Chapter 6 - Barbara's Ordeal

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Chapter 6 Barbara’s Ordeal

Barbara whimpered in agony. She had been stretched by the winch for several hours now, ever since Diana had been led from the room. Her mind, however, was not focused on herself, but on her two companions. The sight of Kara being cruelly tortured haunted her mind. How could someone with Kara’s powers be so easily defeated? And her screams! The sound of her torment had chilled her to the bone. Even now, two hours later Kara’s shrieks rang in her ears. And Diana, led away like some sex slave. She would never have believed that the Amazon could be subjected to such humiliation. There was no doubt in her mind about what Luthor intended to do to her. The thought filled her with fear. When Luthor returned, what would be her fate?

She started as the door to the room opened. She expected to see Luthor, but it was Diana who entered the room. The Amazon was led by Jag, an iron collar about her neck. Her head was bowed and she refused to look toward Barbara, but there was no doubt what had been done to her. She was having trouble walking and her thighs were stained with blood. “Oh no,” thought Barbara, “not Diana too.” Tears filled her mahogany eyes as she beheld the beaten heroine being led back to the rack. Barbara could look no more. She turned her head away.

“Sad isn’t it?” came Luthor’s voice. He had come in behind her. “A mighty superheroine broken. How do you think you will fare, my little bat?”

The villain moved into sight, a self-satisfied grin on his smooth face. “Very brave of you, Luthor,” Barbara spat between clenched teeth. “You’ve very good at handling women who are bound hand and foot, especially with your two thugs to back you up.”

“It won’t work, my dear,” Luthor sneered. “I have no intention of letting you loose so that you can practice your martial arts skills on me. I am in control here, and I intend to remain in control. You, however, might find it difficult to maintain your composure when I am through with you.”

“Tell me Luthor,” Barbara replied. “Do you molest women to make up for a complete sense of inferiority or is it the only way you can get any member of the opposite sex to notice you?”

“Clever question,” Luthor said. “And is chasing criminals in skin tight spandex the only way you can get a man or do you prefer women?”

“Bastard,” thought Barbara. “I’m only providing him with free entertainment. As if being strung up naked in front of the pervert isn’t enough.” The pain of the rack sapped her strength. She no longer had the energy to exchange words with the evil scientist.

She was acutely aware of her naked helplessness. How could she not be? Luthor made no secret of his lust. His eyes inspected every inch of her body. Arched back in an excruciatingly painful position, she wondered if she would be able to stand when Luthor finally saw fit to release her from her bondage. And when he did, what would he do with her? Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead as she thought of what he had done to Kara and Diana. Would he do the same to her? She did not doubt that he would. The only question was when. Somehow she had to escape before that happened. She could not let a vile thug like Luthor deflower her.

“Remove her from the rack,” Luthor ordered, “and take her to the ring. I’m going to find out if she is as tough as she thinks she is.”

“The ring?” Barbara thought. It sounded ominous. She winced as Rok, slacked off the winch. The pain of being returned to a normal position was almost as bad as being stretched. As with Diana, Rok took care to ensure that she did not escape. An iron collar was attached to her neck, and short chains were run from the collar to her wrists. The result was to pull her hand up levels with her shoulders and prevent her from moving her arms more than six inches. Her ankles were similarly secured, a chain being run between them to serve as a tether. She would not be able to run or more importantly, use her deadly feet to attack.

Barbara thought the bondage a bit excessive. She was so crippled from her long stay in the rack that she could hardly move, much less fight anyone, but she had little choice in the matter. Every step torment, she allowed herself to be led from the room.

Diana watched the teen disappear through the door. Humiliated by her brutal violation at Luthor’s hands, she was too mortified to speak, and so she said nothing as her friend was led away. She instantly regretted it. A word of encouragement would have cost her nothing and would have shown Barbara that she was not badly hurt. She thought of the young teen, forced to face Luthor and his thugs on her own, totally helpless, and she had not so much as spoken her name.

Jag diverted her mind to her own predicament. He did not put her back in the rack, but instead took her to a large gleaming metal wheel. It resembled a wagon wheel in that eight metal spokes radiated out from a central hub to a heavy metal rim, but it was much wider, the outer rim of the wheel being a foot wide and six inched thick. There were four holes in the rim, spaced an equal distance apart. Diana knew at once what they were for and so she was not surprised when Jag ordered to climb onto the wheel and place her hands and feet through the holes. For an instant, Diana thought about forcing Jag to lock her into the wheel, but the memory of what Luthor had done to Kara came immediately to her mind. She had suffered enough pain for one day. She had no intention of giving Luthor or any of his henchmen an excuse they didn’t need to brutalize her further.

Jag clamped a giant set of manacles over her wrists and an equally large set of irons over her ankles, anchoring her securely into the wheel. She wondered what the massive apparatus was intended for. It was almost as if Jag expected her super strength to return, and without her magic belt that was impossible. As the final shackle was locked into place, Luthor approached her. He had temporarily disappeared and now she saw what he had gone to fetch. Gleaming undamaged in his hands was her magic belt. Her eyes widened as she gazed on the source of her power. If only she could get her hands on it, just for a few seconds.

“I’ll bet you want this don’t you, Amazon?” Luthor asked, dangling the belt in front of her. “Well, you’re going to get your wish.”

To Diana’s astonishment, Luthor strapped the belt around her slender waist. The transformation was immediate. As her magical strength returned, her body almost glowed with vitality. The bruises and cuts inflicted by Luthor’s depravity healed and faded. Her eyes blazed with an intense light and even her dark tresses seemed to take on a special sheen.

“Ahhh!” Diana gasped. She had forgotten what it was like to wear the belt for the first time. When, as a young woman, the belt had first been bestowed on her she had almost had an orgasm. If it had not been for the hopeless position she found herself in she might indeed have had an erotic experience.

Luthor stood amazed at the transformation. It was as if the Amazon glowed with some inner light. Her muscles rippled beneath her velvet skin; her body flushed with life; her nipples stood out from her creamy breasts like twin minarets welcoming the dawn. “Incredible,” he murmured, taking a step backward. She was unbelievably alive and beautiful, rivaling the blonde Kryptonian in her dark-haired splendor.

But Diana was not interested in her appearance. She sought only to escape, and Luthor had given her the opportunity. Flexing her powerful muscles she sought to rip the metal ring that held her to bits. To her stunned amazement, nothing happened. Unable to believe that anything could resist her strength, Diana tried again, straining her body to the utmost. For five minutes she fought to escape, twisting and turning in an effort to find a weakness in the metal ring, but it held her without giving. Finally she slumped, temporarily exhausted, her magnificent body covered with sweat, and tears of rage and frustration running down her cheeks.

Luthor laughed. “What a performance, Amazon. We’ll have to have you repeat that soon. It is most enjoyable seeing a superheroine meet her match. By the way, your blonde superheroine friend couldn’t break my irradiated titanium either. Like her there is a limit to your strength.”

He stepped up to her and paced his hand on her inner thigh. “And like her, you have the power to recover from your injuries.” Diana shuddered in disgust as he inserted his middle finger into her vagina. “Hmm,” he said thoughtfully, “I see there is one difference. You have not recovered your virginity. Pity, I was looking forward to taking it again.”

“Wheel her down to the ring,” he ordered Jag. “I want to her to witness the batgirl’s initiation.” Jag nodded. Diana found to her surprise that the huge wheel she was fastened into was mobile. Jag rumbled it out of the room and down the hall without effort.

They entered a large room that resembled a gymnasium. It was full of athletic equipment, including a full sized boxing ring surrounded by a metal cage. In the center of the ring stood Barbara and off to one side, wearing her gleaming metal collar was Kara. Diana wondered why the supergirl did not try to escape. She was unrestrained except for a set of light shackles. She guessed it had something to do with the collar. No doubt kryptonite was involved somehow.

But it was Barbara she focused on. The girl was in the ring facing Rok. All of her restraints had been removed except a chain connected to her collar that was locked to one of the ring posts. Rok was stripped down to his shorts, and his gigantic body glistened with oil. It appeared that Luthor had decided to pit the slender girl against the oversized behemoth.

It appeared a one-sided contest. Diana knew that Barbara had spent hours chained to the rack. It was a wonder she could still walk, much less fight. But Diana knew that Barbara was reputed to have tremendous powers of recovery. That supple body was capable of scaling the sides of buildings using nothing more that a thin line for support, and leaping across chasm-like gaps in pursuit of criminals. It was just possible that the hulking brute across from her was in for a surprise.

Barbara surveyed her foe. There was no way she could match the giant in strength. Her only hope was to use her superior speed and agility, or at least what she hoped was her superior speed and agility. So far in this adventure everything had gone wrong. What if the giant was not only strong, but quick? Also, she was not at her top form. The rack had taken a good deal out of her. Just how much she wasn’t sure; and there was only one way to find out. Flexing her muscles she prepared for the battle ahead.

“Just to make this interesting my little fledermaus how about if I promise to let you go if you win?”

“What about my friends?” countered Barbara.

“Your friends?” asked Luthor, disbelief in his voice. “You don’t ask for much do you?”

“If my friends don’t go free, then I don’t go free.” The finality in her voice told Luthor that her decision was not going to be reversed.

“Get out, BG!” yelled Kara suddenly. “Don’t stay here for me!”

“Very noble,” sneered Luthor. “One superheroine sacrificing herself for another. Why does that not surprise me?” He seemed to think for a second and then continued. “Alright,” he said, “you all go free, but if you lose you must promise to serve me as my personal servant in all ways until I see fit to set you free.”

“Agreed,” said Barbara, “but first we set the conditions.”

“Of course,” Luthor agreed.

“Don’t do it Barbara,” screamed Kara. “He never keeps his word.”

“Then I don’t need to keep mine,” Barbara said.

“No!” Kara continued, “You don’t understand! He will not let you win. You will be trapped into the agreement.”

“For Christ’s sake gag her,” shouted Luthor. “And the Amazon too.”

As Kara and Diana were gagged, Luthor explained the rules. “Three falls. The first person in the ring to be pinned or knocked down three times loses. Anything wrong with those terms?”

“No,” replied Barbara. “I don’t think so.” She had the feeling that she was being tricked, but couldn’t find anything wrong with what Luthor had said.

“Then it is an agreement?” Luthor asked. “The first person to be pinned three times remember? I want your superheroine oath.”

“My oath?” asked Barbara.

“Yes your oath. Or there is no deal. Remember I have the upper hand here.”

“You have my oath as a heroine,” Barbara replied. “Now what about yours?”

“Do villains have an oath?” laughed Luthor. “Well, I give it. Will you accept it?”

“I have no choice,” Barbara replied.

“Then let’s get the contest underway. Release her from the restraints.”

Jag unsnapped the chain from the collar. Without further ceremony Rok moved toward her. For a big man he moved amazingly fast, crossing the ring in just three long strides.

But Barbara was ready. It was what she had trained for all her life. In spite of her confinement in the rack, she stepped under the lunging giant’s attack and skipped across to the other side of the ring.

In terms of strength she was completely overmatched. Her only chance was to stay away from her massive opponent. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” she thought.

Rok seemed annoyed at the ease with which Barbara had avoided him. With a curse he swung around. “Bloody bat bitch.” Hesitating less than a second he came at her again, arms spread wide in the hopes of cornering her.

But Barbara was not to be caught so easily. Waiting until the last instant, she once more ducked under Rok’s arms and spun across the ring. She made no attempt to attack her huge opponent. She first wanted to gauge her adversary’s reaction and to tire him out a bit.

His anger mounting, Rok charged wildly about the ring, each clumsy attack increasing his anger exponentially. Barbara easily eluded the lumbering lummox and then began to strike back.

As the elephantine thug bulldozed by, her right leg snapped out, catching him in the lower ribs. The blow from the slender girl seemed harmless enough, but Barbara put all of her strength into it. Rok grunted in agony, his hand going to his right side. Without hesitation, Barbara followed up the opening, hammering her fists into the thug’s nose and jaw.

The jolt went all the way up her arm, leaving her temporarily numb. The man’s jaw was like iron. Fortunately his nose was not. Reeling under the attack, Rok staggered away from her, further exposing himself to her attack. Using just her feet, Barbara struck at the brute’s ribs as his hands went to his bloody nose. The result was very satisfying; Rok lost his balance and crashed to the canvas. Quick as a cat, Barbara was on him, hammering his head into the deck.

“Fall!” shouted Luthor. “Return to your corner.”

Surprised, Barbara stopped her assault. Rok lay semiconscious in the middle of the ring, blood streaming from his battered nose. She was filled with a sense of elation. She had won the first fall. There were only two to go, and she clearly had Rok on the run. “Saved by the bell,” she murmured. But he would not get off so easily next time. She shook her right arm. The sensation was just returning to it. That was something to remember. Aim for the soft tissue. Rok’s head was far too hard to risk punching.

Then her heart almost skipped a beat. Jag was dragging the groggy Rok from the ring. Was he too beaten to continue? Had she won so easily? She stood triumphantly in the centre of the ring. Now she would see what Luthor’s word was worth.

A few seconds later, however, her feeling of victory disappeared, as Jag stepped into the ring. “Wait a minute,” she protested. “You said three falls. There was only one fall before you pulled your goon out.”

“That right, my little bat, I did say three falls. But remember the agreement. There was no mention that they had to involve the same person. You beat Rok. Now beat Jag for your second fall.”

“That’s not fair,” Barbara argued. “You tricked me. I never would have agreed to a tag team bout.” Her breathing was heavy. In spite of her seemingly easy victory over Rok, it had required quite a bit of effort on her part. She knew that she would be a little slower against Jag and have a little less power in her kicks and punches.

“Trick or not, you agreed to it. Now accept the consequences. I am ready to keep my part of the bargain.”

Barbara was trapped, but there was nothing she could do about it. Already, Jag was advancing toward her. He seemed to have learned from the example of his fellow thug. He did not rush foolishly in, but instead stalked her like a cat closing in on a cornered mouse. Spreading his arms wide, Jag covered almost half the ting, but Barbara had one advantage he did not; speed. She darted around the ring avoiding the clumsy maneuvering of the giant. It was a game she could not keep up forever, however. She needed to put away her opponent or eventually simply through sheer luck he would get in a punch and it would be all over.

She increased her speed, forcing Jag to turn rapidly to keep up with her. “Slow down you God-damned rabbit,” the huge man swore. Losing patience he made a lunge for her. Barbara kicked him in the ribs. The crunching sound as her foot struck him was most satisfying. She had broken at least one rib, and Jag’s scream of pain verified that. She gave him no chance to recover, driving into him with a flurry of blows. Losing his balance Jag went down and Barbara closed in for the kill. Three falls. She would need only two, but she underestimated her big opponent. Badly injured he was almost defeated, but as he fell he lashed out with his right leg, catching Barbara as she stepped toward him. Her feet went out for under her and she hit the canvas hard.

Jag’s left hand closed on her wrist his right was drawn back to deliver a blow that would have knocked her unconscious. Barbara knew she was caught. She did not have the strength to break that grip. But she was far from beaten. Changing tactics in an instant she launched herself at the huge man, targeting the broken rib. She struck him before he struck her. As he screamed in agony she dodged his blow and twisting her wrist broke free. She rolled away, but with a howl of rage, Jag rolled after her, and swinging one huge fist like a sledge, made contact with her shoulder.

The blow drove her to her knees and numbed her arm right down to her fingertips. Her arm hanging uselessly at her side, Barbara scrambled to her feet. Jag followed her, clutching his hand to his side. As she backed away he lurched after her swinging wildly in hopes of making contact. She only had one arm now, but her opponent was in considerable pain. Jag’s movements were even more awkward and he gasped in pain every time he drew breath. As she circled away Barbara saw her chance. She only had one arm, but she still had two legs and she used them to good effect.

Striking hard she drove her instep into Jag’s knee. The blow straightened and hyper-extended it. “You bitch,” Jag screamed as his knee buckled. Like a giant oak he toppled toward the canvas, catching himself on his hands. But Jag wasn’t quite finished. Lunging at her from the canvas, he tried to catch hold of her legs. Only by leaping into the air was she able to avoid him. Unfortunately, he caught her on the way down. This time he enfolded her in his arms and drew her into him. But Barbara wasn’t finished either. Bringing up her knee she flattened his gonads against his crotch. It was the winning blow. With a final shriek jag doubled over, clutching his mangled testicles.

“Final fall,” said Barbara triumphantly.

“Not yet,” said Luthor quietly. He stepped into the ring.

To Barbara’s amazement he assumed a fighting stance. He gave her a quiet smile. “What’s the matter little bat; did you think I was only a simple scientist? I think you are about to find out that I am not.” Without waiting for a reply he came at her.

His attack was so awkward that it would have been laughable under normal circumstances. But Barbara was exhausted from her fight with Jag and her arm still hung uselessly at her side. In addition, Luthor was much quicker than Jag. He was upon her before she knew it and his first blow took all of the fight out of her.

“Whuff!” she grunted as Luthor’s fist struck just below her sternum. The breath was knocked from her body, and she almost fell. Only a supreme effort of will kept her on her feet. Unfortunately, that was just what Luthor wanted. Measuring her carefully, he hit her with a right cross, snapping her head back and driving her onto the ropes. Then he stepped into her and coldly and deliberately beat her up.

He was careful to avoid hitting her face, but he had no reservations about driving his fists into her body, targeting her ribs and breasts. Unable to defend herself Barbara reeled under the brutal beating as Luthor laid into her. He amused himself by using her as a punching bag for several minutes an then when she could no longer stand, he dragged her over to the ropes and leaning her body against the lowest rope, hooked her arms over it and tied each wrist across her body. Then he stepped back and began to undress.

Barely conscious, Barbara was still alert enough to realize what was going on. As Luthor stripped down she struggled feebly to escape from her bondage. She was, however, completely helpless. Her back was arched across the lower rope and her wrists were connected by a short rope just below her badly bruised breasts. She panted in pain. Every breath was agony. Luthor did not seem to have broken any bones, but it felt as if he had.

“Finally,” said Luthor, moving between her legs. “It is time to relieve you of the burden of your virginity.”

“Please don’t,” Barbara pleaded, her voice barely a whisper. She was disgusted with herself as soon as she said it, but it just popped out. Her fear of rape was greater than any fear of physical violence.

“What’s the matter my little bat? Afraid of becoming a woman? I have done your two friends the honour of deflowering them. It is only proper that you should enjoy the same treatment.”

Barbara fought back tears. So it was to happen at last. As Luthor spread her legs she almost shrieked in terror. It was all too horrible. She had fought so hard against crime and this was the way it was going to end. She would never experience the joy of surrendering herself to the tender caresses of a lover. Instead her virginity would be torn from her in a brutal rape. She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable.

“Uunnghh!” It hurt much more than she had thought it would. Luthor was not a small man and he made little effort to take her gently. He rammed himself into her like a pneumatic hammer tearing her flimsy hymen to shreds and penetrating to her cervix with a single thrust. It was most painful and humiliating and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming.

Luthor reveled in his triumph. It was hard to believe, but he had deflowered three superheroines. He was the greatest criminal in history and he was just getting started. He had a lot to discover about his three prisoners, especially the blonde Kryptonian. He was really looking forward to further experimentation. In the meantime what he was doing to the batgirl was most satisfying.

God she was tight! He could barely force himself into her. Her vagina gripped his phallus like a vise squeezing it in unconscious enthusiasm. Her eyes were still closed, but she could not hide her pain. Her gorgeous features were twisted in agony as he buried himself within her and when he bit down of her breasts she squealed like a piglet.

Barbara could not believe Luthor’s endurance. He hammered her for a good two hours; until she was screaming for mercy; her battered vagina torn and bleeding, and her breasts cut and bruised from the continual ravaging of his teeth.

“Got you bat bitch,” Luthor grunted as he heaved the contents of his sperm sac into her. With a shuddering gasp he slowly rolled off her, his body dripping perspiration. Another triumph for a master criminal. Breathing hard, but exultant he staggered to his feet and stood over his weeping victim. She didn’t look much like a heroine now. Huddled on the mat with her hands over her aching vagina, her bruised body heaved with sobs. Luthor reminded himself that he might want to be a bit gentler with her. After all, she could not heal herself like the other two heroines. It would probably take her days to recover from what he had done to her.

Moving over to a panel on the wall he punched in a code. Less than a minute later two men entered the room. Like Jag and Rok they were impressively large. “Take her out of here and clean her up,” he said. Then put her in her cell.” Pulling on his pants he called after the men as they dragged the helpless heroine from the room. “Oh, and no extra-curricular activities. I want her reserved for me alone.”

He grinned as the bat girl disappeared. He had plans for her. Very interesting plans. But now it was time to get back to his real prize. He had been neglecting the golden-haired Kryptonian. It was about time she received his full attention again. His smile broadened as he headed for his rooms. First he would clean up, and then he would see how his prize specimen was doing. He had an interesting proposition for her. He wondered how she would react to it. Almost skipping with glee he walked down the hall. It was wonderful be so intellectually and physically superior.