Chapter 13 - Glohp

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Kara rested her elbows on the window ledge overlooking the courtyard. She sighed. Life with Rezar was pleasant, and he certainly could not be faulted in his bedroom technique, but he expected her to behave as a lady of the court. He was courteous to a fault, but believed that it was a woman’s role to behave in a refined and ladylike manner. It was wonderful to be treated like a goddess, but she was becoming rather bored. Today Rezar had promised her something special. She wondered what it was. All she knew was that she was to meet with him and the court astrologer shortly after noon.

It was that time now. Turning she moved across the room, her ankle length dress sweeping the floor. She sighed again. Would she ever get used to these archaic clothing styles?

Rezar was waiting for her on the parapet of the highest tower in the castle. With him was a tall, serious looking man with a full beard. She recognized him as Phesto, the court astrologer. He was a man Kara did not have much use for in that his predictions were so deliberately vague as to be completely useless. Of course, that was par for most of those who attempted to predict the future. As far as Kara was concerned the entire idea was complete nonsense.

Kara curtsied to Rezar. She was getting a little better at this sort of thing. “My Lord Rezar,” she said in greeting.

“Lady Kara,” Rezar smiled, bowing. Kara looked toward Phesto, catching a quickly hidden look of disdain. Not everyone approved of her liaison with Rezar. It was common knowledge in the castle that she and Rezar slept together. She gave him a withering look. It was not wise to anger the king’s mistress.

“Phesto has made an interesting prediction,” Rezar said. “I thought you might be interested considering your own interest in the heavens”

Kara’s interest in astronomy came honestly considering her extraterrestrial origins. However, it didn’t take much to dazzle the ignorant members of Rezar’s court with her superior Earth knowledge, a fact that had made her a number of enemies. This time, however, she suspected that Phesto might actually know something. The man was preening like a peacock.

Rezar spoke again. “Phesto tells me that in one day we will witness a momentous event. The moon will move between the land and the sky blocking the light of the sun.”

“An eclipse,” Kara said. “How long will it last?”

“Yes an eclipse,” Rezar replied. “That is what Phesto called it.” He looked at the astrologer.

Phesto bowed. “The sun will pass behind Zuro, the largest moon. It’s light will be completely cut off for almost an hour.”

“An hour,” Kara thought. It seemed almost too good to be true. She smiled at Phesto, something she had never done before. “Thank you Phesto. I find your news most interesting. I am looking forward to the eclipse more than you can imagine.”

Sven Larson checked over his instruments. An alarm had just gone off alerting him to the fact that one of his subjects had finally returned to the portal area. “It’s about time,” he muttered. His readings indicated that it was the superheroine. He wondered where she had been for the last few months. He had made it clear that she was to stay close to the portal so that he could locate her and instead she had completely disappeared. He would have to discipline her when she returned. He licked his lips at that thought. She had the tightest cunt he had ever fucked. He wondered if all superheroines were that way or just Supergirl. He would have to investigate that one day. It would make an interesting line of research. In the meantime he had to bring her back. He set his instruments and flicked the switch.

He knew something was wrong almost immediately. The thing that came through the portal did not resemble the superheroine in any way. It was, however, wearing the electronic collar he had placed around her neck. “Damn,” he muttered. The bloody thing must have eaten her. Now he would never know where she had been.

The thing in the sealed chamber was a nightmare. It seemed to consist of nothing but tentacles and eyestalks. He thanked his foresight in making the chamber escape proof. If that beast ever got out of there…

His musing turned to screams of terror as the transparent chamber suddenly burst apart and the hideous beast inside flowed into his laboratory. He had no time to run before a half dozen tentacles seized him and dragged him toward it. At the last second he noticed that the frightening monster was more than just eyeballs and tentacles – it had a mouth too. A very large mouth. He screamed even louder as he got to experience it first hand.

Kara stood on the rooftop observatory next to Rezar. High in the sky the darkened red sun attempted futilely to penetrate the great mass that was the planet’s largest moon. She could feel the surge of power within her as her strength returned. It was time to leave, but she did not want to leave Rezar the way she had Theran.

“My lord,” she said. “I want to thank you for your hospitality. You treated me like a true gentleman, but now I must take my leave. Perhaps I will return one day, but for now I must make best use of the time I have.”

Rezar looked at her in astonishment. “My lady what…” he began but Kara cur him off. Pulling him effortlessly toward her, an act that astonished the king, she kissed him hard on the lips. And then rising into the air she soared off into the darkened sky.

She shed her clothing as she flew, or rather the speed of her passage did it for her, ripping away the fine silks that were the court dress she had been forced to wear. Underneath she wore a suit of shining chain mail, the only clothing she could find that would endure the speed of her flight.

She had time to think of Rezar as she sped toward the Twarg capital. There was a dull ache in her heart. She regretted leaving him, just as she was still angry at being torn away from Theran. But she was a superheroine, her duty came first. Perhaps, as she had said, someday she might return.

It didn’t take long to reach the Twarg capital. The journey that had taken days she accomplished in only a few minutes. She headed directly for the Littan’s palace. Using her X-ray vision it took her only seconds to find what she wanted. As she suspected the part of the palace occupied by the Littan was much more than it seemed.

Smashing through the roof, she made a grand entrance. The Littan was in his bedchamber. Before him a frightened girl stared in horror at his barbed phallus. Kara landed directly in front of him. Planting her fists on her hips she stood in front of him, her legs slightly spread, her mail-clad chest thrust forward, and her head back. This was the part she most enjoyed about being a superheroine. That and the instant discount she got at most department stores.

“Wh… What are you doing here?” stammered the Littan.

“Putting you out of business. You’ve raped your last virgin. You’re going to show me how to get home and then you are coming with me.”

“I don’t think so,” the Littan said, picking up a sword. “You have made a mistake by coming here. But it will be a pleasure to punish you for destroying my roof.”

Kara laughed. She pushed her chest even farther forward. “You cannot harm me with that. Come peacefully and I will not hurt you.”

The Littan grinned showing needle-sharp teeth behind his huge fangs. “It is you who are going to be hurt.” He pointed the sword toward Kara. To her stunned surprise an intense white light flared from the tip and struck her in the chest.

“Ooommf!” Kara cried as she was picked up and hurled thirty feet across the room. She slammed against the wall with enough forced to crack the marble.

The Littan’s harsh laugh sounded through the dull roaring in her ears. “Fool. Did you forget who you were dealing with?”

Kara shook her head and slowly got to her feet. The front of her chain mail shirt had been completely blown away, exposing her full breasts.

“Shit,” she said, using very unsuperheroinelike language, “I really liked that shirt. Now I’m really pissed.”

Her X-ray vision flared. The Littan screamed as the sword melted in his hands. Then Kara launched herself across the room. “I don’t have time to waste,” she said, lifting the stunned Littan by the back of his neck. He struck out at her, but he was like a child in her hands. Levitating, she headed toward the secret part of the palace she had spotted with her X-ray vision on the way in.

The Littan struggled wildly as she hauled him through the corridors of the palace. It would have been easier just to smash through the walls, but if she was to get back to Earth she needed the Littan alive. A minute of traversing the corridors of the palace brought her to a blank wall. “Open it,” she said. “I know what is there.”

The Littan snarled and spat something at her in his language. Kara didn’t know what he said, but it did not sound particularly cooperative. “Have it your way,” she said. Seizing his wrist she tightened her grip. There was a crunch of breaking bones followed by a shriek of anguish.

“Now do as I asked,” Kara said quietly, “or I will reduce you to a mass of jelly.”

Whimpering in pain, the Littan used his good hand to touch a hidden panel on the wall. Soundlessly a section of wall slid open, revealing the control room Kara knew was there. Entering the room she had the Littan close the door. There wasn’t much time left before the eclipse was over and she didn’t want to be disturbed by any of the palace guards.

Against one wall of the room was a machine that was very familiar. She had seen one like it in Larson’s lab. She pushed the Littan toward it. “You have just five minutes to locate my home planet. Then I start breaking bones.”

Still sniveling in pain the Littan set the instrumentation based on the coordinates Kara gave him. She thanked her foresight in studying astronomy in university. Without her knowledge there would have been no way of connecting to a similar portal located on Earth.

“There, the Littan said. “It is done. You will connect to the portal on your home planet.”

“We’ll see,” Kara replied. “You’re coming with me. If it turns out you have betrayed me you will pay the price.”

Pushing the reluctant alien ahead of her, Kara entered the chamber. A few seconds later there was a wrenching disorientation, but unlike Larson’s portal, there was an absence of pain. Apparently the Littan’s technology was more advanced.

One thing was similar, however, and that was that when the world stopped spinning, both she and the Littan arrived nude. “So what else is new?” thought Kara.

She looked around her. She was back in Larson’s laboratory, but something was wrong. It looked as if the room had been hit by a bomb. Scattered and broken equipment was everywhere and there was no sign of Larson. Fortunately, there was also no sign of the kryptonite that had so badly weakened her.

“What happened?” she wondered. She moved away from the broken glass cubicle and stepped into the center of the room. At that moment a dozen tentacles snaked toward her.

Glohp rose from the floor of the room. She had been lying quietly, digesting her meal, but the sudden arrival of two more appetizing morsels revived her instantly. She snaked out her tentacles and drew them toward her. One of the creatures she seized let out a piercing shriek as she pulled it toward her gaping maw. The other fought back.

She let out a roar of rage as the smaller of the strange four limbed creatures tore off two of her tentacles. The pain was so great that it almost distracted her from the very important job swallowing the larger of the two victims. This one, although it made a great deal of noise, put up almost no resistance. She closed her stomach over it and turned her attention to the more dangerous opponent. Whatever it was it fought like nothing she had ever encountered. In short order it ripped off three more of her tentacles and smashed two of her eyes. Suppressing the terrible pain she threw everything she had at it, wrapping tentacles after tentacle around its thrashing limbs. Finally she had it. The creature fought desperately, harder than any prey she had ever caught, but she held it fast. Now it was just a matter of letting it tire itself out and she would feast again.

The creature’s struggles were weaker now. She pulled it toward her, savouring the thought of another tasty meal. Then she stopped. Her probing tentacles had revealed something she had not previously realized. The creature she held was female. It was a strange shape to be sure, but there was no mistaking the definite female characteristics. This was more than she had hoped for. Female prey were rare. She had been waiting for one for a long time, and now by sheer luck one had fallen into her hands. Now she could breed. Now she had found a receptacle for her eggs.

Kara fought against the nightmare that held her. She had watched in horror as the creature devoured the Littan; now she battled to avoid the same fate. What was such an alien creature doing in Larson’s lab? She had been caught completely off guard and now struggled for her life. The creature was immensely strong. No doubt it came from a heavy gravity world. And it was tremendously resilient. She had torn off five of its arms but the thing ignored the injuries and had wrapped tentacle after tentacle around her. Only her frantic struggles had prevented it from doing to her what it had done to the Littan. But she was tiring fast. Even her superhuman strength could not last forever and the thing that held her seemed tireless. Slowly her strength ebbed. The beast pulled her closer and then it stopped. What was it doing? “No! Oh no!”

Writhing in desperate horror Kara felt her limbs pulled wide. Tentacles spread her arms and legs so that she was held in the shape of an X. And then an enormous tubular appendage moved toward her loins. She redoubled her efforts to escape, her splendid body bucking and heaving as the monstrous phallus-like organ approached her vulva. If the creature did what it appeared to be doing she would be split in half. It was impossible for so huge and organ to fit inside her.

The tip of the organ nestled against the lips of her vulva. She was dry, but the disgusting appendage exuded a slippery white liquid that coated the lips of her vulva and then began to push into her.

Kara held back her scream as long as a superheroine was able then she shrieked in agony as her tight superheroine vagina was forced open. The immense organ snaked into her, forcing her birth canal wide. It was like being violated by a python. Penetrating to her womb it stopped and then as Kara wailed in agony the immense ovipositor began to pulse as a large bulge worked its way toward her.

Racked with pain, Kara was still cognizant of what was happening to her. “My god,” she thought. “It’s laying an egg inside me!” Then she cried out in pain and terror as the egg forced her birth canal even wider. As large as a football, it forced her pelvic bones apart. Shrieking in pain, Kara was helpless to stop what was being done to her and then suddenly she found herself lying on the floor of the lab, the alien creature studying her with its remaining eyes.

She was free, sort of. Even though the monstrous creature that had inseminated her no longer held her, there was nowhere in the lab for her to go. She was trapped as the thing that had been laid inside her began to grow. “Oh no,” Kara grunted. Being impregnated was a heroine’s worst nightmare. Being impregnated by something that resembled a cross between an octopus and a slug went beyond horrendous.

The thing or whatever it was no longer seemed interested in harming her, but she was certain that if she tried to leave it would attempt to prevent her. Of course, she could always exit through the ceiling. Now that she was no longer battling the monster her superheroine powers of recovery had kicked in. She was still not back to full strength, but she was strong enough to escape. There was only one problem with that. She could not afford to leave the alien monstrosity on the loose. If it ever got out among the public…

The thought was horrifying. Only her superheroine strength had enabled her to survive a rape that would have killed an ordinary woman. She couldn’t take the chance on letting the hideous beast escape. The problem was the monster had already shown that it was stronger than she was. She got to her feet. Perhaps there was something in Larson’s lab that would help her fight the monster.

The lab was now more of a shambles than ever. Broken equipment was scattered everywhere, ruined electronic components throwing off sparks.

Sparks. Larson’s equipment required huge amounts of electrical power. She wondered how the alien creature would respond to several thousand volts of electricity. Moving to the electrical panel she found the power leads. Seizing one in each hand she ripped them from the wall. The exposed wires crackled with electricity. Now if she could just get the creature close enough she might have a chance. Unfortunately the alien seemed quite content to sit on the other side of the lab and watch her. Kara noticed that the monster’s torn tentacles and eye stalks were regrowing. Soon it would be restored to full health. How was she going to lure it close enough to make use of her electrical weapons?

“Stupid,” she muttered. “I’m so stupid.” When would she learn to make full use of her powers?

Focusing her X-ray vision she sent a stream of intense radiation cross the room. It got the desired result. The intensity of the X-rays burned into the beast’s hide, sending the stench of burning flesh throughout the room. With a scream of rage the monster charged toward her.

Kara kept her X-ray vision burning the monster for the entire time it crossed the room, and then as a dozen tentacles snaked toward her she jabbed the sparking ends of the electrical wires into the monster. The noise the beast made was earsplitting. If Kara had been a normal woman she would have suffered permanent hearing loss. She continued to press the electrical leads into the alien, ignoring the terrible noise and frightful stench of burning monster. The tentacles engulfed her, but this time the alien’s attack was not coordinated, rather the monster’s arms thrashed at her in desperation. Holding her ground she continued to ravage the alien beast with X-rays and high voltage. Gradually the creature’s movement weakened and then finally ceased completely.

Kara disentangled herself from the maze of tentacles. Carefully she inspected the hideous beast. When she was certain it was quite dead, she left it and moved as far from it as she could get. She might be a superheroine, but that did not mean that her sense of smell was not offended by the stink that now filled the room.

Goodness, she was hungry! Did Larson have anything to eat? He must, but there was nothing in the lab. Crossing to a door on the far side of the room she opened it. Her X-ray vision had revealed this was where Larson had lived. She was pretty sure that he wasn’t alive any more. What had happened to the Littan had probably happened to the deranged scientist. Kara couldn’t pretend that she was sorry.

There was a kitchen, a very well appointed kitchen, laid out in an orderly manner that seemed to jibe with Larson’s fussy character. More importantly though, the refrigerator and cupboards were very well stocked. Working at superheroine speed, and using her X-ray vision, she soon had a tidy repast prepared.

Halfway through her fourth helping of roast beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables (including broccoli) she stopped with her fork halfway to her mouth. “What am I doing?” she muttered. “I’m eating enough for … My goodness, how disgusting.”

She looked down as her swelling belly. “I need help,” she thought. “That thing is growing inside me like a prize pumpkin.” She picked up the phone and coded in a twelve digit number known only to her and a few others.

“Yes,” answered a voice on the other end. There was a slight Greek accent.

“Diana,” Kara said. “I need help. But I’m not sure where I am.”

“Leave the phone on,” the female voice on the other end said. “I will trace the call.”

“Thanks, Diana,” Kara said. She put the phone down. She had a sudden urge for pickles and yogurt heaped on a fourth helping of mashed potatoes.

Wonder Woman had never seen a woman giver birth to a slug before. Especially a slug the size of a large ham. Kara was screaming her head off, but there was little the Amazon beauty could do to help her superheroine friend other than hold her hand and placing cold compresses in her forehead. Anesthetics had no effect on Kara; she would just have to endure the pain as best she could.

Kara arched her back as another contraction rippled through her abdomen. The pain was worse than anything she had ever experienced. Just when she thought that no ordeal could rival the last another seemed to overwhelm her. Thank goodness Diana had arrived. She would have hated to face this ordeal alone. The ripening of the alien’s progeny within her had been bad enough. It had grown at a phenomenal speed and the wriggling of the strange life form within her womb had nauseated her beyond belief. But now it was all coming to an end – at least she hoped it was. Just one more push. She clenched her teeth and bore down.

“Well,” Diana said. “What are we going to do with this?” She hefted the bucket that held Kara’s offspring.

“I guess we could send it back where it came from. The problem is we don’t know where that is, and Larson’s machine seems to be out of commission.”

Diana pursed her lips, and action that would have provoked an instant erection if Kara had been a man. “How about if we freeze it solid? Immersing it in liquid nitrogen should render it harmless. Then we could give it to NASA and have it sent into space.”

“Great idea,” Kara said. “That’s a load off my mind. “I thought I might have to breast feed it.”

Diana looked at Kara’s swollen breasts. She had her Supergirl outfit back on. She had found it stowed amongst Larson’s personal possession. Fortunately the material was capable of stretching to accommodate almost any bust size.

“How long do you think these will last?” she asked. “Being a 40 triple D is going to overbalance me when I fly.”

Diana was no expert on milk-filled mammary glands in spite of her own magnificent endowments, but she could appreciate Kara’s problem. “Maybe a week,” she said, “then they should return to normal. In the meantime I have a suggestion.”

“That being?” Kara asked arching her right eyebrow.

“Let’s change into civy gear. Wear something low cut and leak proof.”

Kara expression showed her puzzlement. This was completely out of character for the normally reserved Amazon.

“Don’t worry Diana grinned. “I have a couple of charity appeals planned. I’m lobbying Super K, and Halmart. I understand they have all-male CEOs. You can accompany me as my publicist. I find business leaders are much more civic minded when they have something to take their minds off their corporate burdens.

Kara returned the grin. “First things first.” She gestured toward the bucket. “Let’s deal with junior first. Then we go shopping.”

Diana nodded. Arm in arm the two superheroines swayed out of the room.