Chapter 5 - Luthor's Triumph

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Chapter 5 Luthor’s Triumph

Someone had stuffed her mouth full of cotton wool. She tried to spit it out, but her mouth was so dry she couldn’t manage it. She was also very uncomfortable. For some reason her arms and legs wouldn’t move. With a low moan, Diana, Amazon princess opened her eyes.

She was tightly bound, her elbows pulled so close together that they were almost touching. Ropes crisscrossed her breasts and encircled her torso both above and below her breasts, pinning her arms tightly to her body. Her hands were actually free, but she couldn’t move them. The ropes binding her arms more than compensated. Her legs were bound as well, secured to the steel frame of the simple cot she was lying on. She shook her head, trying to clear it. How had this happened? She didn’t remember anything that could account for her present situation.

Raising her head she tried to look about her. She was in a cell of some sort. There were concrete walls on three sides of her and a heavy steel door on the fourth. It was cold in the room, the concrete walls seeming to suck the heat from the air. This was made more intense by the fact that she was completely naked. Her dark nipples rose from her cream-coloured breasts like sentinels. Who would have done such a thing to her? What motive could they have for placing her in such a humiliating situation?

She strained against the ropes that bound her, suddenly filled with an overwhelming fear. Amazons were not normally given to panic, but the young and beautiful woman had never found herself in such a perilous circumstance. She could think of only one motive a captor might have for stripping her and submitting her to such extreme bondage. Compounding her fear was the fact that she had never known a man. The thought that she might be subjected to rape terrified her.

The ropes would not give, but she continued to struggle; the chill of the cell forgotten as sweat ran down her panting body in rivulets. Her super strength, however, was gone. Her magical belt was the key to her power and that was nowhere to be seen. She was still an Amazon, however, and powerful muscles rippled beneath her velvet skin. Given enough time she knew she could escape, but would she have that time?

That question answered just a few seconds later. With a clang the cell door was swung open. A tall ball-headed man stood there, backed up by two hulking brutes.

“Well, you are a sight,” Luthor said. “If you had any idea how appealing a woman is to me when she is covered in perspiration…” His voice trailed off, the thought unfinished as he studied the magnificent woman before him.

“What a prize,” Luthor said. “I thought I had achieved something when I captured that Kryptonian schoolgirl, but you are a real woman. I am really looking forward to seeing what makes you tick. I have already determined a few interesting things about you. Your belt apparently has healing powers. I strapped it back on to you for a short while to see what would happen and you recovered from your shocking experience. You survived a 100,000 volt jolt by the way. I have also determined that you are a virgin. Tell me. Does that have any bearing on your powers?”

Diana finally found her tongue. She had been too shocked and humiliated to speak up before, but now she expressed her outrage. “How dare you treat a daughter of Aphrodite in this manner? Release me at once and I promise only to turn you over to the proper authorities. If you do not you risk the vengeance of an Amazon.”

“That last part sounds like fun,” Luthor countered. “But I have no intention of releasing you. I have too much to learn about you, and there are too many people who will pay me well to have some time alone with you. After I am finished with you, of course.”

“You are the foulest of villains,” cried Diana, her voice filled with indignation. It will be your lot to suffer the wrath of an Amazon.”

“Tell me,” said Luthor, “do all Amazons speak in such a stilted and pompous manner, or are you a spokesperson for the pretentious use of English?”

Diana glowered at him. It had never occurred to her that anyone would find her mode of speech amusing. No one had ever dared correct her before. But now that she thought about it, she remembered that she sometimes got some very strange looks from her friends and acquaintances.

“Never mind,” Luthor continued. “I have am sure that by the time we have finished our relationship I will have rid you of most of your bad habits.” He turned to the two hulking escorts outside the cell. “Untie her legs and bring her out of the cell. I’ve got some work to do.”

The two henchmen untied Diana’s feet from the bottom of the bed, but left the rest of the ropes in place. Setting her on her feet, they attached an iron collar to her throat and attached two steel chains to it. Then with one man walking in front and the other behind they marched her down the corridor.

There was nothing Diana could do to escape. The man in front led her by a six foot length of chain and the man behind held on to a similar length. Neither man was close enough to her to strike at, and the chains prevented her from closing the gap with either of them. She could do nothing but trot meekly after Luthor, highly conscious of her naked body.

They entered a large room, filled with equipment that was clearly intended to inflict pain and humiliation on anyone who had the misfortune to be strapped into it. There were already two people in the room sharing that misfortune. They were both naked and she knew both of them.

Diana wanted to call out their names, but was mindful of keeping the identities of her friends secret. So she merely stared at Barbara and Kara without speaking. Both women returned her look. Barbara’s eyes were filled with rage and fear; Kara’s with despair. Diana wondered what Luthor had done to the proud superheroine to so deflate her spirit and then saw the bruises on her inner thighs and breasts. The signs of rape were unmistakable. Rage surged up inside of her. How could anyone have done such a thing to Kara? How could anyone have done such a thing to any woman? But her rage was tempered by fear. What had been done to Kara could also be done to her.

Both women had been stripped of their clothing and each was secured to large metal frame resembling a capital “H.” Their legs were secured to the bottom of the H and their arms were chained behind them and attached to a winch set into the floor. The winch had been tightened so that their backs were arched tightly against the crossbar, a position both women clearly found uncomfortable.

Barbara looked on miserably as her Amazon friend was dragged into the room. She had been chained to the H frame for several hours now, and her muscles ached from the strain. She had learned quickly that struggling to escape was pointless. Strong metal bracelets were attached to each wrist and ankle. Fighting them simply resulted in a loss of skin. Her back was pressed into the crossbar, forcing her to arch her body. Even with the suppleness she had achieved through years of exercise she was in considerable discomfort. The longer she remained in the contrived position the greater the pain that was generated in her cramped muscles and joints. And she was in considerable pain, as was Kara. She could hear her friend’s heavy breathing as she fought to deal with the incredible agony generated by the unnatural position of her body. Unlike Kara, however, Barbara knew what pain was like and had developed techniques to deal with it. She relaxed her muscles and tried to allow the tension to flow out of her body. It worked to a certain extent, but she knew that eventually she would be no better off than Kara.

The sight of Diana depressed her immensely. She was glad that her new friend was not dead, but the sight of her being led into the room, naked and tightly bound caused her to lose hope. She could guess from the condition of Kara’s body what had been done to her. It was clear from the girl’s pained and haunted expression that she had been subjected to a terrible ordeal. If what was being done to her now was any indication of the torment Kara had been put through she understood what it must have been like.

She watched as Luthor’s goons led the proud Amazon to a rack identical to those she and Kara were chained to. One by one Diana’s ropes were removed and were replaced by the chains that bound her into the machine. Her captors took no chances. At no time was any part of the Amazon’s body allowed to become free without being immediately restrained. As Diana’s incredible body was arched across the crosspiece by the tightening of the winch, Barbara saw an expression of rage and fear cross her friend’s face.

Luthor surveyed his captives. Three of the most gorgeous women on the face of the planet. The tall powerfully built blonde; the shorter auburn-haired bat girl; and the powerfully muscled raven-haired Amazon. They were all his, to do with whatever he saw fit. He could hardly believe his luck. He had intended to capture the Kryptonian girl, but to capture the other two was beyond anything he had imagined. “Who would show up next?” he wondered. “The Huntress, Black Canary?” He shook his head. Three were enough for now. They would provide him with several months of research.

“It’s time to get started ladies. First I am going to collect a little bit of data and then we are going to get down to business.” He motioned to Jag and Rok. “Slack them off and stretch them out. I am going to collect some statistical data.”

All three women breathed a sigh of relief as the winches were loosened. But they were not released; instead their chains were rearranged so that their wrists were attached to the top of the H and their ankles were pulled together and secured to a large eyebolt in the floor. Their bodies were now straight up and down. Luthor approached them carrying a tape measure and a set of calipers.

He started with Kara. The superheroine said nothing. She had long given up protesting anything Luthor did to her, especially as she knew that it merely gave him greater pleasure. He already knew her height, weight, and general measurements, but now he wanted to measured her in more detail. Using the calipers he went over her body in meticulous detail. The experience was horribly humiliating, but Kara endured it in total silence. She had learned that Luthor enjoyed her protests and had no intention of providing any more amusement than he could force from her. Luthor took his time, using his instruments in the most private of places. After each measurement he made a notation in his black notebook. Then he went to Barbara.

“Don’t touch me you piece of filth!” exclaimed the helpless teen. She tried to shy away from his hands, but was held fast by her restraint.

“What manners!” exclaimed Luthor. “I can see that I am going to have to spend some time teaching you proper respect.”

“When I get free, I’m going to make you wish you’d never been born, you pathetic freak!”

“Freak? Me?” laughed Luthor. “I’m not the one who goes around in costumes that are so tight fitting that you probably have an orgasm just walking.”

Barbara shut up. She had caught a look from Kara that told her protesting would be a waste of time. Suddenly understanding, she held her tongue. Luthor measured her in the same meticulous manner her had measured Kara. As he finished, he ordered Rok to put a strain gauge on each of the heroines to see how much they weighed. Then he went to Diana.

The Amazon glared at him with as much dignity as she could muster under the circumstances. “It is a grave dishonour to treat women in such a manner. Be sure that you will come to regret your actions.”

“There’s that convoluted speech again,” Luthor laughed. “Someone is going to have to sit down with you and teach you some proper English. I wish I had the time, but I’ve got some other sort of lessons planned for you.”

Diana tried not to think about what Luthor meant by the last remark. She had never felt so helpless before. It seemed incredible that this pathetic creature could have captured three of the greatest superheroines on the face of the earth. It seemed even more incredible that this warped individual was examining their bodies as if they were so many slabs of meat. Taking her cue from Kara and Barbara she held her tongue as Luthor measured her body.

Luthor was more than disappointed by the lack of response from the three heroines. He had anticipated a lively exchange of words with them, but they had given him nothing. He hid his disappointment well, however. After all, he had the upper hand and was certain that before the day was out he would have all three women talking to his satisfaction. He was now finished and he studied his figures.

Superheroine Height Weight Bust Waist Hips

Supergirl 5’9” 135 35C 24 34

Batgirl 5’8” 125 34D 23 34

Wonder Woman 6’2” 150 37D 26 35

Below these figures were several more columns, measuring such minutiae as the length of their erect nipples (The Amazon had the largest at 17 mm); the approximate weight of each of their breasts (again the Amazon won out here with the bat girl a surprising second); and the length of their labia majora. He had expected the trio to make quite a fuss when he took these intimate measurements, but they had frustrated his expectations by remaining completely silent.

“Bitches,” he thought. They would do anything to deny him a little pleasure. But he consoled himself with the thought that he had more than one way to get a reaction out of them.

He stood back and surveyed them, jotting down a few notes in the margin. “Quite a trio,” he thought. “It was going to take a long time to examine every one of them properly, but he was quite prepared to take the time in the interests of science. It would be a unique study. He already had a title chosen for the monograph he intended to write. A Dissertation on the Characteristics of Superheroines and the Origins of Their Powers. It would be a scientific first, right up there with Darwin’s discovery of evolution. Well, perhaps not quite on that level, but every bit as important as that useless discovery of Buckyballs, he had read about recently.

It was time to get started. First there was that little matter of disciplining the blonde superheroine for that kick in the testicles she had given him. They still hurt and were a constant reminder that she had not been properly punished. The brutal treatment he had meted out to her earlier was not enough. He wanted to humiliate her in front of her companions. Only then would he feel properly avenged. It would also serve as an object lesson to the other two heroines.

“Turn the blonde around,” he ordered. It occurred to him that he did not know any of the names of these women. He found it irritating to use the names given them by the public. Perhaps that would be something he could find out while he administered the superheroine’s “lesson.”

Kara did not protest as Jag changed the chains on her wrists so that she could be turned. It was just one more ordeal to go with the numerous other ordeals Luthor had subjected her too. She realized that she was lost. She had hoped that somehow she would be rescued, but the capture of her friends had dashed that hope. Now she could only endure and hope that somehow Luthor would make a mistake that would allow her to escape.

The villain was standing behind and to one side of her. Her belly was pressed against the crosspiece and her legs were spread and attached to each of the uprights of the H. Her arms were stretched over her head, leaving her as helpless and exposed as she had ever felt. Turning her head slightly, she glanced toward Luthor. Her eyes widened as they focused on the brutal device he held in his hand.

“Do you like this?” superheroine,” Luthor asked. “I had it especially made just for you, although I expect it will work just as well on your friends.” He stopped to leer at Barbara and Diana, hoping to intimidate them. If he did he was disappointed. Each of the captive women returned his glance without blinking, their faces impassive. Already they had learned that threatening or reviling the villain simply gave him more pleasure.

Kara paled. Swallowing she tried to prepare herself for the beating she was about to receive. The whip Luthor held was a fiendish device, consisting of a metal handle from which were strung nine strands of wire. Each strand was about two feet long and had tiny metal balls fastened to it every six inches. The end of each strand had a final large ball, three times the diameter of those located along the strand. It had obviously been designed to inflict maximum pain.

Barbara watched horrified. “You’re not going to use that on her?” she protested.

“I’ll use it on you if you wish,” Luthor grinned. He flicked the whip in front of Barbara’s breasts, causing her to flinch involuntarily.

“The gods will punish you,” chipped in Diana.

Luthor snorted in derision. Raising the whip he brought it down across Kara’s flawless back. She did not scream at the first blow. Or even the first eight, but once she started she could not stop.

“That’s it superheroine, let it all out,” Luthor sneered. “And while you’re at it tell me your name. Your real name, not that pathetic moniker the media have attached to you.”

Kara revised her view of the whip. She had thought the pain inflicted on her by Luthor’s kryptonite rays and the rack could not be surpassed, but this violence was every bit as bad and in some ways worse. The nine flails ripped her skin and the flesh beneath it to shreds. Each of the tiny metal balls cut into her, tearing out chunks of her tissue. A full stroke knocked the breath out of her and sent blood spraying in all directions. Soon her entire body was crimson from the numerous lacerations. Within minutes she started to go into shock, her body going into convulsions, while she screamed until her throat gave out.

Diana and Barbara watched in horror, their stomachs twisting as their friend and fellow superheroine was reduced to a shrieking sniveling wreck. They could hardly believe that such brutality existed or that Kara could possibly survive such hideous treatment. Luthor whipped Kara until her twisting body suddenly went limp. Partially satisfied, Luthor stepped away from her. He had taught the heroine an unforgettable lesson, but he had not learned her name. True to the superheroine code the stubborn blonde had refused to reveal anything. “Take her down,” he ordered. She would be taken back to her cell, where her body would miraculously heal. In the meantime, it was time to give the other heroines their first lesson.

Who would be first? His eyes swept over the Amazon. She was incredibly beautiful. Jet black hair framed a face with the most amazing deep blue eyes. High cheekbones set off a straight nose, below which were two of the most kissable lips Luthor had ever seen. Her body was exquisite. Her breasts were high with dark, upturned cherry nipples. Her waist was narrow, contrasting with her flaring, childbearing hips. And her long legs framed the beautiful V between them, seemingly inviting him to position himself there. Yes, she would be his first choice. A virginal Amazon princess. His manhood stiffened as he thought of how he would soon end her imperious manner and leave her begging for mercy.

“Prepare the Amazon,” he ordered “Put the other one under tension again.”

Barbara could only watch helplessly as Diana was “prepared.” Jag unchained her from the rack, but bound her tightly as he did so. She was not sure what Luthor had planned for her friend, but she hoped it would not be… She could not let her say the word. The thought of the proud Amazon being violated was something her mind could not accept. Her own situation became exceedingly uncomfortable. She was returned to her original position on the rack, and the winch was tightened behind her. As her body was arched farther and farther back she had to focus on relaxing her muscles. The tension was much worse this time as the winch was turned another two notches. It took everything she had to keep from moaning in agony. She did not even see Diana being led from the room.

Her removal from the rack did not bring Diana any sense of relief. She had seen the depraved look in Luthor’s eyes and knew that she faced a terrible ordeal. Possibly the most terrible ordeal an Amazon could face. But she determined to face up to whatever torment was in store for her bravely. She would not scream or beg for mercy.

She was helpless to resist whatever was going to be done to her. Her wrists had been shackled behind her back and leg irons connected her ankles. She could not run, kick, or strike out. She was forced to placidly follow the huge thug that held the chain connected to her collar. They did not go far. Just to a small room down the hall from the torture chamber. It was a room that sent shudders through her, however. It was bare except for a large tumbling mat. Her mind did not have to work very hard to figure out what it might be used for.

Jag hauled her into the room and reworked her restraints. He was very good at it. Whenever her took off one set of manacles or irons he replaced them simultaneously with something else that kept her tightly bound.

When he was finished she was sitting on the mat. She was forced into a permanent kneeling position by having her thighs and calves lashed together with several loops of rope. Her wrists had been secured to the top of each thigh and ropes had been run between her legs up her back to her neck. They were pulled tight, arching her back. Additional rope had been run between, over, and under her breasts. The ropes had been pulled tight, cutting into the soft flash and causing her already prominent breasts to stand out even more.

Luthor appeared as Jag finished. He nodded his approval and ordered him from the room. “Well, Amazon,” he said, “it’s just between the two of us. He gazed down at the helpless female. In spite of her iron discipline, the Amazon was breathing heavily, her muscles taut as she tried to fight clear of the ropes. But Jag had done a superb job. Pulling on one rope increased the tension on another. It would take her hours to loosen the knots sufficiently to allow her to escape.

For one of the few times in her life Diana felt real fear. Up until this instant she had not really believed that anything could happen to her, but what had happened to Kara had demonstrated that even the most powerful of superheroines could be tamed. She could still hear Kara’s agonized shrieks as the flesh was ripped from her body. Now she was at the mercy of the monster who had brutalized her friend.

She struggled to break free of the restraints again, but she was completely immobilized. The ropes around her neck pulled tightly, partially cutting off her air supply. They ran straight down her back to her ankles. Any movement pulled them tighter, threatening to strangle her. The only way she could get any relief was to arch her back, seemingly inviting Luthor to sample her charms.

Her magnificent breasts were thrust forward. The ropes that had been wound around and between them cut into her flesh like some crude hemp brassiere. The cords that passed between her legs and encircled her hips and waist, cut painfully into her crotch. Every movement caused the rope to chaff the most delicate parts of her body. As Luthor gazed down at her, licking his lips, she fought to pull her hands free, but they were secured tightly to the side of each of her thighs. She could move them neither forward nor back.

Luthor savored the moment. Another superheroine helpless before him. Beneath his pants, his stiffening member throbbed in anticipation. It was time. His hands went to his belt.

Diana watched as Luthor revealed himself. She had never seen a male organ this close before. The size of it frightened her more than anything she had ever known. What would it be like to have that “thing” invade her body? Wide-eyed and trembling she watched as Luthor kicked of his shoes and then removed his pants. Without thinking, she tried to break loose once again, straining futilely against her bonds.

Luthor’s hand snaked out, catching hold of her thick mane. Twisting her head back, he moved her lips within inches of his manhood. Diana shook her head, struggling to escape, but succeed only in ripping some of her hair out by the roots. Eyes wide, she stared in fear at Luthor’s huge male member. The stink of it pervaded her nostrils and she swallowed as nausea welled up with inside her. “No,” she gasped, “I will not do it.” She spoke calmly, trying to hide her fear. Perilous as her situation was, she could not conceive of taking Luthor in her mouth. And there was no way he could force her. If he tried to stick that “thing” into her, she would use her strong white teeth to bite it off.

“You don’t make the rules here, Amazon,” Luthor said. Pushing her head sharply back, he gripped her jaw and shoved something into her mouth.

Diana almost gagged as her lips were forced apart. She tried to bite down, but Luthor had inserted some sort of metal device that pried her mouth open. As she struggled to spit it out, He grabbed her head with both hands and shoved his thick rod between her lips.

Luthor moaned in pleasure as his lance invaded the Amazon’s warm moist mouth. The metal bit he had forced between her jaws consisted of a bar connecting two metal spikes. He had wedged it into her mouth so that any attempt to close her jaws would cause the spikes to penetrate both the top and bottom of her mouth. But there was plenty of room beneath the connecting bar for his magic wand to penetrate.

Diana gagged as Luthor deep-throated her. She could not breathe. Nor could she force the vile object from her mouth no matter how hard she tried. As Luthor thrust his rod deep into her throat and then held it there, she battled in desperation to keep from suffocating.

Luthor held tightly to the Amazon’s hair. Watching her panic-stricken struggles gave him almost as much satisfaction as an orgasm, but it was not in his interest to have her die from lack of air, and so after a minute he withdrew from the back of her throat.

Diana gulped air. Unprepared for Luthor’s attack she had not taken a deep breath. She had been very close to passing out from lack of oxygen when he finally allowed her to breathe. But he allowed her only one mouthful of air before closing off her windpipe again. Once more panic seized her as she slowly suffocated.

Luthor played with the Amazon’s mouth for about half an hour before he finally withdrew. Diana was on the verge of passing out when he finally decided that he had received enough lubrication. Now it was time to make a woman of her.

Still reeling from the forced fellatio, Diana nevertheless responded as Luthor moved between her thighs. She spat out the metal device that held her mouth open and for the first time she begged for mercy.

“Please to not do this thing to me,” she pleaded. They were the hardest words she had ever spoken in her life, but the fear of being dishonoured petrified her. She could imagine nothing worse than to be deflowered by the despicable villain who had captured her. Her Amazon stoicism forgotten she begged for her threatened virtue.

“So you can speak,” Luthor sneered. “I thought perhaps you’d lost your voice. Tell me, Amazon, why should I show you any mercy?”

“To take a woman’s honour against her will is the most wicked of acts,” Diana replied. “No real man would do such a thing.”

“Nonsense,” Luthor jeered. “That‘s not the answer I wanted to hear. Tell me the real reason why you want me to stop.”

“I have no other reason,” answered Diana.

“Don’t you?” Luthor replied, touching the tip of his phallus to Diana’s nether lips. “I think it is because you are afraid. Isn’t it true that the thought of a man forcing himself upon you is the ultimate Amazon defeat? Isn’t it true that you are as frightened as a little girl by what I am going to do to you?”

“No,” Diana replied, “it is not true. I fear no man.”

“Admit it,” said Luthor, placing one hand in the small of her back to steady her for his thrust. “Admit that you are nothing more that a frightened virgin.”

“No,” Diana said. Her voice rising in pitch. The glans of Luthor’s penis had parted her labia. In a few seconds she was about to lose her Amazon virtue. She broke.

“Alright,” the helpless heroine replied, almost weeping in shame, “I am frightened. Please do not do this thing to me. If you let me go I promise not to harm you.”

Luthor shifted his weight slightly away from her, relieving the pressure on Diana’s pleasure gate. “And your friends,” he said. “What of them? Will you betray them as well? Give me the right answer and you will go free.”

Diana was caught. Her fear was so great that she might have even betrayed her own mother. But her Amazon honour would not let her commit such an act. Eyes filled with tears, she shook her head.

“A heroine to the last,” Luthor sneered. Bowing his head he kissed her left nipple. “Sweet as strawberries,” he said.

Diana shuddered as her tender bud was teased by Luthor’s lips. He sucked it erect caressing it almost lovingly with his tongue. Then he moved to her other breast repeating the performance.

“You like that don’t you?” Luthor said. “Underneath that haughty superheroine façade you’re just a whore desperate to meet her master.”

Diana did not reply. The sensation of having her nipples sucked sent chills through her. It was a sensation both erotic and terrifying. She shook her head. Nothing this brute did could arouse her.

“You’re lying to me and yourself,” Luthor continued. He was so hard he feared his penis would explode. Moving his hands to her tight backside, he pulled her toward him

The flexing of her backside was incredibly erotic. He pushed toward her.

“Hera, please no!” Diana cried.

“The goddess of wisdom won’t save you now,” Luthor replied. He thrust forward.

Diana grunted as he entered her. It was every bit as painful as she had feared, especially when he tore through her hymen. But more than the pain was the humiliation and dishonour of being violated. And after that everything got worse. Using his body weight, Luthor forced the heroine over on her back and rode her like a pony. Again and again he hammered into her, savaging her virgin love canal. At the same time he mauled her breasts, biting, squeezing, and twisting the incredibly tender flesh.

Diana could do nothing but endure, but she endured like a true warrior. Ravaged and degraded, she held to the Amazon code. One day she would avenge herself on the filthy thug who had dishonoured her. It was a promise to herself she would keep even if it meant her death.

Luther slowly climbed off the sweating body of the woman he had just ravished. The hatred in her eyes burned into him. How different this raven-haired beauty was from the blonde superheroine. It would take more than just a few sessions to break her. He smiled; he was looking forward to it. Leaving the room he headed back toward the torture chamber. There was still the batgirl to entertain.