Chapter 8 - Sex Slaves

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Chapter 8 Sex Slaves

Kara rolled over. It was morning. Beside her Luthor still slept. No doubt he was still tired from the workout her had given her last night. He was an enthusiastic and inexhaustible lover. She wanted very much to pee, but the collar about her neck restrained her. It was linked to the top of the bed by a five foot length of chain.

Luthor liked to take her that way. She was his slave and he reveled in his domination of her. He frequently tied her up before having his way with her, not that it was necessary. Kara kept her word. He friends had been released and she was bound by her oath as a superheroine to serve him in any way that he demanded. Since most of the things Luthor wanted seemed to involve her sexual degradation, she was forced to comply.

She waited patiently until he woke up. His first sight upon waking was her face within inches of his. Luthor liked that. He had ordered that he be greeted that way every day. “Good morning my lord,” she said, kissing him gently on the forehead.

“My goddess of the morning,” Luthor said in reply. He could be quite poetic when the mood took him. He rolled into her and cupped her breast. Kara arched her back and pushed her body toward him. Luthor kissed her nipple and then rolled off the bed. He strolled toward the bathroom, first unhooking her from the chain.

Gratefully, Kara skipped toward her own bathroom facilities. She had to hurry. Luthor never took long in the bathroom and he would be expecting her to be at his call when he was finished. She spent a minute of so giving her long golden mane a quick brush. Soon it was gleaning like spun gold. Brushing her teeth quickly she returned to the bedroom and plumped herself down on the bed.

She was just in time. Luthor returned and the look in his eye told him that he wanted a quick one before getting on with the business of the day. “Arouse me, slave,” Luthor ordered.

“Yes, my lord,” Kara replied. Luthor remained standing at the side of the bed and she rolled toward him so that she could take his only partially erect phallus in her hand. She manually stimulated it for a minute, bringing it to an appropriative state of readiness and then she guided it into her hot, wet mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” Luthor moaned. Was any man on earth more fortunate than he was? The superheroine had a wonderfully talented mouth, She soon had him gasping as she stimulated his manhood, caressing the glans of his penis with her tongue. It was all he could do not to ejaculate into her mouth. “Enough,” he said. Placing his hands on her shoulders he pushed her down onto the bed and mounted her.

The girl gasped as he penetrated her, arching her body and responding with enthusiasm as he drove into her. As usual, she was wonderfully tight and she was getting much better at the little sexual tricks he had taught her. He drank in her beauty as he made love to her. He took her slowly, thrusting in and out of her palace of pleasure with a steady rhythm. Her large, well formed breasts bounced as he took her, describing complete circles as they moved in perfect harmony with the movement of his pelvis. Morning fucks were the best. He enjoyed taking her just before breakfast more than at any other time, and it was a great way to work up an appetite.

Finally, the blonde goddess lay exhausted, her breasts rising and falling and her long hair spread out over the pillow. She was a vision of erotic splendor. He doubted that he would ever tire of this. But he had other things to do. Rising from her still panting body he headed into his bathroom for a shower and a shave. He left the superheroine to look after herself.

Kara watched Luthor leave. She had completed her obligation once again. It was not something he asked her to do every day, but she had to be ready when he wanted her. Luthor had made it quite clear that she was always to be ready to receive him, no matter what time of day it was. It was her duty to keep herself looking as desirable as possible. It was not a harsh existence, but she sensed that one day Luthor might tire of her. The brutal scientist was not the sort who could be kept amused by the subjugation of a heroine forever. Sooner or later he would become bored, and then his attitude would change. What he would then demand of her she did not know, but she was certain that it would not be pleasant.

Kara consoled herself with the fact that at least Diana and Barbara were spared such an ordeal. She had sacrificed herself in order that they could be free. She did not expect that either of them would make an attempt to rescue her. Luthor was too smart to allow Diana or Barbara to go free without exacting a superheroine promise that they would not interfere with him in any way. She was in Luthor’s power until he tired of her or found anther use for her. There was noting she could do about it. With a sigh of resignation she went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She had to look pretty just in case Luthor decided to make a day of it.

Luthor treated himself to a quick breakfast and then went to the cells. It was three weeks since he had last seen the bat girl and he wanted to see how she was doing. She should be recovered by now. He entered the cell unafraid. The auburn-haired heroine would not attack him. She had given her word. The girl was sitting on the edge of her cot. She jumped to her feet when he entered. He noted with satisfaction the look of fear that swept over her face as she spotted him.

She seemed to be healing nicely. Two large rings pierced her nipples. He had put them there himself. He had quite enjoyed the fuss she had made when he used a red hot needle to make the puncture in her nipples so that he could insert the rings. Only that fact that he had taken the trouble to chain her hands over her head had prevented her from resisting what he did to her. But she wouldn’t resist him today. She had made the same deal that the superheroine had. It was so easy to trick these stupid bitches that it was almost boring. Soon he was going to have to find another way to amuse himself. There were still quite a few uncaptured heroines out their. Perhaps he could catch them all. But for this morning the bat girl would do.

He especially enjoyed humiliating her. Unlike the superheroine and the Amazon she wasn’t nearly as good at hiding her emotions. When he fucked her, she could not help showing the mortification she felt as she at being treated as a common whore.

“I see you are looking well this morning,” Luthor greeted the girl.

“Yes, no thanks to you,” the bat girl replied sullenly.

“Remember your place and our agreement,” Luthor chided. “You were to give yourself willingly to me and with good grace. Now let’s try that again.”

“I am sorry, master,” said the bat girl, lowering her eyes. “Please forgive me.”

“You must be punished,” Luthor said. “Come here.”

Obediently, the girl presented herself to him. She stood just in front of him. He reached out and fingered the ring that pieced her left nipple. He have it a gently tug, lifting her breast slightly. The batgirl tried to remain calm, but he could sense her fear. And she had good reason to be afraid. Since their agreement he had hurt her every time he had visited her. That wasn’t too often. She didn’t heal as quickly as the other two heroines. It usually took her at least a week to recover from one of his “visits.”

“Yes,” he said. “You will have to be punished.” He hooked a short length of chain to the ring in her left nipple and connected it to the right one. Then holding the chain he guided her toward the cot. Once there he hooked another length of chain to the chain connecting her nipples and hooked it onto the rung at the top of the steel bed. The bat girl went to her knees on top of the bed to accommodate the position Luthor had forced her into. She did not resist as her pulled her hands behind her back and handcuffed her wrists.

Slowly he removed his clothing, while watching the naked bat girl. She was so young, helpless, so vulnerable. He was fully aroused before he finished undressing. He would not bother to use any lubrication. He would take her as she was. She needed to be taught some respect.

He climbed onto the bed behind her. The cot creaked as he moved into position. He pushed her forward, exposing both her vulva and her anus. “This is going to hurt bitch. Get ready.”

“I deserve it, master,” the bat girl replied. “I should not have – Aaaggh!” Barbara’s cry of pain cut short her apology. Luthor had thrust deep into her vagina. Placing his hands on her hips he ravished her.

“Uunngghh!” The pain ripped into her as Luthor took her. She arched her back without thinking and cried out again, as the chain connected to her nipples went tight and wrenched at her tender flesh. Desperately, she forced her body back down, allowing Luthor to penetrate her even more deeply. She bit her lip until the blood ran to keep from screaming.

Luthor pounded into her for a good half hour. Then without warning, he pulled out of Barbara’s sweat covered body. For a few seconds the girl was overwhelmed with relief. Then she screamed in anguish as he penetrated her anus. It took all of Barbara’s self-control not to rip the rings from her nipples. For another hour she screamed herself hoarse as Luthor tore her anal cavity apart. Finally he pulled out of her and loosed his thick ropes of sperm across her back.

“Next time remember who is master and who is slave,” Luthor said and he wiped off his penis. He strode out of the room without releasing the sobbing girl from the bondage he had paced her in. It would further serve to emphasize his authority.

“Now for the Amazon,” Luther thought. He hoped that he had enough virility left to serve her in the way that she deserved.

Diana went to her knees as Luthor entered. It was the ultimate degradation, almost worse than being raped. An Amazon bowed to no man, but Luthor demanded it of her. She had given her word. She was forced to comply.

“Are you ready for today’s competition?” Luthor asked.

Diana nodded. “I am prepared,” she answered.

“Then let’s get started,” Luthor said. He had showered and changed before meeting with the Amazon. He was dressed in his Greek warrior’s outfit, complete with shield, spear, sword, helmet and amour. The Amazon was similarly attired with the one difference that her armour was only cardboard, and her weapons were blunted. He wasn’t a fool after all.

The battle went as it usually did, with the Amazon pressing him at the start of the contest. She was much quicker than he was, even without her magic belt. But his weapon could cut right through her shield and armour, while hers had no chance of penetrating his. Still, she got in a couple of good clouts across his helmet that came close to putting him out of the fight, before her sword broke on his shield. Then she was completely at his mercy, a situation helped by the fact that the arena they were fighting in was a long narrow corridor only four feet wide so the Amazon could not use her agility to avoid his attack. Steadily he forced her back, raining blow after blow onto her cardboard shield, steadily cutting it to pieces, until finally she was defenceless.

He didn’t cut her up too badly, just nicking her a couple of times to prove his superiority before striking her over the head with the flat of his blade. The blow stunned her, and drove her to her knees. It was then a simple matter to finish her off. He brought the pommel of his sword down on top of her head. The Amazon went down and he pounced on her, binding her wrists in front of her then dragging his captive from the narrow corridor into the centre of a larger room where he tossed the end of the rope over and beam. Then drawing it tight, he forced the dazed female warrior’s arms over her head and lifted her onto her toes. She was now ready to receive her pushishment.

Thus was the fate of all women who dared to face men in battle. Strung up and helpless, Diana could only watch as Luthor methodically removed what remained of her armour and clothing. Now she would be taught the folly of daring to challenge a man in war.

Diana winced as the first lash cut into her skin. She would be screaming before long. Luthor demanded that she scream. But it was alright to hold out in the beginning as long as she finally broke. This was the way that their little games always ended. She had tried really beating him once, and actually succeeded in overcoming him, in spite of the advantages he had in weaponry and armour The result had been a beating so severe that she never attempted anything like that again. Rok and Jag had flogged hr until her flesh was ripped to shreds. Then after allowing her to heal, they had taken turns raping her over the next two days. That got the point across. Luthor never lost after that.

“Aaaahh!” Her scream of agony was not feigned. She usually waited until the tenth lash before begging for mercy, but the beating was real all the same. Luthor put all of his considerable strength into wield the lash. Every blow ripped flesh from her body. But if she broke too soon, Luthor kept on punishing her for not playing the “game” properly.

“Aaagghh! Stop! Please stop!” Her cries would bring Luthor to an erection. They always did. Then he would rape her. The game was always the same, with minor variations. Sometimes Luthor was a gladiator and she was a gladiatrix. Sometimes they played Viking and Valkyrie; but Luthor’s favourite was Greek hero against Amazon. That was the game they were playing now.

Luthor tossed down the whip. The Amazon was sagging, her legs no longer able to support her weight. Her gorgeous back was striped with over three dozen lashes and he was as hard as a rock. Quickly her slacked off the rope that supported her and dragged her over to a bondage rack. It was a wooden table securely bolted to the floor. The top was contoured to fit the curve of the female back. He stretched the Amazon over it, ignoring her cries of agony as the wooden surface abraded the lacerations on her back. Pulling her arms over her head he fastened each of her wrists to metal shackles fitted to either side of the table spreading her arms wide and drawing her body tight across the top of the table. He didn’t bother to secure her legs. He would spread those himself.

“Noo! Please!” the Amazon moaned. Luthor stripped off his armour. His lance was at the perpendicular and ready to impale into her. He parted her legs, wondering as he always did at the power of her muscular thighs. Whenever he fucked the Amazon he was conscious of the strength that flowed through her breathtaking body. It was like riding a bomb. At any second he almost expected her to explode.

“Uunnggh!” The Amazon’s grunt as he entered her further stimulated him. He took her slowly, driving deep within her and then almost completely withdrawing on each thrust. At the same time he ran his hands over her magnificent breasts, lifting and squeezing the soft flesh. She was truly the most superbly endowed woman he had ever fucked. Her breasts were so firm that they hardly quivered as hammered into her amazing tight den of pleasure. She was made for love, but also war. The contrast always excited him. How could a woman who was so dangerous be so warm and desirable at the same time?

Diana tried not to faint from the pain. Luthor always punished her when she fainted. It was better to be beaten and raped once rather than a dozen times, which is what would happen if she did not please him. The pain of her lacerated back was agonizing. Each time Luthor thrust into her the wounds opened as her back was scraped across the rough wooden surface of the bondage rack.

She fought back the urge to scream. Luthor didn’t like it when she gave in too easily. But he didn’t like her to hold out either. The timing had to be just right or she once again faced further punishment. Sometimes he punished her anyway. It amused him to see her used like a common whore. On those occasions he would turn his men loose on her and watch as she was thoroughly degraded.

Finally the time was right. “Please,” she begged. “In the name of the gods, no more!” A sob escaped her proud lips as she broke down. Luthor reaction was to quicken his pace. He hammered into her violently, shaking the bondage rack. Covered with sweat and his hands wet with his victim’s blood, Luthor ejaculated, pulling out of her at the last second so that he could spurt his spume the length of her body. Then he collapsed on top of her, breathing harshly until he regained his strength.

“Until tomorrow, Amazon whore,” he said as he lifted himself from her. Summoning his guards, he watched as they dragged her to her cell. Today he had decided to let her suffer a little longer. She would not be allowed the healing properties of her magic belt until later.

Luthor washed the blood from his hands. He should take another shower, but he was too tired to bother. Fucking and taming three women in one day was incredibly exhausting. In spite of his promise to the Amazon perhaps he would give her and the bat girl a miss tomorrow. Besides, all this sexual activity was cutting into his research time. If he didn’t maintain a certain level of basic research he would lose his standing as a supervillain and that just wouldn’t do, not with the supervillain conference being scheduled for New Gotham this year. Humming a little tune he walked toward his quarters. It was time to get a little supper and then spend a little time with the Kryptonian.