Chapter 2 - Violation

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The journey in the trunk of the car had been excruciatingly painful. No longer concerned about whether or not she could walk, her captor had exposed her to the full power of the kryptonite. Kara had spent a good deal of the journey screaming in pain, but of course the man in black could not hear her and would not have cared if he could.

Lost in the agonizing throes of kryptonite induced suffering, Kara had no idea of how long she was in the trunk. She only knew that when the trunk was opened and the deadly element was once more reduced in its intensity that she appeared to be in a large underground garage. The weasel man seized her by her hair again and dragged her out. “Let’s go bitch,” he said. “I’m going to get cleaned up and then you and I are going to get better acquainted.”

Weasel Face pushed her toward a door in the concrete wall of the garage. She staggered forward, barely able to keep her footing in her weakened condition. The door opened onto a concrete corridor that she was marched down for about a quarter of a minute, then pushing her through a second door, she found herself in a rather comfortably furnished room. It seemed a bit out of place for the bottom of a building, but then criminals often hid in unlikely places. Guiding her over to a couch, he pushed her into it and then set the kryptonite on a coffee table just a few feet away. However, just to be sure Weasel Face took out a second length of cord and tightly bound her ankles. Then he turned her over and tightened the ropes about her wrists.

“I guess that should hold you for a few minutes,” he said. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

Kara fought desperately to escape as soon as the man left the room, but she was terribly weak, perhaps having only half the strength of the average woman. If only she could get farther away from the kryptonite there might be a chance of escape, but try as she might, she could hardly move.

Almost before she knew it Weasel Face had returned. He had obviously just showered, because his dark lank hair was still wet. He was dressed in a green T shirt and jeans, but wearing nothing on his feet. Kara looked up at him, her brilliant blue eyes huge with fear.

“Scared are you, heroine?” Weasel Face sneered. “I sure as hell hope you are. You nearly gave me a heart attack when you dropped me that last time. But now it’s my turn, and I’m going to have some real fun with you.” He licked his lips suggestively, enjoying the fear his actions produced on the face of his victim.

“First the gag. I want to hear you beg and scream when I fuck your tight cunt.” He leaned forward and producing a sharp folding knife cut through the gag.

Kara’s heart beat wildly. So it was to be rape. That was not a surprise, but the revelation shook her nonetheless. The kryptonite was still sapping her will to resist, making her respond in a most unheroic manner. As the gag was removed she begged for her release.

“Please,” she said. “I’m sorry for what I did. I didn’t intend to frighten you. Please let me go. I promise I won’t tell the police or anything. You have my word.”

“Christ you’re pathetic,” jeered Weasel Face. “Put a little bit of rope on you and you cry like a baby. I almost wish I’d left the gag on.”

“Please untie me,” Kara pleaded. “The rope is hurting my wrists. If you let me go I’ll do something for you. I’m a superheroine, I can grant you almost any request.”

“How about if you suck my dick? That’s a simple enough request.”

“No, Kara moaned, “I can’t do that.”

“Can’t or won’t? I think those gorgeous lips would look great wrapped around the end of my shaft.”

“No, please, don’t make me do that.”

Weasel Face stopped taking to her. Instead he rolled her onto her stomach again and began to explore her costume. It took him only a few seconds to find the zipper at the back of the outfit. Quickly he pulled it down, exposing the back of her torso to the waist, but that was as far as he could get it without untying her hands.

However, in her weakened condition, Kara was in no position to resist. Cutting the cords binding her wrists he released her arms, but easily held her face down when she made a feeble attempt to escape.

Kara squirmed as Weasel Face pulled the right sleeve of her costume off her shoulder and down her arm. He was slowly undressing her, and she was too weak to stop him. Whimpering in fear, she begged him to stop, but he ignored her, removing the costume from her left arm next. Then with a tug he pulled the costume down to her waist leaving the upper portion of her body naked.

Kara crossed her hands over her breasts in a pathetic attempt to cover the large organs. Weasel Face laughed derisively, and then did something completely unexpected.

“Aaaahhh!” Kara cried out in shock and pain as Weasel Face slapped her face. The force of the blow loosened all of her teeth on the right side of her face and sent her senses reeling. For a few seconds she was too dazed to realize what was happening. When she revived she found that she was now lying face up on top of the coffee table, the tube of kryptonite having been moved to the couch. More to the point, Weasel Face had pulled her arms over the edge of the table and tied each of her wrists to one of the table legs.

The edge of the table cut painfully into her arms, but that was the least of her worries. The awkward position arched her back, thrusting her pink tipped breasts skyward. Weasel Face stood over her, his eyes traveling over her body. They focused first on her twin mounds of heaven, the irises opening wide as they drank in her taut rose-coloured nipples. Then they moved down over her almost impossibly narrow waist, taking in her flat belly before moving even father to centre on the womanly swell of her abdomen and the rounded contours of her mound of Venus.

In spite of her seminude status, Kara was perspiring excessively, the sweat pooling beneath her on the tabletop. “What’s the matter, superbitch? Afraid you’re finally gonna get fucked?”

Kara had already been fucked. More times than she card to remember, but she was not about to tell Weasel Face that he would not be her first. Once again she tried to talk him out of what he was about to do.

“Look. I can get you money. A lot of money. Superheroines have access to large amounts of cash. Then you can buy all the women you want. You won’t need me.”

It was a very unheroine-like thing to say, but Kara’s exposure to the kryptonite had completely robbed her of her courage. She would do anything to avoid what was going to happen to her.

“No dice bitch. I’ve got a contract to fulfill. Fucking you is just a bonus. Someone has already paid me a lot of money to catch you and now that I have I intend to turn you in. Especially after what you did to me.” As Weasel Face finished speaking he stepped forward and began to pull off her right boot.

“Please don’t do that,” Kara begged.

Weasel Face ignored her. Methodically he removed her other boot and then pulling her legs straight, straddled the table and sat on her lower legs. “Please,” she whimpered again. “Tell me what you are being paid. I’ll double it.”

Weasel Face’s lip turned upward in a sneer. “Some heroine. Crying like a baby. Well, you’re going to become a woman tonight.”

“No!” Kara cried as Weasel Face placed his hands between her thighs and began to knead the round flesh as the same time working his way higher and higher on her leg.

“Oh God,” Kara moaned as he finally reached the apex of her thighs, and pushing his hands beneath the tight elastic of her bikini bottom, slid his fingers under the stretchy fabric and over her pudenda.

She continued to plead with her captor as he moved his fingers under her tights, but it was to no avail. Only when she promised him four times what he was being paid did he even stop to consider, but then simply laughed. “You might find this strange, bitch. But I am a man of my word. I was paid to bring you in and that is what I have done. Now I’m going to do what very few men have ever done, I’m going to deflower a heroine.”

Her sense of honour would not allow her to admit that she had already lost her virginity may times over. Besides, he had already discovered her intact hymen, a factor of her ability to completely heal, no matter what the injury.

“No stop!” she screamed as he began to slide her bikini bottom down her long thighs, but she might as well have been talking to herself. Within seconds, she was completely nude, and Weasel Face was rapidly removing his clothing.

“Oh no,” she whimpered, “Not again.” Weasel Face seemed not to hear her. He was now wholly intent on what he was going to do to her.

Her voice became shrill as Weasel Face forced her legs apart. In desperation she tried to kick him, but the kryptonite left her too weak to more than slow him down. Parting her silken thighs he lifted her slightly and then leaning forward used his weight to penetrate her.

“Aaaahh!” Kara screamed as her maidenhead was sundered for the umpteenth time. Bucking wildly, she tried to free herself from Weasel Face’s impaling phallus. Panting heavily, her captor thrust into her, driving hard and fast. Mercifully the ordeal lasted only a few minutes before the thug was finished with her. At least for the moment. How many more times he might have raped her she never learned, because as he finished the door of the room opened.

“Mr. Dodson. You were not hired to do this. I paid you to capture a superheroine, not violate her.”

The man who spoke was quite unlike Weasel Face or Dodson, as it now appeared his name was. He was wearing a long white lab coat and stood at least a foot taller. His arms were most unusual, being so long that they were almost spider-like. For all that, he did not have a menacing appearance and the look on his face was one of severe disapproval.

“This is outrageous behaviour. You have committed a vile crime against this young woman. One that I am going to find hard to forgive. Take your clothes and leave at once. I will pay you as agreed, but for now our services are terminated.”

“But Doc,” protested Dodson. “I didn’t hurt her. I was just having a little fun. She probably enjoyed it. Heroines don’t get much action.”

“You apparently were not listening," the tall man, replied. He snapped his fingers and another man entered the room. This man was a hulking brute, his face creased by a disfiguring scar. “Escort Mr. Dodson out of the building. See that he receives his pay.”

“I’m going, I’m going,” Dodson said, frantically gathering up his clothes and slinking toward the door.

“I am truly sorry about this, my dear,” said the tall man. “I should have been here sooner and this would not have happened.” As he spoke, he untied Kara from the table.

Shaken from her ordeal and still under the influence of the kryptonite, Kara had to be helped to her feet. She was led to the couch where the tall man covered her with her cloak.

“I assume from your costume that you are Supergirl,” the tall man said. “I am Doctor Sven Larson, but I doubt that you have heard of me. My research is in a rather specialized area,”

“Specialized as in the kidnapping of young women and having them raped?” Kara returned. She was still badly shaken form her ordeal, but had regained a little of her old self, in spite of the fact that the kryptonite was only a couple of feet away.

“Believe me, that was certainly not my intent. I needed a subject for my experiments and I doubted that you would volunteer for the project so I resorted to a little unorthodox recruitment. When I am finished with my experiment you will be quite free to go.”

Kara opened her mouth to reply, but Larson cut her off. “Enough of this. I am not here to debate moral issues with you. My work is too important for that.” He picked up the tube of kryptonite. “It is time I disposed of this crude device. I have something much better, but did not want to entrust it to someone like Dodson for fear he might misuse it.” He placed the tube in his pocket, but took out a thin silvery metal circlet and placed it around her neck. There was a small click as it was locked in place.

“There,” Larson said. “That is much better. There is enough kryptonite in that device to keep you under control until I release you. Now come with me. I am going to allow you to clean yourself and dress properly.”

Larson led Kara out one of the other doors in the room. She found herself in a well appointed bedroom. “The bathroom is over there,” Larson said, pointing to another door. “I leave it to you to take care of yourself. Again, I apologize for what happened to you. I wish we could have met under more pleasant circumstances. Tomorrow I will call for you after you have had a chance to rest and recover. Everything will be explained then.” Without another word and before Kara could ask a single question he was gone, closing the door after him. There was a click as the door closed and Kara expected that it was probably locked. Without any alternative, she followed Larson’s suggestions and checked out the bathroom.

It turned out to be more than adequate, being equipped with every modern amenity including a steam shower and a Jacuzzi. Tossing aside her costume Kara showered, trying to wash away the stink and humiliation of the rape. Then she dressed and returned to the bedroom. To her surprise someone had delivered a covered tray of food on a small cart while she had been in the shower. Lifting the lid she saw a variety of savory breakfast foods. She wasn’t really hungry, but decided to eat anyway. She was in quite a fix and would probably need all of her strength to survive.

The day passed slowly, and Kara spent most of it watching television on the large set in the room, and thinking of ways to escape. Food was delivered at regular intervals by the hulking brute of an assistant, all of it of very good quality and well prepared. It seemed that Larson was concerned about her well-being after all. Finally, exhausted mentally as well as physically she crawled onto the large comfortable bed and went to sleep. That was the last thing she remembered until she awoke the next morning.

She got a bit of a shock when she opened her eyes. The huge scar-faced assistant was standing there. “The doctor is ready for you now,” he said, speaking to her for the first time. “You have an hour to get ready.” Then without a word he left the room.

Kara saw that breakfast had been brought again. She ate and then went to the bathroom to prepare herself for the day ahead. When scarface returned she was groomed and waiting. With considerable trepidation she allowed the giant to escort her from the room.