Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead Part 5  


WONDER WOMAN: Laid By The Dead
by JR

Based upon the story by John Byrne featured in WW#109 thru #112.
Told now without any damn censoring.

DISCLAIMER: The following story is an adult-themed parody of the DC Comics's
Wonder Woman comic book. Wonder Woman and all related characters are property
of DC Comics, a Time Warner company, and no copyright infringement is intended.
The author received no payment for this story and no money is to be earned by
its distribution. I have no dough to get sued off anyway.

WARNING: The following story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of
extreme sexual events. NO MINOR SHOULD READ THIS. Hell, most so-called adults
shouldn't either. If you are below your country's age of legal majority, kindly
bugger off. Go find some Pokemon instead. No animals or household objects were
hurt or damaged during the writing of this story, except for a monkey that may
have been spanked.

WONDER WOMAN: Laid by the Dead

Superman entered the Earth's atmosphere at speeds unreachable by any
Earth-built shuttle, instantly discarding the oxygen reserve apparatus he had
used in his mission to the Solar System's outer planets. His cape soon was
burned to ash by the friction of re-entry, and even his Kryptonian physique
registered the discomfort of the heat. Still, Superman hardly noticed it, his
attention focused on seeking out Gateway City in the United States below him,
his vision straining to find he person he sought.

In a borrowed alien spaceship, several other members of the Justice
League followed him, but the Man of Steel had no intention of waiting for them.

Diana needed him.

Superman's reaction when Oracle's message had finally reached them had
been typically unselfish. That he may have to face again the creature who had
almost killed him had given him no pause. His only worry was that Wonder Woman
had to face the monster alone.

Much as he loved his wife Lois, Superman had never quite gotten over his
conflicted feelings for the lovely Amazon Princess, and the idea that she could
be hurt by that terrible creature horrified him. No matter what happened to him,
he would never let Diana be harmed, he had instantly decided.

Cutting through the layers of the atmosphere, re-entry fire surrounding
him like a meteor, he found the city in the landscape below, and his eyes
narrowed with concern as his powerful sight noticed the terrible destruction in
the city's central area. That seemed Doomsday's work, indeed.

Finally, to his utmost surprise, Superman found Wonder Woman. He almost
lost control of his flight as his faced turned red with more than just re-entry
friction. Overcoming his embarrassment, Superman focused again his telescopic
vision, confirming that the spectacularly nude figure was indeed her. Only a man
of Clark Kent's firm principles could control the always present temptation to
use his vision powers for voyeuristic purposes, yet even he could not help but
stare dumbstruck for an instant at the Amazon Princess's glorious figure, before
self-consciously looking away.

It was logical that in battle with a foe of Doomsday's caliber, Wonder
Woman may have her clothes torn and tattered. His own clothes often were too,
even with the protective aura of his invulnerability. But it was still shocking
to see Diana once again completely nude in a battlefield. Not that she seemed to
mind it much, most of the time, to his chagrin. He had more than once tried to
suggest to her that she use a more modest costume, or at least one less easily
damaged. Yet he had never found the courage to complete the discussion, as she
always made him feel foolish and petty in his concerns with just one single
dazzling smile.

Embarrassed, Superman swept the surroundings with X-ray and telescopic
vision, seeking Doomsday, to soon realize that he was not in the vicinities.
Surrounding areas also showed no evidence of the monster's passage. Where had
the monster gone?

Suddenly, Oracle's voice was in his mind, courtesy of the Martian
Manhunter's mindlink.

"You can stand down, Superman. The menace is now over. The Doomsday
attacking Gateway City was apparently an artificial copy, and Wonder Woman
managed to destroy it." Superman could not avoid feeling the faint telepathic
hint of a smile as Oracle continued. "Batman said he knew all along that Diana
could do it. Women are much more dangerous than what you all believe, he said."

"Thanks," said Superman out loud, surprised. What his sight showed him
indicated that the fight in Gateway City had not been any less destructive
than his own battle in Metropolis with the real Doomsday. He had a lot of
respect for Diana's power, but this was still astounding. Just how strong Diana
really was?

"Prepare for rendezvous with the rest of the league to coordinate relief
actions in the city," added Oracle. "We will need to help with the wreckage and
aid rescue teams."

*We need to give Diana a chance to get decent, too*, Superman added to
himself, still embarrassed. They certainly didn't need to have Wally and Kyle
drooling like the last time.

"Alright, I will meet the others in Gateway City within -uh- fifteen
minutes," he said, his X-ray vision scanning the damaged areas of the city,
looking for trapped victims, consciously avoiding the spot where Diana stood,
while still marveling at the level of power implied in the battle scene.

*It seems to have been quite a match,* he thought, awed.

Cassie walked up dazed to where Wonder Woman stood. The young girl felt
like her whole body had become one giant bruise, and her jaw seemed to have
decided to stop working without prior notice. The magnificent shape of Wonder
Woman facing her seemed however almost radiant in her beauty, despite the
bloodied lips, scratched skin, and abundant bruises covering her dirty, sweaty
nude body. *Jeez. She is so awesome,* Cassie thought.

Watching the young girl limping towards her, Princess Diana smiled, proud
of the teenager's courage. Cassie had done a very stupid thing, coming to the
battle, yet it had been as brave a display, as it had been foolish. *I may still
make an Amazon out of her,* Diana thought.

The Amazon's body still trembled with the strange mixture of weariness and
excitement resulting from her sexual confrontation with the false Doomsday. Her
legs felt rubbery and unreliable, her arms seemed like dead weight, and her sex
burned with indescribable soreness. She had almost fainted instantly as she had
removed the power-enhancing Bracelet of Atlas from her wrist, the utter exhaustion
and all-pervasive pain catching up with her in one single breath. However, despite
her being able to stand solely through sheer willpower, she felt almost
exhilarated by her victory. She had been tested win more than one level, and she
felt like she had passed to her satisfaction.

"Is it...?" Cassie asked, speaking with some difficulty.

"Yes, it is," nodded Diana, sighing with both relief and exhaustion.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"If you feel you can, fly to the house and bring me some clothes. We do
not want to offend anyone, do we?" Diana said, smiling.

"I knew that guy!" said Cassie as police detective Mike Schorr briefed
them on the details of how the virtual clone generator had enabled the creation
of Wonder Woman's metahuman opponents. "Kris Lazarus was in my computer classes
at high school. He even tried to ask me out, once. God, I knew he was creepy!"

"But he was then just a computer simulation, too? Just like the bodies he
animated?" asked Diana, frowning.

"Yes. It was just a recording of his personality saved by the system,
going along with his desire to play against you as if in some stupid fighting
game," confirmed Mike, still feeling that he was smiling like an idiot, as he
had done ever since finding out that Diana was unharmed.

"But how do we know another version will not turn up again?" asked Cassie.

"The system was completely destroyed this time, it seems", said Mike.
"Once the virtual clone ran out of juice, the last on-board copy of the poor
kid's thoughts was gone. Of course he was really dead already. In a way, Diana
was fighting a computer all the time."

"Really?" asked Diana, deep in thought. *What determines what is really
alive or not?* she pondered, recalling her encounters with the virtual clones,
and how each had affected her. She shook her head. Tired as she still was, she
needed to join the other Leaguers for aid actions around the city.

"Just a kid," she sighed.

Sending the requested data to Batman with one final keystroke, Barbara
Gordon relaxed in her wheelchair, rotating her head slowly to alleviate some of
the tension on her neck. It had been quite a busy day, but the job Batman had
needed was now completed, and the JLA was already finishing the mayor clean-up
works in Gateway City. Oracle could finally take a break.

She had already contacted Diana privately and told her as clearly as she
could, without directly addressing the issue, that what had happened in the
match with the false Doomsday had not been observed by any news or government
agencies, ensuring the privacy of her actions. Diana had obviously gotten the
point, but althought she had been thankful, she seemed nowhere as relieved as
Barbara would have been in her place.

*We should have a girl to girl talk one of these days,* Barbara thought.
She considered herself a liberal person, but Diana probably could surprise even
her. *Perhaps not all those internet images are fakes*, she thought, raising her
eyebrows at the idea. *I wonder if she would want to see the recording.*

Oracle shrugged. Perhaps she shouldn't have saved the video feed. But she
could always delete it.

*Later, though,* she thought, opening the video file. *Watching it once
again does not make me a voyeur, does it?*


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