Chapter 9 - Revelations

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Chapter 9 Revelations

Kara waited with her usual feeling of dread. Luthor would soon appear and true to her word she would have to serve him like a common whore. She was dressed the way he had ordered, her luxurious shoulder length hair piled high on her head and diamond studded silver earrings dangling almost to her shapely shoulders. Around her throat was a necklace of diamonds set in platinum, and similar adornments decorated her right wrist, left ankle and her waist. She wore little else. Her shaved pubic region was concealed by a brief tapestry of diamonds that dangled from the platinum chain about her waist. It offered minimum privacy. Her nipples were rouged to make them stand out and were pieced by two large silver rings that were attached to the necklace. The entire array of jewellery swayed and tinkled as she moved. The almost nonexistent outfit had her feeling very much like a girl from a harem, which was exactly what Luthor intended. She was after all, his obedient slave. The door opened and Luthor entered. Kara immediately went to her knees and bowed her head to the floor.

“Rise,” Luthor commanded. Kara did as she was ordered, standing with head bowed before her master. “I am tired. It’s been a busy day,” Luthor said. “Undress me and give me a massage. Then I think you may prepare me a bath.”

“Yes master,” Kara replied. She went to his side and quickly stripped off his clothing. While she did so, he played with her body, lifting her breasts and tugging on the tiny silver chains that were attached to her nipple rings. Soon she knew the playing would go farther than that, but there was little she could do about it. She had given her word as a superheroine and that was that.

As she stripped off his clothes she realized that Luthor was unusually sweaty. Apparently he had been up to some fairly vigorous activity before he came to her. That was not unusual. Luthor often worked out for an hour or so before coming to her. He was proud of his trim muscular body and looked after it. Rather than shower, he allowed his sex slave to give him a relaxing massage and a bath. It was simply part of her job.

“Mmmm,” groaned Luthor as she worked her fingers into the muscles of his shoulder. “You look especially ravishing tonight. I’m looking forward to teaching you a few new tricks.”

Kara wasn’t. Luthor delighted in sexual experimentation. Each day he read a new chapter in some exotic sex manual he had acquired and then tried out what he had learned on her. Always the sexual activities he discovered were decidedly male oriented. He either skipped the chapters on female sexual gratification or the book had a very one-sided view of sexual relations. She wondered what sort of convolutions she would be forced to perform on him this time.

A faint odour assailed her nostrils. It wasn’t unpleasant, far from it, but it was strangely familiar. Where had she encountered it before? Was Luthor using a new deodorant? She wrinkled her nose, trying to place it. It almost came to her, but she couldn’t quite make the connection.

The massage was over and Kara went to draw Luthor’s bath. She would, of course, join him in the oversized tub. Sometimes he interrupted her scrubbing of his body and had sex with her right there. She wondered if that would be the case tonight or whether he would save it for later. Luthor’s stamina was amazing. When he was fully aroused, which was often, he was capable of making love for hours. Had she been the least bit interested in him she would have considered herself a lucky girl.

The water splashed into the tub and she added some sweet-smelling salts to the water. That scent…. Then it came to her. Diana. The last time she had smelled that perfume it was when she was standing close to the Amazon. She remembered commenting on it. “It’s a natural scent,” Diana had explained. “I make it myself by crushing the petals of several aromatic flowers.”

A sense of complete betrayal washed over her. How could she have been so stupid? Luthor had deceived her. All this time she had thought Diana and Barbara safe and all the while her two friends were probably still prisoners and being subjected to the same sort of humiliation she faced everyday. She felt as if someone had kicked her in the stomach. Of course the villain would have lied to her. That is what villains did. Luthor had never intended to keep his promise. No doubt he regarded the entire deception as a huge joke, or perhaps part of his insidious desire to carry out cruel and bizarre experiments. She wondered how many pages of notes in his little black book her sexual submission filled. And what of her friends? How had they been treated all of this time?

“Something wrong, slave?” Luthor said, interrupting her thoughts. “Is my bath ready yet?”

“Yes master,” Kara answered quickly. “I’m just adjusting the water temperature.” She tried to remain calm and think through the situation. Luthor had not kept his part of the bargain. That meant she was released from her superheroine vow. She was free to take whatever action she chose. But the kryptonite lighting rendered her mortal. Luthor had set it so that she had no more than normal strength. She could not hope to overpower him, and confronting him with his lie would be a waste of time. No doubt he would simply laugh uproariously at her stupidly and then use his strength or the threat of harming Barbara and Diana to force her to have sex with him. She would have to bide her time and wait for the appropriate opportunity.

Luthor slid into the tub. This was the life! Behind him the superheroine slut slipped into the water as well. Picking up a loofa she gently washed his back. He arched his body in pleasure. He was tempted to fuck her right here, but he had read an especially interesting section in his sex manual and wanted to save it for later and so he restrained himself. God, that felt good. He leaned back a little farther and felt the touch of her breasts on his shoulders. She was reaching over him now so that she could scrub his chest. It got really interesting when she reached his genitals. He had to really exert self-control to keep from fucking her sweet ass.

He leaned back a little farther, allowing the superheroine to move past him so she could finish her work. Her rounded breasts hung a few inches from his face and he could not resist reaching out of the water and tweaking her left nipple.

“Aaagghh!” He shrieked in agony as the superheroine drove her knee into his testicles. The pain was indescribable, but before he could scream again she smashed the heel of her palm into his nose and hammered his head back against the edge of the marble tub. Then she stuffed a face cloth into his mouth, shutting off his cries.

“How do you like this, you bastard?” Kara cried as she shoved Luthor’s head under the water. Dazed by her attack, he responded only feebly, waving his arms and weakly kicking his legs as she held him down in the sudsy water. She climbed on top of him, using all of her 135 pounds to submerge him. She held him there until he stopped struggling. Overcome by a very unsuperheroine-like rage, she didn’t even care if he drowned, but then she remembered the superheroine code and dragged the half-drowned thug out of the tub.

Luthor coughed and spluttered as she dumped him onto the bathroom floor. Good, he wasn’t dead, but that meant she had to immobilize him. Fortunately, she had lots of restraints in her bedroom courtesy of her “master.” Within a few minutes she had him nicely shackled, a proper ball gag substituted for the washcloth. He looked a little uncomfortable with his back arched sharply back. She had chained his neck to his ankles and his wrists were linked to his ankles as well. He wouldn’t be going anywhere for awhile.

Now she had to find a way to escape from her room. The kryptonite barrier was still there, but she thought she had a way to deal with it. Rummaging through Luthor's clothing she found what she was looking for. It was the small control pad he carried with him all of the time. She should be able to figure it out. She had seen him use it enough times. First though, she needed to get dressed. Somewhere in one of the drawers was her costume. It didn’t take her long to find it. Luthor liked to have her dress up in it every now and then.

She stripped off the jewellery, including the nipple rings Luthor had so painfully inserted. Once she had her powers back her body would heal, leaving no trace of the indignities he had heaped on her. She only hoped that he hadn’t brutalized Barbara too badly.

Fully dressed she picked up the control pad. She touched a few buttons the way she had seen Luthor touch them when he had increased or decreased the intensity of the pain he had caused her. To her delight the strangely glowing Kryptonite bulbs dimmed. Almost immediately she felt the almost erotic surge as her powers returned. She ran her fingers over her breasts and belly reveling in the potent sexual sensation. Then she drew herself together. She had to rescue Barbara and Diana.

She found the thin sheet of beaten lead she had made to protect herself against kryptonite and using it like a rag moved the length of the room rapidly unscrewing every one of the kryptonite bulbs. She carefully placed them in a large plastic clothes bag she had found in the closet. She was careful not to break them. Each one contained enough kryptonite gas to immobilize her. Finally unscrewing the last bulb she was ready to leave. Lugging the sackful of bulbs she exited the apartment. There was no other security than the lights. Luthor had not expected her to overcome that obstacle. Now she had to find her companions.

A short was down the corridor her X-ray vision located a garbage chute. She dumped the bulbs into it. That would be as good a place for them as any until she was able to dispose of them properly. She scanned the building with her X-ray vision. It took her only seconds to locate Barbara and Diana. She also located several dozen of Luthor’s henchmen. She decided to free her companions first. She didn’t know if Luthor’s men had had any kryptonite-powered weapons and she didn’t want to take any chances. With Barbara and Diana to back her up she would be much more certain of success.

Barbara and Diana were confined at opposite ends of the complex; no doubt because Luthor wanted to take no chances on having them communicate with one another. Probably he had used the same ruse on them that he had on her in order to obtain their compliance. She winced at the memory of what had been done to her. Three women all duped into acting like slaves. There was no punishment she could devise that was too harsh for Luthor.

She went after Barbara first, fearing what she might find. The batgirl did not have the powers of recovery that she and Diana had. There was no telling what Luthor might have done to her tender young body. Barbara was two floors down and several corridors away from her. Kara headed for the stairs using her power of flight to shoot down the hall and into the stairwell. Within seconds she was streaking toward the cell where Barbara was confined. There were only two guards and she arrived so quickly that they didn’t even know she was there until she tore into them. She wasn’t particularly gentle, slamming them off the concrete wall with enough force to knock them unconscious.

They were probably severely injured, but after what had been done to her, Kara was in no mood for niceties. The cell door was locked electronically, but Kara didn’t need the code. Gripping the door by its locking wheel she simply tore it off it hinges. Inside she saw a sight that filled her with cold fire.

“Kara,” Barbara gasped. “What are you doing here? Didn’t you promise…? The batgirl was sitting naked on the edge of a blanketless cot, her body covered with bruises. For an instant Kara almost went back to where she had left Luthor.

“Yes,” Kara said. “I promised. Then she explained Luthor’s treachery as she escorted her confused friend to the locker and helped her dress.

“My god,” Barbara said. “I let that beast have his way with me for nothing.” She hung her head and appeared ready to burst into tears.

“Cry later,” Kara said, brutally. “Luthor still has Diana.”

“That son-of-a-b…” Barbara bit her tongue. “He promised me that he would let Diana go. I’ve been such a fool. I thought you both safe. I should have known Luthor would not keep his word.”

“Are you ready,?” Kara asked. Barbara nodded. Expressionless, the batgirl tore the rings from her nipples. Then ignoring the blood, she pulled on her black costume and strapped on her utility belt.

“Let’s go,” Barbara said. “You deal with the thugs and doors. I’ll watch your back.”

The plan was a simple one. Kara had nothing to fear from most threats. Kryptonite was her only weakness. Barbara’s job was to eliminate any threat from the latter.

They moved toward Diana’s cell at Barbara’s speed. Unlike the cell where the batgirl had been held, Diana’s was heavily guarded. Apparently the Amazon was regarded as much more of a threat than Barbara was, which was surprising considering Diana’s almost unbelievably strict sense of honour. Once the Amazon had given her word only death or betrayal could make her break it.

Diana rolled off her cot. Her cell was Spartan as befitted an Amazon. It did not even have a sink or toilet. She was expected to control her bodily functions until her guards released the locks on her cell door. She was allowed five minutes outside the cell every six hours. She had gone over the time limit once and had suffered several hours of physical and sexual abuse for her transgression. She had never done it again.

Something had awakened her. A faint noise outside her cell. She could not be absolutely sure. Stripped of her superpowers she had only normal hearing and the walls of her cell were six inch thick steel reinforced concrete. Had Luthor come back early? It would be just like him. She had been allowed access to her belt to heal her injuries after her last session, but she was not looking forward to another “game” this early.

She stood waiting, ready to go to her knees if her master entered. She regarded that ritual as the most degrading action Luthor required of her, but she had given her word in order to secure the release of Barbara and Kara. Without warning the door to her cell opened. Well, opened was not exactly the right word. Exploded was more like it as some tremendous force ripped it off its hinges.

Diana’s eyes widened slightly as Kara appeared in the doorway. Just behind her was Barbara and beyond them the unconscious bodies of over a dozen of Luthor’s henchmen.

“Kara,” said Diana. “What are you doing here?”

“Rescuing you,” the blonde heroine replied. “I think we have played Luthor’s game long enough.”

“But I…” Diana began.

“Gave your word? Yes I know,” Kara interrupted. She seemed rather short tempered for some reason, but her anger did not seem directed at her. “Come with me. Barbara will explain.”

Diana followed Kara out of the cell. Free! It seemed too good to be true, but she was still honour bound to serve Luthor. She could not go back on her word. She changed her mind a few minutes, later, however, as Barbara told her of Luthor’s deception.

“By Almighty Zeus. I will have that villain’s balls,” she exclaimed.

Both Barbara and Kara looked at her in slight amazement. The language was about as strong as they had ever heard her use. “I don’t think he has enough for the three of us,” Barbara said. “Someone is going to have to share.”

The three women exchanged grins as Kara ripped the door off a locker and handed Diana her costume and accessories. “Now you are Wonder Woman again,” said Kara as Diana dressed.

“Yes,” the Amazon replied. “And I am anxious to meet with Luthor. I trust he did not escape.”

“He is quite secure,” answered Kara. “Did you have something special in mind for him?

“I have something very special in mind unless you can think of something better.”

“Tell us!” Kara and Barbara said together.

“Alright. Here is what I think he deserves….”

“Aaahh!” Luthor cried out as the lash cut into his naked back. The blow was especially painful as it stripped the peeling skin from his sunburned back.

“Put your back into it, you lazy slug,” screamed the overseer. “We want this project built during your lifetime.”

Hurriedly Luthor lifted the heavy block of stone. Shifting it on to his shoulder he carried it to where the other members of his work gang, many of them former henchmen, were cementing the blocks in place. “Paradise Island,” he thought. “What a misnomer.” The only men on the island were slaves engaged in building a new swimming bath and gymnasium for the Amazons. Even worse, there was no escape for any of them. The island was not in the same plane of existence as the rest of the Earth. Escape was impossible unless one of the Amazons escorted him from the island the same way that he and the others had been brought. Damn that Amazon bitch! The trip in the net suspended below the invisible plane had been one of the most terrifying of his life. Half of the men in the giant net including him had been sick on the flight to the island. The flight to the island, however, had been nothing compared to what awaited him and his henchmen.

The whip flicked out again, this time curling around Jag’s shoulders. “Move it, scum,” the Amazon overseer shouted. She was damned good with the whip, being able to pick a fly off the back of any man in the work gang with just a flick of her wrist. Anteia she called herself, and she ruled the worksite.

“Stop thinking, scientist,” Anteia shouted. The whip flicked near Luthor’s bare backside. “Move faster or I’ll remove your jewels.”

Luthor scampered to do her bidding. Damned Amazon bitch. One day he would get back at her. Then she would pay. Then he would make her… ”Aahh!” The whip curled between his legs.

Kara raised her wine glass. The glow from the fire sent slivers of light through the amber liquid. “This is very good, Diana,” she said.

“It is one of the things we do well,” the tall Amazon smiled.

Barbara giggled. “The bubbles get up my nose.”

“Go easy on that,” Kara cautioned. “It is more potent than it tastes.” She grinned at her friend. The trip to Paradise Island had healed all of Barbara’s injuries except those within her mind. But all three heroines shared that affliction. They would heal. They were superheroines after all. On their return to New Gotham they had taken a trip to Barbara’s family cabin. After their shared experience with Luthor they wanted a few days of quiet relaxation before returning to crimefighting.

Kara held up a black notebook. “What shall we do with this?”

“Have you read it?” asked Barbara.

Kara shook her head.

“Do we really want to know what Luthor wrote about us?” Diana asked.

“It’s quite thick,” Barbara said. “There might be something interesting in it.”

“I don’t want it,” said Diana. Knowledge gained through the torture and degradation of women is knowledge contaminated.”

Barbara held out her hand. “I’ll take it,”

Kara handed it to her. Smoothly, the batgirl got to her feet and tossed it into the glowing coals of the fireplace. “Makes and nice blaze don’t you think?” she said with a smile.