Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead Part 3  


WONDER WOMAN: Laid By The Dead
by JR

Based upon the story by John Byrne featured in WW#109 thru #112.
Told now without any damn censoring.

DISCLAIMER: The following story is an adult-themed parody of the DC Comics's
Wonder Woman comic book. Wonder Woman and all related characters are property
of DC Comics, a Time Warner company, and no copyright infringement is intended.
The author received no payment for this story and no money is to be earned by
its distribution. I have no dough to get sued off anyway.

WARNING: The following story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of
extreme sexual events. NO MINOR SHOULD READ THIS. Hell, most so-called adults
shouldn't either. If you are below your country's age of legal majority, kindly
bugger off. Go find some Pokemon instead. No animals or household objects were
hurt or damaged during the writing of this story.


The red-skinned humanoid was seated in mid-air, his legs crossed
nonchalantly, his butt resting on nothingness. Below him, several city blocks
lay devastated as a Yellow energy beam directed from his right hand had cut a
swath of destruction, carving among the buildings the giant letters that
spelled one name: Wonder Woman.

Princess Diana of Themyscira flew up to meet the silent humanoid. She
wore her usual attire of red, blue, white and gold. The golden breastplate
worked into her bustier barely containing the exuberance of the full, high-set
breasts. The blue star-patterned brief panties cut close below the slender
waist, emphasized the magnificent length of her well-muscled high-booted legs,
while barely covering a fraction of the round fullness of her firm buttocks.
The long, dense mane of shiny black hair fell in soft curls around the delicate
lines of her wide shoulders and her long neck. As if such an astounding body was
not enough to induce arrhythmia in any normal man and quite a few women, her
features, with the delicate straight nose, full lips, and large thickly-lashed
eyes of crystal clear blue, were the ideal most beauty queens and supermodels
could only aspire to, breathtakingly beautiful yet full of character, without
the generic blandness of the surgically-enhanced. But those lovely features were
set now in a stern pattern of determination, and the luscious body was ready to
be used for deadly combat.

The being eyeing with apparent amused contempt the exquisite woman
facing him was upon close examination, not exactly a man. His face was stretched
into a length far beyond the human norm, and the shape of the skull and the
pointed ears, made him resemble the stereotypical look of most humanoid aliens
in low-budget TV SciFi series. His skin was a red bright beyond that of any
human ethnic group, and his body's build made him appear almost emaciated in
its thinness.

To former citizens of Coast City, the identity of Sinestro, a renegade
member of the non-defunct cosmic police force of the Green Lantern Corps, would
have been instantly obvious, but Wonder Woman had to rely on police reports to
confirm his identity. Police choppers had managed to ID the villain before being
destroyed by the energies released casually from the power ring on Sinestro's
finger. Besides the chopper crews, the villains' rampage had left over a hundred
casualties. Many more were still counted missing. Still, if the dossier on the
villain that Oracle had provided was accurate, the potential for destruction at
the villain's hand could easily dwarf those numbers.

As Princess Diana of Themyscira approached the passive humanoid, she was
aware that this was as serious a one-on-one superhuman confrontation as it could
get. The power ring at Sinestro's command was in theory every bit as powerful
and versatile as that of her JLA teammate Green Lantern. Basically, it could do
anything the wielder could conceive, and in the hands of someone as ruthless as
Sinestro was reputed to be, it could easily become an instrument of genocide.
Her attempts to contact Green Lantern through the JLA had been fruitless. Kyle
Rayner was apparently out of contact range. She had asked Oracle to remain
monitoring the situation, and to mobilize the available Justice League members
if she proved unable to stop Sinestro. Meanwhile, this was her own fight. In more
ways than one.

If what Wonder Woman suspected was right, all the carnage had been
performed just to get her attention, for reasons that had her steaming in both
worry and anger.

Deadly serious as the threat was, in essence it was all a fake.

According to Oracle, Sinestro was supposed to be dead, killed by former
GL Hal Jordan, and though the reports of most villains' deaths tended to be
greatly exaggerated, this bit of info supported Wonder Woman's suspicion: that
the villain now facing her was most likely a copy of the real Sinestro, a
duplicate complete with identical likeness and working superpowers, just like
the other doppelganger she had recently fought.

Two days past, the Amazon Princess had been attacked by a perfect copy
of the deceased hero, the Barry Allen Flash, who had also wrecked havok on the
city apparently with the sole intention of attracting her attention in order to
possessher sexually, something which the heroine had not actually managed to
thwart, to her chagrin. But as she had finally captured the impostor, he had
vanished from her grasp, apparently dissolving into dust in her hands.

All other speedsters Wonder Woman knew were hardly the kind to assault
her, and had no way to adopt Allen's faces. Known shapechangers could emulate
shape but not paranormal powers. The way the fake Flash had disincorporated
resembled none of the teleporting methods she had ever seen, either magical or
technological, so it had probably meant remote or self-destruction, hinting at
a disposable and thus artificial nature. The impostor was most likely a magical
or high-tech construct, created to emulate the dead hero. Or in the case of
Sinestro, a dead villain.

But who had either the magic or science for such a thing? Could the real
Sinestro's ring create such a lifelike anatomically functioning simulacrum?
Yet all ring constructs were in theory monochromatic, not life colored, and
the impostor's behavior had clearly shown a resident or on/board consciousness,
not the detached control of a puppeteer. A clone could hardly duplicate
accidentally-gained powers like those of the Flash. And though Wonder Woman
had met first-hand several lifelike androids and mechanical constructs fully
enabled for complete sexual performance, the intimate contact her body had with
the impostor's flesh, and his behavior, made her believe it was not merely a
programmed machine. The Shaggy Man, Amazo, other Professor Ivo androids... None
had felt so genuine to her touch or evidenced such realistic human behavior.

Ignoring who was responsible, the only dubious advantage she had from
the knowledge of this Sinestro's fakeness, was being fully aware of his most
probable intention. He had plainly called out for her, after all. Like the Flash,
he most likely was out to fuck her.

Perhaps her enemy had sought to rape her only as part of a wish to
destroy her, but she felt otherwise. Her attacker had not just meant to abuse
her as an act of violence, She felt he had, strangely, desired to pleasure her
too, to both enjoy her body and 'conquer' her by forcing her to enjoy her
violation. This attention failed to flatter the beautiful Amazon at all. That
someone was so obsessed with her and the possession of her body, to the point
of indulging in such destructive rampages both horrified her and filled her
with cold fury. This disregard for human life for the petty sake of fulfilling
a mere carnal desire made to her whoever was responsible someone deserving of
the harshest punishment.

Wonder Woman was used to being sexually desired by many of her enemies,
a normal situation given her physical appearance and typical male appreciation
of it, and was not bothered at all by it. She would have hardly used such
revealing garb if she minded exposing her body generously. Actually, just as
she disregarded the silly shame-filled prejudices man's society had on nudity
and sex, she had not backed away from often taking the "make love not war"
credo quite literally. To avoid bloodshed at all costs, she had occasionally
shared her body with several of her deadliest enemies, with very few regrets.
To her, violence was indeed the last resource of the incompetent, or the failed.
Yet to find that the desire her sex appeal caused had motivated violence such
as this, made her feel furious at both her foe and herself, for the casualness
with which she normally flaunted her body.

*How much is this my fault?*, she grimly wondered. *Perhaps I really
should change my clothing.* But that would be another surrender. Why should the
sickness of men restrict her freedom of choice?

But guilt notwithstanding, these meditations had to wait. First she had
to defeat the newest incarnation this scum was using.

The Amazon Princess flew past the villain in a blur, trying to get him
to follow her away from the inhabited areas, but the villain remained hovering
in place, refusing to play along. He had called for Wonder Woman, and she had
to come to him.

Feeling frustrated at having to play on the villain's terms, a shaky
proposition under most combat situations, Wonder Woman warily approached the
fiend. The strategic disadvantages of matching her mostly close-quarters powers
against a long-range energy manipulator were clear in her mind, but she was
more concerned for the safety of the people beneath than about her own. Although
it would have been more expedient to empty her mind of distractions to better
approach combat, she could not avoid still hearing the cries of the wounded
below, and her main concern was to protect those innocents. She was truly
partially responsible for their plight.

Hovering a few feet away, Wonder Woman confronted the villain, ready for
anything. "Sinestro!" she called out, bound by her sense of honor into the empty
formality. "I am here. Whoever you really are, stop this."

"What is that you want of me?" she asked, as she felt the perverse gaze
run over her prefect and quite exposed shape.

In a instant, a tendril of energy sped out from the power ring, growing
into a giant yellow hand that tried to grab her in midair. With a burst of speed,
Diana easily evaded the glowing hand, rushing at Sinestro for a quick decisive
strike. But her attack struck an energy globe suddenly encasing the villain. As
she ricocheted off the energy shield, it grew numerous appendages that
tentacle-like sought to trap the Amazon. Maneuvering gracefully, Wonder Woman
avoided energy coils and misshapen oversized hands and pincers with little effort.
Obviously, she noticed, to control multiple constructs was harder than the
ringwielder imagined.

Suddenly the extensive grid of energy coils extended contracted into a
grid around the Amazon, shaping a cage of golden glowing metal bars, as Sinestro
smiled with glee. But his joy was short lived. The cage's material proved no
match for Wonder Woman's strength, as she grabbed the bars and tore them apart
into fragments.

As Sinestro hurriedly gathered the nimbus of scattered energy around him,
his protective shield formed barely in time to block the powerful strike of the
rushing Princess. His concentration was apparently not capable of handling
simultaneous applications, Diana realized. But before she could find a way to
use this in her favor, Sinestro sped away, enveloped in a glowing cocoon. Diana
pursued him, dodging the darts and projectiles he shot blindly behind as he fled.

As they reached the river bisecting the city, Sinestro turned around and
shot a barrage of ring-crated gunfire, projectiles of all sizes and types aiming
at the heroine, only to be deflected or destroyed in contact with the bracelets
on her wrists, her arms moving in a blur of blocking motions even as she dodged
the lines of fire.

Frowning, Sinestro aimed his fist directly at the Amazon, and she barely
had chance to slide aside before the air ionized in the wake of a laser-like
energy beam. There was no way even a superhumanly fast object could evade a beam
of radiant energy, its destructive effect traveling at the same speed of the
light needed to see an incoming object, but Diana's superhuman reflexes could make
her dodge the direction of the aiming ringwearing hand, its pure energy beams
limited to straight lines.

With feverish desperation Sinestro tried to nail the heroine with his
shots, trying vainly to follow the zigzagging figure of the Amazon as she
approached him weaving wild patterns of avoidance. In an instant, she was on top
of him, her fist a blur aimed at his face. Unable to correct his aim in time,
Sinestro panicked and released a wide burst of energy from his ring, the blinding
spray covering the heroine, just before he was sent flying away from the clash.

The ring had managed to protect Sinestro from Wonder Woman's blow as the
burst's concussion had hit her, making the strike miss and barely grace the
villain. Still, his jaw hung loose, clearly broken by the mere light touch of
the deflected strike. Sinestro cradled his face in obvious pain, yet he voiced
no cry or complain, as eerily silent as the Flash had been.

Shaken but unharmed, Wonder Woman controlled her falling as she recovered
from the energy burst. Its wide focus had enabled it to hit her, but had also
dissipated most of its power, allowing the bracelet held before her in striking
guard to protect her face, and although not really invulnerable, her body's own
superhuman resilience had assimilated the remaining impact and heat without
serious harm.

The same could not be said of her garb, however. The cloth of her costume
had been torn and scorched irregularly, exposing even more of her figure. The
front part of her midriff was almost gone, the remaining fabric precariously
holding to the bustier's top, which although mostly intact, had almost slid down,
uncovering part of the right breast, displaying the rosy nipple and aureola,
while the tattered star-patterned panties barely covered her mound and exposed
most of the wedge-shaped trimmed patch of pubic hair.

As Sinestro's ring set his jaw in place, he turned and took in the
partial nakedness of the beautiful heroine.

*The ring must be dampening his pain*, Diana thought while Sinestro
lasciviously at her. *I must stop him before he learns to use the ring better*.
She needed a way to bridge the distance between them without opening herself to
him, but how? In the air, there was nothing she could against him, and using her
lasso would be ineffective against his shields, being only solidified energy.

Just as she pondered this, Sinestro once again turned tail and fled; this
time, going towards the city's main traffic bridge, its lanes crowded with cars
of the populace seeking to evacuate the area. Before Diana's shocked eyes,
Sinestro sped over the center of the bridge, his ring projecting a thin beam of
intense power, which sliced through the bridge's cross section like a knife
through the proverbial hot butter.


Wonder Woman cried out as she rushed down, her magic lasso flashing out
like a live thing and wrapping itself many times around the falling bridge
section, the golden length stretching impossibly at her command. Setting her
feet widely in the air, Diana grabbed tightly the lasso's end and in an instant,
she held her ground.

The image was astounding. Several stories high in the air, the Amazon
Princess, held with all her strength onto the end of her magic lasso, keeping
upwith it the bridge in place, as dozens of startled drivers tried to drive
their cars off the damaged sector.

"HURRY UP! EVACUATE THE BRIDGE NOW!!!!" screamed the heroine, her
magnificent body turned into a corded mass of tense muscles by the strain of
her feat, even as below her the people's sudden panic made cars crash and
overturn, slowing the fleeing traffic almost to a halt.

*No! No! It cannot be!* she thought as she realized the chaos erupting
in the doomed lanes below. *I cannot hold this up indefinitely!*

Although she could be almost as strong as Superman himself, Wonder
Woman's strength was of a different nature. Few understood that despite being
extremely superior to normal people physically, Diana was still human, and her
body was not the ultradense and naturally invulnerable physique of the
superstrong Kryptonian. She was normally vulnerable to bullet fire and incisions,
and her basic strength could be merely that of an exceptional Amazon. Just as
gravity held her down when she did not will herself to fly, her superhuman
powers were gifts of the Olympian gods, and to use them, Diana had to will them
into action.

In this moment of need, Diana called upon the gifts of Demeter as
rarely before, concentrating on the strength needed to support untold tons of
steel and its minor addendum of humanity. The task was more difficult as she had
to also focus on keeping her position in the air, combining the gift of flight
from Hermes with a conscious fixing up of her position against Gaea, the Earth
below her, basic source of her strength. Anchored thus by her focusing on her
magical powers, Diana accomplished the feat that defied science as without any
apparent leverage at all, she held the bridge up while suspended on the air, her
body straining with the effort of channeling enough strength and will to do the

Noticing the people below her leaving their trapped cars and hurrying
away on foot, she called out anew to them.


As she gritted her teeth with effort, Diana heard a noise and looked up.

Hovering slightly above her and to a side was the silent figure of
Sinestro, clapping in mock admiration. The sound of the clapping hands
contrasted ominously with his silent demeanor.

"Damn it! Let me save these people, please!" she demanded, cold sweat
appearing on her brow.

Sinestro only smiled. Levitating closer to her, he extended an arm and
ran a finger lightly over her shoulder's skin, lowering it towards her breast,
where he began to slide it slowly along the deep cleft beginning high on her
chest where her ample teats were pressed together by the confining top and her
straightened, straining arms, until reaching the edge of the already displaced

"You bastard", Diana spat as Sinestro forced down with deliberate
slowness the heroine's top, fully exposing the rest of the magnificent bosom
well below the nipples.

Diana contemplated kicking the villain, but just a minor adjustment in
her grip to test her balance made the bridge section below her shudder. She
could not dare to move. There were lives depending on her.

Their eyes met, both plainly aware of her situation. With an even wider
smile, Sinestro grabbed the exposed breasts roughly, his fingers digging into
her firm yet softly yielding flesh, as he squeezed and pulled the round teats
in every direction. The fingers lingered on the rosy nipples, pinching and
pulling the tempting buds, bending and stretching them. Despite the superior
resilience of her tissue, which made her round breasts jut out proudly with no
sag at all from high on her torso, making the perfectly shaped orbs appear even
larger than their considerable 38D size, her breasts were actually softer than
what they appeared, and much more sensitive than that of most women,
particularly her nipples. Sinestro's clumsy handling was quite painful, yet
Diana barely acknowledged it at all. She did not want her discomfort to give
him any satisfaction.

Soon Sinestro's hands left her breasts, his fingers replaced by his
mouth. He kissed, licked and bit at the sore bust, while his hands ran down
the graceful curve of her torso and the slender waist, her tensed muscles
vibrating beneath the soft skin, going inevitably for the rock-hard globes of
her taut buttocks. The fingers strained to part the powerfully tensed gluteus,
seeking access to the valley between. Wonder Woman smiled to herself at that;
it would take much more than Sinestro's human-level strength to achieve it. But
the ring in the villain's right hand soon glowed with strength-enhancing power,
allowing the fiend to force his fingers into and down along the deep cleft,
sliding to the side the remaining thong-like strip of cloth of her torn panties,
and caressing the tender flesh of the perineum and the sensitive entrance to
her anus. Meanwhile, Sinestro's teeth bit down viciously onto her right nipple,
making Diana gasp at the pain and the two-fronted assault on her senses.

As one of Sinestro's hands slid around her hip and towards her pubis,
his other hand tried vainly to force a finger into her ass, while his teeth
nibbled one nipple, then the other, in rapid succession. Despite her pain and
anger, Diana breathed in sharply as she felt the long digits slid amongst her
silken pubic hair and caress the outer labia, fully exposed by her spread-legged
stance and the ruin of her panties. In surprise, she felt a wave of unwanted
warmth run through her body, and pool at her core, and she realized that she had
been unconsciously pushing her chest out towards Sinestro's mouth even as she
strained with the load of the bridge. Her nipples, which he was sucking and
biting hungrily, she realized, were already fully erect, as if demanding further

"Is this the only way you can get to touch a woman?" she said with cold
fury, angry both at her abuser and at her body's unwanted response to his
touch. "Are you too weak or too dumb to do it any other way?"

He bit harder on her chest at this, his caresses of the soft flesh of
her sex growing rougher, trying more forcefully to push his fingers into her.
Diana closed her eyes and threw her head back, breathing in deeply, trying to
focus on the taut rope in her hands and nothing else, growing furious with
frustration and revulsion, as she was helpless to stop the hateful caresses
taking advantage of her situation. To stop Sinestro, she had to choose to allow
the people still in the bridge below her to down plummet to their deaths. It
was frustrating on a scale she had never experienced. She was trembling with
both the effort and the contradictory excitement she felt.

Wonder Woman had often experienced bondage, and the strange eroticism
the feeling of helplessness could achieve, and although she usually preferred
equally matched coupling, she had sometimes enjoyed being sexually submissive,
as a welcome chance of pace from her normal dominant attitudes. Yet those
experiences had resulted from her being rendered captive by force, be it the
sheer strength of her attacker, powerful magical or technological restrains,
or even her own lasso. Now, the only thing keeping her from escaping her
assailant's unwanted touch was her own determination. She was free anytime to
chose forfeiting the lives of the people below, and escape Sinestro. Being
completely free to act, yet helpless to move, was a dichotomy that made every
second feel eternal, and which made her, together with the physical and metal
effort, feel unnaturally sensitive and painfully aware of every single touch
or caress.

As Sinestro found her clitoris with a bold finger, she gasped with both
anger and surprise at the sudden flash of intense sensation. While Sinestro
began to rub the sensitive nub into full erection, Diana felt undeniable
currents of delicious pleasure flow between her sex and her painfully
stimulated nipples.

*Damn it!*, she thought, appalled. *How can I find pleasure in this evil
being's touch? What's wrong with me?*

Yet pleasure she found, and soon Sinestro retrieved from her core a long
finger dripping with her fluids, which he licked obscenely before inserting
again in her slit, parting the soft, swollen folds. As Sinestro continued, his
caresses growing bolder and more accurate, Diana had to grit her teeth even
tighter to hold back moans of excitement.

*It must have been all the sex I have been having recently with Etrigan*,
she told herself, trying to block out Sinestro from her senses. *I must have
been building a state of enhanced sensibility. Primed for arousement. Otherwise
there is no way he could be affecting me this much!"

Surely the villain was making the most of her vulnerable situation, and
his skills had improved slightly since using the shape of the Flash, but as
Diana's arousement grew, so did the anger at her own weakness. She had indeed
been forced to experience pleasure against her will before, often under very
unpleasant circumstances, and many of the loathsome creatures who had raped her
in the past made Sinestro seem godly by comparison, but still she was furious
at how her body was betraying her to this despicable, petty pervert. It was
humiliating to feel herself slaved to her own carnal desires.

"You pathetic loser," she whispered through gritted teeth. "Is this all
you could use your power for? This is not just evil, it is crude and stupid."

Already she found it harder to maintain the effort of holding up the
bridge, as her body sought to yield to the caresses. Ignoring her taunts,
Sinestro wasnow hugging her lower body, his tongue tasting the treasure
between her spread legs, while he probed her depths boldly, her vagina now
reluctantly open to his digits. It would have been easy then to use her legs
now to strangle him or snap the neck, but that would have meant forsaking the
support of the stance she focused her stability upon.

*Gods, he has four fingers inside me now*, she thought, gasping as
Sinestro forced another digit inside her, her mind trying to ignore her body's
acceptance of the caress. *And he has barely spent a few minutes arousing me.*

*Four fingers.*

*Four right fingers.*

With sudden realization, Wonder Woman tightened her vaginal muscles in
one single, powerful spasm, the noise of crunched bones answering her effort.

With an open-mouthed yet silent grimace, Sinestro pulled out with effort
his crushed fingers. The yellow ring however, still glowed unharmed on the
twisted digit.

With fearless defiance, Wonder Woman stared unflinching at Sinestro's
face as he hovered back and pointed the deadly power ring at her brow. No words
were spoken. This was a match of a different nature. Her every sense energized
into overdrive, Diana could still hear the motion of trapped people below her,
as others struggled to free them of crumpled, overturned cars. At this range she
could still take out Sinestro before he could react and fire, but that would
mean letting go of the lasso long enough for these people to die. Yet if
Sinestro killed her now, they would be equally dead. The strong arousement of
her body was now forgotten as she struggled with the decision.

People would die either way, she decided, heavy-hearted. She also had
no assurance that her death would halt Sinestro's rampage. She had to think of
what was best for the majority.

As she was about to make her move, Sinestro lowered his arm, and slowly
flew away to a greater distance. The ring glowed and the fingers were set
properly with a series of snaps. Then, he casually fired a wide burst of energy
at the tense Amazon, shredding the remains of her costume. Wonder Woman
flinched, but still she held her position and kept her grip firm on the rope.

She had thought herself prepared for what she had expected to happen
next,determined to do her duty to the end. She had been wrong. With just the
tightest of smiles on his face Sinestro unleashed a barrage of ring constructs at
her. A dozen energy tendrils became solid and grew hands and pincers, proceeding
to attack her body. Powerful pseudohands grabbed her buttocks and breasts,
kneading and squeezing savagely. Bodiless mouths bit her still erect nipples,
pulling on them, making her cry out in surprise and pain.

Yet the attack was barely beginning. While the multiple appendages
caressed and groped her roughly, two more energy tendrils extended, and their
blunt ends solidified into enormous phallic shapes. Diana's eyes opened in shock.
Each of those solid-energy dildos could almost put a centaur to shame.

Before she could protest, an energy gag closed her mouth, and the glowing
dildos dived between her spread legs. She screamed in fury into her gag as she
felt each enormous head press against the entrances to her vagina and anus.
Focusing on the effort of holding up the bridge, she tensed all her muscles,
blocking their passage. There was no way she would surrender to this, she decided.

The swarm of pseudohands and mouths redoubled then their efforts on the
Princess's body, caressing, biting and squeezing every inch of her gorgeous
shape. The largest phallus began to vibrate, while rubbing against her still
erect clitoris, making her gasp at unexpected sensation, while the other shaft
slid back and forth with forceful insistence along the swollen folds of her
vagina. Soon, despite her efforts, the second phallus overcame her resistance
and slid with undeniable power into her wet vagina, its slow insertion
stretching with delicious pain her drenched depths. She had been still too
aroused, too wet, to resist the penetration. As it gained over half a foot of
depth inside her, it began to thrust in and out powerfully, while the largest
phallus still worked her sensitive clitoris.

Wonder Woman's body shook with barely restrained tension. This attack was
much more brutal and relentless, yet she was still helpless to defend herself in
order to save the innocents below, and once again she could feel the fire of
arousal inflame her senses, despite her conscious refusal to yield to the growing
pleasure. Thick and powerful ring-created tentacles wrapped around her trembling
legs and arms, simultaneously caressing and insuring her position, while others
continued to attack her erogenous areas with continued fervor.

People below cried and shouted at the sight of the heroine's figure high
in the air being surrounded by glowing tentacles created by her opponent. Two
far away to discern the details of her plight, many believed that Sinestro was
trying to strangle or crush the Amazon Princess. Several people panicked and
jumped to their deaths thinking that she would perish before they could leave
the condemned structure. Desperate police officers tried to get the few remaining
stragglers, injured or in shock, away before the JLAer was forced to drop the
weight. A couple of voyeurs, having binoculars at hand on their vehicles, were
staring openmouthed at the magnified sight, as their fascination at the amazing
spectacle of the beautiful superheroine being grotesquely ravished, kept them
from running away to their safety, dooming them.

The bridge shook ominously as Wonder Woman barely kept her hold on the
lasso, her hands slick with sweat from her double exertions. Her long hair
stuck to her back and her exposed skin gleamed with the product of her exertions.
The trembling in her arms made the bridge vibrate loudly, as the demands on her
body were proving too much. Her weariness and sexual excitement worked in tandem
as she felt her resistance crumble to an approaching orgasm.

Seeing her body shaking with her obvious excitement, Sinestro let the gag
in her mouth dissipate. Perhaps he wanted to hear her moan out loud.

He did.


Having covered itself enough with her copious moisture, the dildo pumping
into her abruptly vacated her vagina, being replaced instantly by its much
thicker companion, making Diana cry out with the mixed pain and pleasure of its
much more massive penetration. The drenched first dildo then pushed itself
powerfully into her anus, overcoming the faint resistance of her sphincter, as
both intruders entered her simultaneously with merciless brutality. Matching
rhythms, the two large shafts began to thrust deep into her, pistoning in and out
at an increasing tempo, even while their lengths vibrated with an audible hum.


Diana cried out loud again then, unable to restrain her cries and moans
under the double intrusions, but soon she held herself back again, restricting
herself to fast, hard breathing and occasional grunts. She still would not give
in to her violation. She was a Princess of the Amazons. She had fought and
fucked gods and demons. She could not let this overcome her. She would not.

In most other instances of rape Diana had allowed herself to orgasm at
such a point with little hesitation, enjoying the pleasure received for itself,
disdainful of the idea that orgasm meant capitulation, and its sexist
implication that sex was purely a male way to dominate women, as if sexual
possession was not a mutual act. She had also often beaten quite thoroughly the
crap out of villains who had chauvinisticaly thought that after being made to
come in their arms, she was then defeated and helpless. But this time was
different. Not only did she fear that giving in to the pleasure now would make
her lose her grip on the lifeline she held, she also had decided with steely
stubbornness that this creep did not deserve to make her climax, and despite
her body burning with sexual tension, she refused to give him such satisfaction.

"You bastard!" she grunted as she fought against the overwhelming power
of both gravity and her own arousal. "You are not good enough to make me come."

Sinestro frowned, focusing his concentration on the many ring constructs,
pure extensions of his will, the effort making also him sweat. His left hand
wasat his exposed scarlet penis, stroking it fast while his creations
relentlessly ravished the magnificent body of the beautiful heroine. His
masturbation grew faster as he made the two phallic tentacles thrust faster and
harder into the Amazon, while all other tentacles and appendages devoted
themselves to further attacking her exposed flesh.

Diana felt the pseudococks inside her thrust deeper and faster, while her
whole body was licked, bit and groped even more urgently by the maze of energy
hands, mouths, and tentacles. And although she arched her back and threw her
head back while holding back loud cries and moans, she still refused to give in.

"You can't make me come", she insisted.

Her breath then caught in her throat as facing front, her eyes met the
villain's and she felt his latest improvement on her ravishment. The large
energy shafts raping her began to change shape and size even as they thrust
deeper and harder into her, their girth increasing dramatically, with knobs and
protrusions growing all over their excessive length. As she felt her inner flesh
being brutally stretched and stimulated by the growing shafts, she felt herself
tottering on the brink of an earth-shaking orgasm, held back only by the faint
impression of hearing a voice far away, below her, saying something that had
once held some meaning for her.


She screamed out loud uninhibitedly even as her whole body convulsed,
her hands letting go of the magic lasso, while her legs drew close together,
tight around the massive tentacles still thrusting into her anus and vagina.

Sinestro closed his eyes in smiling satisfaction as the sight of the
shuddering heroine drove him to his climax, his penis sputtering jets of sperm
into the air. As he opened his eyes, he then stared open mouthed at the stump
where his right hand had used to be, even as he felt the wind and saw the ground
rush up towards him.

Grabbing with practiced ease the sharp tiara spinning back boomerang-like
into her still trembling hand, Diana flew down in a rush, defeating gravity's
headstart and grabbing the falling Sinestro before he achieved terminal
velocity. Taking him up again high over the river where the wrecked bridge was
now sinking into the water, the Amazon Princess slapped the astonished villain
with all the strength she dared to use on him. Her body still quivered with
desire, her breath came out in sharp gasps, and her fluids ran in rivulets from
her sex over the sweat-covered expanse of her thighs.

"You really need to know when a girl is faking it, wimp," she said with
labored breath, and a dazzling smile. "You must do better than that".

Intent on her imminent surrender as he had been, Sinestro had failed to
hear the Police loudspeaker calling out "All clear" to the heroine. She hadn't.
It had been an demonstration of perfect control as she had let go of her lasso
while acting out the mock convulsions, letting out freely the genuine cries
and moans of excitement she had held back during her resistance. As she had
then felt the thrusting pesudococks inside her miss a beat, she had taken off
her tiara, and ignoring the sexual fire consuming her, she had thrown it with
perfect accuracy at the exposed right hand, the ring-wielding-hand, the sharp
upper edge cutting it off cleanly. The energy constructs around and inside her
had then vanished, allowing her to collect herself and rescue the mutilated
villain from falling to his death into the river along with his severed hand
and its now innocuous ring.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this, you sorry bastard?" Princess Diana
demanded, shaking the frail body of the shocked villain who had almost raped
her to orgasm. "People died, only because you wanted to fuck me? What kind of
idiotic thing is that?"

Diana realized she needed to retrieve her lasso to force the truth out
of him, to break the strange silence that he still kept, even as he cradled
his bleeding stump. But before she could say or do anything else, the figure
of Sinestro began to shimmer and blur.

"No! Not now! You can't!" she shouted. "Not after all this!"

But despite her protests, Sinestro's body slowly dissolved into fine,
shimmering dust, scattered by the wind around the weary heroine.

*He got away. Again,* she thought, dejectedly. *Will there be no end to
this? Can he keep incarnating again and again into more powerful individuals,
even when I beat him? Until he tires of abusing me? Who would then be next?
How many will perish along the way?*

She shook her head, breathing in deeply, trying to control her still
accelerated heart rate. She looked at the river below and then at herself,
noticing the flushed, sweaty skin, the stiff, painfully erect nipples, feeling
the wetness sliding freely from her sex down her legs, and the intense throbbing
in her core, her unsated need crying out its frustration. Diving into the cold
water of the river to retrieve her lasso would certainly be useful to cool down
her present state of excitement. It had taken almost all of her will to keep
from succumbing to the pleasure and focus instead on Sinestro's defeat.

*Maybe I should have let myself come, after all,* she thought. Never before
had she denied herself release when reaching such levels of excitement.

*No, I shouldn't,* she corrected herself. "I needed to prove this to him
and to myself. I am not a slave to any man, or to my own body. Unlike the sick,
despicable fiend behind this, much as I love sex, I am more than just my
desires. And as I prevailed here, I will find a way to stop all this.*

She then dove into the river.

Meanwhile, in a sealed section of a S.T.A.R. Labs high security
installation, a set of machines began to hum anew. And a data cartridge was
chosen and inserted into a reader.

The demon Etrigan prowled the rooftops of Gateway City, his garish medieval
tunic stretched tight over the bulging muscles of his short, stocky frame, the
large bulge in his crotch growing even as he approached the Gateway Museum
building. It had been several nights since he had last met the delicious Amazon
Princess there for the practice of wild, savage sex, and his tongue was hungry for
the taste of her perfect skin, while his cock ached for the delights of her tight,
deep cunt. Etrigan had fucked the full range from demure virginal maidens to
wanton sucubbi, yet none could match the Amazon's performance as a lover. Her
innocence and aura of purity, paradoxically in harmony with a deep hunger for
savage and unrestrained mating, made even her physical beauty somehow secondary to
her powerful appeal. He had wanted to sample such a luscious piece of womanhood
ever since the first time he had seen her strut her big boobs and round ass before
him, yet he had never imagined they would become regular lovers or that she would
be such a fantastic lay.

Even that whuss Jason Blood had not resisted the change tonight, Etrigan
thought, chuckling. Blood should be grateful for getting even the echoes of such
a glorious piece of ass, after all.

As Etrigan sought for signs of the Amazon's presence in the building, he
felt his cock strain against his codpiece. He should attack her by surprise as
agreed and fight against her playful resistance before she would let him have her.
Perhaps tonight he would come inside her ass, he contemplated, before being
suddenly swept off his feet and slammed against the tar-covered roof's slab.
He bared his fangs in angry surprise, his claws swinging, ready to disembowel
whoever dared to touch him, demonic instincts taking over. But his arms where
grabbed and forced back with irresistible strength, and his fanged mouth was
covered by soft lips as Wonder Woman kissed him hungrily, her body on top of his,
the big breasts pressing against him with surprising urgency, while her tongue
caressed his.

Breaking off the kiss as suddenly as she had started, Diana rose over him,
their mixed saliva trailing from her full red lips. She was completely naked, the
moonlight playing off her tanned skin, her clothing discarded in a heap a few feet

"I hope you are ready, demon. I have no time tonight for games," she said
in a sultry growl as she ripped off his codpiece with her teeth, freeing the big
phallus, its half-erect length already thicker than her hand's grasp.

"I guess I'll have to get this up and running," she said, licking her lips.
"This little thing has a lot to make up for tonight".

With that, the beautiful Amazon ran her delicate tongue along the exposed
underside of the demonic shaft, her lips lingering lovingly on the edges of the
large glans, savoring his strong musky taste.

Etrigan groaned as she fondled his heavy, hairless balls, while her lips
opened to her limits and engulfed his cock's big mustard-colored head, taking him
slowly into her mouth. He could feel her rubbing her extremely wet sex against his
outstretched leg even as she sucked on him eagerly.

*Hell, I am beginning to feel used*, thought the demon, laying back with
a contented smile.

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Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead part 3