Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead Part 4  


WONDER WOMAN: Laid By The Dead
by JR

Based upon the story by John Byrne featured in WW#109 thru #112.
Told now without any damn censoring.

DISCLAIMER: The following story is an adult-themed parody of the DC Comics's
Wonder Woman comic book. Wonder Woman and all related characters are property
of DC Comics, a Time Warner company, and no copyright infringement is intended.
The author received no payment for this story and no money is to be earned by
its distribution. I have no dough to get sued off anyway.

WARNING: The following story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of
extreme sexual events. NO MINOR SHOULD READ THIS. Hell, most so-called adults
shouldn't either. If you are below your country's age of legal majority, kindly
bugger off. Go find some Pokemon instead. No animals or household objects were
hurt or damaged during the writing of this story, except for a monkey that may
have been spanked.

This installment features quite a bit of violence before getting to the dirty
bits, mostly in the form of carefully choreographed fighting sequences; so be
patient, as one form of physical activity may lead to the other.

WONDER WOMAN: Laid by the Dead

"Margaret, you must let me in! My son is in there! You must!"

The security guards barely managed to restrain the wildly flailing man
as he tried to get past them into the S.T.A.R. Labs installation. Seeing his
unkempt, red-eyed countenance, Dr. Margaret Chilton shook her head. How low
had the man fallen.

"Julian, please, you know this is foolish. There is no way I can let you
enter the lab again, not until the review board has completely examined the
place", the acting Head of Research told her former superior. *If ever*, she
added to herself. "You can just make your situation worsen."

"You dumb bitch! How can you or any of those morons understand any of my
work? Kris is there, in the banks, and only I can bring him back!"

"That was uncalled for, Julian," she replied coldly. "Your son is dead,
and you know it. No fantasy will bring him back, and your ranting will not
help your position with the board of inquiry. You are already deep enough in it."

"No! He is alive, Margaret. Can't you see? His mind was saved by the
system, he just needs me to fashion him a body. That is all! You must let me do
it! I beg you!" cried the former head of Research of the Gateway S.T.A.R. Labs,
his hands shaking in anguish.

"Until the full extent of the damage, and of your responsibility, can be
determined, the wing is off-limits to anyone, and your flights of fancy deserve
no exception. You are lucky to be out of jail for now, Julian. Deal with your
guilt. This is unlike you. " With that, she turned around, heading for the
administrative offices. "Make sure he stays out", she instructed the guards,
without glancing back.

"No! You bitch! You cannot keep from him! He is my son!", Julian Lazarus
screamed even as the guards dragged him towards the exit.

Dr. Chilton sighed as she walked to her new office. Despite the ruthless
environment of competition in the high-tech areas of R&D, she had always
believed herself fond of Lazarus. She surely respected his brilliance. Yet she
had little sympathy for the man's loss. His folly could have meant the ruin of
everything they had worked hard for years. And she felt no compassion for his
dead son. That creep deserved what he got. That was what resulted from lousy
parenting, she concluded coldly.

Lazarus's teenage son had entered the complex using his father's access
codes and his security clearance card, with the apparent intention of hacking
into the main system. The billions in advanced hardware and experimental
software were just a glorified Playstation to him. Tragically, his tampering
had overloaded the delicate setup and had almost wrecked the whole installation,
besides burning out his own brain with the faulty interface. Experts from
Lexcorp would have to be brought in next week just to evaluate the extent of
the damage.

As the investigation had progressed, she had been there to see what her
experts, aiding the police, had accessed in the boy's computer after breaking
his pathetic encryption: Whole gigs of the worst kind of filth available on the
internet. Thousands of pictures of disgusting sex acts. Faked images of famous
actresses, models and superheroines portrayed as wanton sluts. Countless video
files of that sick porn animation they did in Japan. Always women being abused
in myriad ways. Wonder Woman alone was pictured in hundreds of fake photos, art
and animations, as being gang raped or fucked by machines, animals or digitally
created monsters. What kind of imagination could contemplate such a thing? It
was frankly sickening. It had to be all that heavy metal and rap music the kids
now listened to.

It was then easy to image what young Kris Lazarus had broken into the labs
for. The framework for virtual clone generation allowed the experimental
mind-machine interface to directly fashion complex virtual scenarios, and Julian
had admitted that he had explained the complex process and its possibilities to
his son, an old man trying to impress his son into respect or admiration. God
knows what that sick mind was planning to play at. All their work, the efforts
that would have put Cadmus and its genetic studies out of the map, had been
jeopardized by one little pervert seeking to jerk off inside a virtual reality

What would this world come to if such people were to act upon their
obscene perversions?

Gateway City's downtown area lay in ruins, its evacuated streets full of
the wreckage produced by a living unstoppable engine of destruction. Only
police, rescue personnel and the occasional suicidal TV news crew still dared to
run the streets, their efforts insignificant in the face of the monster's fury.

"Keep firing! He must have a weak spot somewhere!"

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Wasn't this thing dead?"

"Superman got better, too, didn't he?"

"Isn't the Army here yet?"

"Man, we are so fucked".

The police tried bravely to face the mountain of inhuman muscle and bone
who tossed around cars and huge hunks of masonry with almost bored ease, the
gunfire ricocheting harmlessly off his grayish hide. As a mortar struck the
creature ineffectively, he finally acknowledged the presence of the policemen,
and lifting an overturned truck with one hand, he threw it at the scattering

But the truck was halted before it could crash on the relieved policemen.
Tossing the ruined vehicle aside herself, the impressive figure of Woman Woman
stood now between the men and the monster.

"Stand back. I will take over now."

The beautiful heroine strode slowly towards the now still creature, her
tall, well-muscled yet voluptuous figure seeming frail and insignificant as she
approached the enormous being facing her. He was well over nine feet tall, his
thick grayish body bulging with gigantic muscles, sharp-looking bony protrusions
emerging from his thick hide like a bizarre kind of armor, huge limbs dwarfing
tree trunks, each wrist quite thicker than Wonder Woman's waist. The Amazon
Princess seemed like a fragile child next to the monster's massive frame.

"Doomsday," she said laconically.

The huge creature smiled horribly at her, his small, deep-set eyes running
with unmistakable hunger over the graceful curves of her body. The massive
member inside his torn pants began to stir, making the Amazon Princess
involuntarily glance at the huge bulge of his crotch.

*Blessed Minerva, give me strength,* she prayed silently, looking up to
meet the hulking monster's stare.

Their eyes locked and they stood motionless for a long, tense seconds. Was
he trying to find fear in her eyes? Or something else? Anticipation, perhaps?
Yet her eyes held only firm resolve.

"Continue evacuating the citizens. Get all press away, and hold everyone
off until the Justice League arrives. I will try to confine him here", she
called out calmly to the police, her body betraying no sign of nervousness.

She set her booted feet firmly on the ground, one feet behind and to the
side of the other, her long, shapely legs relaxed, the knees slightly bent. Her
arms were held at her sides, relaxed as well, her torso slowly turning into
quarter profile, almost in what the Japanese would have called hanmi. She was
ready now, for whatever happened.

She knew almost without doubt that this creature facing her was not in
truth the real Doomsday, who had almost killed Superman, but a perfect duplicate
created by some unknown evil being who had the power to assume the form of
others, and who was perversely fixated on her. His past attempts to conquer her
had used the shapes of the dead Barry Allen Flash and the deceased evil Green
Lantern Sinestro, seeking always to defeat her and abuse her sexually. She had
partially frustrated his desires in their last confrontation, but she was aware
that the identity he now used was likely powerful enough to accomplish his will.
Copy or not, Doomsday was indeed a force to be reckoned with.

At least the city, already on state of alert after the fake Sinestro's
rampage, had been evacuated faster than what she had expected, so she would be
able to fight unencumbered by the concern for bystanders, as she would surely
need all her power and skills. Her request for aid from fellow JLAers had been
fruitless. Superman, Green Lantern and the other heavy-hitters were taking care
of a crisis in outer space. Batman and Oracle had sworn to mobilize help, but
the few heroes who could be effective against such a powerful foe were few and
difficult to contact. Some would take hours to reach Gateway City.

For now, she stood alone. Perhaps it was better like that. She was glad to
spare Superman from confronting again the visage of the creature that had almost
killed him, as she remembered how the news of his supposed death had affected
her, stirring up many dormant feelings.

Wonder Woman had not faced the true Doomsday's original rampage, and with
her consternation at Superman's fall, she had deeply regretted not having been
there to help, convinced that she could have made a difference. This was now her
chance to test such conviction. She was fully concentrated on her mystical gifts
of strength, speed and endurance, and was conscious that she needed to finish
this fast, as a long worn-out fight would work against her. But she doubted that
whoever was incarnating as Doomsday was ready for her going all out in combat.

After all, with plain truthfulness she knew that she was one of the few
Leaguers who stood a chance facing off alone against the monster. Even Batman,
to her surprise, had acknowledged it mere minutes ago. While she lacked the full
invulnerability of Superman or Captain Marvel, or the multiple powers of the
Martian Manhunter, her peers in strength, Wonder Woman possessed what they all
lacked: true combat skills. Although years of being Earth's defenders had taught
those heroes the rudiments of fighting, they could hardly be considered expert
combatants. Their great strengths made refined skill rarely needed. All of them
were also too noble or naive to be as expedient as full-out combat often
required. Thought a pacifist in essence, Wonder Woman had been trained as a
warrior, and was ready to do what sometimes needed doing.

Years of training in Themyscira in the arts of combat under skilled
mentors, with her paranormal powers repressed until need, had taught Princess
Diana the skills needed for Pancrase matches, combining boxing with no-holds-
barred wrestling. Also, after her arrival to Man's World, she had with interest
studied the diverse fighting systems and combat philosophies currently followed
in the modern world, picking up what seemed practical and suitable to her own

But if this creature was even close to the level of power Doomsday had
demonstrated while laying waste to the previous rooster of the Justice League
and bringing down Superman to his apparent death, she was about to test her
limits as never before.

His mouth opening in a noiseless roar, Doomsday suddenly charged at Wonder
Woman with a speed that belied his enormous mass. But his wild rush was matched
instantly by her own sudden burst of motion, as she overtook his initiative, her
body sliding forward, up, and to the side of him, her motion added to his own to
bridge the distance as her long leg swung over his outstretched arms in a blur
that struck the rocky face with the power of an artillery barrage. Doomsday's
feet flew off the ground, his whole body thrown back and down with a thundering
crash by the powerful kick.

The jumping roundhouse kick had been a risky move, but she had hoped to
use the element of surprise and their combined vectors of force to take him out
in one strike. But as Doomsday immediately rose again to his feet, she realized
that his neck was too strong for such a tactic. It would have been far too easy.

Even as Doomsday spun to face her, he swung his arm with a power and speed
that broke the sound barrier, but Wonder Woman had read his motion beforehand
and had stepped in, ducking beneath the wild swing while going dangerously close
to him, her legs bent low, her hips torqueing powerfully as her roundhouse elbow
strike hit hard against the bottom side of his ribcage. The blow made the
creature bend over, but the noise of the breaking floating rib Diana sought was
not heard. Still, she flowed gracefully, spinning fast into a backwards elbow
strike that struck hard against his upper groin, his massive thighs blocking
access to the genitals. In a single continuous motion the Amazon warrior surged
upward, her hands grabbing and pulling the lowered head down as her knee rushed
up with furious strength. The impact shook every bone of the heroine's body, but
still she continued her motion, her hands around his dazed head tightening in
just the right grip, as she spun in a blur, twisting hard and fast the head
around its axis in a precise angle. The noise of vertebrae clashing could be
heard as the vicious dislocation technique spun Doomsday around through the air
like a rag doll.

But even as Diana stepped in, flowing into another technique, Doomsday's
arm struck out wildly and hit her in her midsection, sending her flying away to
hit a wall blocks away. Diana fell to the ground, coughing, having been barely
able to concentrate her strength at the last instant into withstanding the arm's
impact that could have easily broken her in two.

Standing up, Doomsday grimaced as he moved his head slightly to each side
in clear pain. He was hurt, yet he had survived an attack that would have
instantly killed or crippled most of Earth's mightiest paranormals.

Wonder Woman gritted her teeth, worried. This Doomsday was clearly every
bit as tough as the original, and the fast and brutal exchange had shown her
that close-up fighting was too dangerous given their bodies' differences in

Taking to the air as Doomsday sent a station wagon hurtling at her with
the speed of a rocket, Wonder Woman flew fast, up and at him, as she threw with
all her strength and accuracy a shard of steel she had torn off from a ruined
structure left behind, aiming at Doomsday's eyes, its shape molded into a point
in her powerful hand. But the attack missed the targeted eyes as Doomsday
reacted just fast enough to look away, the steel fragment shattering on the bony
growths around his eyes. Still, taking advantage of the brief opening as the
furious strike had stunned the creature, the heroine spread out her magic lasso,
sending its unbreakable length with supersonic speed to coil around the
monster's body. It was risky but worth a try.

"STOP! I COMMAND YOU TO SURRENDER!" she cried out, her will flowing along
the magical length of rope that circled the creature.

With an almost careless shrug, Doomsday grabbed the length of rope from
his end and pulled hard, bringing the airborne Amazon down hard on the street's
pavement. Doomsday tried to break the rope binding him, but even thought the
metallic length actually screeched in strain, it held, impervious to his power.
With a scowl, Doomsday grabbed instead the lasso with both hands, and swinging
powerfully he slammed the heroine holding on to the other end from building to
building, her body crashing loudly against the facades of steel, glass, brick
and mortar.

As Wonder Woman lost her concentration and her breath with the painful
repeated impacts, her uniform torn in myriad places by the impacts against
glass, concrete and metal that also drew her blood from many scratches, the
lasso around Doomsday grew loose, and with a powerful tug, he yanked the Amazon
towards him in one single powerful motion.

Hurtling towards the monster's embrace, the disoriented Wonder Woman could
barely react in time, and spinning in the air, she slammed both feet hard
against Doomsday's chest as she reached him, the impact propelling both of them

Pulling her lasso to her instantly, as she flew away to a safer distance,
her breath falling into trained rhythms to ignore her pain, the Amazon Princess
realized that her opponent's nature had been made clearer. Even the real
Doomsday should have been partially restrained by the lasso, although its
limited power of coercion was very weak on nonhumans, and conditioned by their
true natures. Yet Etrigan and other creatures of mystical origin had been bound
by it, which made the faux Doomsday certainly not a magical construct. He had
to be a product of technology, as the complete indifference shown to the lasso's
power indicated that no real soul inhabited his body.

*That does make me free to slay it without regrets*, she thought. *If only
I could manage to do it.* At least, this meant she had not been abused sexually
by reanimated corpses, she realized with some relief.

As the flying heroine dodged a large hunk of concrete pavement thrown at
her, she realized that this fight was even more demanding strategy-wise than she
had first realized. While hand-to-hand combat was possibly the best application
of her powers, it also was the brute's field of excellence. Despite possessing
no real fighting skills, the sheer difference in strength and invulnerability
gave Doomsday an advantage. Pure physical power was actually easier to apply by
the impostor than the more complex applications needed by the powers of the
Flash or Sinestro.

The power of flight gave her greater mobility, yet few of her combat
skills could be applied effectively with the lack of true leverage that flying
created. Both could spend hours throwing objects at each other, with little
results, stalling for time until help arrived, but that could result in the
complete destruction of the city and the imperiling of people in surrounding

*I should have flown as high as my lungs resisted and then dive-bombed at
him with all my power*, she thought, while flying past the creature, the huge
steel I-beam she swung as a baseball bat shattering on the creature's back with
little effect besides propelling him against another doomed building. Yet she
knew that such an one-time-only tactic as an high-altitude dive would now be
useless without the element of surprise, as the monster would be wary to follow
her flight path and dodge her attack.

But an inversion of that could work, she realized, knowing that if she
could manage to again encircle him with her unbreakable lasso, pinning his arms,
she could then marshal all her strength and throw him into space. She believed
she could make even his massive body achieve full escape velocity, and without
true flying power he would perish in space or be unable to get back. Yet she had
to pin him long enough for her to focus her strength in such a swing and throw.
If she wore him down enough to slow his reactions, it could be achieved, but the
efforts would likely expend her own strength as well.

Suddenly, Doomsday attacked her with renewed cunning, catching her by
surprise. Throwing first a city bus at her, which she had to deflect to keep it
from flying off towards the city's suburbs, Doomsday instantly used his powerful
leg muscles to jump high into the air at her, his thick, long arms grabbing the
surprised Amazon in mid-flight in a steely hug. As both fell down to the ground,
the heroine cursed her overconfidence, and her unforgivable mistake at assuming
the creature completely land-bound, yet she still managed to twist and slip in
his grasp, to keep him from falling on top of her. Still, as the pair landed
with a loud thud, the creature's back hitting the ground, he did not let go of
her. Instead, pulling her to him irresistibly, he forced his gaping mouth over
hers, his rocky lips mashing hers, still open in shock, while the huge slab of
his tongue forced itself into her.

Reacting instantly, Diana bit hard on the intruding tongue, but her white
teeth failed to pierce the thick tissue, barely managing to draw blood. As she
continued to bite, she gagged as the long probing flesh filled her to her throat.
The monster used one hand to press her head against his own, his other
limb surrounding her slender waist in a powerful embrace.

*Gods!* Diana thought. *This bastard still has only one thing in mind!*

As Doomsday's lower hand shifted to grab her buttocks, Diana knew she
had no leverage spread on top of the brute's immense chest, so she leaned
forward into the kiss and embraced his neck with her arms, while spreading out
her legs widely to the sides, straddling tightly the huge ribcage, her body
pressed hard against him, her full bust rubbing against his enormous muscles. At
her apparent acceptance, Doomsday grabbed her left buttock powerfully, his large
hand fully encompassing the muscular globe, while he rammed his tongue even
deeper down her throat. Slightly sliding down his torso below the wide
shoulders, Diana's legs, in her squat-like position, managed to touch the ground
at each side of him. With a sudden burst of power she then propelled the two of
them into the air a few meters, and then went down again, her flight power
concentrated on slamming the monster hard against the already compressed ground.

As Doomsday let go of the Amazon's head and hair in surprise at the
impact, she slammed her forehead powerfully against his face, the metal of her
tiara cracking with the blow. Ignoring her pain, Wonder Woman then struck with
both open hands at once on his vestigial ears. Raising herself, settling her
mounted position as well as possible, she began, with all the strength at her
command, to strike the less-protected parts of his face with her elbow, again
and again, with machine-like precision, her motion too fast to be followed by
the normal eye. Blood and small bone bits began to fan out under her attack, her
complete will focused on the power delivered in each blow, the strengthening of
her limb needed to survive such brutal contact, and the fixing up of her
position on top of him.

Suddenly she cried out as Doomsday pulled back her long hair powerfully,
as he sat up and rose in an instant, inverting their positions with ease. While
her body's weight over him had naturally been insignificant to hold him back,
part of her power had focused on keeping her "grounded" relative to the Earth,
yet it had not been enough to overcome his enormous strength.

As Doomsday slammed her painfully against the ground, Diana tried to put
her legs into guard position around and against his torso, her legs unable to
achieve proper placing because of the huge girth of his bulk, while her leverage
was wrong for an attempt to throw him backwards over her. Obviously ignoring the
finesse of ground fighting, Doomsday smiled hideously as he leaned forward into
what seemed a quite erotic position inside the Amazon's opened legs, his huge
hand reaching for the gold plated bustier constraining her full bust. As cloth
and metal tore in his grip, Diana grabbed the extended arm by the wrist with her
hands, while her hips twisted to a side and up, her legs extending around both
sides of his shoulder. With the straightened arm firmly gripped over her now
exposed breasts, one of her legs placed on his lower face and the other on his
chest, Diana twisted and pulled hard, pulling Doomsday down and to her side with
the powerful arm bar technique, slamming him to the ground with the full power
of her legs and back. Leaning back instantly, she adjusted her grip to painfully
force Doomsday's elbow into the joint's dislocation, her legs leveraged against
his chest to keep his other arm out of reach.

His mouth opened in a soundless scream, Doomsday stood up again, his
inhuman strength easily enabling him to lift his painfully trapped arm complete
with the whole heroine's body locked around it. Running backwards against a
nearby building like a show wrestler about to do a backwards forearm slam, he
struck Wonder Woman's body hard against a concrete column, shattering it, and
making that side of the building collapse as it lost its support.

Wonder Woman cried out in pain at the vicious blow, yet she held her grip,
her full strength concentrated on breaking the creature's arm. In excruciating
pain, the monster repeated the action against the surrounding structures, again
and again and again, until the battered Amazon could hold on no more and let go,
falling in a painful heap to the floor.

His arm held limply to a side, apparently numb with pain, the enraged
brute turned the fallen heroine face up and slapped her face with a power
that would had decapitated a lesser being. Throwing himself forward, he laid
himself on top of her, his crushing weight settling over her shapely legs and
hips, as his huge useable hand grabbed her delicate long neck, keeping her in
place as his mouth went to her heaving chest. His large and rough tongue lapped
at the exposed orbs, stopping only to spit away the dust and dirt it cleaned
from her bosom. The firm flesh of her large breasts was actually moved side to
side, pushed and tossed by his powerful licks, his abundant saliva coating the
the shaking globes. The tough, sandpaper-like texture of the powerful tongue
running over her nipples made the heroine gasp in surprise. Reacting to the
stimulation, the rosy buds began to harden, even as Diana shook off her
dazedness and started to struggle against the powerful grip around her throat.

Trapped in a position with little useful leverage, Diana struck with fast,
short-arc palm heel strikes at the rock-hard head slobbering over her bosom, the
impacts making both her shoulders and his head shake, while she tried to find
pressure points in his wrist and forearm, to weaken the grip of the arm trapping
her neck. But abruptly Diana froze as Doomsday's hand tightened its hold on her
neck, squeezing with a pressure that left no doubt as to the precariousness of
her position. Diana halted her blows, realizing that the monster was powerful
enough not only to choke her unconscious but also to crush her neck like an
eggshell if he wanted to.

*He can easily rape me while I am unconscious, too,* Diana thought, her
sharp mind furiously analyzing and discarding the options available. *Yet he
seems to want me fully aware. He wants me to acknowledge his possession of my

Diana understood that hateful as such attitude was, such vanity worked in
her favor, as his desire to capture, not kill her, was a definite advantage for
survival she had over Superman. In theory, she had already lost, as she was now
at Doomsday's mercy, and would have been dead by now if he had held no interest
in her body. But in practice, while she survived there was still a chance. While
as she was conscious, she could still find a way to escape, even if it meant
being fully aware of his unwanted caresses.

Smiling in his advantage, Doomsday stopped his licking and reached closer
to bite hard the already fully erect nipples, making Wonder Woman wince at the
pain, his sharp teeth almost drawing blood. Then, moving closer, Doomsday opened
his large mouth and sucked in the Amazon's right breast, the firm flesh almost
swallowed whole in the monster's huge maw. Doomsday began then to rhythmically
suck the captured teat as an infant nursing from a bottle, making Diana open her
eyes widely at the sensation.

As Diana squirmed under Doomsday's ministrations, her lower torso trapped
by his massive body, she realized to her shock that not only her nipples were
affected. Her nether parts were becoming suspiciously warm, and her panties felt
quite moist on her mound.

*Merciful Aphrodite! This monster is already getting me excited!*

Mike Schorr ran to the S.T.A.R. Labs building, dodging the wreckage
scattered throughout the installation's grounds, evidence of Doomsday's passage.
As he ran past the empty receptionist's desk in the deserted foyer he cursed the
traffic jams product of the evacuation rush, which had made it faster to abandon
his squad car and cover the remaining distance on foot. That someone who could
help him still remained in the facilities was unlikely at best, but it was the
only lead he had and his sole chance to aid Wonder Woman.

The consultant the police lab had brought in to analyze the strange dust
collected by Wonder Woman, had concluded that the peculiar samples, sole remains
of the heroine's battle with Sinestro, could only be some kind of the artificial
protoplasm-like matrix compound, a substance being developed in the Gateway
S.T.A.R. Labs for something called "virtual clone" research.

Mike had never sent in that subscription to Scientific American, but the
"clone" buzzword had spurred him to immediate action. On his way to meeting the
person who appeared in charge of the project, Doomsday had appeared, his rampage
originating from the vicinities of the S.T.A.R. facilities. *Just as things were
finally fitting together*, thought the detective.

The ground suddenly trembled, a thunderous crash echoing in the distance.
Unlike most of the city's residents, Mike was relieved at such sounds. They
meant that the fight still raged on and that the Amazon Princess still stood.
Mike had given up on his radio requests for updates on the fight's progress,
as no info was being received. The last police teams had evacuated the area
after a falling building had killed half a SWAT squad. The CNN chopper trying
to cover the confrontation had been struck and destroyed by a piece of wreckage
sent hurtling through the air. It seemed that many questions would remain
unanswered until the military satellites could enter the range to pierce the
dust clouds in suspension over the area of conflict. Meanwhile, Mike had to
do with the sonic booms and accompanying tremors to assuage his concerns.

The police detective could have entered the maze of passageways of the
research complex and chanced upon the right place only through the most
preposterous coincidence, but such stretching of odds was not necessary, as
just past the reception and exhibition areas, he found exactly the people he
needed to find.

"Just open the doors for me, Margaret, and I will let you go," said
Dr. Julian Lazarus, holding a gun to the head of his former colleague. "You
never need to hear from again."

"Are you insane?" demanded the panicked scientist. "That thing out there
will kill us all if we don't get the hell out fast! You cannot make me stay!"

"Yes, I can. If you had not installed new retina-print locks I would have
not needed you, but you just had to play at being smart, hadn't you?

Several paces away, Mike unholstered his automatic and leveled it at the
wild-haired guy in the dirty lab coat. "Drop it mister. Nobody needs to get
hurt", he said, ready to fire if needed. "Anyone care to explain just what the
fuck is going on here?"

Wonder Woman gasped as Doomsday's mouth sucked hard on her whole teat, as
if seeking to swallow it in one gulp, and then closed his jaws in a bite that
covered a good portion of the rounded flesh. His teeth then slid back without
completely easing the pressure, his mouth closing slowly as he relinquished the
delicious globe, stopping finally when just the erect nipple was held in his
bite. Large as the Amazon's nipples were, their erect lengths seemed delicately
fragile in the clasp of Doomsday's teeth.

The lovely Amazon trapped beneath the bulk of Doomsday's enormous body was
breathing heavily now from more than just her weariness. Doomsday's rough but
insistent caresses were having their desired effect on her, and she already felt
like arching her back and pushing her chest towards him while he bit, sucked,
licked, and almost chewed her proud bosom. As the monster's teeth worried anew
the sensitive tip of her nipple, its sizable length painfully stretched from the
swollen mound of the aureole, she had bite her own lip to hold back a soft

The monster's attentions were hardly gentle and the extreme sensitivity of
her breasts and tender nipples made most of his caresses quite painful, yet the
pain now had quite a significant component of pleasure. While she continued to
objectively analyze her predicament with strategy-minded detachment, Diana could
not deny that the pleasure the forced caresses gave her were making her more and
more aroused. She also had to reluctantly acknowledge that despite his hideous
features, she found the monster's powerful and enormously muscled body to be
extremely attractive. *He is just the kind of strong, virile male I would want
to fuck myself,* she admitted to herself, knowing that the prospect of being
violently raped by the brute seemed nowhere as repugnant as it should be. Thus,
she could not try to set her mind to ignore his actions, as she feared that
without conscious restrain, her body would automatically give in to the
stimulation, welcoming the caresses.

But even thought she was already excited sexually by the monster and knew
that she would most likely enjoy even being raped by him, she knew that her
body's desires were irrelevant to the importance of defeating such a dangerous
creature. If anything, she had to use it somehow. She had been waiting for the
monster to attempt to kiss her again on the lips or neck, hoping to strike then
at the exposed neck with a mid-finger-knuckles thrust to this trachea, but the
monster's attention then headed in the opposite direction.

Feeling the Amazon's body reluctantly relaxing in his grasp as he worked
on the magnificent pair of teats, Doomsday began to slide down her body, his
hand still gripping the delicate neck, while his sharp teeth bit painfully the
soft undersides of the firm, unsagging boobs, and the bony ridges on his chest
scratched painfully the smooth-skinned mid-section of the heroine.

Wonder Woman sighed as she felt the monster leave the assault on her
bosom, seeing her chance for a throat strike vanish, but she immediately divined
the creature's intentions, as his tongue lapped at the red streaks he had left
on her taut belly, and she felt his weight ease off her lower body. Doomsday
seemingly wanted to apply his oral skills to even more sensible areas.
Overconfident in his clearly superior strength, he could still yet her a good
chance at victory, she realized.

As the monster moved back, freeing her from his bulk's pressure, Wonder
Woman cautiously tested moving her legs. With careful slowness, she began to
slip one long leg up from between the kneeling creature's tree trunk-like
thighs, only to have the brute grab the limb, and move it free himself,
spreading it to the side with a clumsy shove. Wonder Woman pursed her lips as
she saw that the arm she had joint-locked minutes before had been hurt but was
obviously still operational. As she felt the monster knelt below her, his hands
holding her by knee and throat, she slid free her other leg and moved it gently
over his shoulder, pulling him to her, as his face dove for the damp treasure
between her legs.

With a fearsome grin, Doomsday's teeth clenched on the damp and torn
fabric of the star-patterned blue panties and tore it off her, exposing the
wedge-shaped patch of silken pubic hair, the soft curls glistening with her
moisture. That was a cunt really worth eating, the lustful look in his eyes
seemed to say, as his big, strong tongue went diving into her already swollen

"So let me get this straight," Mike Schorr said, frowning. "Your son died
while trying to hook up his brain directly to the machines you invented, so now
you are convinced that his soul is trapped inside them?"

"Yes! The system by default would have created a complete copy of his
personality as a standard backup before creating the unstable quantum construct
that crashed it!" the wild-eyed Dr. Julian Lazarus exclaimed while still waving
a snub-nosed .38 in the face of Dr. Margaret Chilton, his former colleague.
"Kris has been trapped there all the time while these -bureaucrats- play their
idiot games. But I can bring him back. I can build him a new body!"

"That is utter nonsense!" shouted Dr. Chilton. "Julian cannot deal with
the guilt of his son's death, so he has created this ridiculous fantasy! He
should be locked away!"

"Look, Doc," said Mike, walking closer warily, keeping his own gun trained
on Dr. Lazarus. "I have no idea of whether what you say is possible. God knows
that I have seen stranger things the past weeks. But you need to put that thing
down. You cannot help your son this way."

"Of course I can! I just need her security access to get me through the
automated system. I can repair the system. These morons have no idea how it all
really works. I can input a mathematical model for his body, generate it from
the matrix amterial, and download his mind into it! I will bring my son back!"

"That is impossible! Even if the system had copied your son's mindmap, we
are still years away from creating stable organic matrix simulacrums," argued
Dr. Chilton.

"You idiot! What do you think Kris has been unconsciously doing this past
week?" Lazarus shouted in exasperation. "He has been accessing the metahuman
profiles we got from Cadmus and using their templates to escape the system!
Where the hell do you think that Doomsday came from?"


"Kris is in shock, unaware of what happened. He probably thinks he is just
playing video games, inside the fictional VR world he wanted to access," said
Lazarus, his voice heavy with guilt.

"Impossible," mumbled Dr. Chilton, appalled. "The system was damaged. It
is not operational."

"The system could reboot itself, as a failsafe to protect the simulacrum's
integrity. Only the virtual reality environment generator must be off-line. Kris
must have unconsciously sought a way to move, so he accessed the matrix
generator, using the body templates available. Once his mind animated them, he
must have believed he was in VR, playing a game." Lazarus seemed to crumble at
this point, lowering his armed hand, close to the point of tears. "He must be
doing all of it, the destruction, the killings, for fun... I - I had no idea
what sort of things he was into..."

"You mean you had models for these monsters set-up in your system?" Mike
asked Dr. Chilton incredulously.

"The Department of Extra-normal Operations was very interested in the
possibilities of artificially generating paranormals. It all had proper
government sanction, I assure you." said Dr. Chilton, nervously.

"Oh. I don't doubt that," said Mike, slowly taking the revolver away from
Dr. Lazarus, before turning to her. "But I think you should be opening up those
restricted areas for us. Right now."

"But-you cannot! You have no warrant!"

"No, but I do have many, many friends in the Press," Mike said. "And a
story they should be interested in."

Margaret Chilton felt her whole world shudder. She saw no sign of bluffing
in the policeman's eyes, and if what Lazarus said was true, S.T.A.R. Labs could
be held partially liable regarding all the destruction. The lawsuits would be
astronomical, she realized.

"Come this way."

*I am just setting him up,* Wonder Woman told herself, as her now fully
naked body stiffened in response to the powerful tongue lapping at her vagina,
its thick, coarse length sliding from her asshole to the top of her mound in
powerful strokes, parting her outer labia and rubbing her drenched inner lips
with unrelenting fervor. *That I enjoy it is a marginal side effect. But it is a
really good side-effect,* she added with an inner smile, despite it all.

She had been quite surprised by the significant improvement in her
attacker's use of cunnilingus. There was little finesse or subtlety in the oral
caresses, but the tongue's great power and size made it quite effective on her
highly responsive sex, a thought that made her blush as she considered its
consequent extrapolation.

*Well, I have always liked my men big and strong," she thought with a
twinge of guilt mixed with excitement. *And certainly they rarely come bigger
than this brute". Would she have to go all the way to experience whether the
description was comprehensive, or would she manage to defeat him before it came
to that? Was she completely sure of what she preferred to happen?

As the insistent tongue sweeps made her clitoris emerge from its hood, to
be powerfully licked by the huge rough-surfaced tongue, Diana felt a strong wave
of undiluted pleasure run her body with tsunami-like unstoppability. She could
not hold back a moan as she pushed her hips up, offering her sex better to his
lapping, trembling as the powerful tongue rubbed on each pass the sensitive
ignition button. Arching her back as she allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure
being given to her, she coiled one long leg tightly around his side and back,
just beneath the straightened arm that still held her neck captive, and she slid
sensuously her other leg over the large expanse of his shoulder, ignoring the
scratches made on her soft skin by his bony growths, until she had coiled it
next to his head, her firm thigh pressing against the side of her face, the heel
of her boot rubbing down the length of his back. With hips in the air, and her
legs cradled gently his head and shoulder, shivers of pleasure ran through her
back, thighs and buttocks while his face was buried in her core, his tongue now
seeking to force its length into her tight entrance.

Wonder Woman's hips rose up even higher, her back arching completely off
the ground, as Doomsday, kneeling forward while sitting back on his heels,
grabbed her ass and held it up, his huge grabbing a clenched buttock while a
thick thumb rubbed close to her backdoor entrance. Diana cried out in
unapologetic pleasure as Doomsday's tongue entered her, its flexible length
caressing her from inside, even as the daring thumb behind began to probe her
anal passage, making her even more sensitive to the vaginal caresses.

She was now stretched upside down towards his face, only her head and
shoulders resting on the ground, while her legs tightened erotically around his
neck and shoulder, and her arms hugged the hugely-muscled arm clasping her neck
and keeping her head back. Her tensed sweat-covered body shook with spasms as
the intense oral sex drove her towards orgasm.

In her battle with the Sinestro incarnation Wonder Woman had refused to
surrender to the unwanted pleasures his assault had forced on her, despising the
villain for his evil, senseless endangering of the lives of others just to force
her into a vulnerable position. But now, much as she still despised her enemy's
actions and motivation, she had no inhibitions regarding enjoying his caresses.
Not only was she now extremely attracted to the villain's powerful, over-muscled
body seeking to possess hers, she also felt that in a way, they had both earned
whatever pleasure they could achieve. Just as she had fought him with all her
power, enduring pain and exhausting exertion, he had placed her at his mercy
through fair combat, matching his superior strength against her skills without
subterfuge, honestly, even. If he decided to use his present advantage to use
her sexually instead of killing her, she could hardly complain. She needed time
to recover her strength to turn the tide of the conflict, so it would have been
pointless to resist the caresses through misguided pride. Accepting the pleasure
he gave her was just part of flow of the combat.

Diana moaned louder as Doomsday's tongue slid deeper into her drenched
depths, tasting the plentiful juices at her core, the huge, powerful muscle
exploring her vagina as no human tongue ever could, while his thumb, well
lubricated by her flowing fluids, finally conquered her asshole and slid its
thick length, much bigger than a normal man's penis, deeply into her anus. The
exquisite pain of the intrusion, raising the extreme sensitivity of her sex even
higher, was enough to finally drive her over the edge, and she cried out without
restrain as she felt a powerful orgasm overload her senses.


Wonder Woman cried out in delight as she gave in to the climax, her arms
clenching powerfully the thick arm which held her by the neck, while her
spasming legs tightened with orgasmic strength around Doomsday's upper body, his
shoulder and neck clasped by the contracting limbs. While powerful tremors shook
her magnificent body for minutes, Doomsday continued his oral and finger assault
on the climaxing beauty, until he began to notice discomfort from the pressure
her legs exerted around his neck. Sliding his slick finger out from her ass, he
tried to use his free arm to move her legs, but his leverage was ineffective to
force them loose, as one ankle was now locked by the back of the other leg's
bent knee, and the Amazon's powerful leg muscles refused to relinquish the hold
the orgasmic strength had secured.

Although Doomsday's thick neck and his superhuman metabolism could have
resisted virtually any kind of respiratory choke, as his body could go without
breath for an untold length of time, the triangle choke Wonder Woman's legs now
applied pressed Doomsday's neck irresistibly against his own massive shoulder,
blocking the arteries, the blood-flow strangulation cutting off oxygen to his
brain. Only her amazingly long legs could have trapped the massive upper body
into such a choke.

Realizing things were wrong, Doomsday's mouth gave up his pleasuring of
the Amazon's sex, enabling Wonder Woman to tighten the hold even more. As she
felt, not without some regret, Doomsday's tongue leaving her slit, and her
orgasm beginning to subside, she shifted her full concentration to the task at

Doomsday tried to clumsily free himself in puzzlement, foolishly letting
go of Wonder Woman's neck as he tried in vain to free his trapped shoulder joint
and ease the pressure on his neck. Unable to release his arm, firmly held in
straight, stretched-out position by the heroine's own powerful arms, Doomsday
stood up, disoriented, his clarity of thought, and the consequent chances of
escaping the hold, diminishing as his brain became slowly deprived of oxygen.

The bruised and tired Amazon Princess, her breath still labored from her
recent climax, allowed herself to smile.

*I have you now, you bastard.*

Cassie Sandsmark ignored the ringing of the phone as she entered her home,
flushed with the exertion of having ran there all the way from the mall. Cassie
chose not to answer, as confirming that she still was in the city would make
her mother even more worried. Better that Mom believe she had been evacuated
along with the other mall-goers, Cassie reasoned. Anyway, her mother would
hardly approve of her intentions.

But Cassie had to do something to help Diana, as the radio jockey had said
that superhuman help would hardly arrive on time. *If existing heroes could not
aid Diana*, thought Cassie as she ran up the stairs and into Diana's room.
*Maybe new ones were needed*.

The box was thankfully still in Diana's closet, disguised among the pair
of normal boxes holding only shoes. Within, besides an ornate bracelet, was a
pair of sandals with small wings strangely attached.

*Hang on, Diana. Help is on the way!* the teenage girl thought.

With one last shudder, the enormous figure finally fell to the ground, his
thick limbs still flailing erratically. Doomsday's eyes clouded, and then

Diana gritted her teeth, keeping the pressure on the hold, long after the
fallen brute had stopped moving completely. She was worn and battered but she
was not taking any chances. As Doomsday had began to feel the effects of the
choke, he had clumsily hurled himself at all types of buildings and structures,
trying to dislodge the Amazon from his body. Bruises and cuts were everywhere on
her lovely face and spectacular body from such impacts and the myriad
uncoordinated blows that Doomsday had thrown in his desperation. Yet Wonder
Woman had held on, for what had seemed like an eternity, the strength of her
legs making the hold unbreakable, until the strangulation had brought even the
deadly powerhouse down. As she had hoped, the disorientation resulting from the
choke had prevented the villain animating Doomsday from once again discarding
the host body and escaping. Apparently, she had finally managed to capture him.

Wonder Woman kept the choke at full strength for many long minutes more,
wondering how long would it take to finish the monster off permanently, until
she finally relented and relaxed her tired legs. The enemy was defeated, to
continue to his death would have been dishonorable under these circumstances.
Particularly when that same enemy had just given her a delicious orgasm.

She stood up shakily, away from the huge limp body of Doomsday, her tired
legs feeling about to cramp, although small tingles of pleasure still ran their
length. *Well, it was quite a match, in both ways*, she thought, smiling, just
as she glanced appreciatively at the enormously muscled body. To her surprise,
she noticed that at some point, the creature's phallus had expanded and torn
through the cloth of his pants, as the now flaccid member was exposed in all its
amazing length. The penis, even now, was over a foot in length, and its width
was larger than the diameter of one of her bracelets.

"Hera! He is huge!" whispered the heroine in amazement. *How big would
that thing be when erect?* she wondered. That she had not been made to find out
was both a relief and a disappointment. Although her enjoyment of sex did not
depend on penis size, and her extraordinary vaginal tightness made penetration
by a large penis quite painful at first, size was still a major psychological
turn-on for her, as the idea of being entered by truly heroically-sized cock
invariably excited her, just like she was generally attracted to strong,
massively muscular male bodies.

*Was even the Minotaur so well endowed? Or Darkseid himself?* she asked
incredulously. *Gods! That thing could have torn me apart!* she thought, her
body's renewed arousement betraying her concern. *Though I was quite wet...*


Turning around, Wonder Woman was shocked to see a young black-haired girl
flying to a stop in midair, a handful of meters away from her.

"Did I miss-?" said Cassie, stopping her question abruptly at the sight of
the naked Amazon standing next to the fallen monster.

"Cassie? What are you doing here?" asked the shocked Amazon, realizing
that it was her teenage friend, wearing some kind of wig and large aviator-like
goggles to disguise her features.

"I-I wanted to -like- help..." stammered Cassie, blushing. Despite the
dirt, scratches and bruises covering her, the tall figure of the heroine,
wearing only tiara, bracelets and boots, was simply stunning in its mixture of
athleticism and lush voluptuousness. Cassie, ashamed of her reaction to Diana's
nakedness, looked down to avoid her eyes, only to gasp at the sight of
Doomsday's monstrous cock out in the open.

Diana found herself blushing as Cassie's eyes returned to her, an
expression of dumbstruck astonishment in them. *Oh, well. This certainly looks
compromising,* she thought.

"Damn it! DAMN IT! I-I cannot turn him off!"

"What? Why?" Mike Schorr demanded. Despite Dr. Chilton's protests to the
contrary, there was no doubt anymore that Doomsday had emerged from the S.T.A.R.
Labs installation. The huge hole punched through the wall of the sub-basement-
level and the tunnel punched through the adjoining bedrock left no room for

"The damages are more extensive than what I expected. Lousy Lexcorp crap!
The command interpreter is useless. The system is running itself and will not
accept outside commands. I cannot access the simulacrum either. I-I cannot
establish any contact with Kris," Julian Lazarus said, consternated. "My God, he
must have been in complete sensory deprivation in there. Even the generated
matrix simulacrums must have errors in the sensory interfaces. He must have gone
mad in there..."

"Look, whatever happened, he is going nuts out here, too! People have
died, and Wonder Woman may die too if you cannot turn off this damned thing!"

"Perhaps if I could face him I could convince him to stop and return
here... Maybe I... I-I don't know," said Lazarus in obvious despair.

"Diana may be dead by then," said Mike, as he leveled his gun at the
complex devices in front of him and began shooting.

"You shouldn't have come here, Cassie. It was all too dangerous," Diana
admonished. "Even with the Sandals of Hermes," she added, gesturing at the
winged sandals on Cassie's feet, which now enabled the girl to hover in the air.
Diana had allowed her to use them just once before, but she had clearly mastered
them upon need.

"Diana! Did you and that thing fucked?" asked Cassie incredulously, unsure
of whether to feel angry, disgusted, jealous or perversely excited.

"No. Not really," Diana answered with a sigh. *Although it came close,*
she thought, *And part of me would not have minded if it had happened.*

"I will tell you what happened, alright? But this is not the best moment,
Cassie," said Diana, realizing that this would need some very careful
explaining, since besides the compromising tableaux, the heroine's contemplation
of Doomsday's size had again made her nipples very obviously erect, and her
lower body was still wet from her flowing juices, all of which Cassie had likely

In her concern and embarrassment, she failed to notice that behind her,
Doomsday's eyes suddenly opened.

"NOOOO!!!!" screamed Lazarus, as the damaged machines sputtered and died.
"He is now trapped in the simulacrum! What have you done?"

"Won't Doomsday stop now?" asked Mike.

"Not right now," said Lazarus, sinking to the floor in desperation, his
voice taking on a monotone born of numbness. "The virtual clones are programmed
patterns of energy animating an adaptable matrix material into the simulated
configuration. The stored energy in an isolated model could last for many hours.
The sudden break from the central system can at the most produce a re-boot...
I-Oh, my God". With that Lazarus broke down and began crying.

"Oh, shit," said Mike.

"Meanwhile, let's find my lasso and bind him before he wakes up," said
Diana, gesturing towards the stop where Doomsday had taken her down and she
had lost her lariat.

Following Diana to where her discarded lasso and belt laid, still in
shock over what she had seen, and highly embarrassed by her none-too-tactful
outburst, Cassie could not avoid glancing sideways at the Diana's magnificent
nude body, the Amazon's irresistible sexuality somehow more noticeable now than
ever, making Cassie feel queasy in the stomach. *Oh, shit. I just insulted her.
How will she ever forgive me? What was I thinking?*

As Cassie looked away to avoid meeting Diana's eyes, she felt her heart
skip a beat at what suddenly came into her sight.


Wonder Woman, lasso in hand, had barely time to turn around before a huge
piece of wreckage hit her with astounding power, the section of reinforced
concrete slab thrown by Doomsday shattering upon impact on her body.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Cassie as she saw Diana fall, immediately rushing
at the enormous creature walking ominously towards the fallen heroine. With no
thought for her own safety, Cassie dove at full speed towards Doomsday, her fist
cocked back, ready to strike at the monster.

Casually, as if swatting a fly, Doomsday slapped Cassie away, sending the
young girl to crash against a building's wall half a block distant. As the
unconscious girl crumbled in a heap to the sidewalk, Doomsday looked at her,
perhaps wondering upon the identity of such a minor annoyance. Then, he
strangely stopped, as if paused by a sense of recognition, his gaze fixed on the
limp young girl, her wig fallen to reveal the golden short hair, the slender
legs spread awkwardly.

Fighting against the encroaching unconsciousness, Wonder Woman forced
herself to get up to her knees, rising her clouded gaze only to see Doomsday
walking towards where Cassie was laying.


With a sudden burst of speed, Wonder Woman flew at Doomsday, tackling
his legs and lifting him up, crashing the two of them through a dozen buildings
before flying up and rising miles into the air in a scarce second. As Doomsday
reacted and tried to grab her, she twisted in midair and threw him down with all
her strength, the impact driving him deeply into the ground, out of sight.

Landing next to Cassie's fallen form, the Amazon was relieved to find
that she was still breathing normally, with no visible injuries. She almost felt
like crying as she realized that coiled around Cassie's wrist was a gleaming
length of golden metal, delicately inscribed with Hellenic characters. *The
Bracelet of Atlas,* Diana thought, recognizing the magical artifact that Artemis
had once worn, capable of magnifying ten-fold the wearer's strength, stamina and
resilience. It had enabled Cassie to survive Doomsday's blow unharmed.

Just as she rose with Cassie in her arms, about to fly her to safety,
Wonder Woman was suddenly grabbed around the ankles by huge powerful hands
erupting from the ground. Doomsday had cunningly used the utility tunnels
underground to sneak up to the Amazon. Feeling Doomsday's irresistible grip
pulling her down through the shattered concrete sidewalk, the heroine in
desperation threw Cassie, to a block away, trusting the magical bracelet's
power enhancement to protect the girl from the fall. Then, as Doomsday pulled
her lower, grabbing her around the slender waist, the Amazon raised her elbow
and brought it down hard, trying to break the monster's collarbone.

As Doomsday loosened his grip with a silent grimace of pain, Wonder Woman
instantly tried to fly up and away, but was stopped as Doomsday grabbed again
her ankle in a vise-like grip, swinging her hard against the ground even as he
crawled out of the hole in the sidewalk. Pulling the dazed Amazon to him by her
leg as he got to his feet, Doomsday suddenly staggered in pain when Wonder Woman
kicked hard with her free leg against the side of his knee. As Doomsday released
her, Wonder Woman twisted in the ground, swinging her now free legs in expanding
arcs within Doomsdays legs, sweeping him off his feet, before using the momentum
to roll to her feet.

Just when Wonder Woman stood up, the fallen Doomsday grabbed from
the debris around him a manhole cover and threw it at her. The Amazon instantly
deflected it with one fluid motion, the cast iron clanging against one of her
bracelets, but the fraction of time spent allowed Doomsday to jump up and rush
clumsily at her. Not missing a beat, Wonder Woman spun and twisted within the
grasp of Doomsday's outstretched arms, her right hand grabbing his wrist while
the left forearm blocked against the side of his head, pivoting his huge body
over her side as her left hip provided a fulcrum.

Smashing Doomsday hard against the ground with the hip throw, Wonder Woman
used her advantage to twist the fallen creature facedown in an instant, one hand
stretching out the brute's arm against her bent knee, and with a loud battle
shout, with all her might she struck with a hammerfist strike at the vulnerably
locked elbow. Doomsday surged upward with the pain of the dislocated joint,
pulling in the damaged arm with such sudden strength that Wonder Woman was pulled
down too.

With inhuman speed, the furious Doomsday grabbed Wonder Woman's long hair
before she could regain her balance, and pulling powerfully, he slammed her head
hard against the ground. Settling on his knees, Doomsday secured his hold on the
Heroine's lustrous mane, and proceeded to repeat the slamming again and again.

Letting the now unconscious heroine down, Doomsday stood up, and with a
silent roar, he pulled on his dislocated arm, the joint snapping back into place
with a sickening noise, the damaged flesh around it already swelling. He then
picked up the magic lasso from where the now unconscious heroine had let it
fall. Pulling the Amazon's arms up, he managed to tie one-handedly the lariat
around her wrists.

Then, dragging the fallen Amazon behind him, he limped towards the spot
where Cassie lay unconscious. After looking at the girl up close for a moment,
the monster turned his attention back to Wonder Woman, and placed her face up
on the pavement, where he could still keep an eye on the unconscious teen. Then,
he tore off the rest of his own clothes, and knelt between the open legs of the
beautiful Amazon Princess.

Spreading the legs of the unconscious beauty, Doomsday aimed the huge head
of his hardening cock at the vaginal entrance. As he thrust forward, his cock
slid several times along her slit, failing to gain entrance, the monstrous size
of the still partial erection and his positioning making the penetration
difficult. Still, his repeated attempts made the heroine's still sensitive sex
react to the stimulation. The folds grew damp again, and the heroine's breath
was interrupted by gasps as the giant cock's frustrated slides rubbed against
her erect clitoris.

Compensating for his injured arm, Doomsday finally adjusted his position,
and managing to place his cock's head in the right spot, he thrust powerfully,
shoving his enormous cock inside the beautiful heroine's tight depths.


Wonder Woman cried out loudly, her body tensing as if struck by lightning,
the intense pain in her loins shocking her out of unconsciousness as her body
was impaled by the gigantic piece of meat, her tight sex brutally stretched by
the savage intrusion. As she instinctively tried to struggle against the weight
over her, she realized with horror that not only was she pinned down by the huge
being, his giant cock inside her, her hands were also tied up by her own
unbreakable magic lasso. In every sense of the word, she was screwed.

His bloodied mouth smiling in delight as his first thrust drove almost
nine inches of thick cock into the deliciously tight cunt, Doomsday began to
pump furiously, his monstrous member entering deeper each time as it grew
harder and larger with each thrust, achieving full erection, his superhuman
strength easily overcoming the resistance of the shocked heroine's tightly
clenched flesh, as his thrusts build to a heavy duty piston-like rhythm which
few living beings could even approach.

Wonder Woman gasped and whimpered as she felt the enormous rock-hard
phallus thrusting even deeper into her, its powerful intrusion stretching her
with pain of an intensity she had rarely known. She had wondered about the erect
size of the monster's cock, and now she was experiencing it first-hand.

*Aphrodite help me! It feels about to split me asunder!* the lovely
heroine thought in brief panic, her luscious body shaking and trembling under
the brutal onslaught, while Doomsday's massive body loomed over her, dwarfing
her graceful figure.

Her initial reaction to attempt to resist his penetrations had only
increased the pain, so she realized that to survive the ordeal she had instead
to make herself accommodate him better, relaxing her body to more easily take in
the impaling member, while becoming lubricated enough to allow easier access and
avoiding being burned raw by the friction of the brutal thrusting. Though she
had been reasonably wet when first entered by the monster, the pain had been
excruciating, and as the monster forced himself deeper and harder into her, she
needed to lubricate much more abundantly. She began to coordinate her body to
move in time with his, seeking an angle that would to diminish the pain and
increase the modicum of pleasure the painful invasion still gave her. She rubbed
her legs against his side sensuously, trying to partially cushion the depth of
his thrusts while enhancing the feeling of intimacy that would help her increase
her own arousal. She marshaled all her concentration as she tried to relax her
punished body, to accommodate the massive tool piercing her, controlling as
possible her breathing, attempting to shut out the pain and focus on the erotic
thrill of finally having that monstrous cock filling her with its inhuman

*Heavens! It is impossible!" Diana thought, crying out as she felt the
huge head hit her cervix as Doomsday thrust into her with ever increasing
strength. *The pleasure is there, yes, I can feel it, but there is just too much
pain!* Excited as she was by finally being fucked by what seemed like the most
physically powerful humanoid being there ever was, her enjoyment of the mating
was not enough to mute how much the savage abuse hurt.

Then, as Doomsday entered her almost to the hilt, knobby bone protrusions
around his groin began to bump against the upper part of the violated Amazon's
sex, the hard bulges suddenly rubbing hard against the erect clitoris as he
thrust, making the lovely heroine gasp for air at the added sensation. Her eyes
widening in surprise, she began to time her own motions, seeking again the right
angle for the involuntary caress to coincide with each thrust. Soon she was
moaning with excitement as the pleasure of the coupling began to equal, and even
surpass, the pain.

"OH, Heraaaaaa!" she moaned out loud as she slowly began to feel her body
surrendering to the intensity of her ravishment, her cunt shyly accepting with
incredible elasticity the massive tool stretching her, the intense pain melding
with the pleasure of the stimulation to her clitoris and her vagina, enhancing
it, not fighting against it, the agony becoming exquisite delight. Darkseid, and
more recently Etrigan, had in the past achieved this on her through masterful
technique. Doomsday had chanced upon it through the sheer luck of natural

Wonder Woman began to move in perfect unison with Doomsday's thrusts, her
body erotically swaying with the rhythms of the mating with a sensuous grace
almost like that of dance. His every thrust was still met by cries and whimpers
from her, yet these were of a much different nature. The ever-present pain now
helped to raise the pleasure to greater heights, and her inner muscles worked
to caress the huge shaft sliding in and out of her, not to prevent its motion.

Diana's now eager cooperation soon had its own effect of her ravisher. The
monster's mighty body tensed and his cock started throbbing inside the heroine.
With a voiceless groan, Doomsday came, ejaculating powerfully inside Wonder
Woman. As her extremely sensitive sex felt the bursts of copious hot semen
erupting inside her, the fear of being impregnated by the creature, artificial
construct or not, crossed Diana's mind momentarily, only to be forgotten in the
next instant as with a powerful shudder and a high-pitched cry, she reached
orgasm herself, pleasure flooding her body and mind as she came, her sex
clenching on the hard cock inside her like a greedy hand retaining a treasure.

"What do you mean we cannot get any visuals? Is there anything wrong with
the satellites?" asked the NORAD officer.

"Not that we can tell, Sir," said the baffled technician. "The satellites
are in place, and we seem to be receiving the feed correctly, but the images
somehow seem to be scrambled."

"Is the dust over the site responsible?"

"Impossible! Our surveillance system can count the moles in Kadafi's hairy
butt under the worst conditions," said another technician, furiously typing on
his keyboard. "It seems almost like the local system itself is scrambling the

"How come? We have half the armed forces ready to go in as soon as we get
some confirmation of what is going on there! Has the network malfunctioned like
that before?"

"This has never happened, Sir. The network is custom-made Waynetech, it
makes standard Lexcorp systems look like beads on a string," said the first tech.

"If I hadn't tested the firewall myself, I'd say we have a virus blocking
us," said the other one, frowning. "But who the hell could do something like

"Oh, Diana, this may be too much, even for you," whispered Oracle, the
faint glow of her monitors the only light in the room.

Barbara Gordon, the former heroine known as Batgirl, sat uneasy in her
wheelchair, her monitors showing the unscrambled images from Wonder Woman's
confrontation with Doomsday in Gateway City. Her hacking into the NORAD and
Pentagon systems would have to be rerouted after this, but certainly it was for
the best if nobody else got a clear glimpse of this footage, she thought.

The way Wonder Woman's legs were wrapped around Doomsday's waist left very
little doubt in Oracle's mind as to what exactly was happening to the Amazon
Princess beneath the monster's bulk. Not only was the monster apparently raping
Wondr Woman, he seemed to be doing a pretty good job of it.

From everything that the Joker's bullet had stolen as it had crippled
her, sex was perhaps what she missed the most. Even the couple of unpleasant
times when as Batgirl she had been raped seemed like cherished memories these
days. But still, the idea of being abused by such a monster was to Barbara truly

*I really wouldn't wish to be in your boots now, Diana,* Oracle thought,
quite worried. Althought they had never been close, beyond the normal contact
of their work, there was a warmth and kindness to Diana that made almost
everyone consider her a dear friend, even if most other heroines basically hated
with passion her looks, and how she made even the best-built of them look like
clumsy and homely also-rans. Barbara knew of a few who had even gotten implants
just to feel less intimidated by the comparison, as if that had helped any. But
despite all the petty childish envies, everyone truly loved Diana, and Barbara
was more than a little afraid for her now.

If anyone could survive getting raped by that monster it certainly was
Wonder Woman, but would she be able to defeat this creature before he killed
her? She knew that Diana's attitudes towards sex were a lot less conventional
that what the others could imagine, but even with her questionable taste in
partners, this was not a trifling matter. That thing could easily kill Diana
even as he fucked her.

The figures on the screen then changed position, Wonder Woman seeming to
go on all fours before Doomsday, allowing a better view of their coupling. Not
without some embarrassment, Oracle adjusted the feed for better resolution.

"Heavens! Look at that!" Oracle said out loud, amazed at the sight.
Worried as she was for her friend, the spectacle of the huge monster fucking the
Amazon beauty was still an impressive sight.

*Well, she doesn't seem to be having such an awful time,* thought Oracle,
blushing. *I sure hope you know how to work this out, girl.*

Diana gritted her teeth as Doomsday increased the tempo of his frenzied
pumping. Even before she had felt her orgasm peak and begin to fade, the monster
had renewed thrusting with even greater enthusiasm, with hardly a pause after
his own climax, without allowing Wonder Woman any time to recover. It seemed he
could continue the pace endlessly, as the mighty thrusts began to once again
hurt the oversensitive flesh of the heroine, her body centered on a compressed
layer of pavement, a wild network of cracks and fissures in the asphalt
radiating from the area of her loins. Doomsday's pumping made the ground tremble
like a demolition jackhammer.

*Gods, this thing can fuck me to death,* Diana thought, moaning with each
painful impalement, knowing that this could give a new dimension to the concept
of multiple orgasms. She was already weary from both their brutal fight and the
savage coupling, and she wondered how much more of this she could stand. Turning
her head to the side, as Doomsday leaned over to bite her ear, she saw with
surprise that within a couple of feet of her was Cassie, laid on her back, still

*Mighty Olympus!* she thought in horror, realizing that if the monster
finished her, the young girl could be next. *I have to stop him, somehow, while
I still have the strength, but how?*

Wonder Woman's beautiful eyes then flashed with the spark of realization,
as she saw the way out, and understood what she needed to do.

*I have to*, she thought.

As Doomsday moved to bite anew the perfect flesh of the heroine's shaking
bosom, he heard Wonder Woman softly address him between gasps and moans.

"From behind - Take me from behind."

As Doomsday appeared uncertain of her request, she demanded, louder: "Fuck
me from behind, you brute. Fuck me like a dog!"

Smiling hideously at the request, Doomsday leaned back, and effortlessly,
raised Wonder Woman's body by her waist. Then, with ridiculous ease, he turned
her around, his huge cock still partly sunk in her wet sex. As the beautiful
heroine settled on her knees and forearms, Doomsday slid his hand over her
magnificent round buttocks, and pulling her by the waist, began to pump into her
with delight.

Wonder Woman resumed her moans and cries as the monster's cock began to
powerfully slide in and out of her in the new angle, the pain even greater now
as she found it harder to accommodate his mass in the new position. Her fingers
were forced to dig into the pavement for support as Doomsday's thrusts tried to
throw her whole body forward like a rag doll, her breasts oscillating with the
pumping. Still, inch by inch, she let the pushing move her slightly forward.

"Yes, harder! Give it to me harder, you bastard!" she said in a throaty
voice halfway between a gasp and a growl. "Fuck me harder! Yes! Make me your

*Getting close*, she thought, even as she still tried to match Doomsday's
pace, seeking to salvage as much pleasure as possible from the situation, while
her demands made Doomsday pump her with even greater vigor.

Diana suddenly felt her breath catch in her throat as she felt Doomsday
change to a slower rhythm, as he slid one thick finger into her back entrance.
Few of the cocks she had in past allowed entrance to her ass had even been close
to the size of that one finger . The exquisite combination of the intense pain
and the incredible feeling of being completely full of her foe's invading
members, made Diana orgasm again, silently this time as she couldn't seem to be
able to articulate any noise or voice.

She felt her sight cloud and her awareness start to fade as the intense
orgasm overloaded her consciousness. Oblivion seemed like a safe harbor from the
storm of pleasure and pain fighting for supremacy over her senses.

*No. I cannot. I will not faint,* thought Diana stubbornly, fighting the
shroud of unconsciousness. *I must defeat this animal, for Cassie's sake.*

As orgasmic shudders continued to shake Wonder Woman's body, she threw
her arms forward, letting her head and torso fall flat to the floor, her back
arched as her hips still matched Doomsday's pumping, her breasts rubbing hard
against the pavement. While the waves of her climax sweep through her body,
her outstretched arms reached out desperately until her hands found what she
sought. With renewed resolve, her hands gripped the object she had retrieved
from Cassie's wrist.

Just as Doomsday came again inside her, his head thrown back as he roared
soundlessly his climax, her own orgasm still rattling her flesh and senses,
Wonder Woman slid on her wrist the Bracelet of Atlas.

"We are on our way, Oracle. Tell Wonder Woman to buy us time. Let us hope
she can resist on her own."

Oracle was startled from her contemplation of the unlikely mating between
beauty and monster by the telepathic message of the Martian Manhunter, his mind-
voice reaching all the way from the outer planets.

*Aquaman must have helped to boost his range*, Oracle thought trivially,
realizing that the JLA was still a long way to arrive, as J'onn's telepathy was
still limited by the speed of light, as any other electromagnetic phenomena,
and even Superman would take much longer to fly the distance at sub-c speeds.

*If only Kyle had been with them,* thought Oracle, furious at her failure
to locate Green Lantern. The power ring could have warped them closer in an
instant, in time to save Diana.

She realized that the rest of the Justice League finding Wonder Woman in
mid-coitus with Doomsday was not a very pleasant scenario, but at least that
was better than the alternative. Wasn't it?

Wonder Woman felt her whole body burn with fury and desire. Her past
weariness seemed now insignificant, and her enhanced tolerance to pain had
banished the discomfort of Doomsday's penetration, even as her boosted
sensibility made her response to the huge cock's stimulation grow ten-fold.
She could now feel every single vein and bulge in the enormous shaft moving
inside her, just like she could smell every nuance of their mingled fluids.

The Bracelet of Atlas had multiplied ten-fold her strength, stamina,
resilience and the sensibility needed to handle such augmentation. To her
surprise, it also seemed to have enhanced her arousal. She felt her reluctant
desire turn into a burning need, an aching hunger that could not be denied.

With her increased power, Wonder Woman suddenly swung up and around one of
her legs, even as her bound hands pushed her off the ground. Unbalanced by the
sudden move, Doomsday fell back, as Wonder Woman, turning around, fell on top of
him, straddling his groin, without having ever dislodged the phallus inside her.

"This is what you wanted, wasn't it? This is what you were willing to kill
countless innocents to get, eh?" she said through clenched teeth, as she pushed
on his chest, leaning on top of him, her breasts rubbing sensuously against his
rough, granite-like skin, while she rotated her hips, caressing the phallus
inside her.

Sliding forward so only the large head of the penis remained inside her,
Diana kissed the shocked monster with frenzied passion, her lips, tongue and
teeth attacking hungrily his mouth. Moving then backwards with a long moan until
the monstrous shaft had slid back into her almost to the hilt, Wonder Woman
began to fuck the fallen Doomsday, riding his cock with manic intensity,
wantonly sliding up and down the shaft with speed rivaling that of the Flash,
her hips slamming down with bone-shattering power, while her inner muscles
gripped the enormous phallus with such irresistible might that Doomsday
obviously winced with each contraction.

"Let's see then if you measure up, you sick bastard," she said.

"Holy shit," mumbled Oracle, her eyes opening wide in amazement.

"Come on! Is that all you've got?" cried out Wonder Woman, among loud
cries of feverish pleasure, her sweat-covered body shaking as she rode
Doomsday's cock like a woman possessed. "Fuck me like you mean it!"

Doomsday pumped harder and faster, his own body exuding intense heat from
his exertions, covered with uncharacteristic sweat, as he pushed his engorged
cock deeply into the furnace-like sex of the Amazon Princess, the power of his
piston-like thrusts making the structure of the building they leaned against
shudder ominously.

Wonder Woman, her back against the groaning length of steel column,
tightened the hold her legs kept, wrapped around the waist of the standing-up
monster, trying to pull him even deeper into her. Her hands scratched his back
deeply, drawing blood even through the thick grayish hide. Similar scratches
ran through all of Doomsday's back, neck and buttocks.

"Come on! Fuck me!" she demanded. "A dog would do it better than this!
Women have fucked me harder than this! FUCK ME!"

Thrusting with his might, Doomsday sank his huge cock all the way into
the lovely heroine's shaking body, his heavy balls swinging to hit her ass, the
bony growths on his groin smashing against her swollen clitoris. As the two
reached orgasm simultaneously, the column behind the mating couple gave, as
base plate fastening bolts were sheared by efforts unimagined by any designer.
Falling backwards in the throes of their climax, the pair was oblivious to the
tons of damaged steel structure crashing around them.

Shrugging the debris off, Wonder Woman turned Doomsday face up, straddling
him again, her spectacular body shaking with erotic fervor as she continued to
ride him wantonly, her perfect breasts bouncing at amazing speeds as she moved
up and down the still erect cock with superhuman urgency. Her glossy mane of
hair shook side to side as she urged Doomsday on.

"Don't stop! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!"

Doomsday tried in desperation to match Wonder Woman's pace, his groin and
legs covered by the mixture of her fluids and his overflowing semen. His able
hand tried to hold on to the Amazon's waist, while her fingernails raked his
chest. The beautiful heroine arched her back as one orgasm grew into another.

"DAMN IT! Don't you dare quit on me, you sick fuck!" taunted Wonder Woman,
pulling Doomsday's hand up to her breast. "You can't get a woman without forcing
her, yet you cannot even rape one well enough? FUCK ME HARDER! YES!"

His deep-sunk eyes suddenly filling with shock, Doomsday's hand began to
shimmer even as it squeezed the full globe of the Amazon's breast. Terror-struck
he froze as his hand began to dissolve unevenly into glowing dust.

Throwing her head back as she convulsed in multiple, continuous orgasms,
Wonder Woman screamed in climaxing ecstasy even as Doomsday's body began to
crumble, the energy needed to hold the body together having been spent in trying
to keep up with the wild beauty.

As her final orgasm peaked, Wonder Woman fell forward, breathless,
Doomsday's chest disincorporating beneath her. The huge throbbing cock buried
deep inside Diana's spasming sex dissolved an infinitesimal instant before his
fear-filled eyes vanished along with his features. Wonder Woman's trembling nude
figure was left gasping over a mound of lifeless dust.


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Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead part 4