Chapter 4 - Love

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It was a strange way for a superheroine to be thinking, but Kara could not help herself. For the first time in her life she had found love. Now as she lifted her hips to better accommodate her lover’s shaft she hoped that this might be the time when his seed would find her womb receptive. Jhetta was already pregnant, her smooth belly slowly rounding as the child within her matured. But so far Kara had not been so favoured.

She arched her back as Theran took her nipple between his teeth and gently worried it. She delighted in the sensation as long as he did not bite too hard. Then bad memories sometimes clouded their lovemaking. But Theran was an experienced lover and by now he knew every part of her body intimately. He was breathing more heavily now as he approached climax and Kara emulated him, her body responding in smooth synchronization with his.

“Uuugghh! Aahh! Aaaah!” Theran cried as he released into her. He was finished, but he did not abandon her. Instead he continued to caress her body with his lips and hands, until she too was moaning in carnal delight. Then like her lover she exploded, her vagina contracting violently as it sought to pull his seed within her.

Satiated for the moment they lay back in the softness of the bed their arms enclosing one another. “I never thought I would have this,” Kara thought. How quickly her life had changed. A few months ago she had been a spirited superheroine patrolling the skies of New Gotham in search of the forces of evil. Now she was the life partner of the warrior prince of the Attalans, the bird riders who ruled the vast plains of Zhim.

“A warrior princess,” she thought. “Sort of like Diana.” She was living in a fairytale. And it had all happened so quickly.

After her rescue from the Bermaghi (a word that she discovered was used as a curse and as a term for the beast men) by Theran and his Attalan warriors she and Jhetta had been to the homeland of their rescuers.. The ride had taken several days and had given her ample opportunity to learn the Attalan language and find out a bit about the culture. With nothing better to do to occupy her time, she had practiced the language assiduously monopolizing every second of Jhetta’s time until Theran had taken it upon himself to become her teacher.

She had learned that the Attalans were a bit of an enigma. A warrior culture they were constantly at war with the more primitive Bermaghi, but at the same time they practiced agriculture and had a well established civilization.

As they had ridden closer to the Attalan capital, Shadr, the land changed from a great unpopulated grassland to one dotted with farms and pastures. Most of the domestic animals Kara saw she did not recognize although most had familiar functions. For example there were small furry animals that very much resembled dogs and still others that looked like sheep and cattle. The most surprising aspect of Attalan animal life, however, was the huge variety of birdlife, from the giant mohr which was the huge bird that Theran and his warriors had ridden to Karas’s rescue; to birds that looked like chickens and ducks. But they were only the beginning. Birds were kept that produced feathers that could be woven into clothing. Others were boiled down to make oil for lamps. Still others were prized as food. A meal in Theran’s castle was never complete unless there were about a dozen different types of roasted birds on the table. Kara lost track of them after awhile.

The castle itself seemed quite traditional. It was built in the middle of a lake and was constructed entirely of stone, as were most of the homes of the Attalan people. In the great grasslands, timber was a rare commodity, but large quarries supplied stone for every purpose.

Attalan culture Attalan culture itself was most surprising. . It was a matriarchical society and women held the political power. As a result, Kara and Jhetta were accorded considerable status. Jhetta because she was a princess from an outlying hill tribe and Kara because of the her prowess as a warrior. Another factor in her favour was her hair colour. In all of Attalan society Kara had never laid eyes on another blonde. Hence the name Theran quickly gave her, Lirga Suhm, Golden One.

But the most surprising thing she discovered was a young woman who came to her room and spoke to her in perfect English. “American aren’t you?” asked the girl. She smiled broadly. “I think you’re really going to like it here.”

“Who are you,” asked Kara, bewildered.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the girl said. “I should have introduced myself. “I’m Inga Larson. You might have heard my father mention me. It was he who sent you here wasn’t it?”

The dim bulb in Kara’s head finally flicked on. “You’re Larson’s daughter. But he told me you were dead. That he sent you through the portal and you never came back.”

The girl laughed heartily. “The never came back part of the story is true enough, but I’m far from dead.”

“I don’t understand,” Kara said. “What happened?”

“Nothing happened,” Inga said. “Living here is like living in a fairy tale. Once I realized that I didn’t have to go back I just stayed.”

“And the other girls?” Kara asked.

“All safe and sound and living a fairy tale romance. You’ve no idea how obliging men in this world can be, especially if you’re halfway attractive.” She scrutinized Kara closely. “Hmmm,” she mused. “You’re going to find them very obliging.”

Kara had a hundred questions to ask, but after spending a bit more time with her Inga excused herself. “My prince awaits,” she said. “I’ll be visiting for a few days and we can get to know one another better. I think you’re going to find the world of Zhim very interesting.

What the girl said turned out to be only too true. Kara found herself more and more immersed in this strange culture where every woman was treated like a goddess. She actually received extra special treatment, mainly because of Jhetta’s storytelling. The dark-haired girl turned Kara’s attempt to save her from the Bermaghi into an epic struggle in which Kara had fought off dozens of beast men before succumbing heroically to overwhelming numbers. That, of course, was somewhat true, but the Attalans were most interested in the “stick fighting” as Jhetta described it and after giving Kara a suitable time to recover they asked her to demonstrate her skill.

It was fortunate that Kara had practiced so hard developing her martial arts skills under Diana’s tutelage, and fortunate as well that she was a naturally gifted athlete. Possibly it was a legacy from her Kryptonian past. Whatever the reason, her quick mastery of a variety of weapons skills, and her ability to learn hand to hand combat techniques earned her words of praise from the powerful Amazon.

Her quick defeat of several Attalan warriors cemented her position as a woman warrior and greatly increased her status. It also cemented her relationship with Theran. The mohr rider had been intrigued by her ever since he and his patrol had rescued her from the Bermaghi. It took little more to entice him to her bed.

It had been awkward for her at first. Attalan society was very direct about sex, but liaisons were always imitated by the woman. It was a concept completely foreign to Kara, limited as she was by the Puritanical superheroine code, but after much soul searching, nail biting, and even more procrastination, she had finally sent word to Theran to meet her in her room.

Theran had come as ordered. Even a prince could not refuse the invitation of a high-ranking woman. But he was not exactly a reluctant bridegroom. To describe him as eager when he came to her bed would have been the understatement of the millennium. It was a night that would last in Kara’s memory forever.

She stirred against him as the pleasant memories surrounded her. From the touch of his body she knew he was awake. “Not tired, Golden One?” he asked, his hand encircling her breast.

“Not when you do that,” she breathed. She shifter her weight and parted her legs slightly, allowing him to feel the change in her posture.

“You’ll be too tired to go on the hunt,” Theran chided.

“Tomorrow we will be surrounded by a hundred others,” she replied. “We may not get a chance to make love again for some time.” She kissed his earlobe. “Give me something to make this night memorable.” And he did.