiliate me. I never thought being a superheroine would lead to such pain and degradation.” She hung her head as the shower beat down on her, the splashing water hiding her tears.

From his console, Luthor watched. “So beautiful,” he thought, “and so vulnerable.” Soon her spirit would be broken. Then he would be able to command her to do anything he wanted. He would have a superheroine as his slave. The thought was incredibly intriguing. Just thinking about it caused his organ to stir. He had to put the thoughts out of his head in order to prevent himself from dragging her to the bed and ravishing her again. Tomorrow he had something special planned for her. He could wait until then.

Kara awoke. To her surprise she was still sitting in the shower. “Must have cried myself to sleep,” she thought. “I wonder if it’s time.” It was certain that Luthor had something planned for her, but there was no way of keeping track of day or night. She assumed that when Luthor disappeared from his console it was night. But there was no way of being absolutely sure of that. She got to her feet. Thanks to the restoration of her superpowers, the time she had spent in the shower had not wrinkled her skin or had any affect on her. Nor had the uncomfortable position of her body left her with any stiff joints.

Stepping into the main section of her cell she sat on the bed. By now she was almost used to being nude. Almost, but not quite. Being constantly exposed to Luthor’s lascivious gaze was something she would never be able to accept. Each time he looked at her a shudder ran through her body. She could almost sense his mind devising ways of further abusing her. Resignedly, she waited for him to enter his control room.

The minutes ticked by. Finally, Kara curled up on the bed and tried to sleep. She wasn’t really tired. Her superheroine body was able to go without rest for days at a time, but she was incredibly bored. There was nothing to do in the room except wait. She supposed that it was another of Luthor’s ways of breaking her down.

She must have dozed off, because when she opened her eyes again, Luthor was standing next to her. She knew at once he had adjusted to lights to rob her of her powers. To her relief he was fully clothed. At least she wasn’t going to be raped immediately. She sat up, tossing her long golden hair over her shoulder.

“Beautiful as always,” smiled Luthor. He seemed almost genuinely friendly, but the lust gleaming in his eyes sent shivers through Kara.

“What do you want?” she quavered. This close to him she was completely intimidated. He loomed over her; seemingly omnipotent, reminding her of just how helpless she was.

“We are going on a little walk today,” he replied. “For that reason I want you to wear this.” He held out a collar of shining metal.

“W…what is that?” Kara asked. “My slave collar?”

“You can think of it that way if you wish,” Luthor answered. “It is an electronic collar that emits kryptonite radiation at the level I set it. Since we will be going outside the control room I need it to make sure that you remain in my power.”

Resignedly Kara placed the collar about her slender neck. Luthor adjusted a dial on the side of the collar and nodded in satisfaction. “I should warn you,” he said, “that the collar should not be tampered with. I have set an access code into it that only I know. If you try to deactivate it the radiation level will rise to fatal levels. You will die, but not until you have suffered incredible agony. Thanks to my little experiments I have been able to calibrate the settings exactly. I have them set at level one right now, which means your powers are reduced to the level of a normal woman. The collar will remain set at that level until I see fit to change it.”

Kara nodded. She had not expected anything else. But within her was a glimmer of hope. For the first time since she had blundered into Luthor’s lair she was going to be taken outside the room with the deadly kryptonite lights. By Luthor’s own admission there was noting to control her there except the collar. Perhaps this might be her long awaited chance to escape. Her hopes fell a second later when Luthor produced a set of handcuffs and ordered her to turn away from him. Quickly he clamped the manacles onto each of her wrists. Then directing her toward the door, escorted her out of the room.

They had exited through the door opposite the one through which Kara had entered the room. As a result she was now in a section of Luthor’s huge underground installation she had never seen before. A long hallway stretched before her with many doors leading to places unknown. With Luthor prodding her forward, she marched down the hall, her arms pulled tightly behind her and her breasts thrust forward.

As Luthor watched her walk he had to fight the urge to throw her to the floor and take her right there. Even restrained by the handcuffs, the superheroine’s body moved with the sinuous grace. It occurred to him that he did not know her name, “superheroine” being the only way he had ever referred to her. He must make a point of finding out what she called herself on his next session with her.

He knew quite a bit about her now, from the size of her breasts (they were a 35C) to the circumference of her waist (24), and hips (34). He knew that she was five foot nine inches tall, and weighed 135 pounds. But he knew nothing about her personal life. She must live somewhere, perhaps in a secret lair like his. And she must have friends and acquaintances. Sooner or later he was determined to find out everything about her. Each additional bit of information would increase his hold on her.

“He’s not paying close attention to me,” Kara thought. As she had moved down the hallway a slight gap had opened between her and the archvillain. “He’s gotten overconfident. I have to do something.” She slowed her pace slightly, allowing Luthor to get closer to her and then suddenly spun to face him

Her action was so abrupt that the villainous scientist almost stumbled into her. Bracing herself, Kara brought her knee up into his groin. With a startled cry Luthor clutched at his private parts and crumpled to the floor. Kara did not wait to see him fall; she was already sprinting down the hall, her eyes frantically looking for some sort of escape route.

She ran past a dozen doors before she made a choice. Just ahead of her was a metal door that was larger than the others. Gambling that it might lead somewhere significant and not knowing of anyplace better, she turned her back and grasping the doorknob opened it. The door opened onto a metal landing. Below her stretched a flight of steel stairs. Without hesitation, Kara moved down it. She had no idea where she was going, but one direction was as good as another.

It was not easy going with her hands secured behind her back, and as she went lower she became conscious of the cold. With the collar set on level one, none of her superpowers were operating. Heat and cold affected her the same as anyone else and within a minute she felt her skin prickling with goosebumps. Ignoring the discomfort she continued her downward flight, descending several flights of steps. Not once on the way down did she pass any doors until she reached the bottom. There she found a door illuminated by a single light bulb. It was opened by a pressure bar. Using her hips, Kara pushed the door open and was greeted by stark blackness.

Cautiously Kara peered into the dark, but she could see nothing other than a steel landing and another set of stairs. It was, however, very cold. She sensed that the landing was outside the building. Behind and far above her she heard the sound of a door being opened. She could not go back. She stepped onto the platform and let go of the door. Only when it closed did she realize that there was no way of opening it from her side. She was committed to following the flight of stairs to wherever it might lead.

Brushing against the handrail she went down into the blackness. She could hear the sound of dripping water. Without any light to guide her she felt her way along, testing each step as she put her weight on it, until she came to the point where there was no step. She reached down with her toes but could find nothing. Finally she sat on the last step and extended her feet as far as they would go. They touched something wet and cold. The stairs had ended. Directly below her was water. But she could tell nothing about it, except that it was cold. She had no idea how deep it was or how far it extended.

For several minutes she stood at the edge of the stairs. She was trapped somewhere outside of Luthor’s drug factory. She could not get back in, and it was very likely that she was being pursued. For all she knew Luthor might only be seconds behind her. To stay where she was meant being recaptured. But to jump into the water might mean drowning. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back and swimming would be difficult. She thought that she could probably manage to swim just using her feet if necessary, but she wasn’t sure. She had never really had to swim before. When she had taken swimming lessons in high school, she had always faked it. But she didn’t really have a choice. Faced with being in Luthor’s clutches again or taking a chance on drowning, she decided to gamble. Holding her breath she stepped off the step.

The shock of the water took her breath away. For a few seconds she could only gasp as she floundered about trying to keep from drowning. Then she found her footing. Still gasping, she discovered to her relief that the water was only chest deep. But she knew she had to get out of it quickly. The heat being leached from her body would lead to death by hypothermia if she did not find dry ground as soon as possible. The water itself bothered her. It was possible that it might be seepage from some underground spring, but its source might also be a break in one of the city’s aging sewer lines. However, she had no idea which way to go. The water seemed to be of a uniform depth and so offered no obvious choice of direction. Realizing that wandering aimlessly about in the underground lake would only lead to her walking in circles, Kara decided to keep close to the wall of Luthor’s factory.

For a few seconds she almost panicked when she realized she was not sure where the factory was, but then she remembered that she had dropped into the water parallel to it. As long as she had not twisted her body on the way in it should be to her left. Two careful steps to the side brought her up against the building. Breathing a sigh of relief she began to move slowly forward. In spite of the cold seeping into her bones she dared not move quickly. If she stepped into a hole she would lose her footing and possibly lose her sense of direction.

She was beginning to shiver violently now. The cold water had already sapped much of her strength, but she could still feel the building next to her and knew that it was only a matter of time before she came to the end of it. When she did she hoped that the water would shallow. Even more, she hoped that she might find a way to escape from the vicinity of the building altogether. If she could only make contact with one of her friends everything might be resolved. Getting the collar off would be a real problem, but perhaps her cousin or her friend Barbara could help.

What she was really dreading was revealing herself in public. She could imagine the headlines “Naked Supergirl Found Cuffed.” And almost certainly there would be someone with a camera to record her complete humiliation. She could just imagine trying to explain what had happened to her at the press conference afterwards. If only there were some way to escape and get back to her apartment without being seen. But such an eventuality seemed remote.

The ground underfoot suddenly began to slope. Finally, she hoped, she would be able to make her way to dry ground. And none too soon; a few more minutes in the chilly water would finish her off. And then she saw something even more welcome. A light. It was coming around the corner of the building. Hoping against hope, she rounded the corner. It was another landing at the top of a short flight of stairs. But more importantly there was a door with an outside latch. Staggering forward, she climbed the stairs and tried the door. It wasn’t easy with her wrists handcuffed behind her, but the latch clicked down and the door opened. She was back inside the building.

“Does this make any sense?” she asked herself. “I escape from the building and then sneak back in.” But she had no choice. A few more minutes in the subterranean lake outside the building and she would have been too cold to function. Already she could feel the welcome warmth stealing back into her bones.

She looked about her. She was in a large dimly lit room. But it was completely empty. Probably it was one of the growing rooms where Luthor planned to perfect his high concentration cocaine bushes. There was no way, however, for her to escape from there. She had to find a way out. On the far side of the room were several doors. One by one she tried them. All were locked except one. It seemed she had no choice. Opening the only unlocked door she found herself in a well lit hallway. Following along she tried every door she passed, but as before they were all locked. The eleventh door, however, was not. Pushing it open she entered and found that she was at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Shrugging her shoulders, she ascended, her bare feet making no sound on the steel steps.

At the top was another hallway. As before it was lined with doors, all of which were locked. Forced to continue until she found an unlocked door, she wandered through the building for another fifteen minutes, finally coming to a set of double doors. With no other route open to her she entered the room.

She immediately knew she had made a mistake. Her bowels turned to water when she realized what she was looking at. Although the room was empty the machinery within it clearly indicated its intended use as a torture chamber. Then her blood froze as she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Welcome back, superheroine.” The sneer in his voice as he said “superheroine,” indicated a degree of contempt for her that went beyond the ordinary. Trembling, Kara whirled to face Lex Luthor once again.

“Did you really think you had a chance to escape? Did you really think I would be that stupid?” Luthor was speaking calmly, but rage flared in his cold blue eyes. “I knew where you were every second of your pathetic escape attempt. Did you enjoy your walk in the sewers? I’ll be very surprised if you haven’t caught something.”

Stepping toward her he raised his hand and before Kara could duck, he punched her full in the face. The blow, delivered by a man who outweighed her almost two to one, actually lifted her off her feet. She sailed through the air, landing in a semi-conscious heap on the floor of the dungeon. Luthor did not let up. Walking slowly over to her, he kicked her in the ribs, and then kicked her again in her left breast.

“Get up, superheroine. We’ve got unfinished business. He kicked her again; this time hard enough to lift her partly from the floor. The impact knocked the wind out of her. Kara could not even scream. All she could do was gasp for breath while Luthor delivered another five or six kicks to her breast region. Finally, seemingly losing his patience, he reached down and grabbed her by the hair. Unable to stand, the moaning gasping heroine was dragged across the room. Then Luthor picked her up and threw her headfirst into a shower stall. He stooped and unlocked her handcuffs, and then turned on the water.

The cold water revived her a bit, but it did nothing to heal her injuries. She was sure that Luthor had cracked a couple of her ribs, and her left eye was swollen shut. And after a few minutes, she began to shiver uncontrollably.

Luthor stood in the doorway. “Too cold for you, superheroine? Then get clean and I’ll turn the water off.” He tossed a bar of soap at the feet. “Do a good job. I want every inch of your body scrubbed. And I mean every inch!”

Weeping, with her teeth chattering like a typewriter, Kara scrubbed away. Her hands were so cold that she could hardly hold the soap, but she knew that Luthor meant what he said. It took her a half hour, during which time she begged him to turn on the warm water, but Luthor was adamant. Finally finished he dragged her shivering body from the shower.

“I had something else planned for you today,” he said, “but your little escapade, not to mention the kick to my gonads has made me changed my mind. You were disrespectful and rebellious and you must be punished for it. First however, I going to give you a chance to heal.”

Luthor brought out a small electronic device and punched a few controls on it. Immediately, Kara was surrounded by a circle of light. “These lights are the same as those in my control room,” Luthor said, “so don’t try to escape. I am going to turn off the collar for a minute.”

Kara felt the familiar surge of power as her strength returned. Each time this had happened she had felt the urge to use her powers to escape, but she knew that it was hopeless. Moving a millimeter into the lights would render her helpless and there was no chance of accelerating through them in the short space she was allowed. And so she stood powerless while her body healed, all the while wondering what Luthor was going to do to punish her. Her anxiety increased as Luthor was joined by two hulking brutes. Luthor was not alone in the building. He had his underlings with him.

“I guess I better introduce you to Jag and Rok,” Luthor said, as he twisted the dial on his remote control and reactivated Kara’s collar. “You’re going to get to know them rather well. Probably better than you would like.” His face as he finished was an image of evil.

“Put her on the rack,” he said, turning to his huge henchmen.

“And they were big,” Kara thought. Two of the biggest men she had ever seen. They were each close to seven feet tall and broad shouldered and well muscled to boot. If she had not been robbed of her super strength she would have welcomed a clash with them, but reduced to the strength of a mere mortal, she quailed as the big men closed on her.

Dragging her away from the circle of lights, they hauled her over to one of the large torture machines she had seen. Kara’s stomach knotted with fear. What could possibly he worse than what Luthor had already done to her? Certainly nothing could ever duplicate the terrible pain of the kryptonite lights. And yet, she suspected that the next hour or so was going to be one of the most painful sessions of her life.

The “rack” as Luthor called it was an upright machine in the shape of a huge capital H. Connected to it were various hooks, pulleys and cables, whose function Kara could guess at, but could not be sure of. Helpless in the hands of the two henchmen, her back was forced against the middle bar of the H. Then her ankles were strapped to the bottom of each of the uprights, leaving her legs spread and her nether region wide open to invasion. Her arms were pulled behind her and leather cuffs were strapped to each wrist. Attached to the cuffs were cables that led to winches set in the concrete floor.

Kara’s body went cold. Despite the pain experienced under the kryptonite rays, this crude, almost medieval torture device seemed much more frightening. The rays she could do nothing about. But this machine was something she could see and feel. She had to fight very hard to keep from whimpering as the slack in the cables was taken up.

The squeal of the winch as Jag turned it was like something straight out of a horror movie. It was too frightening to be real, but as Kara felt her arms pulled tight behind her, she was almost sick to her stomach. The pull of the winch arched her back over the crossbar and then as the tension increased slowly began to pull her arms from their sockets.

Luthor stopped the winch before the pain became too bad. There was something he wanted to do first. Looking Kara in the eyes, he slowly unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants, and pulled his tumescent member from his shorts. “First, superheroine, something to warm you up. And a reminder that your unfriendly action caused no permanent damage.”

Kara could not resist the opening. She might be beaten and in a hopelessly humiliating and perilous situation, but she was not defeated yet. “I’m surprised that there was anything there for me to damage,” she said defiantly. “I thought you had to be a man in order to have balls.”

The two huge thugs guffawed. “Got you there, boss,” chortled Rok, his almond eyes almost closed with mirth.

“Shut up, you moron,” Luthor hissed. “I’ll tell you when something is funny.”

Despite her peril, Kara felt a sense of satisfaction. She was not defeated. Not until Luthor could break her spirit. However, her grim humour dissipated as Luthor advanced on her.

This time she did not scream as he entered her. Despite the fact that this was the most painful rape she had yet endured. Luthor thrust brutally into her. Fully healed, her tight tunnel of love resisted his entry just as it had the previous times and the pain of her hymen as it burst was as agonizing as it had been when she had first been ravished. Luthor’s attack was almost frenzied. He ripped into her with an insane energy that ripped apart the tender membranes of her passion pit and left her bleeding and swollen. But Kara somehow found a strength she had not had the first two times Luthor had ravaged her. Perhaps it was her defiance in the face of overwhelming adversity that helped her through it. Whatever the reason, she bore the savage desecration of her nether region without a whimper, further enraging the angry archvillain.

Finishing her off, Luthor backed away, panting heavily. Kara’s breath too came in hoarse gasps, but she controlled her features, determined to prevent Luthor from having any more satisfaction from her pain and humiliation. Her bravado worked. Far from being satisfied, Luthor was further enraged. But his next command had the girl of steel cursing her defiant attitude.

“Rok, Jag,” Luthor ordered, “Super bitch doesn’t seem satisfied. See what you can do.”

Inwardly Kara felt a sense of satisfaction. Luthor had never used a five-letter word to describe her before, but she also experienced a moment of sheer terror. Luthor’s rape had been painful in the extreme. Her plundered vagina was raw, bleeding, and swollen. Her breasts hurt from the brutal mauling of Luthor’s hands and the bites he had inflicted. She could think of nothing more terrifying or painful than for the two huge thugs to replicate Luthor’s violent invasion of her temple of love.

This time she did scream. Rok took her first, and his penis dwarfed Luthor’s the way a horse’s phallus dwarfs a man’s. It was like having a fence post rammed into her, and her determination to ignore the pain lasted only a few seconds. She not only screamed, she begged the ruthless crime boss to call off his huge henchmen. When she was turned over to Jag, she was crying and screaming even before he thrust into her. It was a most violent and brutal rape, worse than the previous two combined. Luthor had saved his best endowed thug for last and Jag’s mighty lance seemed to rip her apart. Her voice gave out long before the rape ended and she was reduced to making incoherent squeaks between sobs of pure pain and mortification. Her bold front had availed her nothing. All it had earned her was a more brutal violation than she had ever experienced; one that completely degraded her and left her in greater pain than she would have believed possible. She realized now, that painful as the burning rays of the kryptonite were, once they were turned off the pain was gone. It was not so with the brutality of the rape. The pain remained to torment her until Luthor saw fit to restore her super powers. Luthor, however, had other plans.

“Learned your lesson yet, superheroine?” Luthor asked. “Well, it’s fine if you haven’t, the class is just beginning.” He turned to Rok. “Tighten the winch,” he ordered.

Arched over the crossbar, Kara moaned as her arms were pulled from their shoulder sockets. Her loins felt as if ground glass had been shoved inside her, and her breasts, already savaged by Luthor had been additionally worked over by Jag and Rok. Blood from her ravished vagina trickled down her long legs and welled up from a dozen bite marks on her breasts. She stank of sperm and sweat and her voice was so hoarse from screaming that she could only whimper in pain as her body was slowly torn apart.

The rack was a truly horrible apparatus. As the tension of the winch pulled her joints apart, her back was arched until Kara was sure that her spine was going to snap. The pain was crippling, exceeding the agony of the gang rape, and it got worse, spreading to her hips as she was bent farther and farther over the cross brace. Slowly but surely, every joint in her arms and legs was pulled apart and then Luthor ordered Rok to leave her there. The thug ceased tightening the winch, but left the tension where he had set it. For the next three hours, Kara experienced the most excruciating pain she had ever known. Finally, exhausted past even her endurance, she did what had never happened to her before in her life; she fainted, finding relief from the pain in the realm of oblivion.