Chapter 11 - Valessa

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Valessa scrambled up the rocky slope. Her clothes were torn and dirty and her elbows and knees were badly bruised. She had ridden in panic down the mountain trail and fallen off her jarah. Now she fled for her life as her pursuers closed in about her.

The mountain slope was thick with brush that further tore at her clothing. She could hear her pursuers cursing as they tried to force their way through the heavy undergrowth. It was the only advantage she enjoyed. The men were on foot as their jarahs could not be ridden through the heavy growth, but they were right behind her and she was tiring fast. She tried not to think of what her pursuers would do to her if they caught her. Somehow she had to get away. The lives of her mistress and her master depended on it.

A slight break in the bush gave her hope. It appeared that someone had cleared away the trees. She stumbled forward. The outlines of a rustic cabin appeared a hundred yards away. Her heart leapt. Perhaps there was someone who could help her. Mustering the last of her strength she ran from the trees and across the open space.

Her heart sank before she even reached the cabin. Weeds grew in the yard and the posts supporting the porch roof had collapsed. There had been no one living there for at least several winters. “No,” she whimpered. She looked over her shoulder; the brush parted and three men emerged.

Almost exhausted she headed for the other side of the clearing, but her foot caught on broken fence rail and she fell full length. The men were on her before she could regain her feet.

“Haahaa! Look what we got here,” the first pursuer said.

“Let me go!” Valessa screamed. She kicked out at the man as he grabbed her arm. He laughed loudly as he caught her wrist and with a quick motion twisted her arm behind her, holding her easily in spite of her desperate struggles.

“A real bitchcat, Varens,” laughed one of the other men.

Varens laughed with him. “You’re right there, Dhells. It’s going to be fun knocking that out of her.”

The third man began to strip off his pants. He was much larger than the other two and had apparently decided he was going to go first. “What in the name of the gods are you doing, Hrag? You’re going to take her out here? Let’s take her to the cabin. Might as well be comfortable while we have some fun with her.”

“Just so as you remember I get her first,” Hrag growled.

“Please let me go,” Valessa pleaded, her dark brown eyes wide with terror. Her legs had turned to jelly and she could hardly stand. Only Varens’ hands on her body kept her from falling.

All three men laughed at her fear. “Sure we’ll let you go,” Varens leered, “just as soon as we’re finished enjoying you for as long as possible. But I expect you might have a little trouble walking,” Varens said.

“No,” Valessa cried. She went down on her knees. “Please, just take me to my mistress.”

“I expect your mistress might be rather busy,” Dhells chuckled. “She has a few more men to entertain than you do. Anyway, what are you going on about? It’s not as if you haven’t done this before.”

The look that crossed Valessa’s face told every one of the men the truth. “The Gods!” Dhells said. “This is a treat. We’ve got ourselves a virgin.”

Hrag grabbed Valessa’s arm and began to drag her toward the cabin as she screamed protests and finally broke down and sobbed.

The three men paid her no attention, laughing and joking as they hauled her step by step toward the cabin. Hrag kicked open the door. Inside it was almost dark, the only light coming through a few gaps in the roof. “I don’t like this place,” Hrag said. “Let’s just take her outside.”

Dhells shook his head. “We’ve got a storm coming. Look, there’s a fireplace. I’ll get some wood. Varens will get the jarahs and we’ll set up here. We’re going to be grinding our little virgin for a long time. Might as well be comfortable. There’s a cot in the corner. Why don’t you see if the mattress is any good?’

“Alright,” Hrag reluctantly agreed. He let go of Valessa and the girl collapsed. She was so terrified that her legs were like jelly. The matter of fact way the three men talked about their plans for raping her had her close to fainting with horror.

It took about half and hour to get the cabin in order and fetch the jarahs and give them some feed. All that time Hrag sat on the cot with his eyes on Valessa while the girl huddled in a corner. She thought of making a run for the door, but realized that there was no chance of escaping. Hrag would run her down inside of five strides.

Varens finally stomped back into the cabin. “It’s snowing,” he announced. “Good thing our little virgin led us to this cabin.”

Hrag grunted. “I’m taking her now,” He rose from the cot and grabbed Valessa’s arm.

“Oh please don’t hurt me,” she begged. She was so frightened her teeth chattered.

The huge bandit ignored her, grinning as he pushed her down on the cot. It took him only a few seconds to strip Valessa’s clothes from her especially as Varens and Dhells both helped hold her down. The girl sobbed helplessly as her body was exposed. Then she screamed in fear as Hrag forced her legs apart. He had already unlaced his codpiece and his massive organ stood ready.

Valessa made one last effort to avoid her fate attempting to kick Hrag, but he caught her legs and pushing them apart slid between her velvet thighs. Valessa screamed. Hrag’s organ seemed impossibly huge. “No, please don’t hurt me!” she shrieked. Then he thrust into her.

“Aaagghhh!” It hurt more than Valessa would have believed. Her virgin vagina was ripped open by Hrag’s huge organ as he buried himself deep within her. As she bucked in pain, he penetrated her to the full length of his shaft, forcing her wide and sending searing waves of pain into her.

“You like that, you little cat?” Hrag leered. “It gets better. He withdrew a little and then began to satisfy himself by repeatedly thrusting in and out of her. At the same time, both Varens and Dhells teased her dark brown nipples, twisting and pinching the sensitive buds.

Valessa sobbed in pain. She had known that some men were brutal in their treatment of women, but what was being done to her surpassed anything she had expected. She was a beautiful and helpless young woman and the brutes that had captured her treated her no better than an animal. It was a stunning exposure after the world of comfort she had been used to.

Hrag was a brutal man. He used no finesse in his vicious violation, driving into Valessa’s soft, yielding interior like a driller searching for water, but fortunately his sexual endurance was limited. With a grunt of satisfaction he released his seed into her. “Now it’s my turn,” Varens said.

Where Hrag had been crude, Varens was more patient. He took his time, enjoying himself to the full. “Come on my little cat,” he said as he penetrated Valessa. “Move a little. You might as well enjoy this.”

Valessa’s only reply was a broken sob. How could she possibly enjoy so brutal an introduction to the ways of men? “Have it your way then,” Varens said. He reached out and taking Valessa’s breasts in his hands squeezed them cruelly.

Valessa screamed and twisted her body. “That’s it,” Varens exulted. “Move that tight backside.” Gripping her hips hard he pushed deep within her.

It took Varens a long time to rape her, enjoying himself for as long as possible before Dhells nagging finally convinced him to finish. Then Dhells took her. Although he was last, the pain was every bit as great. Valessa’s love tunnel was raw and bleeding from the first two men. Every stroke of Dhell’s member ripped her like sandpaper, leaving her crying brokenly when he was finished.

It was only then that Valessa realized what she was truly in for. As Dhells left her Hrag was there again. He was fully erect. Valessa’s scream of fear was truly terrible as he entered her once again.

Her ordeal lasted until dawn. She lost track of the number of times she was violated. Whether the men had taken her three or four times each she didn’t know. It might have even been five. The rape blurred into one long agonizing nightmare. When Dhells finally grunted as he spurted into her, she was too tired to even cry.

For awhile after Dhells had finished she simply lay where she was. All three men slept, seemingly worn out from their exertions, but she could not sleep; her body was in too much pain and she was in too much fear. What would happen when the men woke up? She had no doubt that they would start on her all over again. But she was completely at their mercy. All of them were much bigger and stronger than she was. She couldn’t escape. She knew from comments made during her ordeal that it had snowed that night. Even if she was able to get out of the cabin tracking her would be easy, and then who knew what the three sadistic bandits would do to her for daring to escape.

But she couldn’t just lie there and wait to be raped again. She had to do something. Slowly, trying not to wake Dhells she tried to work her way out from under him. It didn’t work. Dhells’ eyes popped open.

“Where do you think you’re going, you little cat? We’re not finished with you yet.”

“I have to… I have to… Valessa stammered.

Dhells looked at her. “Alright, but be quick about it. I want you to cook breakfast when you get back and then I want you for dessert.”

Valessa grabbed a blanket. An idea had just come to her, and although Hrag and Varens had awakened as well, no one noticed what she tucked under the blanket as she went outside.

The cabin was windowless as she had noted when she had arrived. No one inside would be able to see what she was doing, but her hopes fell as Hrag followed her onto the porch.

“Thought you had to take a piss,” the huge man said menacingly.

“I…I do. But I don’t want to do it here,” Valessa stammered.

“Do it in the trees then,” Hrag said pointing. “But be quick about it. My stomach’s growling like a drak.” His last comment referred to the wolf-like predators that inhabited the mountainous landscape.

Hrag stood on the end of the porch and urinated in full view of Valessa. He laughed at the fear he saw in her eyes. “Don’t worry, little bird. “I’ll be ready to take you again right after I eat.”

Valessa nodded in submission. Slowly, she moved toward the trees, walking as awkwardly as possible. She didn’t have to fake her pain. Her thighs were badly bruised and her region between her legs burned like fire.

Hrag grunted in satisfaction. “Stretched you a bit didn’t I? I hope not too much. I’m looking forward to fitting myself into that tight slit again very soon.”

Valessa desperately wanted Hrag to go back into the cabin. If he didn’t she was doomed. It was with tremendous relief that she heard movement on the porch and the slamming of the door to the hut. From behind the screen of trees she peered toward the hut. Hrag was gone. “Thank the gods,” she muttered. Hobbling forward she found the fence rail she had stumbled over the day before.

Picking it up she dragged it toward the hut. It wasn’t all that heavy, but in her weakened condition, and shivering in the cold, it was all she could so to make it to the porch. Trying to make as little noise as possible, she hauled the fencepost to the door and then jammed it into place. The post wasn’t a perfect fit, but it would probably do. She had wedged it against the door so that it caught the rough wood at a 45 degree angle. Fortunately there was a heavy wooden brace nailed across the door that the end of the post fit snugly against. The other end she jammed against the one of the rickety posts holding up the roof of the porch. It wasn’t as strong as Valessa would have liked, but there was nothing better. She would have to hope it would hold.

Her makeshift barrier in place, Valessa turned to the next part of her plan. Dhells had stockpiled a good supply of wood. She put it to a use he had not intended, piling it against the side of the building. By now she was sweating beneath the blanket from the exertion. But her bare feet were still cold. She thought of the fine pair of boots Hrag had pulled off her feet so that he could remove her trousers. They were lost to her now; she would have to do without them.

The pile of wood was high enough. Any second now the men would wonder where she was and try to get out of the cabin. The blocked door would hold them for awhile, but not for long. The faster she moved the better. Taking out the flint and steel and tinder she had sneaked from the cabin she tucked the tinder into a spot out of the wind and then struck a spark. It took her several tries before the tinder caught. Carefully she blew on the smoldering tinder and was rewarded with a tiny flame. Feeding small pieces of wood into the flames she carefully tended the fire and then added larger pieces of wood. About the time the flames began to leap up the side of the building and the wood began to crackle she heard the sound of shouts and pounding on the door of the cabin. The rapists inside had finally woken up.

Valessa threw larger and larger pieces of wood onto the blaze. By now the flames were arcing up the side of the cabin, almost reaching the roof. Panting from the exertion, Valessa now saw that she was out of wood. Moving as fast as she could she dragged one of the fence rails to the fire and threw it in.

By now the sound of the fire was so loud that it was impossible the men inside the cabin did not have some idea what was going on. Valessa could hear them crashing against the door, shouting dire threats as they did so.

She threw on the last of the wood. The flames exploded up the side of the building reaching the roof and roaring across it. A crashing sound from the cabin told her that the men inside were hurling their weight against the door. A quick check showed her that her fence rail barrier was holding. If only it would last a few more minutes.

The shouts inside the cabin were becoming more strident and threatening. Valessa watched with renewed hope as the shingles on the roof caught fire. Smoke was pouring from the cracks in the side of the cabin. Almost certainly it was filtering in to the trapped men.

There was a muffled whoompf as the fire broke through the roof. Now the shouts from inside sounded more like screams. The fire exploded across the roof and the screams turned to shrieks. Flames were now leaping thirty feet into the air and the roar of the fire was so loud the men could hardly be heard.

Valessa watched until the roof fell in. The screams of the men as they burned alive were lost in the sound of the conflagration. Then she went to where Varens had tied the jarahs. The beasts were straining at their halters, and it took a few minutes for Valessa to calm them, but eventually she quieted them enough she could lead them away from the cabin.

Valens had not brought all the gear into the cabin. Valessa unpacked the saddlebags and dragged out another blanket. She cut a hole in it and draped it over her. Then she saddled one of the jarahs and mounted it. Leading the other two beasts she headed back toward the scene of the ambush. Somehow she had to save her mistress. It never occurred to her to do as Kara had asked and go for help. Her mistress needed her right away. There was no time to waste. Kicking her heels into the jarah she moved as rapidly down the trail as she could. She hoped that she would be in time.