Wonder Woman:Laid by the Dead Part2  


WONDER WOMAN: Laid By the Dead

by JR

Based upon the story by John Byrne featured in WW#109 thru #112.

Told now without any damn censoring.

DISCLAIMER: The following story is an adult-themed parody of the DC Comics's

Wonder Woman comic book. Wonder Woman and all related characters are property

of DC Comics, a Time Warner company, and no copyright infringement is intended.

The author received no payment for this story and no money is to be earned by

its distribution. I have no dough to get sued off anyway.

WARNING: The following story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of

extreme sexual events. NO MINOR SHOULD READ THIS. Hell, most so-called adults

shouldn't either. If you are below your country's age of legal majority, kindly

bugger off. Go find some Pokemon instead. No animals or household objects were

hurt or damaged during the writing of this story.

WONDER WOMAN: Laid By the Dead


"So thinking that I couldn't see him, he was walking behind me, morphed

into almost nothing besides a giant pair of breasts."

"Ugh, gross! So what did you do?"

"I just entered the transporter, and without looking back, I said 'Only

D-cups or below allowed, sorry', and left", said Diana with a smile that made the

surrounding pedestrians trip indiscriminately. The sight of the graceful six-foot

tall beauty walking casually on the streets of Gateway city could easily cause

traffic jams. Even dressed in normal, purposely loose-fitting clothes, Wonder

Woman was a truly impressive sight. Although the long loose skirt and oversized

sweater modestly covered most of her long legs and the shapely hips and buttocks,

and made the large bust stretching the sweater's fabric slightly less noticeable,

the casual elegance and exquisite features of the world's most famous super heroine

stood out like a beacon.

"That was just so right!" said Cassie, laughing. "Is Plastic Man so obnoxious

all the time?"

"He tries to, really. But he is really childlike in his pranks, no matter

how lewd he tries to be. I think he would be dismayed by how much I actually enjoy

them", said Diana. "I just need to remind Barda to ALWAYS check her chair before

sitting down."

"Well, at least he notices you, unlike the rest! I can't believe none of them

ever asks you out or anything!"

"Please, Cassie. What we do is rather serious, although, well, they DO

notice..." said Diana. "It is just like professional courtesy. Respect is a very

important part of -"

"Wow, so who keeps checking you out, then?" jumped in Cassie.

*Sigh. I shouldn't have said that*, thought the Amazon Princess, slightly

flustered. "Yes, some of them do "check me out" at times. It is quite natural.

Happened all the time at first, when I had just joined the League, but now only

when... Well, my garb is a bit sparse, and it does get torn sometimes while

fighting." Diana smiled widely at this, as she recalled Wally and Kyle's dumbfolded

stares during the last time.

"Remember the time when the white Martians tried invading? Because of... the

particular circumstances involved, I only had a few scraps of cloth left on me as

I rejoined the others. It made quite a stir. Green Lantern had to be told thrice

before he could gather his wits and create some clothing for me with his ring."

"Cool!" laughed Cassie. "So you were just there stark naked and they were

all drooling?"

"Not exactly, but it was hard to pretend nothing happened. After all, they

do wear formfitting spandex," Diana said smiling mischievously. "I did kid them a

bit about it, but they just get too embarrassed. It was actually very amusing."

Dumbstruck as Wally and Kyle had been, she recalled fondly, Clark had been even

more shaken, almost to the point of blushing. Clark was just so charming, Diana

sighed to herself, pity it had worked out like that...

"Did the big green alien ogle you too?" asked Cassie, wide-eyed with


"Not that I noticed. The Martian Manhunter is a very private person, Cassie,"

replied Diana, thoughtfully. Typical as Orin's gallant acknowledgement and Batman's

indifference had been, she had seemed to notice J'onn being less detached than the

usual. Had he sensed what happened while she had faced the pair of White Martians?

J'onn would surely never intrude into her mind uninvited, yet the excited state she

had still been in, even after bringing in the unconscious and spent Martians, may

have been too obvious to a telepath. Perhaps he had even gleaned something from

those Martians' minds when he later worked on blocking their memories for their

imprisonment. If so, she wondered if such knowledge had surprised the Manhunter.

They had been teammates for quite a while and shared mutual respect, but althought

ironically J'onn was morally more humane than most humans, surely he would not

share the cultural prejudices most Earthmen held in sexual matters. She made a

mental note to approach him politely on the matter if possible. Perhaps get to know

him better, she considered.

Even though she very much enjoyed the attention of her peers, Wonder Woman

rigorously adhered to the determination of avoiding both romantical and sexual

involvements with her fellow heroes, and as she had recently done regarding Aquaman,

she politely declined such advances. But if J'onn cultural mores were less absurd

than those of Earthmen, perhaps she could make an exception. She knew that J'onn

mantained several secret identities to mingle with humanity, and Diana had often

wondered how to make the lonely Martian feel more at ease in a world where she had

also often felt estranged herself. Perhaps initiating a closer relationship, would

be a good idea. After all, she already knew as a fact that Martian and Earth

anatomies were functionally compatible. And she certainly would not mind finding

out if green Martians were as versatile as the white ones.

"Good. That would have grossed me out. That one is creepy, just like that

Jason Blood character," Cassie said, shaking her head.

"What?" asked Diana, surprisd out of her musings by Cassie's vehement


"I can't believe Mom had dinner with him last night. She cannot be serious

about him, Diana. He makes me freak out. He is so - he is -I just don't like him!"

Cassie stammered, trying in vain to express her misgivings about Blood. The mental

block placed on her by the Phantom Stranger prevented her from revealing what she

had seen, that Jason Blood was the mortal shell of the demonic entity Etrigan. It

was for her own good, the Stranger had explained, but Diana still felt that the

psychic restrain was as unethical as a forced gag.

*I must see about getting it undone*, Diana thought.

"Look, there is the restaurant," said Diana, eager to change the subject.

"Mike must be tired of waiting for us already".

Diana understood well how young Cassie looked up to her, and if the girl

resented that Jason Blood had begun dating her mother, Cassie would certainly

react badly to finding out that the Amazon Princess was now spending most of her

nights fucking wantonly with Blood's other self, the demon Etrigan.

*He must have come to met me just after dropping Helena off last night*,

Diana thought, recalling how she had spent most of the very last night enjoying

sex of a nature few mortal creatures could provide her, as Etrigan had fucked her

savagely while acting out mock rape scenarios they both found most fulfilling.

Having agreed to meet at midnight in a solitary, secluded location, Etrigan had

attacked Wonder Woman, and after a considerable amount of not-so-playful

struggling, and some rough caresses, the demon had made her spread her shapely

legs for his oversized phallus. After that, it would have been hard to decide who

had been raping whom.

Wonder Woman had gradually come to terms with her purely sexual liaison with

Etrigan, dismissing most of her initial misgivings regarding taking a recognized

evil being as a lover. Despite opposing militant ideologies, and some past

antagonist encounters, the demon and the Amazon Princess were not presently enemies.

Although theoretically evil, the demon had done no harm here that she was aware of,

and neither were there any hints as to his having ulterior motives for being her

lover. Even though he had truly raped her brutally during their initial encounter

in the Gateway museum, he was technically blameless, having been under magical

mind-control at the time. It could also be argued that even when bound by Morgaine

Le Fey's commands to capture and physically humiliate Wonder Woman, the demon had

striven to make the experience pleasurable for her, which he had certainly achieved.

Etrigan's inhuman physical prowess and centuries-old erotic skills proved quite

capable of fulfilling the heroine's superhuman sexual needs, even against her will.

It was not by far the first time she had been raped, nor the first time she

had enjoyed sex with a known villain. Intense physical exertion and danger always

excited her and the aphrodisiac appeal of a well-matched combat had often made her

feel sexually attracted to many of her most dangerous foes, and Etrigan had been no

exception. Even though their first couplings had been forced, first by violence, and

then by his exploiting circumstance, Wonder Woman had subsequently given Etrigan her

body's charms quite willingly, with equally pleasurable results. Pressured or not,

it had still been her decision to bed her former rapist, and it had also been her

free choice to continue as lovers once the obligations were fulfilled. She was in

then in control. The mock rape scenarios they had acted out the past couple of

nights, at her request, made the sex even more exciting, the adrenaline rush of the

preliminary struggle being an excellent form of foreplay. Their feverish matings

held all the wicked thrill of coupling with someone she knew was morally completely

wrong for her, a dangerous creature she had recently fought, and who offered the

risk of amoral unpredictability, but without having to relinquish her self-control

or suffer a humiliating defeat, which she always hated in even the most

overwhelmingly pleasurable rape experience. With Etrigan, she could enjoy the

"forbidden" thrill of wild sex with a villain, without feeling she was overtly

compromising her ethics. She had kept her cake and eaten it, too. Few of the

supervillains or malignant monsters she had screwed in the past had provided such a

satisfying yet guilt-free casual fuck.

But now, seeing her actions from the relative perspective of her teenage

friend, Diana felt some of her previous misgivings return. Was she actually hurting

Cassie by participating in such an unorthodox triangle? Blood's interest in Cassie's

mother seemed genuine, but how distinct were the Etrigan and Blood personas? Was

she having sex nightly with basically the same being that was dating Helena and thus

cheating on her friend?

"Diana, Cassie! Over here!"

Abandoning for the moment her worries, the Amazon Princess smiled at the man

calling her from a corner table of the small ethnic restaurant. Mike Schorr was a

short, nondescript police detective who had befriended Diana and risked his life in

her aid during Darkseid's invasion of Paradise Island. As she greeted him warmly,

reflecting on Cassie's earlier remarks, Diana realized that he was every bit the

sort of man with whom she should get involved for a nice, healthy relationship.

Pity that there was little chance that he could have the strength and stamina needed

to completely satisfy her sexually. She knew that she could enjoy sex with a normal

person, in a softly, pleasant way, but it could hardly compare with the pleasure

she enjoyed with superhuman beings like Etrigan. She could get involved with someone

like Mike and have the benefits of a fulfilling relationship, but she could neither

contemplate being unfaithful to a loved one, nor giving up the kind of wild sex she

enjoyed elsewhere. Even as she chatted good-naturedly with Mike and Cassie, she

could not avoid recalling the previous night's exploits. It had hardly been a week

since she had begun enjoying Etrigan's attentions, and the sex was still getting

better and better.

As she looked up from her menu, she noticed that Mike was nervously trying to

keep from staring at her chest while he talked, and she was surprised to realize

that her sizable nipples had become very obviously erect, quite noticeable despite

the sweater's thick fabric. *Hera! Just thinking about sex with that overhung thug

arouses me*, she thought.

Suddenly, the whole restaurant erupted into chaos, as furniture, plates,

silverware and people were hurled all around the Amazon. And just as suddenly as it

began, in an instant it was over.

With her superhuman reflexes, Diana had instantly protected Cassie from being

hurt by the flying glass shards and the cutting utensils, with her sweater showing

large gashes as evidence. Seeing that neither the young girl nor Mike had been hurt,

she jumped out the shattered front window onto the street, finding outside a scene

of wreckage like that left in the wake of a tornado.

"Was it a grenade?" Mike asked behind her.

Before she could answer, a red blur, too fast for the normal eye to see,

rushed at Diana, and picking her up, slammed her bodily against a wall two blocks

away, all in the space of a blink. Gasping with surprise, Diana suddenly found her

lips covered by a stranger's mouth, as a red-masked man held her against the wall

while kissing her hungrily. Baffled by the assault, Diana could only raise her

eyebrows as she felt nor only the assailant's tongue probe into her opened-in-

surprise mouth, but also a pair of hands reach beneath her torn sweater and grab

her unconfined breasts. During just an instant, she felt the man's hands try to

encompass in vain the fullness of each large teat, kneading, and pressing the soft

yet firm flesh, while also rubbing and pinching the protuding sensitive nipples. Her

attempt to protest was muffled by the mouth eagerly kissing her.

As she tried to immediately push away her unwanted suitor, she was slammed

against the wall anew, shocking her for an instant. In that brief moment, her

breasts were further kneaded and groped, her skirt was lifted up, her brief panties

were ripped off in a flash, and she felt one hand boldly cup the soft flesh of her

mound, while a second one reached back to grab a round, muscular buttock. Before she

could blink twice in amazement, she felt teeth bite hard one of her nipples, while

the probing fingers at her pubis slid past her outer labia, seeking clumsily the

entrance to her sex.

*That was enough.*

Concentrating upon moving as fast as possible, she marshaled the speed of

Hermes, which could allow her to deflect machine gun fire with her bracelets, and

pushed off with superhuman strength her yet unidentified molester.

"The Flash?"

Fallen on the street floor, meters away from her, was a man in the familiar

red and gold suit, a look of disorientation in his eyes. The man behind the mask

was apparently not Wally West, and the costume was lacking the sheen it normally had,

but apparently the impostor shared the Flash's power, as he stood up in one single

too-fast-to-see instant.

"Who are you?" Diana asked him, before Cassie's surprised cry startled her and

made her look around.

Cassie and Mike had walked out of the restaurant in time to see Diana suddenly

disappear in a blur, and immediately appear against a cracked brick wall blocks away,

her sweater pulled over the proudly jutting breasts, and her skirt hiked fully up

her shapely hips, exposing her long legs and the trimmed wedge of silken pubic air.

Cassie almost didn't notice the strange red-garbed man before her friend as she had

cried out in shock. Mike, standing next to Cassie, could only gape at the sight of

the Amazon's exposed voluptuousness.

The whole assault, Wonder Woman realized, had taken just a couple of seconds,

and those without superhuman reaction time had been unable to follow the high speed


Just as a startled Diana reached to cover herself, the Flash impersonator

suddenly moved, spinning his arm in a circle, and creating a hurricane-like gust of

wind that floored everyone in the street. Turning around too fast to see, he speed

away, out of sight in the blink of an eye.

Wasting no time except to retrieve her golden lasso from her fallen purse,

Diana took to the air, seeking to locate the vanishing speedster. Easily following

the trail of wreckage left in his wake, the Amazon flew after him, keeping the

maximum flight speed possible in the confined spaces between buildings. A frantic

chase ensued as Wonder Woman tried to keep up with the speedster, pitting the greater

mobility of her flying power against the superior speed of the Flash impersonator,

all the while attempting to minimize the peripheral damages caused by his reckless

passage, as he ran randomly down streets and even up and down the sides of buildings.

Changing direction abruptly with no apparent motivation, his motion was too erratic

for her to manage to get close enough to catch him with her golden lasso.

*Is the fool completely oblivious to the havoc he is causing?* thought the

concerned heroine as she rushed to catch people thrown off a terrace by the

speedster's nearby passing. *It is almost like a boy's reckless disregard for


As the pseudo-Flash ran straight at a building wall in a cul-de-sac, the Amazon

rushed after him, thinking him trapped, ready to block if he tried to change direction

up or to the sides. But without pausing, the speedster ran straight through the wall,

phasing through it.

Cursing her having forgotten the Flash's power to vibrate through matter, Diana immediately flew up and over the building, rushing down the opposite side, seeing her opportunity.

*The Flash's speed must diminish while concentrating on his vibrating

intangibility, and if he continues in this direction I can trap him*, she thought,

*With the one thing he will not be able to vibrate through: my magic lasso!*

Just as Wonder Woman whipped her golden lariat at a nearby hydrant, the runner

emerged from the building, and his feet tripped on the golden lasso Wonder Woman had

just pulled taut. The man was sent tumbling over the surface of the street, his

momentum carrying him several painful meters before he ground to a silent stop.

*By the gods! Did he break his neck in the fall?* thought Diana, as she ran at

him, pulling the lasso back to her.

"Are you alright?" Approaching the fallen man, frowning with concern, she

could not react fast enough as the man sprang up and rushed at her. Raising her hands

in combat guard while trying to crouch to a defensive position, she was shocked as

she felt her own lasso wrap around her body while the red blur sped around her. The

unbreakable magic lariat had been turned against her.

As the speedster pulled the end of the rope the tied-up ankles shot off the

ground and made her fall, losing hold of the end she still held. She cursed to

herself as she tried desperately to regain her grip, despite the many coils binding

her arms and legs in confusing and seemingly random patterns. With the lasso still

held, she could make the bindings magically untie, but with solely it in her enemy's

hand, she could instead be forced to obey any orders given by him, as long as they

didn't contradict her true nature. She was in trouble.

However, the man did not speak. Instead, he merely approached the fallen,

bound Amazon, and after a moment's consideration, picked the heroine up and slinging

her over his shoulder, moved to a nearby abandoned junkyard, vibrating both of them

easily through the rusty corrugated metal sheets of the fence. As Diana attempted to

twist and kick him with both feet, he slammed her hard against the ground. Moving too

fast to see, he then retied the heroine's bonds so as to change her position, again

and again, trying out binding arrangements one after the other, testing both the

security of the bounds and her considerable flexibility, always too fast to allow

the Amazon to capitalize on the infinitesimal intervals of release. After many

consecutive changes, she found herself in a position similar to bridging exercises

in gymnastics, or the neck strengthening exercises of wrestling. Her hands were tied

securely to her ankles, with her legs bent and spread widely so as to leave each foot

planted slightly below its respective hip. The lasso's ends were tied to nearby

pieces of rusting heavy machinery, to keep her from flying off the ground with ease

enough to escape. As she was, arching her back, she could have lifted her whole

torso, supporting herself on her spread feet, upper shoulders, neck, and back of the

head. But Diana feared that the assailant had much different contortions in mind.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this? How did you get the Flash's powers and

costume-" she asked indignantly, before the silent assailant closed her mouth with

his, kissing the bound, helpless heroine while his hands ripped to shreds all her

clothes in less than a second, exposing completely the magnificent body of the

Amazon Princess in its less than modest position.

Abruptly, the man sprang back, his hand quickly wiping the blood from his

lips. Diana had bit down hard, missing the tongue but managing to graze the rapidly

disengaging lips in a powerful bite that could have easily ripped off flesh. Still

the man had not cried out.

With a sonic boom following, the man slapped Diana at super speed. The blow

turned her face, her hair tossed with her motion. Stronger as she was than the Flash,

a blow at super speed could carry enough kinetic energy to hurt even her.

"You bastard!" Diana spat, following with a couple curses in her Amazon

Hellenic dialect, which likely were the limits of her store of profanity. It was at

times like this when her dislike for foul language proved unpractical. Before she

could continue, she found herself gagged with a torn strip from her own skirt.

Going back on top of her, the man this time went lower and gave back the favor

by roughly grabbing the full orbs of Diana's breasts and biting hard on her nipples.

The man nibbled the sensitive buds with machine-like rhythm, making Diana wince and

grit her teeth at the pain, while her teats were mashed and groped. Someone with less

resilient tissue may have been mutilated by such an attack, Diana realized. Still,

the rough attention had made the nipples react, hardening, her large aureolae

swelling slightly off the curvature of the perfect breasts.

Feeling it before seeing the change, Diana felt the man slide even further

down, his hands pinching the erect nipples at fast intervals, while his mouth went

to the exposed mound of her sex. Still moving at fast bursts of motion, the man

explored the contours of the outer labia's soft pink flesh, and spreading the silken

folds open with his fingers he put his tongue to probe the bound heroine's core.

She gasped as she felt his tongue licking wildly her sensitive flesh,

erratically meandering over the exposed treasure of silken flesh. His motions were

clumsy, unsure of where to go, and of what to do.

*Just like the kiss*, Wonder Woman thought, surprised. Wonder Woman began to

breath in sharply. Incompetent as the attacker was in the finesse of oral sex, the

sheer density of super fast licks and kisses made up for the lack of skill. Diana

shook twice as the assailant's lips and tongue by chance brushed her clitoris, as

it emerged shyly from its hood. Soon, Diana was lubricating copiously, her

fragrant juices lapped hungrily by her assailant. At the speed her opponent moved,

even if only one out of two dozen licks hit a proper spot, she was still getting in

seconds the equivalent of long minutes, perhaps hours, of cunnilingus. She found

herself fighting the urge to moan.

Growing bolder, the false Flash tried to insert a finger into Wonder Woman's

now moist vagina, even as he kept assaulting her with his tongue. Yet, even trembling

with the growing pleasure, Diana immediately tightened her vaginal muscles powerfully,

seeking to trap the invading digit or prevent its advance.

Noting the resistance, the man began to vibrate his finger, making Wonder

Woman's eyes open wide in surprise at the effect. Sliding his vibrating index finger

all over the Amazon's sex while continuing his oral ministrations, the man began to

chip away at Diana's resistance. Clumsy as his motions were, the vibrations soon

achieved their purpose, and Diana's body began to betray her to the intense

stimulation. When one of the digits, vibrating at almost supersonic speed, happened

to flick her swollen clitoris, Diana could only moan into her gag, as her body tensed

and relaxed involuntarily. Making use of this, the man thrust his finger forcefully

into her.

Diana winced at the intrusion. Despite her undeniable -albeit unwanted-

arousement, she was always tight enough to feel pain even when entered by a normal

finger. Not even her past feats of accommodating Centaur and Minotaur cock had

diminished her sex's exquisite tightness.

If the man noted her discomfort, he ignored it. He began to pump the finger

into her, keeping it vibrating at rhythmically-varying frequencies, making the

owerful vaginal muscles relax in reluctant pleasure around his probing.

*He is getting the hang of this*, she thought, moaning despite her worry at

her predicament. The treatment was working its effect on her, as her pleasure climbed,

and she did not doubt was her captor's ultimate intentions were. In reflection, she

realized that he had shown no other interests except showing off his powers and

getting to her. Had his attempt to escape been merely a ruse to trap her? To set her

up for being raped? If so, he had been quite successful. Using his powers to make up

for lack of skill, he was certainly getting her ready for it. She was almost on the

brink of orgasm, and she had in the past been quite eager to spread her legs for

villains who had worked her up much less than this.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, her assailant was already on top of her,

his pants at his ankles, sliding his penis into her now-drenched depths. She moaned

in slight pain at the upgrade from slim finger to full-sized cock, and despite

herself, she pushed her hips up to meet his thrust, seeking to embed its complete

length in her depths. It was nice to be penetrated by a normal-sized cock for a

change, she thought.

Without any acknowledgement of the Amazon's response, the fake Flash began to

thrust furiously into her with all the speed at his command.

Diana's eyes open widely in shock, and a muffled cry escaped her gagged mouth.

He was pumping into her at over a dozen thrusts per second! The unbelievable pace

would have burned her raw without her abundantly flowing juices. As it was, the

extreme friction made her sex feel like a furnace. She began to toss and shake under

the intense vaginal stimulation. She arched her back, raising her body off the ground

to push against him, attempting in vain to match his pace.

>Oh, yes... YES!!!!<

The relentlessness of her rapist's assault began to overwhelm her senses. The

motion of his hips became too fast to follow as he pumped her pussy faster and faster.

Such a pace would have killed a normal woman, but Diana was not such, and she was

enjoying every infinitesimal instant of it. Unable to cry out, she began to

subvocalize her passion, goading her rapist on.

>Oh, yes, yes, yes... Go on, fuck me, fuck me faster, oh, I love it.

Yes, yes... Yes! HARDER, FASTER, YES! YES!<

Her struggling against her bonds was now of a different nature, as her body

strained against the unbreakable coils of magic lasso with erotic fervor, the utter

futility of her struggles exciting her even more as her bondage made her feel

completely helpless before the unstoppable pistoning frenzy of her ultra fast rapist.

If the real Flash was as good as this, she truly regretted not having taken up Wally

on any of those multiple propositions of his while being teammates at Justice League



Her magnificent body was covered with sweat, making her tanned flesh glow as

she sensuously strained against her bonds, the high-set glistening globes of her

breasts shaking and jiggling almost against her chin as she arched her back in

delight, her thigh muscles tensing with spasms of pleasure, signaling the rapidly

approaching climax.

>YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!< she gasped

breathlessly as his frantic pumping drove her to the edge...

And stopped.

Diana opened her eyes in shock.


The Flash look-alike was lying back in the ground before the naked Wonder

Woman, breathing heavily, his penis already limp, looking ridiculous with his pants

around his boots. Looking closer, Diana realized that her breasts, still heaving with

her exertion and breathless anticipation, were splattered with gobs of sticky

ejaculate. The jism covering the large, trembling globes was still warm.

*This CANNOT be true! He had just started! It was barely seconds ago!


Diana tried to scream indignantly at the fallen rapist, her gag turning "Come

here and finish what you began, you wimp!" to senseless muffled noises. She couldn't

believe it. She was horny enough to fuck a platoon of Apokolipsian parademons, and

her rapist had gone soft on her. If a stray dog had wandered into the lot then, she

would have eagerly spread her legs for it.

Realizing that her collapsed rapist had let go of her lasso, she twisted

powerfully and spun up into the air, her lasso tearing free of the rusted metal it

was tied to. Contorting until she could hold the lasso in her hand, she freed herself

in a rush, her face flushed with anger and frustration.

"You creep! As if raping a woman wasn't bad enough!" she said through gritted

teeth, with an expression that would have been fearsome in less angelic features.

The fake Flash looked up, trying to focus on the enraged Amazon beauty.

Obviously, even speedsters slowed down considerably after ejaculation. As he tried

to get up, his efforts hindered by the spandex pants bunched around his ankles,

Wonder Woman cleanly landed a side kick into his chest with barely restrained force.

The man's mouth gaped soundlessly as he fell back, his ribs doubtlessly aching if

not cracked. Before he could move or complain, Diana was on top of him,

effortlessly lifting him up, and slaming him against the ground like a rag doll.

Controlling her fury with the discipline of an experienced warrior, Diana

stopped before her punishment became too much, and placing one knee on the prone

man's chest, while keeping a painful elbow-lock on one outstretched arm, she looked

hard at the barely conscious man's eyes.

"Who are you? Why did you assault me? How did you get these powers? Hera,

what sort of immature premature shooter are you?"

There was no answer.

Pulling off his mask, Diana was shocked to recognize the battered face. She

had seen it in films and photos at the JLA files. It was not Wally West, but it

seemed that she had indeed been raped by THE Flash.

"Barry Allen?"

The resemblance to the former Flash was perfect, down to the old fashioned

crew cut he had worn for years.

*But that is impossible, Barry Allen is dead*, Diana thought, astonished.

*He died as a hero during the Crisis, before I even came to Man's World.*

In that moment, the man's figure began to shimmer, and before Diana could do

a thing, her captive dissolved into insubstantial glowing dust. Diana was left

holding nothing. Even the sperm that had been slowly dripping from her high-set

breasts and the protruding nipples had dissolved into glimmering nothingness.

"By the gods! What happened here?" Diana asked out loud, incredously, as she

stood up and looked around her in amazement. She was completely alone at the desolate

lot. Her lasso and the tattered remains of her street clothes were all that remained

of the ordeal.

*Merciful Aphrodite, what was the meaning of this? Who or what raped me?*

Fortunately, she realized as she collected her wits, the lot was completely

isolated, and together with her being gagged and her attacker's eerie silence, no

one had apparently realized what had just taken place. She would have to fly

unnoticed to get some clothes and find Cassie. She had never been ashamed of her

nude form, but there was no need for people to speculate on what had transpired.

Intense as the experience had been, the chase and her rape had taken mere minutes

to play out, and she had no reason to spell out its details. There were already far

too many villains out there who considered her fair game for sexual assaults.

Placing her hands on her hips, her feet set wide apart, her glorious

nakedness clothing her as no garb could, Diana frowned with determination. *I will get

to the bottom of this*, she thought.

As she bent down to pick up her lasso and what remained of her clothes, Diana

realized that her legs were still shaking faintly, and her sex was still damp with

unfulfilled desire.

*Ok. That was it. No more speedsters for me*, she decided. *Ever.*

Meanwhile, in a high security restricted access section at the Gateway City

S.T.A.R. Labs, a robot arm came to life and removed a storage cartridge from a

reader device, placing it along similar others in a storage rack. After a moment

of strangely non-mechanical indecision, the arm removed a new cartridge from the

rack and inserted it into the reader.

Softly, an assortment of devices began to hum, slowly coming to life.


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Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead part 2