Chapter 8 - The Littan

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Kara nervousness increased. She had been waiting in the opulent bedroom for more than an hour attended by several of the eunuch guards. Around her hundreds of candles burned in crystal mirrored fixtures scattering their light about the room. The Littan was coming for her and she was as edgy as the most naïve virgin. During her week long recovery period she had been given the opportunity to talk to the other women in the harem. She had not been able to discover much of anything about the Littan and that was what made her nervous. Women normally talked about such things, but those that Kara talked to had clammed up whenever she tried to find out anything about their lord and master. That suggested a respect for his privacy that went beyond the ordinary. It was clear that all of the members of his harem, including Falana were quite afraid of him. And so now she waited, wondering what fate awaited her.

As ordered, she reclined seductively on the bed, dressed in only the ropes of gem-studded gold jewellery that had been fastened to her body by the numerous piercing. She wasn’t at all comfortable and suspected that she was probably being watched from behind the ornate stone screen that made up one wall of the room. The thought kept occurring to her that being forced to have sex with dozens of gold chains attached to her body would not be a pleasant experience even if it was consensual. There seemed too great a likelihood that in the throes of passion (or perhaps pain) one of them would snag on something and be torn loose.

She wondered why her meeting with the Littan had been delayed. Falana had inspected her after five days. As predicted the wounds inflicted during the piercings had healed, but for some reason Falana was not satisfied. After thoroughly examining her, including using a couple of techniques that mystified her, she declared that Kara needed more time. After that she was checked every day until finally Falana had declared her fit enough to meet with the Littan. Now she waited, wondering what new and possibly terrifying ordeal awaited her.

The door to the bedroom swung opened and the Littan entered. Or at least Kara supposed he was the Littan. As on the day at the slave market he was carried on a litter by eight eunuchs and was concealed from sight by elaborate robes and a veil that masked his face. As Kara watched, wondering what she was supposed to do the litter was lowered and the Littan swung gracefully to the floor.

Kara waited in the middle of the bed as she had been instructed by Falana. It seemed a strange way for a slave to greet her master, but that is what she had been ordered to do, and she would not have been comfortable groveling before the Littan on her hands and knees in any case. She felt very vulnerable now that her lord and master had arrived. From behind his veil she could imagine his eyes sweeping over her naked body, devouring every delicious curve and savouring the sexual feast to come.

“I’ve got to stop thinking like that,” she told herself, biting her lower lip. “I’m becoming aroused.”

The eunuchs who had been waiting with her now went into action. To Kara’s surprise and consternation they closed in around her and before she could object, smoothly attached gold bracelets to her wrists and ankles. The problem was that the bracelets were connected to chains, which the eunuchs proceeded to fasten to rings located at the four corners of the bed. Although the chains were not pulled tight, Kara was effectively shackled. She could move her arms and legs only a couple of feet in any direction. Old fears surged within her. She had been in this position too many times before.

As son as the eunuchs had finished fettering her to the bed, they left the room, the litter bearers following. Kara was alone with the Littan. She immediately went on the offensive.

“Why have you done this?” she demanded. “This is no way to treat a stranger. I should have been given help, not sold like some farm animal simply to suit your desires.”

“You have spirit,” said the Littan from behind his veil. “That is good. It shows that I chose wisely.”

Kara froze at the sound of the voice. The way that the words were formed seemed most unnatural, almost as if the Littan’s vocal cords and mouth were not properly formed. A horrible suspicion came into her mind. She remembered what had happened to her when she had first been transported to Zhim. She had landed in the hands of the Bermaghi. What if the Littan was something like them?

“What do you want me for?” Kara asked, as if the answer was not already painfully obvious. This time the Littan did not answer. Instead he began to unlace his robe.

Kara gasped; the hands that extended from the sleeves of the robe had six fingers. “Oh no,” she thought as the robe parted and the Littan removed his hood and veil. The Littan was clearly not human, and now Kara understood why Falana and the other members of the harem were so afraid of him.

The Littan was powerfully built, his muscles bunched in a way that suggested tremendous strength. But it was not his body that sent a shudder through Kara, it was his face and the lower portion of his anatomy. Large boar-like tusks thrust up from his lower jaw, explaining his strange speech pattern. The huge teeth, wide nose, and gleaming red eyes gave him an alien aspect that was truly frightening. The face almost seemed familiar and Kara remembered now that she had seen masks from Indonesia depicting demons that were very similar in appearance. However, it was the jutting phallus that occupied most of her attention. He appeared to be fully erect, and his member extended was at least a good foot in length. However, it was the cruel barb projecting from just behind the glans that most frightened her. “Oh my god,” she thought. “If he puts that thing in me…!”

“So now you know my secret,” the Littan said. “And you know what I want of you. Tonight you and I will produce a child; a very special child, born of two alien races. I see that you are not of this world any more than I am. It will be most interesting to see what we can conceive.”

“A child?” Kara exclaimed. “No, such a thing would be monstrous.”

“No more monstrous than those that I have already made with Falana and the others I have impregnated. I have waited ten full days for you to be ready and now Falana tells me that you are.”

“What do you mean?” Kara asked, stalling for time. She knew full well what the Littan meant. She had detected the signs herself in the increased tenderness of her breasts, and quite noticeable menstrual cramps.

“You are ovulating. Your womb has made ready to receive my seed. Tonight you will have the honour of conceiving my child.”

“No,” Kara protested. “Why would you want to do this? Such a union is most unnatural.”

“Perhaps to you,” the Littan replied. “But my species has spread itself throughout the galaxy due to its ability to interbreed with other humanoids. I have already fathered hundreds of children on this planet. But mating with you will be very special. I shall be most interested to discover what your origins are. Perhaps I will visit your home world as well if all the women are as beautiful as you are.”

“My planet was destroyed when I was an infant,” Kara said. Completely in the power of the alien and unsure of whether she could escape she wanted to make sure that he did not trace her origins to Earth. It was the truth in any case. Her true home had been destroyed.

“A pity if that is true,” replied the alien. “But you must have come from somewhere. It is fortunate that I have all the time I need to find out where that is.” He finished speaking and climbed onto the bed. Kara immediately struggled to escape.

“It would be best if you lie still,” the Littan said. “I shall try to cause you as little pain as possible. You are a strong young woman. A little pain will not hurt you.”

“No,” Kara whimpered as he slid between her velvet thighs. “It is not natural. Do not do this.”

“Shush,” the Littan replied. Sliding his hands beneath the small of her back he prepared to enter her.

“No! Aaagghhh!” Kara screamed as the alien’s barbed shaft slid into the warm depths of her pleasure palace. He split her wide, the barbs digging into her moist flesh as he thrust deep within her.

“Nnnnngggghhhh!” The Littan was much too large to enter her in one go. He drove hard into her and then pulled back for a deeper thrust. When he did the devilish barbs shredded her love tunnel. Kara screamed in agony, her body writhing in torment; twisting desperately in a futile effort to escape the sexual torture. Breasts bouncing, hair flying, and bathed in sweat, she heaved her powerful body, while the Littan rode her to exhaustion. Grunting with animal desire the alien shot his slimy seed into her and then seemingly driven mad by passion he sank his two immense fangs into Kara’s breasts.

She screamed anew at this sudden new pain, but still transfixed by the Littan could do no more than arch her back. Rising from her breasts, his fangs dripping blood, the alien began all over again, thrusting in and out of her furiously with no regard to her screams or protests, until finally in a red haze of pain Kara fainted.

She awoke in a cool quiet room. Falana sat beside her, bathing her forehead with a damp cloth. Kara groaned; her loins felt as if she had been disemboweled.

“Sssshh,” Falana said soothingly. “Lie quietly the pain will pass. You have done well. The Littan is most pleased with your efforts. He plans to invite you to his bedchamber again as soon as you are recovered.”