Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead  


Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead

by JR

Based upon the story by John Byrne featured in WW#109 thru #112.

Told now without any damn censoring.

DISCLAIMER: The following story is an adult-themed parody of the DC Comics's

Wonder Woman comic book. Wonder Woman and all related characters are property

of DC Comics, a Time Warner company, and no copyright infringement is intended.

The author received no payment for this story and no money is to be earned by

its distribution. I have no dough to get sued off anyway.

WARNING: The following story contains adult themes and explicit descriptions of

extreme sexual events. NO MINOR SHOULD READ THIS. Hell, most so-called adults

shouldn't either. If you are below your country's age of legal majority, kindly

bugger off: Go find some Pokemon instead. No animals or household objects were

hurt or damaged during the writing of this story.



"So, did you and Superman ever do it?"

"Excuse me?", Princess Diana of Themyscira asked, surprised by the

bluntness of the question. "Cassie, that is a rather private question, isn't it?"

"Come on, tell me! The two of you have been together in the Justice League

for ages! You HAD to have done it with him. You two are perfect for each other,"

enthused young Cassandra Hellsmark, Diana's teenage friend. "I bet you two do it

all over the moon after the meetings, right?"

Wonder Woman sighed, going back to finishing towelling off her long mane

of lustrous black hair, a small hint of a smile on her full lips.

"Cassie, you must learn to be more tactful regarding your interest in the

private matters of others. And for the record, no, we are not "doing it" all over

the moon. Superman and I are only good friends". *Now*, she thought to herself,

as her smile widened slightly.

"How come? He must have made a pass at you. He cannot be that dumb, can he?

My friends all say he is too square, but I think he is a hunk. Great bod for an

older guy. Of course, I prefer Superboy. Lamest name but totally cute. So, the

Big S asked and you turned him down, then? Why? Don't tell me he is gay, like the

Enquirer said all Tights are..."

"CASSIE!" Diana cried in feigned desperation. Taking off her bathrobe, she

pointed a finger at the girl with mock solemnity. "Just let it go, young woman."

"Oh, well. If you two guys went out, maybe I could double with the kid,

you know."

As Cassie flopped face down on Diana's bed, she couldn't help but stare at

the Amazon's magnificent nude figure as she began to dress. Diana's body was a

perfect balance of lushness and muscularity. Everything, from the perfectly toned

thickness of her long legs to her broad shoulders, was packed with compact muscles,

not standing out, but softly hinting at the dormant power contained in her graceful

frame, without compromising at all her intoxicating feminity. Even her athletically

slim hips flared womanly thanks to the impossibly slender waist, which also made

the magnificent fullness of her bosom seem even more impressive.

Cassie bit her lip softly as she stared at Diana's back, her eyes lingering

on the prominent roundness of the buttocks. *Sigh. Jennifer Lopez's butt is flabby

cheese compared to that*, she thought. *Anyone would feel inadecuate next to that*

Yet she felt no resentment. Instead, Cassie felt an intense mixture of

admiration and longing for the Amazon. She had started watching Diana change a week

ago, and had started to masturbate afterwards inmediately. Even now, just watching

the beautiful Amazon do such pedestrian motions as pick up a pair of shoes, Cassie

felt a warmth flood her loins that made her blush in embarrassment.

"Then you have never fooled around with any of the other hero guys? Don't

you like any of them, or is it that you...", she paused, blushing ever more, "I

mean, I read once that you needed to remain pure in order to keep your powers.

So you can never date guys or anything?"

Putting on a loose turtleneck sweater, Diana smiled broadly. "Cassie,

if only the media gave as much time to promoting peace as to especulating on my

private affairs, my mission would be so much easier."

"But is it true?"

"Not at all," Diana sighed. "Most of those fictions sometimes seem like

a strange set of bondage fantasies. That sex with a man would banish my gifts. That

being bound by a man will depower me." She shrugged. "Perhaps some people need to

feel that I can be 'put in my place' somehow, so they will not feel their male

superiority threatened. I don't know. I find it baffling". She sat down next to

Cassie on the bed's edge, smiling at her. "I have had sex, Cassie. With men, even.

Quite a few times, really. It does not affect who I am or what I can do. It is just

something I happen to do, and which I happen to enjoy doing. I enjoy it a lot,

actually, and I try to enjoy it as often as opportunity and circumstances permit."

Cassie sat up, her eyes wide open. "Diana! You are not kidding me, are

you?" she said, feeling stupid. *Of course this goddess gets to have all the sex

she wants, dummy*, she thought.

"Not at all. I am a mature adult, why shouldn't I enjoy an active sexual

life? If my mission in Patriarch's World was less demanding, I would possibly

do it a lot more frequently."

"I... Well, half the magazines said you were surely, you know, a lesbian..."

Cassie said, looking away redfaced.

Diana sighed again. "That does seems to be every interviewer's most

important question. That, and my chest measurements, aparently." She said shaking

her head. "This public need to categorize everything and everyone is so bothersome.

Why is it so relevant whether I prefer one gender over another? What obsessive

narrowmindness! Why is there such a need to place limits regarding gender, or

species or... Look, let's go now, ok?" Diana said, standing up and heading for

the door. "Mike should be arriving at the restaurant soon."

"No! You are sleeping with that cop, aren't you? That mousy little guy?"

Cassie asked incredulously as she hurried after the Amazon, still amazed at the

Princess's nonchallant declarations.

"Cassie, Mike is just a friend."

"But you are not sleeping with him, right? He is an ugly runt!"

"CASSIE!" said Diana, stopping at the house's door, frowning. "What has

that got to do with anything? Mike is not ugly and... Look, Mike is a very dear

friend, and truly I would not mind sleeping with him, if it came to it, but right

now he is only that. My friend."

"But Diana", Cassie pleaded. "You could get all the best looking guys

there are! Why settle for a---?

"Cassie, physical beauty is only relative. Althought beauty does have its

worth, it not all that important." With a shrug, Diana walked out onto the street,

with Cassie in tow. "For your information, some of the best lovers I have ever

had were not good-looking at all. You would be surprised." *Very surprised*,

she added to herself.

"So, then who have you being doing it with? The Green Latern guy?"

Diana sighed. It would be a LONG walk.

Ever since she had begun exploring her sexuality in Man's World, Diana

had prefered to keep her liasons private, but she did not want to rudely shut off

Cassie's normal, healthy curiousity. Answering Cassie's questions without lying

or compromising her personal privacy was quite a challenge. Althought honest

openness would ideally be the best course to educate the girl on responsible yet

openminded sexuality, sharing her own rather unorthodox personal experience was

hardly the best way to guide the young, impressionable teen. It was best to let

Cassie discover gradually her own way. After all, Diana knew all too well that

most of her past liasons and several of her particular preferences were hard to

explain even to a sister Amazon.

How could she explain to a young girl like Cassie her relationship with

her current lover, for example?

"Oh, HERA! YES! YES! FUCK ME!" Diana cried out as her lover increased

the tempo of his thrusts, pumping his engorged penis in and out of her drenched

depths with inhuman power and speed. Alternating high cries with gasping moans, she

wrapped her strong, long legs tighter around his waist, trying to bring him closer,

to get him to go deeper into her, while matching with ferverish ardor his every

thrust. She gasped loudly as she felt him slide even deeper, their combined efforts

and her copious fluids aiding to ease the stretching of her superhumanly tight

vaginal passage.

As he thrust even deeper and harder, increasing her pleasure, Wonder Woman

began once again to approach her point of no return. Yet once again, just as she

was about to achieve climax, he slowed down, withdrawing partially, shifting her

concentration as his sharp teeth bit hard on her left nipple, his fangs grazing

blood from the edges of her large aureola, taking her thus to a new plateau of

pleasure from which to start building anew towards a higher level of orgasm. She

moaned with both disappointment and excitement as she felt his thrusts subside to

half his previous penetration, the large head caressing the entrance to her vagina,

while his tongue and teeth alternately caressed and punished her tender nipples.

Diana concentrated then on using her powerful vaginal muscles to grasp

and caress his thick member inside her, urging him to his own release, wanting to

share the intense pleasure he was giving her, and to let them both finally achieve

culmination. She smiled as between their labored breaths, she heard him groan with

pleasure at her ministrations. They had been coupling for over two hours, in a

relentless cycle of approaching and then denying their orgasm with his expert skill.

Each renewed cycle increased her pleasure beyond what she believed were her limits,

and made their passion even wilder. Their exertions had them both coated in their

gleaming, combined sweat, and the lush bedchambers lay wrecked as witness to the

intensity of their coupling fury.

After long exquisite instants, his powerful hands grabbed her wrists

tightly, and leaving her aching nipples, he bit hard on the underside of one of

her magnificent breasts. Simultaneously, with sudden fury, he thrust deeply into

her silken cunt with all of his power, burying himself completely in her. She

cried out in momentary pain as he hilted her, and then began to writhe and moan

wildly as he began to pump with savage intensity. His thirteen inches of hot,

thick cock pumped powerfully all the way into the contracting depths of her tight

cunt. Aroused as she was, with her vaginal fluids flowing like a flood, still her

superhuman resilence made her cunt contract back to its original tightness after

just a few seconds without total penetration, ensuring the continuous exquisite

tightness of her sex, and the rotating cycles of pain and pleasure as his huge

cock stretched her deliciously each time.


she cried out in joy as her orgasm built powerfully, their rythmn increasing

beyond any point of return.




With a growl he finally ejaculated into her, his scalding hot semen

erupting inside her with firehose pressure.

With a long scream, the beautiful Amazon princess orgasmed, the delicious

pain of her lover's burning semen overloading her senses, her whole body shaking

with the intense pleasure of her vaginal climax, as red-hot jism spilled out of

her with each backwards motion.

While her lover still thrust powerfully into her, moaning with his own

pleasure, she pushed his thick frame to the side, inverting positions without

missing a single thrust. Mounted astride him, she rode out the culmination of her

climax, which lasted what seemed an eternity, her legs and buttocks spasming

rythmically with her pleasure, her nails raking long red stripes in the tough

yellowish skin of his bulging chest and stomach, while his own hands squeezed the

large globes of her breasts.

Finally, with a long shudder, she collapsed on top of his heaving frame,

her climax finally subsiding. The intense fire of her orgasm cooling into a

warm wave of pleasure bathing her body, as she rested her flushed cheek on her

lover's wide chest.

"Blessed Aphrodite, that was fantastic", she said breathlessly after a

while, slightly dazed, yet still astride him, his thick cock still hard inside her

softly pulsing cunt, while soft spasms ran randomly through her legs. Beneath them,

the wreck of the giant bed in Morgaine Le Fey's bedchamber was silent remnant of

their feverish passion.

"The orgasm I had while you took me in the museum was nothing compared

to this. And that one had been pretty good, all things considered... And for your

information, I don't always orgasm while being raped." She kissed him deeply then,

caressing his forked tongue with hers, enjoying the strong taste of him.

"You really are one hell of a lover." she said, smiling at the pun.

The stockly-built creature held Diana against him with one arm, his huge

pulsing cock still held tightly within the soft folds of her sex, while an

abundant mixture of his jism and her fragrant secretions lay pooled beneath their

joined loins. Her powerful inner muscles still gripped him like a vise. He smiled

hideously, exposing his fangs, as his long tongue went out to caress her soft,

full lips, in a gesture both tender and obscene.

"Amazon beauty delicious whore

None ever fuck Etrigan so well before"

"Why Etrigan, just because I agreed to share your bed in exchange for your

help in rescuing my friend from Morgaine La Fey, does that make me your whore?" she

asked with a playful smile while squeezing her vaginal muscles powerfully. "Or

is that your idea of a term of endearment?"

The demon yelped at the compression on his cock, his clawed hands reaching

for her rounded buttocks.

"Etrigan did not mean to offend

Etrigan laments deal must end"

Smiling, Diana closed her eyes as he grabed her firm butt. She slowly

began to rotate her hips, caressing the huge shaft still embedded in her damp sex.

To relinquish the delicious intrusion of the huge phallus nestled in her sex was

heartbreaking. She had already noticed with both surprise and regret that the skies

seen through the nearby windows had begun to show the palette of dawn, and knew

that their deal was indeed almost fulfilled. She had spent all night vigorously

mating with the demonic fiend, and she was still loath to have their coupling come

to an end. It had been quite a while since she had enjoyed such fantastic sex.

"One night came and went

All too soon, in pleasure spent"

The lovely Amazon's body trembled softly as she felt his hands reach into

her loins from both front and behind, his expert touch sending shivers of pleasure

through her flesh. The centuries of experience had certainly taught Merlin's former

demonic servant how to please a woman.

*Gods, I love this*, she realized, her body ignoring its weariness in its

eager reponse to the demon's caressess, a reaction not lost to the demon.

"Yet surely a maiden so fine

Can be Etrigan's another time"

Diana sighed. *I really shouldn't...* she thought, even as Etrigan slid his

clawed fingers between her sex's soft wet folds, caressing the tender flesh,

making her moan softly.

"Look, we certainly cannot make this a regular thing, much as I would like

to. You may be the best lay I have had in months, but you are really an evil

bastard most of the time, so I-", she gasped as his clawed hands boldly teased

around her clitoris and caressed the entrance to her anus. *This evil bastard is

certainly good at this!*

*Oh, Hera, why not?* she though, finally abandoning her reservations. It

would not be the first time she had taken a villain as her lover, nor would it

likely be the last.

"But, well..." she said blushing slightly. "Agreements can sometimes be...

renegotiated. "

The demon smiled, as the beautiful Amazon Princess began to move with new

determination against him, her exquisite sex sliding slowly back and forth along the

large phallus sunk deeply into her core. His salivating mouth went again to her

heaving breasts, his fangs biting roughly the still stiff and oversensitive large

nipples, making her moan with delight.

"After all, you truly did an excellent job -in helping me defeat Morgaine",

she added quickly, with a smile. "Perhaps you deserve some kind of bonus?"

Diana barely held back a cry of pleasure as a sharp claw nudged her erect

clitoris, while one thick finger slid boldly into her anus. *And maybe, so do I.*

She smiled as she recalled their match the night before in the Gateway

City museum, when the powerfully-built yellow-skinned demon had attacked her,

just as she had finished fighting off a horde of animated statues of unknown

origin, aparently seeking to gang bang her. Taking advantage of the heroine's

weariness, the demon had set out to complete what the marble golems had started.

A fast, brutal fight had culminated in a long, rough session of wild sex.

Etrigan had fucked savagely, making her come twice despite herself, before she

could finally marshall her strength and defeat him.

After freeing Etrigan from Morgaine's control rune, and learning of the

evil Sorceress's intentions, the exhausted Amazon had tried to compell the

lasso-bound demon to help her locate Morgaine's lair, where her new friend Helena

Sandsmark was being held captive. But the magic lasso, although capable of binding

the demon and forcing him into truthfulness, could not make him betray his demonic

true nature, and the leering demon declared that his help was not without a price,

demanding then a night of freely-yielded sex with the beautiful Princess as

suitable payment.

Reluctantly, Wonder Woman had agreed, swearing to surrender her body to

the Demon in exchange for his help in saving her friend and facing the Sorceress,

as she feared that without prompt action Helena would have been doomed. But the

beautiful heroine had agreed to willingly take the hideous creature as her lover

with more than just one set of reservations troubling her. Not only was she both

angered and shamed by the need to practically prostitute her body to an evil

creature that had already abused her through violence, but she was also very uneasy

regarding the honesty of her own motivations.

Despite finding Etrigan's insolent, crude manners hateful, and his

grotesque demonic features and grossly overmuscled body aesthetically unappealing,

Wonder Woman had to acknowledge that in past encounters with the Demon, his many

attempts to seduce or force her into sexual intercourse had had always left her

feeling more than a little aroused, and althought each time she had resisted his

advances successfully, she had more than once found herself wondering about how it

would have been to be experience sex with such a loathsome yet virile creature.

Little had she suspected how much she would truly enjoy such mating, even

when forced through violence. Althought she normally hated being forced to have

sex, Diana had to admit that she had throughly enjoyed being raped by the demon.

Etrigan had certainly fucked extremely well, making the most of his formidable

physical attributes with truly expert skill, hurting her just enough to enhance

her pleasure, and making her orgasm with an intensity she rarely experienced.

So, even as she had argued against the demon's lewd demands, Wonder Woman

could not deny being intensely excited by the idea of further sex with the demonic

fiend who had just raped her so capably. Though the heroine could easily rationalize

her final acceptance by focusing on the urgency of her friend's need and the

importance of an innocent life over her personal distaste, had she in truth agreed

far too easily? Had her choice been truly motivated by her own selfish desire to

again enjoy the great sex the demon's rape had provided? Perhaps even her own

resistance to his assault at the museum had not been dedicated enough?

However, Wonder Woman's ethical conflicts were soon forgotten. Etrigan

had fulfilled his oath honorably, helping the Amazon Princess save her friend and

defeat the evil sorceress, actually saving Diana's life in the process. 'Protecting

his investment', he had called it. Bound by her word, the still troubled heroine

had then joined the demon in the deceased sorceress's own bed for the agreed

night-long copulation. And despite her original determination to fulfill her

obligation perfunctorily, in as detached a manner as possible, Etrigan had truly

performed far beyond her wildest expectations, easily surpassing the feat of the

recent rape, and making her lose all inhibitions as he had teased her close to

orgasm dozens of times, making her tremble with frustrated desire, until she had

ultimately enjoyed several earth-shattering orgasms in his arms.

Few of her past lovers, be it men, gods, aliens, or beasts, had satisfied

her so completely, while still leaving her hungry for more. Diana could not deny

that she wanted it to continue. Even if Etrigan had forced himself on her, first

through violence and afterwards by coercion, it had been her choice to accept

his demands and it also was her choice now.

Rubbing her sensitive chest against the sandpaper-like texture of the

demon's skin, Diana pressed close to him and whispered in his ear. "Tomorrow night

I will be again at the museum where you attacked me, to dispose of the remains of

those poor golems who so sadly failed to properly do their job me. It may be just

the right time to take me by surprise," she said, smiling wickedly. "Who knows?

A girl may get raped again".

Etrigan laughed out loud, his demonic laughter filling the chamber, as he

pushed the Amazon beauty on her back and began to rock his hips, thrusting deeply

again into her, making her arch her back with pleasure.

"I promise to oppose much less resistance than the first time..." Wonder

Woman whispered breathlessly, merging her motions with the demon's thrusts.

"Etrigan shall meet Amazon tomorrow night

Rape her well again after some fight

Three times fucking is the charm

Etrigan swear to cause at all no harm"

The beautiful Amazon frowned slightly at that, her sensuous motions


"Why not? If you do not try to hurt me at least a bit, then where is the

fun in that?" Looking deeply into the demon's eyes, she grabbed his hard buttocks

and added, similing. "I'd better fight back a lot more then, in order to keep you

from going soft on me."

With that, she clasped her powerful legs and arms around him, pulling him

hard against her, her hips rising to take the huge thrusting phallus even deeper

into her tighteting depths, a yelp of pain turning fast into a deep moan of pleasure.

*I'll never understand women*, thought the Demon.


Wonder Woman: Laid by the Dead part 1