Missions of Supergirl - #2: Bad News in Beantown

Author: RW
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Added Date:11/15/2022

Supergirl returned to Metropolis two days after her encounter in the Caribbean with Zod and his cult. She is amazed that parts of her body, especially her erogenous zones, are STILL sore and aching. She had blacked out during the confrontation, and apparently was rescued from a sacrificial altar by her "partner", the English super heroine, Britannia. But with the way her body feels now, thought Supergirl, maybe she didn't get the complete story of what was done to her while she was unconscious. She decides that she needs to see if she can find out more about what happened during the fight.

Now, though, the Maid of Might is again landing on the roof of the Federal Building. She had called ahead, and Agent Mark King is again awaiting her on the roof top. "Probably gets off seeing my skirt go up when I land," she muses to herself as her shiny red boots hit the roof a few feet from the FBI agent. Again King whisks the Girl of Steel downstairs to his office, unwilling to talk about the next "urgent national security" mission he has for her until they reach the privacy of his office.

"Have you heard of D.A.R.P.A.?" King asks, after both have seated themselves in his office.

Supergirl, sipping from a cup of coffee given to her by King's receptionist, waits a moment then admits that she has not heard of D.A.R.P.A.. "Well," King says, forming his fingers in a tent shape and looking at the heroine through them, "it's the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They created the Internet back in the 70's. They do, or sponsor lots of Defense-related research. The local chief of the Boston area office sent me a note that a number of specialized electronics gizmos, advanced chemicals and revolutionary synthetic materials, created by scientists working for D.A.R.P.A., were stolen from locations around Boston.

"There isn't much of a pattern to the thefts. Some things are electronic, some are biochemicals, some are new synthetic products . . . The only pattern is that all were done by scientists or firms working for D.A.R.P.A.. We had an agent working there last week. He started tagging some of the stuff with an electronic tracing device, so he could follow anything that was taken. Last we heard was when he went after something taken late last week in another theft. Never checked in. We can't involve the local cops because some of the items are too classified for them to handle. We need someone who can find the thief, recover the stuff, and not have to deal with a lot of people to get the job done."

"Well, I guess I could follow the same tracer device your agent had. Can anyone up there help me, if I have any questions about what was stolen?"

"Yes, Supergirl, see Dr. Irene Buchman. She's the D.A.R.P.A. chief who first contacted me about the thefts. She's beside herself - says millions of dollars in federal contracts have been wasted unless they get the stuff back. She's probably worried that she will be blamed for the thefts. Here's her address." Excusing herself, the Girl of Steel strides out of King's office, her red cape brushing lightly at the tops of her white thighs, the heels of her boots clicking on the tile floor. She quickly returns to the roof and with a powerful thrust of her legs, leaps into the air and heads toward Boston. King watches her departure, lusting after her tight tush.

Supergirl arrives in Boston a few minutes later, landing in a parking garage near the D.A.R.P.A. office. Changing quickly into a gray business suit - jacket, knee-length skirt, shirt open at the collar, black flats, she dons her Maureen O'Malley disguise - a red wig and large nerd glasses. A few minutes later, the striking redhead knocks on Dr. Buchman's office door and enters. Dr. Buchman rises from behind her desk to greet the visitor. Maureen sees before her a short thirty-something woman, somewhat frumpy-looking, maybe forty pounds overweight, acne scars, coke-bottle glasses, and a huge nose filling her face.

"Mark King sent me up to look into the thefts you reported," the thin, attractive red head says, sitting near Buchman and crossing her legs. "Now THIS looks like a REAL nerd," Supergirl thinks to herself, somewhat put off by the woman's appearance.

"The last FBI guy tried to find a batch of polymers, but didn't come back. What can you do that he couldn't?" Buchman asks in a high-pitched and whiny voice.

"Well," Maureen replies, after thinking for a moment. "If you can give me any leads, or give me another way to track the products that haven't yet been stolen . . ."

"Yes, yes," Buchman interrupts. She reaches into a drawer and pulls a small boxy device out, and hands it to Maureen. "Everything has a low level of a specific radiation on it. This will point you to anything with that radiation signature. Here," she hands Maureen a map, "are the locations of the stuff we haven't lost yet. I'll tell you when there's been a theft, and it's up to you to find anything that isn't where it's supposed to be."

"Do you think the polymers would still have the radiation tag?" the disguised Girl of Steel asks, looking absentmindedly at the map. "Maybe I can pick up the agent's trace."

"Ms. O'Malley!" an exasperated Buchman replies curtly, "that radiation has a half-life of 20 million years. It will be giving off signals long after we are both dust. But the polymers could be ANYwhere by now. That theft was last week!"

"Yes, but if the thefts have been going on for some time now, maybe the crook is amassing the stuff at one location. A nearby location, if he or she plans to continue to steal your stuff."

"But how do you expect to help me!" Buchman whines at the disguised heroine. "I've got to account for all those products! My quarterly budget review is in three days! If I have to report a loss of $56 million, due to theft, this issue will blow up!"

"Well, nothing's been stolen since last week, so we may assume that if they're still interested in the research you sponsor, they will hit SOMEwhere in the next day or two. When they do, I will find them and Supergirl will capture them, and return your stuff. No problemo!" Maureen raises an eyebrow ever so slightly when she sees a frown briefly drift across Buchman's face at the mention of the super heroine.

"Supergirl," Buchman says, pausing, ". . . mmmm, she's in town, on this case?"

"Yes. She can be here in seconds."

"Well, good," Buchman replies, rising, "you just run along now, see if you can find the missing research materials. I'll continue to monitor the remaining research efforts. How do I reach you, or Supergirl, if there's a theft?"

Rising, Maureen hands Buchman a card with the name of a motel at which she will be staying while in Boston. As she walks out of the office, Supergirl's super hearing detects Buchman punching numbers on her phone, making a call. "I'll bet that woman is the source of leaks the criminals are using," Supergirl thinks as she walks out of the office. In her O'Malley disguise, she takes a cab to the motel where King had rented her a room. Her plan is to wait until sundown, then use the gizmo while flying over one of the storage sites. She will try to see the radiation signature with her supervision. If she can detect the unique radiation with her supervision, then she can search the Boston area more quickly, not needing to rely upon the electronic black box to find any stolen goods.

That evening, Supergirl flies over the Boston metro area, watching the black box for signs of stolen property. She first flies to one of the storage sites near Harvard University, then tries various ways to focus her super vision until she's able to see traces of the radioactive material emanating from the high-risk goods. She then flies to the three other storage sites on or near the campus of M.I.T. and is pleased to note that her super vision can detect the traces of radiation miles before the black box beeps. Confident that she can now cover a much larger area and sweep for more traces, the Girl of Steel spends the rest of the night cruising over Boston and its nearby suburbs, looking for the radiation signature. As dawn approaches, the heroine has still not sighted, either with her super vision or the black box, any of the stolen materials. The dejected heroine returns reluctantly to the motel room. "I'll clean up a bit, then see if Buchman might have any other suggestions for me, places to search."

Around midday, Buchman calls the motel and says that a special demonstration of some of the products still in storage will occur later in the day. Supergirl and Maureen O'Malley are both invited to attend the demo. In her Maureen voice, Supergirl tells the bureaucrat that while Maureen will be too busy looking for the lost goods, Supergirl would love to attend the demo. "Excellent," Buchman says over the phone, "we can't wait to show her the research results!"

Late in the day, a familiar red, blue and yellow figure lands lightly outside a non-descript building in an industrial park in Natick, Massachusetts, about 25 miles outside Beantown. "Warfighter Designs" was not one of the storage sites which Supergirl had checked during the night, wasn't even on the list of sites she had of places doing D.A.R.P.A. research. Buchman said that WD was working on integrating the advanced theoretical materials for military uniforms and equipment. They didn't have any products, yet, so no radiation has been used here. Nothing to tag. "If they don't have any products, but just do theoretical work," Supergirl wonders, as she enters the foyer of the building, "what are they going to demonstrate for me?"

Buchman is waiting impatiently in the foyer, her foot tapping the tile floor, as Supergirl enters. Together, the two women head down a hallway and enter one of the rooms at the end. "Warfighter Designs is working with the Army's Soldier Systems Command here in Natick to develop a revolutionary super soldier suit for the twenty-first century, something the Army calls Land Warrior XXI," Buchman explains as the two women enter a large room. Tables scattered around the room hold a diverse array of equipment, both electronic and chemical, and a number of technicians are hard at work on whatever they're doing. The two women pass through the room and enter a smaller room, through a four-inch thick steel door. Supergirl notes that no one bothers to look up from their work areas and feels slighted. She doesn't enjoy it when men (and women) look at her super figure and undress her with their eyes. Odd that these people DON'T do that. As she nears the small room at the back of the work bay, a quick scan with her super vision reveals that the room is virtually a large steel box, with thick composite lead-and-steel walls on all sides.

"Hmmn," Buchman says after the women enter the room. "I don't know where Dr. Collins is. She's supposed to conduct this demonstration. She must have stepped out. I'll be back in a minute. Have a seat!" Buchman turns and punches a code into a keypad, which electronically opens the massive steel door and allows her to leave the vault room. The door automatically closes behind the frumpy little bureaucrat, leaving Supergirl alone in the room.

There is a long metal table along one wall, and metal cabinets and four plush chairs are arrayed before a TV set hanging on one wall. A large mirror is on another wall. As Supergirl admires her perfect form in the mirror, she hears the steel door opening behind her. Turning, Supergirl is surprised to see a woman enter, wearing some kind of helmet, and what can only be described as a cat suit - a full-body suit that hugs every curve and leaves no doubt about the occupant's gender. Shiny black knee-high boots and leather gloves complete the outfit. Her body makes her look a bit like Seven of Nine on that Star Trek show. Unlike that character though, this person also has a wide belt with several pouches on it and a back pack. Also a helmet with a mirror-like finish. "This must be Dr. Collins and what she wanted to show me," Supergirl thinks, moving toward the woman.

"Hello, Supergirl," the other woman says, extending a gloved hand toward the heroine. "I'm Dr. Allie Collins, but you may call me MixMaster!" With that, she raises her left hand, revealing a gun-shaped object in her hand. The device is linked by a small hose to one of the pouches on her belt. Before Supergirl can react, the MixMaster squeezes the gun's trigger and a small greenish stream ploops from the gun, right at the Maid of Might!

Recoiling in horror, Supergirl gasps as the stream hits her. A thick, jelly-like substance sticks to her neck and the top of her costume, some of it slipping down inside her costume and across her beautiful breasts. Immediately, she feels a familiar weakness hit her - Kryptonite! As she staggers backwark, trying to brush the goop off herself, Supergirl feels her knees get wobbly. All she succeeds in doing is to spread the goop down the front of her costume, across her pert breasts and washboard stomach.

"Nnnhh, Nooo!", she gasps, trying to focus her eyes, "why ... why are you ..."

"Sorry if this Kryptonite isn't up to your usual standards," MixMaster says, approaching Supergirl. Supergirl can't see MixMaster's face; the helmet completely covers her head and the mirrored visor must be impregnated with lead! "We didn't have enough time to make up more than this little batch, and we weren't entirely certain that what we have would work! I'm glad to see that it IS working!" Pressing the attack, MixMaster opens another pouch on her belt and retrieves a wadded object. Deftly, she flicks it at the stricken Maid of Might, a few feet away. The object unravels, expanding to form a large net which hits Supergirl. Ends of the web continues around the top half of her body, linking behind the girl, pinning her arms to her sides as she watches helplessly, her super reflexes too dulled by the green K to react.

Stepping backward yet another step, Supergirl trips and falls onto one of the chairs. The Kryptonite has disoriented and weakened her, and now this web thing has her arms pinned against her sides! She tries to raise her arms, but is shocked to see that although the web stretches somewhat, it doesn't break! The heroine can't believe this - her muscles enable her to lift a battleship with one hand! The green K has clearly taken a deadly toll on her powers! While the heroine struggles to free herself from the webbing, MixMaster moves behind Supergirl and rummages in another of her pouches.

"Hmm," MixMaster says, "that restraint webbing seems to be working pretty well! How about some background music, Supergirl? These were designed for crowd control in an area as large as two football fields. How are they, up close and personal?" MixMaster slips an elastic band over Supergirl's head; two plugs on the band fit into her ears. Supergirl raises her head and shakes it, trying to get the band off, now very worried about what new super weapon is about to be unleashed on her.

"This is . . . this can't be happening to me," the Girl of Steel thinks as she squirms in the seat. She tries tries to turn around to face this . . . MixMaster person, but the other woman has one hand on each of the heroine's ears, pressing something into them. Again the Maid of Might shudders from the pain of the synthetic green Kryptonite, too weak to even resist an ordinary human.

MixMaster finally moves her hands away from Supergirl's ears and clicks a button on her belt. A heartbeat later, Supergirl suddenly screams and begins thrashing her head sideways, forward and backward, violently trying to get those things out of her ears. The sound deafening the Maiden of Muscles is unbearable to the girl in her weakened state. She tries to concentrate her super hearing, to suppress the sounds, but the sounds and the effects of the green K together make it hard for her to focus her efforts. Even in her special helmet, MixMaster herself winces at the sounds from the plugs in Supergirl's ears. She grins behind her visor, overjoyed to see this invention having such a powerful effect on this super meddler.

The steel door opens and another person enters. This one is a short, tubby woman, wearing a costume similar to the MixMaster's but without the belt - Dr. Buchman! She moves beside MixMaster, adjusting the volume control on her helmet's earpieces so she can hear the other woman over the radio, while dampening out the screeching from the crowd control plugs (actually these are mini-speakers). "Looks like we have her!" Buchman says triumphantly, beaming at her part in capturing the famous super heroine. "Can she get loose?"

"Maybe," MixMaster replies, "but not when I get done with her! I still have other goodies to test. This is GREAT! That FBI guy only lasted ten minutes, then his heart quit. I'm going to run everything I have at this meddling bitch, until either she dies or loses her mind!" Another object comes out of a yet another pouch and MixMaster reaches around to the front of the Maid of Might. Grasping her chin with one hand, struggling to control the woman's violently shaking head, MixMaster puts the new device near Supergirl's nostrils and sprays a fine mist at her face and up her nose. Supergirl inhales the stuff, unable to focus on and avoid this new threat, and MixMaster releases the heroine's chin.

"AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Supergirl screams, shattering the mirror in the vault. She suddenly starts shaking and twisting in the chair, throwing her head from side to side with tremendous speed, the twin white mounds of her breasts jiggling faster and faster. As she reacts so powerfully to the spray, she begins a high keening wail.

"Which gas is that?" Buchman asks, stepping away from the suffering super woman.

"This one is the deprivation spray. On normal people, it burns out every link from their nose, eyes, and ears to their brain. The effect is permanent, or at least it was in all my tests. Instant Helen Keller in a spray! Hmm, I wonder if it's working on Supergirl. Is she screaming because of the gas, or because of the plugs in her ears? We need to monitor the bitch's body, so we can get some reliable data. Help me move her to the table."

The two woman push the chair close to the table, then struggle a few moments to move the heroine from the chair onto the table. Buchman then moves to the metal cabinet and removes some metal cuffs and thick chains from one shelf. She uses these to pin the Girl of Steel to the table, one large cuff around her neck and one on each ankle. Chains are also tied across her breasts and across her stomach and then secured to eyelets on the sides of the table. While the two women work to restrain the Maiden of Muscles, Supergirl continues to scream and moan in agony, shaking her head violently and obviously in great pain. She struggles valiantly, trying to twist and turn, trying to sit up, but the green k poisoning (at least) seems to have weakened her too much.

"Let's leave her here, come back later, and see if she's still alive," MixMaster suggests, anxious to get away from the screaming crowd control devices. Even with her specially-designed helmet, the noises are just too loud for her ears. The two women leave the room and head someplace else to discuss their plans to sell these devices to terrorists and foreign governments. Anything that can render the famous Supergirl helpless should bring a pretty penny! They are going to be SO FUCKING RICH!

Time has no meaning to the Girl of Steel. She lies on the table, struggling weakly, trying to get free of the Hellish devices, to get the green K off her costume, to break the chains that hold her. The mist didn't destroy her senses but it has caused more incredible pain due to her weakened state. The green K is a very low-grade quality, not as lethal as natural Kryptonite. Even the ear plugs are becoming bearable (or she's becoming deaf!), but their random tweets and roars make it hard for Supergirl to focus on her predicament. Every time she tries to focus on her wrist chains, or on what other super powers she might use to free herself, the incessant sounds break her concentration or the green K causes her to gasp and pant as a wave of pain washes over her young body. The webbing around her torso can be burned off with one burst of X-ray vision, if she could just focus her eyes (was she going blind?!) and concentrate for a second . . . And her head feels like it's exploding or burning from the nasal spray and the ear speakers! None of these things alone would have even slowed her down, normally, but the combined assault of all these things plus the green K has so weakened and disoriented the girl . . . If only she could focus . . .

Buckman, still in her special costume, returns to the vault an hour later. Her partner Dr. Collins has just left for Dallas, Texas, to meet with people who are very interested in their goodies. Buckman wants to be sure that Supergirl is finished. "No loose ends, no more threat to her plans! 'I'm an innocent victim of evil thieves!'" Buchman says mockingly, planning her cover story for the FBI. But the main reason why she's returned to the vault is more sinister. She really REALLY wants to inflict terrific pain on the super heroine. "Her goddamned so-perfect body, her soft and smooth skin, her blond hair . . . This shiksa needs a good shtupping to humble her, before she's utterly destroyed! Then that O'Malley bitch will be dealt with, oh yes she will," Buchman mutters to herself, coming perilously close to, if not beyond the fine line between sanity and madness.

Buckman fiddles with another device in her hand as she approaches the helpless heroine. When Buckman reaches the table, she pauses a moment, looking at the blond beauty. Supergirl is writhing on the table, shaking her head violently from side to side. Even though many strands of hair cover her forehead and cheeks, her face shows that she is in great pain. She moans from time to time and sobs like a child, struggling to free her arms from the webbing. Her eyes are fully dilated, looking like large black saucers with thin blue rims. This is SOO DELICIOUS!

Carefully, Buckman reaches one gloved hand under Supergirl's red skirt and pulls her blue panties down onto her taut white thighs. The villainess then brings forth her other hand, revealing the metal shaft she's holding. Grinning evilly at Supergirl, Buchman moves one tip of the cylinder forward, pressing it against Supergirl's vagina.

This new device is a modification of a depleted-uranium 20-mm shell warhead. This super-dense material was used in anti-tank shells in the Air Force's A-10 Warthog ground support aircraft during Operation Desert Storm. It easily cuts through the best tank armor in the world. A contractor had modified one shell for Dr. Collins, adding a diamond tip and a screw mechanism along the sides, so it could be used as a powerful boring or drilling tool. Internal gyros, added by Buckman, make the device a self-contained drill bit. Pausing briefly, an evil grin spreads across Buchman's face as she pulls the device away from the heroine's nether lips. Dr. Buchman drags the diamond tip of the tool through some of the pseudo-green Kryptonite on Supergirl's shirt, coating the tip in the toxic material. The gel was already solidifying on her and quickly bonds with the metal rod. Soon, it will bond with everything it touches, joining with other objects on a molecular level, becoming almost impossible to remove. Buchman laughes viciously as she fantasizes about the effect that this Kryptonite-coated diamond will have when it begins to cut through Supergirl's vagina. Buchman again brings the device down to the edge of her captive's skirt, then slides it under the skirt, taking special pleasure in letting the tip rub against the girl's inner thigh. As the device creeps up her inner thigh, Supergirl moans, both from pain and arousal, as her fevered mind thinks about the device moving toward her vagina.

"Puh-please . . . n-no more! It huurrttsss!" she begs Buchman, trying to lift her head off the table.

Supergirl's moans became screams when she feels the foul device parting her outer lips, twisting to the left, then the right, seeking the opening to her innermost love canal. She tries desperately to raise her head enough to look between her legs, vainly hoping she might get off one burst of super heat vision and destroy the thing before it invades her body, but the thick cuff around her neck is too strong (or she's just too weak). She can't move her head, SHE CAN'T SEE!! Suddenly, she cries out as the tip of the drill finds the entrance to her vagina. She doesn't feel the burning of the green K on her softest tissue; the invasion of her vagina is enough of a shock on her weakened senses. Again, the combination of pleasure and pain confuses the heroine, causing her to sag backward onto the table. When Buckman sees the mighty heroine collapse, she leans close to Supergirl' face and turns on the device, watching what effect this will have on America's precious heroine. There is a light humming noise, then the screw thread which is wrapped around the cylinder's body starts to twist, slowly at first, then with increased speed. After a few revolutions, Supergirl suddenly tries to raise her hips off the table, reacting to the sensations she's receiving. The pain/pleasure she's experiencing is quickly overwhelming her last defenses, stealing her last reserves of energy!

Buckman grins evilly as she watches the screw turn, slowly, inexorably, pulling itself into Supergirl's indestructible (?) hole. "Damn," Buckman muses, "I wish I had another, to run up her ass hole!" When the device is halfway into Supergirl's cunt, Buckman carefully restores the blue panties back into place, covering her vagina. "I wonder how far that thing will go inside her?" Buckman asks herself as she turns to leave the room. "Maybe when I get back, I'll find it on the floor. Who knows? That green-K I put on the diamond tip might just bore a hole all the way through the bitch, right to the top of her cute blond head!"

Behind Dr. Buchman, Supergirl tries to use the muscles of her vagina to close it, to block the tool from boring into her. She's too weak. She begins screaming in fear at what that thing might do to her and can barely hear Buchman's laughter as the cruel villainess leaves the steel room.

When Supergirl was bound to the sacrificial altar during her battle with the Caribbean Cult, magic was used against her, causing her libido to run wild, firing off powerful orgasms at a great rate, but leaving her pussy unsatisfied, yearning, BEGGING for long slow strokes from a powerful cock. Now Supergirl is getting her wish, in spades! The slowly rotating device uses its screw blade to inch, ever so slightly, pulling itself into her super snatch. As it advances, the edges of the screw push against and abrade the walls of her vagina. She is of course still invulnerable, but the pseudo-Kryptonite on her costume and on the tip of the borer has weakened the girl to the point where this device is really starting to hurt her! It's also starting to drive her crazy with sexual desire!

"Nnnnnhh, nnnnHHHH, aaaaaaiiiiiiIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!" she screams, thrashing on the table, trying to deal with the many assaults on her body. This is slowly stripping reason from the girl's mind; she can't deal with all of the sensations she feels. Unconsciously, she slowly starts to fly as her body tries to flee the pain being inflicted on it. As her flying power kicks in, she rises off the table, straining the chains which bind her to the table. She lacks her full powers and isn't really aware that she's doing anything, but slowly her floating body stretches and breaks several of the chains. As the last chain, the one holding her neck to the table, begins to groan and stretch, heated tremendously by the strain caused by Supergirl's flight, the heroine suddenly snaps upward, her unrestrained super body smashing into the thick steel ceiling of the vault. Released from the chains, blocked by the ceiling, shocked by the impact, her body falls downward, crashing onto the edge of the table and rolling slightly to one side. The Kryptonian super woman falls to the floor and loses consciousness.

The humming continues as Buchman's boring device continues to grind forward into Supergirl's vagina..

Supergirl, lying on one side in a fetal position, grits her teeth as the borer grinds remorselessly deeper into her heavenly canal. With an incredible effort, she manages to roll onto her stomach; her bent knees lifting her butt into the air, her short red skirt falling so that her butt cheeks stick upward. Fighting back tears and pain (and the pleasure that hellish thing in her cunt was creating), the Girl of Steel pulls her body upright so that she is now on her knees. Dully, she lurches to her feet, falling briefly against the metal table while she tries to steady herself. As she stands beside the table, gasping for air, she begins sobbing uncontrollably as she thinks about how powerless she has become, how much these two women have humiliated her with their stolen inventions.

The effects of the mist sprayed into her nose and mouth are still raging through Supergirl's system. She can no longer hear the shrieking noises from the devices in her ears and her super vision is barely able to show shadows of the things in the room with her. She can't see the door but she does see where the mirror had been - it's a darkened blotch on one wall since her super scream. Supergirl stumbles toward the dark spot ("NNNnnnggghhh"), fighting to stay erect as the borer continues turning in her vagina, suddenly loosening a first orgasm.

"Mmmnnh," Supergirl moans, bending forward, one fist pressing against the yellow hair above her crotch, hoping for some way to ease the pain. She bites her lip from the pleasure/pain, and a small trickle of blood flows from her luscious red lips, dropping onto her blue leotard-like top and leaving a stain.

Supergirl dimly determines that the mirror had actually been a one-way mirror/window, covering a gap that now opens into another room. As she leans forward to look into the room, she spots a shard of glass still in the jamb. Ignoring the risk of further damage to her super body, Supergirl leans her head against the shard and scrapes against it. After a minute or so, the elastic band holding the plugs in her ears comes off the top of her head and drops to the floor, taking the screeching howling ear plugs with it. Since she is still mostly deaf after an hour of this torture, this is really just a hollow victory for the Maid of Might.

Looking beyond the mirror into the room, Supergirl can just barely discern that the room has several chairs, plus a bank of electronic equipment. On the back wall, there is another door with a window? Supergirl leans forward and falls over the edge of the jamb, dropping into the room, landing on her face. Again, a struggle of great effort is required to get the once-mighty heroine back to her feet. Just as she does, a sudden unexpected orgasm rips through her body from the effects of the borer. She cries out in pain/pleasure and sags, bending at the waist and knees. Air hisses between her teeth as she quickly inhales, riding out the wave of sexual pleasure.

Stumbling toward the back of the room, nearly falling over one of the chairs, she reaches the door and discovers that it is, in fact, another mirror, not a window on the door. She is just about to kick the mirror, to see if she can open the door, when an idea occurs to her fuzzy mind. Summoninig up great concentration, after shaking her head and blinking her eyes to drive away her pain, she manages to fire a stream of heat vision at the mirror, gasping several times at the strain this effort puts on her body. She had seen Superman shave by reflecting his heat vision off a mirror. Maybe . . .

Within seconds, the weak rays from her eyes reflect those heat beams off the mirror and onto the webbing surrounding her body, the synthetic webbing which had wrapped her arms tighly against her side and still holds them against sides. Crying, gasping, then riding out another orgasm, Supergirl continues to strain her eyes, using her heat vision on the webbing. It takes several minutes, but she cries tears of joy when, at last, she weakens the nylon webbing enough to allow her to raise her arms, snapping free from the remnants of the nylon webbing, and freeing her arms. YESS!!

Another super orgasm suddenly rips through the heroine's body, doubling her over, tearing a moan from her throat. She realizes that she HAS to deal with that thing inside her next, despite the pseudo-green K on her upper body, slowly poisoning her. She looks down toward her vagina, but the stress of using her heat vision has momentarily fogged her vision. She can't even see her skirt clearly, much less look inside her body. Using one hand to balance against a wall, with her other hand she reaches between her legs, brushing aside her skirt and her blue panties. Supergirl starts probing her crotch for the tool tormenting her. All she feels is the very end of the device, maybe 1/8th of an inch sticking out of her cunt! She tries to grasp it but can't get a grip on it! Crying, desperate, she tries to dig the hellish thing out, but she can't get her fingers inside her far enough in . . . she <"nngh"> can't . . . <"AAIIIIEEEEAAA!!"> (another orgasm hits).She slowed the boring device, even crumpled part of the end, but it's continuing its slow crawl up her vagina.

Supergirl staggers back toward the window and again falls over the edge, landing on her shoulder on the floor in the main room Pulling herself back to her feet <"NNNNNHHHH!!"> (orgasm), she finally rises again and moves to stand over a piece of the broken mirror. With grim determination, Supergirl blinks several times to clear her vision, then aims her heat vision so that it will (SHE HOPES) bounce off the mirror on the floor and hit the end of the borer still outside her vagina. After several attempts, her vision finally clears somewhat, but after one shot, she has to quit. She's just still too loggy to focus well enough and all she has managed to do is to burn her own labia majora! Her one good shot hit her outer lips, causing the girl to rock backward, falling onto her butt, screaming in pain.

"OK," she thinks, rubbing the tears from her eyes. "I gotta use my powers of recovery to shake off whatever they did to my eyes. I gotta get away from this green K so I can get my powers back to full strength." She swiftly removes her top and cape and tosses them through the window, back into the other room and against the far wall. She immediately feels stronger, even through some of the goop is still on her neck and breasts. She tries to scrape the stuff off her body but is unsuccessful. The stuff seems almost to have bonded itself to her skin!

The frustrated heroine moves back to the large chunk of mirror on the floor and again tries her super heat vision. Again she cries in pain as her second attempt to bounce heat vision off the mirror fragment burns her skin instead of the green stuff on her body. No good! Her skin heats and burns (like a bad sunburn) while the green stuff just smokes and fizzles most of it is still stuck on her. This too will take too long in her current condition. "NNNNaaaggghhhh!!" (orgasm)

Supergirl, naked now from the waist up moves to the huge steel door, intending to leave here before either woman returns. She gasps briefly, her spirits dropping, when she observes that she has to use a touch pad to open the door. She doesn't know the combination! She begins hitting keys but quits when she realizes she doesn't know how many strokes are needed, much less which ones will unlock the massive vault door. Bracing herself, the Girl of Steel raises her arms over her head, clasps her hands together and prepares to smash the door when another orgasm rips through her loins, doubling her over. Her nipples have become hardened like steel acorn nuts since removing her top, and now they ache terribly from her arousal. As she stands, bent at the waist, gasping, one hand begins massaging her left breast. The other hand rises as if it too has a mind of its own and begins to roll and squeeze an impossibly hard, thick nipple between thumb and forefinger. Within seconds, another even more powerful orgasm rips through the girl, dropping her to her knees, panting,her head against the vault door.

Wearily, the exhausted Maid of Might again rises to her feet, again raises her clenched hands, and prepares again to smash the thick steel door. Grunting with her effort, she swings her arms forward in a powerful overhead arc, crashing them against the door.

She's put a dent in the case hardened steel, but otherwise her mighty blow seems to have had no effect. Repeating her effort, a second powerful blow still does not pop the door off its hinges. Sobbing, still nearly blind from the nasal spray and now her tears, Supergirl sags against the door, propping herself up with one hand as the other slowly, seemingly with a mind of its own, begins caressing her left breast. As one finger drags across her nipple, another orgasm rips through her lovely body, and again she falls to her knees, sobbing and moaning, her weakened body shaking uncontrollably.

BBOOOOOMMM!! then BBOOOOOMMM!!, a second loud reverberation echoes through the building. Everyone turns their heads toward the vault. Wasn't Supergirl in there, testing something for Dr. Collins? several of the scientists, engineers and technicians think. Wow, what could she be doing that would shake the building to its foundation like that?

"GodDAMN that bitch!!" Buckman roars from her second office, her real office since she and Dr. Collins began selling government secrets to the best bidder. Rising quickly, she slips out of the robe which had covered her super soldier suit while working in her office. Buchman next dons her helmet and backpack and heads toward the vault. On the way, she stops at the desk of one of the scientists and grabs his latest project.

After entering the correct passkey code, Buckman cycles the heavy door and watches it massively slide open. She hears a grunt and thud, then through the widening crack between the vault door and its jamb, Buchman sees Supergirl's hand slap lifelessly against the floor. "SHE'S LOOSE!" Buckman screams in her mind. Buckman crosses the threshold before the door is fully opened, and hits the "close" button on the inner keypad. The door stops opening and begins to close. Outside, most of the people are now rolling on the floor, holding their bleeding ears. The screamer was still powerfully roaring, from the floor of the vault where the Girl of Steel had let it fall. The technicians and engineers do not have Supergirl's ability to control what she hears, nor do they have sound-deadening helmets as does Buchman. The unprotected, non-super ear drums of the technicians/scientists/engineers pop in the initial blast. Within the enclosed confines of the warehouse, the killer tones echo and reecho, slowly destroying over a score of Collins' work force. The sound soon is rapidly killing everyone outside the vault.

Inside the vault, Buchman spots the Girl of Steel lying on her side, one arm stretched out. "How the FUCK did you get FREE!" Buchman roars at the nearly-senseless heroine. Buchman reaches down and grabs the bit of chain still connected to the metal collar around Supergirl's neck. Using this as a leash, Buchman drags her helpless victim back across the room to the table. Finding that she is unable to lift Supergirl up to the table, even with the super soldier suit, Buckman pauses to consider her next course of action. Buckman grabs the heroine's hair and pulls her into a seated position. The little bureaucrat smiles as she watches Supergirl's head loll onto her chest, her eyes nearly closed.

After a very strenuous effort, Buchman manages to pull Supergirl to her feet. As the heroine totters on her feet, barely able to stand on mushy knees, one of her arms mechanically trying to swat at her tormentor, Buchman guides the Girl of Steel backward onto the steel table. Just as they reach the table, Supergirl suddenly opens her eyes.

As another powerful orgasm rips through her body, Supergirl feels a thrumming in the hand that's propping her against the vault door. After thinking for a moment, she realizes that something is happening with the door. As she raises her head, the door slowly swings open, toppling the weakened Mistress of Power onto one side, one arm flopping lifelessly to land partially under the opening door, the other hand moving to press against her abdomen to ease some of the pain she feels. As she tries to rise, one hand drags across her crotch, causing another powerful orgasm to fire. Supergirl sags and falls onto her back, moaning. As she tries again, rising up onto her elbows, she suddenly feels her head being yanked backwards. Someone has grabbed the chain on her neck collar.

The weakened heroine groans as her limp body is dragged backward across the tile floor. Her body shudders with another massive orgasm as she thinks of her powerlessness and the danger she's in. No foe has ever made her feel so weak and ineffectual, and aroused at the same time. Was she becoming a masochist, someone sexually aroused by being someone's whipping toy? This is the first step in becoming a slave, isn't it? As she struggles to regain control of her body, she feels herself being lifted to her feet, then being forced backward.

Supergirl resolves to end this punishment at any cost. Inhaling raggedly, she opens her eyes. Everything is still fuzzy, her eyes are still dilated, but she can see the helmet of one of her tormenters. This is all the Girl of Steel needs to see. Probably Buchman, given that fat doughy waist, Supergirl realizes.

Buchman puts one hand on either side of Supergirl, just below her rib cage, to shove the woman up onto the metal table. Buchman is then stunned at the sight of the blond bitch slowly raising her arms over her head. Before the black-garbed villainess can react, Supergirl strains mightily and brings her once-powerful arms down onto Buchman's shoulders. The force hammers Irene Buchman to her knees, causing her to cry out in pain. Placing her hands around Supergirl's knees, Buchman looks up at the Girl of Steel and instantly sees that she is still far from fit for battle. As the heroine slowly looks down at her punisher, head wobbling, Buchman punches her closed fist upward, striking the heroine's cunt right on the clitoris. Supergirl screams and falls backward, half of her body lying on the cold metal table, one knee pulled up almost to her stomach, the other leg dangling inches above the floor. Grinning at her ability to stop the heroine, Buchman picks up her newest discovery and rises to her feet.

Supergirl had managed to delay Buckman with just one far-from-powerful blow. Then another orgasm hit her body, just when all of her strength and will power should be focused on finishing chubby. As the Maiden of Muscles struggles to continue the attack, forcing her head forward and down, to face the woman, she recoils in horror as Buchman's pudgy little fist rams into her clit. The effect is incredible. Her blood-engorged clit had NEEDED attention, in response to the remorseless drill boring through her vagina. Buchman's costume-enhanced punch sends a shock wave from Supergirl's clit, through her body, to crash into her brain. "NNNAAAIIIIIEEEE!!" she screams, rocking her head backward, and falling onto the table behind her. Her clit is THROBBING!! Aching with a pain no man would EVER feel if hit in his nuts.

Standing beside the table, watching the heroine rock sideways on the table, now clutching her stomach and crotch, her eyes nearly closed, Buchman senses victory. She reaches forward and grabs Supergirl's shoulders and roughly spins her over onto her belly. Next, the pudgy little bureaucrat's clenched fists, augmented by an exo-skeleton in her super suit, smashes Supergirl at the base of her skull with enough force to loosen the bolted-down table.

Dully, Supergirl feels Buckman man-handle her body, rolling her over to face the table, then spreading her legs. Supergirl is completely drained of energy and powerless to resist the villainess' hands. She is dimly aware when her skirt is lifted. Then, just as another orgasm begins to wrack her poor body, Buchman's thumb rams into her abused clitoris. Supergirl screams and rips a small chunk off table as the incredible spasm shudders through her body, driving her to the brink of unconsciousness. She sags onto the table, spent, drained, barely able to open her still-clouded eyes.

Then, just as she thought the worst had passed, she suddenly feels an object rammed against her anus! "N-no more . . . puh-please, I beg youuu," she sobs, "I can't take any more! Please stop!"

As Supergirl struggles to remain conscious and begs for mercy, Buchman smiles and lifts the girl's short red skirt, baring her anus and tight little butt cheeks. Lifting the new metal cannister in one hand, Buchman gives it a twist with her other hand and quickly rams it against Supergirl's anus. No luck. The Kryptonian's butt cheeks are still too strong, despite all the punishment her body has received. They keep this hole closed too tight!

A frantic Buchman realizes she has to move quickly now - the cannister has started to hum. Trying again, Buckman reaches one hand under Supergirl and begins stroking her clit as the bureaucrat's legs press against the backs of Supergirl's thighs. As one pudgy, gloved finger rubs the heroine's clit, the second puts the chrome cannister against her anus. When Buchman's efforts make Supergirl moan and sag limply, sprawling on the table, Buchman makes one last mighty effort and manages to ram most of the cylinder into the girl's ass hole.

Supergirl's head rocks off the table and one arms flails toward her butt to end this new torment. Her new screams, so weak, so pitiful, bring a broad smile to the sadistic bureaucrat's face. Nearly finished, Buckman steps back a few paces and with a mighty UUHNH she kicks the end of the canister with all her suit-enhanced strength and drives the cannister deeper it into the suffering Maid of Might. The effort also knocks the table off its mounts and both it and the Kryptonian topple onto the floor. Supergirl is almost unconscious, one hand weakly trying to pull this new torment from her aching butt. Buchman laughs at the heroine's weakened condition.

Buckman turns and moves quickly toward the vault door. She doesn't want to be here when that thing explodes. Someone had designed a new magnesium flare. No applications for it yet. It was a binary, two chemicals in adjoining cells, which when mixed created a new chemical. The thing mostly contained magnesium, but also some other compounds. When the magnesium mixed with the other chemicals, after the two parts were twisted into alignment, the mix percolated a few seconds, raising its heat past 5,000 degrees. The lead cap at one end failed first, the titanium body directing all the heat and fire in one stream. Eventually, a full one second later, the titanium body would also melt, but by then a jet of hyper-heat would be blasting forth several dozen feet. Directly into Supergirl's anus, in this instance.

Buchman is nearly finished banging out the keypad code when the lead cap dissolves. Supergirl's eyes snap open and her mouth forms an o as she feels the heat building in her anus. Suddenly, the reaction completes and a super-heated jet of plasma blasts upward into the Maid of Might. A half-second later, the rest of the cannister explodes from her ass hole like a cannon shot, flies across the room and lodges in Buckman's backpack. The flame roars through the small vault, raising the internal temperature well above 3,000 degrees, cooking everything inside the vault. Supergirl is propelled across the room and slammed against the steel wall, her body crumpling as she slides to the floor. Her mighty heart slows near to death as her super recuperative powers try to repair her damaged body.

When Dr. Collins returns to Boston two days later, her first stop is at her lab, Warfighter Designs. Entering the silent building, she heads back to the bull pen to check on several projects, including her captive. She has been anxiously awaiting the chance to see whether the mist has destroyed the Maid of Might. When she opens the door to the bull pen, Collins recoils in shock at the sight of the bodies of her crack crew, lying scattered around the room and obviously very dead. Stepping into the room, Collins rushes into her private office. Wasting no time, she changes into her super soldier suit, stuffs various things into her belt pouches, and returns to the bull pen. As MixMaster, she approaches the vault and can see that the door is heavily damaged. Still closed but sagging slightly in the middle! Did Supergirl regain her heat vision? What else could melt a four inch steel door?

Collins called herself MixMaster because she has the reputation of being someone who can take two unrelated theories or products and put them together, making something new and completely different. She can take a bushel of apples and an elephant into a large room and return a week later with a pachyderm that spits apples from its trunk. She can also take two chemicals and find an application for them. Her ability to Mix and Match, she felt, made her the Master of her specialty. She taught physics at MIT when she wasn't trying to steal someone's idea and sell it as her own. And now this SUPER BITCH has threatened to unravel all she has made here at Warfighter Designs!

After MixMaster punches the right keypad sequence, the door groans loudly and opens a crack. MixMaster tries to force the door open but is unsuccessful. Trying the key sequence again, and throwing her body against the door, this time it lurches and opens enough for her to squeeze through. The inside is pitch black, so MixMaster hits the night vision switch on her belt and the helmet's shield suddenly is bathed in green light. She can now see into the room.

There is a badly-burned corpse, or most of one at least, lying on the floor near the door. Supergirl? Female hips, remnants of boots. Maybe! Moving further into the room, MixMaster turns her head, checking every corner. The window into the back room is gone, she notes. What the HELL had happened here? Looking around, she observes that every furnishing in both rooms is gone, destroyed in some ... some inferno?! "The MAG FLARE!" MixMaster realizes. "Of course, only that or an extremely powerful fire bomb could do this much damage!"

The panel which hides the doorway into the secret observation room is also gone, probably destroyed in the fire. MixMaster opens the door to check the other room for clues of what happened here. Just as she's about to enter the room, she pauses and pulls a gun-like device out of one pouch. This one doesn't spray the pseudo-green Kryptonite-gel, but it does contain the most powerful knockout gas on the planet. This is another stolen idea she wants to try on the captive heroine.

As MixMaster enters the back room, her gun held slightly forward, two hands suddenly land on her, one grabbing the fabric above her breasts, the other grabbing one arm. MixMaster is roughly pulled into the room and thrown across it. She crashes face-first against the far wall and slides to the floor, stunned. The special fabrics in her super soldier suit have effectively protected her body from more serious harm.

As MixMaster struggles back to her feet, a powerful blow lands on the top of her helmet, cracking it and hammering her back to the floor, struggling to retain consciousness.

Supergirl had, just barely, survived the tremendous heat of the magnesium super-flare. The pain was mind-numbing and, gratefully, she passed out. When she awoke some time later, maybe a day later, she struggled to her feet. The room around her was devastated; Buchman's toasted body lay by the door. Looking downward, the Girl of Steel saw that all the pseudo-green Kryptonite on her chest and neck was gone, burned off in the firestorm. The manacles around her ankles and neck had also melted in the hellish heat.

Cautiously going into the back room, Supergirl was happy to see that even in here, the tremendous heat had dissolved the green K from her top and cape. Quickly dressing, the Maid of Might moved back to the vault door to get out of this place before MixMaster returns with more of her monstrous devices. As she nears the door, though, Supergirl suddenly stops, staggers, and leans forward, moaning. "Nnnhh ... nnoo!!" she gasps, "h-hurts! My - my stomach ... !" Looking downward, straining, she realizes her pain is caused from a lower part of her body.

The Girl of Steel uses her super vision to scan inside her body, looking at smaller and smaller sections until she sees just a centimeter at a time. Through a pain-caused blurry haze she can see that the thing in her vagina is still in there! It has slagged, melted and bonded with her flesh, lodging deeply inside her vaginal tract! Walking just now, stepping over the remnants of Buchman, causes it to shift and pull her vaginal walls. But why was her super vision still so weak? Was there still some pseudo-green K in the room, or was the nasal spray still affecting her sight?

Gasping, feeling a warmth flowing from her much-abused pussy, Supergirl leans against the door for a second to catch her breath. There's no way she can reach that thing inside her with just her fingers and burning it with heat vision is naturally unthinkable - she would burn a hole through her own body and destroy wide sections of skin before reaching and further melting the thing stuck to her tender tunnel. How the HELL will she get that thing out of her body?

"No answers in here," she says aloud, moving toward the vault door once more, but moving stiff-legged, like someone who needs to use a toilet NOW! The electronic key pad on this side of the vault door is toast. She'll have to use brute strength to open the door. The Maid of Might braces her left foot against the wall beside the door, grabs one of the massive bolts locking the door, then slides her right leg backward, to help her pull the door open. Suddenly her knees buckle from a massive spasm of pain in her vagina. She screams and tears fill her eyes as she sags downward, settling on her knees.

When the pain finally subsides, Supergirl again rubs her eyes and tries to focus on the thing inside her. When she's finally able to focus enough to see through her skin, she again turns her vision into a super microscope and begins a centimenter by centimeter examination of her body, moving over each section with hyper speed. Minutes later she settles down on the floor, legs spread out in front of her, stunned at what she's seen. When that device had melted, plugging her vaginal tract, at the innermost end of her vagina, near her cervix, some of the synthetic green Kryptonite is still on the diamond bit and more is bonded to the small folds of skin in the walls of her vagina.

"Nnoo ...," she gasps in horror, "nnNNNNOOOOOOOO!!". She collapses onto her side and rolls into a fetal position, hugging her knees against her chest, one of her hands rests on her forehead, covering her eyes as she cries, the other clutches her groin, rubbing it, trying to ease the pain inside.

Supergirl recovers somewhat several hours later. Still lying in a fetal position she slowly realizes that the rays from the tiny bit of green K still inside her are slowly working against her, not just poisoning her body but also occasionally causing the sudden sharp bursts of intense pain. Only when she moves around does she risk having the slagged thing pull, pinch or abrade the walls of her cunt and cause that burst of pain. Walls that are, like the rest of her super body, capable of withstanding almost any natural force are now unnaturally sensitive under the punishing green K rays. And the longer this stuff remains in her body, the larger the amount of skin that will poison and get softer, until she either dies from the intense pain or some powerful blow to her body.

She realizes that in her present state, she can't burst the door. If it was damaged in the jamb, it will never open. Also, she doesn't have the strength to smash through the walls; she'll have to search out a thin section and peel back the layers of steel and lead, like an onion, until she's finally free. Or she can wait until someone, probably the MixMaster, opens the door from the outside. Supergirl settles against one wall and falls asleep, letting her body recover as much of its strength as it can. From time to time, her super body convulses and a moan escape her lips as her body is ravaged by the poison and the metal bonded to her vaginal walls.

Some time, a day or so later, as Supergirl works to peel away the last two inches of steel along one wall in the observation room, she hears the unmistakable hum of the vault door opening. Her super vision and hearing seem to be near normal, at least. Carefully rising of the chair she has been using, she walks stiffly to stand beside the door leading into the next room. She can easily watch the vault door and pick the right time to jump whomever comes through the door. Looking through the wall from the inner room, Supergirl watches the MixMaster slip cautiously into the room and look around.

"Probably has some kind of night vision on that helmet," Supergirl decides. As her eyes follow the movements of the MixMaster, she watches the villainess move toward, then pause outside the doorway to the inner room. When she draws some kind of weapon from a belt pouch, Supergirl moans to herself, "Nooo! Not MORE green K!" Feverishly she tries to decide how she can fight this woman and not get another bath of the dangerous substance.

When MixMaster's arm passes the door jamb, preceding her entry into the room, Supergirl reaches out and grabs the woman and tosses her across the room, slamming her against the far wall. Walking over to the MixMaster, as the woman starts to rise, Supergirl smashes one hand down onto the top of her helmet, hammering her back to the floor and cracking the helmet's top.

"I can't fight her," Supergirl realizes. "That took almost all of my strength and all I did was stun her and crack her helmet. I can't risk getting captured again. This time, she'll kill me for sure. I have to get away until I get this ... this THING out of me!"

Turning, the Maid of Might walka slowly, raggedly toward the vault door. As she passes through, she hits the "Close" button on the outside keypad and watches as the massive slab of metal groans and slides toward her. Just before it blocks her view into the vault, Supergirl sees MixMaster, without her helmet, limping into the main room, gun in her hand. The door clicks shut before MixMaster can reach the door though, and Supergirl smiles grimly as she leans against the door, using the cold metal door to help her stay on her feet.

Turning away from the door, the Girl of Steel carefully and slowly walks out of the building and flies back to her motel room. Several times in the flight she loses her concentration and drops abruptly, falling fifty to one hundred feet before she can regain her focus and continue flying. Once, she shifts her hips in flight and the resulting spasm has her gasping in pain and dropping uncontrollably. She hits the hard concrete of an Interstate highway, forming a crater in the shoulder of the road. Fortunately, no cars are hit by her or by flying fragments of concrete and most of the Boston drivers are too busy to even slow to help the Maid of Might. After pulling herself from the crater and again leaping into the air, Supergirl is able to fly again but her flight is very wobbly the rest of the way back to the motel. Once she reaches the door to her rented room, the crippled costumed heroine leans against it, panting, trying to recover lost strength. When she enters the room a moment later, she immediately falls face forward onto the bed and a long ragged sigh escapes her lips. Several minutes later, after recovering from her flight, Supergirl struggles to her feet and calls Agent King in Metropolis.

Supergirl describes for Agent King most of her battle with MixMaster and Buchman and reports that Buchman is dead and Dr. Collins, the MixMaster is trapped inside the vault at Warfighter Designs. "The theft ring is broken," Supergirl says wearily, seating herself on the edge of the bed. A weary hand goes to the girl's forehead and she briefly closes her eyes, seeking some relief from her pain.

King tells the heroine, "I'll send agents from the Boston office to clean out the facility, Supergirl. Please get back here IMMEDIATELY! We have a national emergency of the first magnitude."

"I've - I've got a, mm, a personal problem to deal with first," Supergirl responds sadly, "I'll be down there in a day or two."

"NO, please don't delay that long, Supergirl," King pleads, "there may not BE a Metropolis, or even a Washington, if you delay at all! Your country NEEDS you, Supergirl!"

Sighing, Supergirl agrees to fly back to Metropolis. She places the phone back on the receiver beside the bed and stands up, moaning loudly and sagging as another spasm wracks her super body. Slowly, like someone half asleep, the stricken super heroine gathers her things and stashes them in her backpack. Walking out of the room, the Girl of Steel staggers a few steps and leaps into the air, flying erratically toward Metropolis City, traveling slower than normal and hoping that she can cope with the terrible thing eating away her insides as she confronts this emergency of the first magnitude.