Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement Part 4  



Wonder Woman is Set Free

By Barnabus

Written: 4/3/04

Revised: 5/21/04

(Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Steve Trevor, m/f, romance.)


Tying up loose ends between part 3 and part 5 of this series!


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. I am borrowing them for my own pleasure. Ollie is a rather loose construction based on the role played by Oliver North in the TV series JAG. Of course, he is fictional and any similarity . . . purely coincidental. Of course!

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When I wrote the next section of "WONDER WOMAN'S VOLUNTARILY ENSLVEMENT" (what is now part 5) I found there were way too many 'loose ends'. As a result, and at the suggestion of Flexman (to whom I am greatly indebted), I added this "interlude" between parts 3 and parts 5 to clean up the loose ends. Unfortunately, there's not much 'good stuff' in this section.

In an earlier versions I had set part 3 in the 1940's, but in this episode, I need certain modern developments and technology such as the date rape drug and modern surveillance techniques. So this story is set in modern times.

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Chapter 1. - Steve asks for help

Steve Trevor and Ollie recognized each other across the plaza and both raised a hand in greeting.

Steve and Ollie had been assigned to the same platoon while both were in basic training years ago. Ollie had been so green, he was afraid of everything. During the hand grenade drill, Ollie had been so nervous; he had actually dropped a live grenade at his feet. It had only been Steve's quick action that had saved Ollie's life. They had been fast friends ever since. Steve continued in the Regular Army while Ollie left the service when his tour was completed. No one knew exactly what work Ollie did now, but Steve knew that Ollie had access to secrets at the highest level, and Ollie frequently met with the president to advice him. (Steve suspected that Ollie was heavily into 'black ops', but very conscientiously, Steve avoided any questions around this area.)

"So how's your love life?" Ollie always started every conversation with the same question. "Have you had any luck with that pretty little adjutant of yours?"

Steve smiled and shook his head. "How many times have I told you, Diana Prince just isn't my type! She's . . . just too . . . mousy. I suppose she'd be okay if she would just loosen up a bit and let her hair down. But in all honesty, lately, her job performance just hasn't been up to par. But I'm not here to talk about Lt. Prince." Steve paused to collect his thoughts. He wasn't aware of the intensity with which Ollie had been listening to his off-the-cuff evaluation of his adjutant.

The fountain was a totally public place with a constant background of falling water, which would undoubtedly interfere with any efforts to 'bug' their conversation. Steve couldn't think of any reason why their conversation might be bugged, but chose the path of caution when he arranged the meeting simply because of the potential sensitivity of the subject matter.

"I'm probably be overly security conscious about this," Steve commented, "but I am concerned about Wonder Woman." Steve told his friend. "There has been a change in her, lately. She has no spark. It's almost as if the life has drained out of her. She is listless. When we ask her to do a mission, she does it, but only meets the minimum requirements. Her crime-fighting activities are almost non-existent. And this has been going on for several months.

Ollie took a sip of the soda pop in his hand. "Is this 'an official' inquiry?" he asked.

"No. Not at all!" Steve reassured his friend. "Maybe you know something about her that I don't know. If you do and you're sure everything is OK, but can't tell me any details, I'll accept that." Steve worded his request carefully, so as not to be asking his friend to reveal any security details that should be kept quiet.

"I don't think I can help you," Ollie answered casually. "We have nothing. In fact, we keep no records on Wonder Woman."

"How is that possible?" Steve asked incredulously.

Ollie explained. "The decision was made shortly after Wonder Woman first appeared NOT to keep records on her."

"That seems like a dumb idea!" Steve declared. "Who made that decision?"

"I did," said Ollie.

Flushing with embarrassment, Steve stammered, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean . . . "

"It's OK. I often get that reaction." Ollie smiled. "Recently the President made the same statement, but . . . using . . . rather stronger language." Both men smiled at the image that came to mind. "People have tried to change my mind, but I've never found a good reason why I should."

"Why don't you keep a dossier on Wonder Woman?" asked Steve.

Ollie smiled at his friend. "For three reasons: First, there has never been any question about where she stands when it comes to a choice between the free world and the Fascists or Communists. Every so often, we send a double agent to try to 'turn her' to the enemy and she has always consistently walked away from them. She's smart enough to see through any ploy we have tried to present her with. I think she's even beginning to recognize our people when they try to approach her.

"The second reason is that any information we collect on her is bound to fall into the hands of various bureaucrats, and nothing that they get hold of is ever well used. Therefore, if we have no information, they can't get hold of it and misuse it." Ollie took a bite of his sandwich and scanned the people around the fountain, as if looking for spies was part of his life, which it probably was.

After a long pause, Steve cleared his throat. "You said there were three reasons . . ."

Ollie gazed at his long time friend as he slowly chewed his sandwich. After swallowing, he took an inordinately long time to run his tongue over his teeth, cleaning them, all the time studying his friend. Finally, he took Steve by the arm and moved him to the pillar closest to the waterfall, the place that would be most difficult for any surveillance device to record them.

"What I'm going to say is for your ears only. In any other context, I will deny it, you understand?" Steve nodded. "I've never kept data on Wonder Woman because she's your girl! And I never want to be in a position to damage her because she belongs to you!"

Steve sputtered and began to form an objection, but Ollie simply raised a hand stopping him. Steve stared at his friend, and gradually began to appreciate the insight and loyalty his friend was expressing. Steve was speechless.

Once past the initial shock of Ollie's statement, Steve went on to outline his concerns about Wonder Woman. Ollie knew that Steve's worries had to be extremely deeply rooted for him to come ask for help.

After Steve had told his story, Ollie had simply nodded. "I've noticed some changes in her, too," Ollie admitted. (Steve thought immediately, "and Ollie doesn't keep track of Wonder Woman, hmmmmm?") Draining the last of his drink, Ollie concluded their interview. "I'll take a look into it."

Chapter 2. - Ollie's surveillance

The change in Wonder Woman's conduct during the past couple of months had caught Ollie's attention and worried him. He was thankful that Steve was prodding him to actually check into the situation. Ollie had learned Wonder Woman's secret identity long go, although this information had never been passed on to anyone else. Thus, Ollie arranged his schedule to do the surveillance himself.

He had cleared his schedule by the middle of the afternoon, and as a result was ready to pick up Diana Prince's trail as she left her Pentagon office. It was Wednesday evening.

Ollie followed Diana to her home where apparently quickly changed her clothes, and left home after a short time. Ollie followed Diana to a home in a middle class section of town. Ollie used his cell phone to run a check. The owner of the home was a middle class, single man living off of a modest inheritance. His background was totally unremarkable, so mentally Ollie dismissed him from further thought.

Several hours later, since Diana had not left, Ollie was reconsidering this man and used his cell phone to order a more thorough background check on him.

Eventually, the lights were turned out in the house and Ollie realized that Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, the world's paragon of virtue, the symbol of virginity for an entire generation of women, was in fact staying the night.

Perplexed, Ollie maintained his surveillance throughout the night. In the morning, activity in the house began again, and eventually, Ollie saw Diana leave the house to return briefly to her own apartment to dress in her uniform and return to her regular workplace.

Since Ollie knew that Diana Prince was really Wonder Woman, this activity exhibited unusual change in her behavior. And since she was privy to sensitive security information, Steve's request had suddenly become more than a quick surveillance job that could be handled by one man alone.

Ollie carefully selected a team. Each team member was someone Ollie knew could be depended upon for his or her utmost prudence and discretion. He ordered round the clock surveillance on the man. Agents were assigned to monitor his activities, and were told to photograph anything of interest. Ollie advised his surveillance people that the subject had a "Wonder Woman complex", and that they should not be surprised if someone turned up wearing a Wonder Woman costume.

He also assigned an agent to keep tabs on Diana Prince at her workplace at the pentagon ("It's just a routine security check!"), but Ollie assigned the job of covered Diana's surveillance at the end of the day to himself. That night, Diana returned home and apparently there was no unusual activity. Other than a short trip to the grocery store, Diana remained at home all night.

Reading the agents reports the next morning, Ollie found that the subject made a trip to the University Library where he spent the day studying research books on Amazon culture. During the lunch hour, he had visited Professor Robert Jones and spent about half an hour talking with him behind closed doors. Ollie did a quick search on Dr. Jones and found he was a professor of Ancient Greek and Greek culture. The professor had also become quiet interested in Wonder Woman since she had made her initial appearance several years before and had published numerous scholarly works about 'Ancient Amazons in Modern Day America'. Ollie made a mental note to check up on Dr. Jones.

Friday passed uneventfully for both Diana and the man, each leading their separate lives, apparently without contact.

Friday night again found Ollie outside of Diana Prince's apartment after work. Diana's sister, (Ollie knew Drucilla was Wonder Girl) had been visiting Diana for some time and they shared Diana's apartment. Since it was Friday night, Ollie didn't find it unusual that Drucilla went out, although he knew it was unlikely that she would be 'dating' anyone. Ollie found it _very_unusual that Drucilla didn't return until the next morning.

The next morning, Ollie returned to his office to check on the reports of the man's activities on Friday night.

The man had entertained a guest who came in the early evening and spent the night. Ollie's eyes widened when he recognized the photographs of Drucilla approaching his door and being admitted. His eyes bulged more as he examined the long-range photographs of the bedroom activity that took place in the house.

That explained where Drucilla had spent Friday night.

What was going on?

Ollie reflected that this was the twentieth-first century. Women were 'liberated' and were therefore 'permitted' to sleep with whomever they wished, whenever they wished. (Ollie reflected on the 'success' the women's movement had achieved. The women's movement claimed that before women were 'liberated', women were confined to ultimately become the slave and servant of a single man (husband) and required to satisfy his whims in the bedroom without any say herself. Now that women were 'liberated,' they were totally free and even encouraged to become the slave and servant of many different men but still were required to satisfy each man's whims in the bedroom without any say herself.)

But Ollie had never expected that Wonder Woman would become this 'liberated'.

Reluctantly, Ollie ordered that clandestine video and audio devices be installed in the man's house.

That evening, Ollie again picked up Diana's surveillance himself. He was not overly surprised when she went to the man's home and spent the night again. But this time, he knew he would have videos and recordings in the morning.

Ollie was at a total loss for one of the few times in his life. There was absolutely no way he could go to Steve Trevor and reveal to his buddy that Steve's girlfriend was screwing some stranger.

In the morning, Ollie quickly scanned his agent's written report of the previous night's activities and a synopsis of the conversations. Diana and her host had eaten a comfortable dinner. As the dinner ended, the man had told Diana that Drucilla would be visiting him for the next five nights, and Diana would not return until the next Saturday. Diana had reminded him that during the following week, she would be entering her fertile period and unprotected sex at that time might result in pregnancy. The man had acknowledged her statement, but didn't respond.

After cleaning up, they had watched a 'chick flick' on the VCR. The video had a romantic ending, and as the titles began, Diana and the man gazed at each other. Obviously the video had created a mood. He suggested that they go to the bedroom, and Diana nodded and started toward the back of the house.

"Oh, and bring your belt to bed, also," he said to her retreating form. Diana nodded.

The man double locked the door, checked the windows, turned out the lights and headed to the bedroom. Wonder Woman had just finished undressing and was sitting on the side of the bed in her panties and bra, bracelets and tiara. Incongruously enough, her Amazon Girdle of Strength was lying on the bed next to her pillow. The man quickly stripped to his shorts, turned out the light and the two slipped under the covers. The video cameras had no difficulty recording the activity even in the darkness.

Nothing unusual happened. The couple lay talking for a while before he rolled to his side to put his arm around her and they began kissing. Soon, he was caressing her breasts and he removed her bra. Diana caressed his head as he suckled on her breasts and began running her hand softly along his backbone. Readily enough, she lifted her hips as he removed her panties and she removed his shorts.

Lying next to each other, the sheets pushed downward, he manually stimulated her, eventually bring her to a mild orgasm.

As she came down from her climax, at his request, she orally stimulated him to erection, and then straddled him, pumping up and down. It was obvious that she was concentrating on her task of stimulating her partner. After she had ridden him for a while, he took her Amazon Belt and fastened it around her waist. Imbued with the Amazon strength provided by the belt, Diana began pumping harder and faster, but from the expression on the man's face, her belt obviously affected her internal muscles as well. Soon, he rolled her over on her back and took her missionary style, quickly reaching his climax.

Ollie rewound the tape from where Diana was on her back. She was actively responding and participating in their sex, but as Ollie studied her face, there was a strange detachment in her expression.

He knew now . . . in fact, he had much more proof than he wanted . . . that both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were sleeping with the same man. The transcripts of the recordings on the surface showed nothing more than an ongoing affair between consenting adults. There was certainly nothing that might indicate any sort of security breach other than the illicit sex. And as an intelligence officer, Ollie knew that a bit of rebellion and impropriety were considered a positive element in an intelligence officer.

The two lovers conversation had touched upon Paradise Island, it disturbed Ollie that he knew about Paradise Island, too, but they only mentioned the Amazon's homeland in the most general terms.

But as Ollie reviewed the transcripts, he began to notice certain patterns. The tone between Wonder Woman and the man had a strange undertone that troubled Ollie. She behaved and spoke like a lover, but her tone of voice held a flavor of servitude that was barely noticeable, but definitely present. When Ollie listened and examined the tapes carefully, he finally came to the conclusion that Wonder Woman, although totally obsequious to her lover, was in some way not a completely consenting partner. This man had some sort of hold over her. She would obey him without question, and certainly do anything and everything he asked, but there was an undertone of distaste that was almost impossible to put one's finger on. What sort of power did this man have over the Amazon Princess?

Having reached this tentative conclusion, he studied the recordings and transcripts again. Although he did not yet have audio and videotapes of Drucilla's assignation, Ollie eventually he concluded that the man had some sort of control over Drucilla, also. Although there was no violence or coercion involved, his relationship with both women seemed to be one of complete domination. What the man requested, he received. His suggestions were obeyed immediately. There were never any negotiations as there always are between lovers. The Wonder Woman had never initiated any activity, any variations. She never made any requests. There were never any arguments or even any disagreements. It was a perfect arrangement. And perfection is something that never exists!

And why would both sisters be willing to share the same man? Why was it such a neat and orderly arrangement? (It was inconceivable that the two women were not aware of the other's arrangements.)

But the total perfection of the arrangement made him very nervous. It also frightened him that an unknown man apparently could take total control of Diana Prince, an AIDC agent, require her presence at least twice a week, and apparently never discuss any security issues. This man seemed to be interested in the women only as toys, servants, . . . sexual playthings, objects of his gratification! And he made no secret of his intentions. There was never any artful 'skirting the subject' conversation that always takes place between paramours, even though they both might know that the only reason they are meeting is to fuck!

There was something else that crept into Ollie's consciousness and it took a while before he was finally able to isolate it. When it finally coalesced in his mind, he felt his stomach constrict in shock. He quickly scanned the transcripts to confirm his suspicion. No one was using contraceptives! A quick scan through the files showed no prescription history at all for Drucilla (not to be surprised since she had only been here a short while), and a scrupulously correct medication history for Diana Prince (Diana regularly purchased aspirin, antacids miscellaneous vitamins, in short, everything one would expect from a woman of her age, even though Ollie doubted if she ever took any of the items she purchased.) Contraceptives were definitely NOT part of her regimen.

But the lack of interest in government secrets on the part of the man disturbed Ollie most of all. It just didn't feel right! It felt wrong! What was the hold he had over these two women?

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Ollie. Was it possible that he had somehow defeated the two amazons in battle and they had become his slaves? What if that rumor was correct, that if an Amazon was defeated in battle and gave herself freely to her male conqueror, that she becomes his slave?

Ollie didn't like being so closely involved in an investigation, because it made it more difficult for him to maintain his total objectivity. But he had tripped upon this situation as a result of a request of his friend, Steve. And already, Ollie had allowed too many people to become involved. It was a fact of life that the more people who knew a secret, the more difficult it was to keep it a secret!

And before long, one of his agents was bound to trip over the fact that Diana Prince and Wonder Woman were the same person. And Ollie didn't want that secret known by anyone else!

He needed more information.

Reluctantly, Ollie decided he needed to question either Diana or Drucilla. And Ollie had to do it himself. He couldn't risk giving enough information to any of his agents so that someone else could do the interrogation. One: the investigation had become too sensitive, and two: he owed it to Steve to maintain utmost discretion. Ollie picked up the phone and made two calls: the first was to the medical advisor; the second was to the armorer.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3. -Drucilla's interrogation

Drucilla left the apartment she shared with her sister and pressed the elevator button. Diana had gone to work early that day and Dru had a few chores that needed to be done. When the elevator arrived, she observed the stranger as she entered. He was reasonably well dressed, good-looking, but not handsome, stocky (which probably meant muscular since there was no indication of fat anywhere on his frame), and his hair was white with flecks of gray, cut short in an almost military haircut. She would have smiled at him, but he averted his eyes and didn't make eye contact with her, so she faced the elevator door and waited for the elevator to reach the ground floor. She was dimly aware of a stinging sensation on her neck, followed by a slight dizziness.

The next thing she remembered was the door opening in the lobby of the building. She didn't notice that the good-looking stranger was no longer in the elevator. But, unconsciously, she glanced at the lobby clock. That was strange! It was an hour and a half later than it should be. Shaking her head, she complained to the doorman that the clock in the lobby was not set on the right time as she left the building, not waiting for his response. Thus, she didn't see the confused look on the doorman's face as he compared the lobby clock with his watch and found no discrepancy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ollie had fired a tranquilizer dart into Drucilla's neck in the elevator, then taken her to a studio apartment he had rented on the second floor of Drucilla's building where he had given her an antidote for the tranquilizer and given her a drug that was very similar to a 'date rape' drug. This 'date rape' drug left her conscious but relaxed, more than willing to answer any questions she might be asked, then left her with no memory of the time she was with Ollie. At the end of their interview, Ollie had returned her to the elevator, given her an injection that would negate any affects of the various drugs she had received leaving she would have no memory of the time she had spent with him. Ollie pressed the elevator button sending Dru to the first floor where she noticed the discrepancy in time between when she had entered the elevator and the time on the clock on the main floor. If Ollie had realized that she would have observed the discrepancy, he would have instructed her to not notice it. But he simply missed it.

As Drucilla left the building, Ollie reflected on what he had learned during his 'interview' with Wonder Girl. Under the influence of the drugs Ollie had given her, Drucilla had freely provided him with an accurate history of her activity with 'the master'. She also told of the battle that her sister, Wonder Woman, had raged with the master, and how Diana had lost the battle, becoming his slave under Amazon Law. Drucilla freely admitted the frankly sexual nature of their relationship with the man, and how both of them had been virgins prior to their capture and enslavement.

She also told how the master had been injured in an accident three weeks earlier, and suddenly was faced with his own mortality. He was unwilling to 'leave this world' without generating offspring, and accordingly had abandoned the use of contraceptives. Offhandedly, Drucilla acknowledged that she may already be pregnant, but in any case, the master had ordered a change in schedule so that Drucilla would spend the next five nights, the period during which she would be most likely to conceive, with the master. Diana's 'fertile period' was later than Drucilla's, and when Diana's 'fertile period' arrived, Diana would spend several consecutive nights with the master. Drucilla doubted that her sister was pregnant. But she suspected that within a week or two, they both would probably be carrying children.

Ollie asked about 'the master's' interest in Paradise Island, but Drucilla had found nothing unusual about the master's questions, or the increasingly detailed questions he had been asking. But she also acknowledged that prior to his accident, his only interest had been with 'his woman', and he had never asked about Paradise Island. Since his accident, he seemed to become fixated on Paradise Island and his questions had multiplied and were becoming more detailed. He seemed to think that Paradise Island was safe while the world around him wasn't.

Ollie recalled the time 'the master' had spent in the library studying Amazon culture and legends. And about 'the master's' visit to Dr. Jones, the 'Amazon expert'.

Ollie went to a nearby pay phone and made two appointments: first was to see Dr. Jones, the second was to Ollie's superiors. It was time to make a report, and grudgingly Ollie had to report to his superiors before he could talk to Steve!

Chapter 4. - Ollie reports

Ollie entered the office of the nondescript middle-aged woman and took a seat across from her as she continued reading the document before her. Ollie wondered just who this woman was, and where her authority came from. She was probably in her fifties, although she looked older. The aging process had not been kind to her. Her face was deeply lined, and her hair was pulled back into a scraggly bun. She was wearing the same old gray dress she always wore, and for a brief moment, Ollie imagined that she could pass for a homeless person.

As far as Ollie knew, this woman reported to no one. Apparently even the president didn't know of her existence or what function she served. But all of this was meaningless, since she was Ollie's 'chief'.

Pushing the memo aside, the woman sat back and looked at Ollie. Directly to the point, she asked: "So what's the problem with Wonder Woman? And why are you involved in it?"

Ollie briefly outlined his conversation with Col. Steve Trevor and Steve's concerns about Wonder Woman. Then Ollie described the initial surveillance indicating that apparently Wonder Woman had taken a lover, and since the surveillance began, had spent two nights at her lover's house. Ollie's superior commented that a woman taking a lover was not in itself a security issue. However she became noticeably more interested when she learned that Wonder Woman's sister, Drucilla, also had visited the man on a different night.

"Are you simply trying to pique my prurient interests, or is this going somewhere?"

Ollie knew that the cards had to be placed on the table quickly or the interview would be over. "I believe, ma'am," Ollie began, "that this man has is planning to impregnate both Amazons and, using this as a lever, is contemplating a plan to move to Paradise Island and possibly become it's king."

There was a long pause. Officially, Paradise Island didn't exist. Few people in government had actual knowledge of Paradise Island and the culture it represented. There were certainly no diplomatic relations established with Paradise Island, but the United States, or at least a very small contingent with the US government, knew about the island state and was VERY interested in maintaining the status quo.

The woman behind the desk knew Ollie wouldn't make this sort of report if he didn't have valid reasons to support his conclusions.

"You've bugged his apartment and planted video coverage?" she asked. Ollie nodded. She picked up the phone and ordered her calls to be held. Then she gathered up the papers on her desk, carefully placing them in a folder. Gazing at Ollie she folded her hands on her desk. "Okay. Tell me the whole story, from start to finish."

Ollie reminded his superior of Wonder Woman's and Wonder Girl's battle with the alien a few months before, and how the alien had actually threatened Washington before the two heroines took up the battle. The battle had actually lasted three days, when finally, in the mountains of Colorado, the two heroines had vanquished the alien. The two women had been so exhausted when the alien was finally defeated, that they were vulnerable and had been easily captured by a man who became known as 'the master'.

"His name?" the chief asked.

Ollie gave the name and volunteered that there was absolutely nothing in his background to indicate he was anything more than an opportunist willing to take advantage of two helpless heroines when the opportunity presented itself. The master had threatened the heroines with torture, ('the old car battery and alligator clip routine,') and extracted a promise from Wonder Woman that in return for his promise not to hurt Drucilla, Wonder Woman would remain and became his sex slave for two weeks. Once Wonder Woman had promised, Wonder Girl had been released, and Wonder Woman stayed to fulfill her promise.

"So she became his slave under Amazon law?"

"Apparently not," Ollie corrected. "He had not defeated her in battle. And although she remained with him, she never 'freely gave herself' to him.

"Splitting hairs, isn't it?" the chief asked.

Ollie shrugged. "After the two weeks, Wonder Woman was released, but not until he had placed a post-hypnotic block preventing her from remembering the incident."

Ollie then recounted that the master had later met Wonder Girl in Washington and seduced her. When Wonder Woman found out, still not remembering her two weeks of being his sex-toy, she barged into his room seeking vengeance. Somehow, he had been able to remove her belt and lasso, then fought it out with her and repeatedly raped her until her will was broken and she, in fact, did give herself to him of her own free will. "It is my belief that she became his slave under Amazon law at that time."

The woman across the desk from Ollie was displeased. She didn't like either rape or slavery under any conditions, and the thought that Wonder Woman would become a slave to anyone was extremely distasteful to her.

"So Wonder Woman is his slave. How about Wonder Girl?" the woman asked.

"I don't think so." Ollie answered. "She's young, almost a teenager, and I suspect she's full of hormones. I believe she is 'in love with love' and simply enjoys fucking. Apparently, he was her first and she had immediately formed a bond with him. I doubt that she has given very much thought to the consequence of her actions." The chief observed that Ollie's choice of words, although crude, thoroughly conveyed his interpretation of the events.

"May I ask how you've gotten such a detailed history of this situation?"

Ollie dropped his head. "Based on some of the nightly conversations we had taped, I took it upon myself to capture Wonder Girl, and question her."

Seeing the chief's eyebrows raise, he quickly added, "Everything was done most discretely. The drugs we used will cause her no bad side effects and she has no memory of the incident."

"Did you seek authorization before doing this?"

"No, Ma'am," Ollie answered.

"Then why did you do it?" she asked.

"Two things seemed to add urgency to the situation. First was the change in nocturnal activity, and second was the conversations we were hearing."

The woman gazed at Ollie, and decided to reserve judgment on his actions.

"You mentioned a change of their nocturnal patterns. Do you have an explanation for this?" she asked.

"I think so," Ollie answered. "About two and a half weeks ago, 'the master' was jostled off of the expressway into a guardrail. He received a minor head injury, but otherwise was unharmed. I believe he feels that he could have died as a result of that accident, and thus he's feeling his own mortality. Drucilla told me that he has been a changed man since then. His head injury seems to have caused a compulsion within him about Paradise Island and his women. This is the beginning of the fertile period of Drucilla's cycle, and yet instead of avoiding sex at this time, or using contraceptives as he has done in the past, he has ordered her to attend to him every night for the next several days and to expect sex several times each night. When Diana reaches her fertile period in about ten days, Drucilla believes he will try to impregnate her then." Ollie paused, taking a deep breath. "I think it's an effort to achieve immortality through his offspring. And an effort to position himself to create a status on Paradise Island."

The woman across the desk steepled her fingers as her brow furrowed in thought. Finally, she spoke. "Of course, everyone believes that Paradise Island is a myth, that the Amazon matriarchy doesn't exist. And very few people even know of it."

"Of course!" Ollie nodded.

"But I suspect that Queen Hippolyte would be righteously angered if both of her daughters suddenly became pregnant by some . . . stranger."

Again, Ollie nodded.

"I suspect a communication alerting her to the situation might be in order. But still, as distasteful as your findings are, we are in no position to intercede."

Suddenly, the chief recalled something else. "Didn't you say something about a plan concerning Paradise Island?"

Again Ollie nodded. "Ever since his head injury, Drucilla reports that he is changed. He seems to believe that Paradise Island is a Utopia. Once Diana is pregnant, he will be the consort of the crown princess. Drucilla thinks that as the consort to the princess, he expects he will be in a position to become ruler over Paradise Island and make the entire Amazon population his slaves. His delusions have become more and more obvious whenever he was with Drucilla these past several days."

The chief smiled. "I suspect that Queen Hippolyte may have her own opinions about a man attempting to usurp her throne."

"There's one more thing," Ollie continued. "On Thursday, 'the master' met with Professor Jones at the University . . . ."

"Richard Jones?" the chief interrupted.

Ollie was surprised that the chief knew about Dr. Jones, but continued, "Yes, Dr. Jones is a professor of Greek Culture and an expert on Wonder Woman."

The chief smiled. "Yes, and he also has a secretary who we suspect is an undercover Amazon spy! But go on."

Ollie reflected for a moment, bringing to mind an image of Dr. Jones' secretary, a tall, good looking, and very well built, graceful woman . . . Then he continued his report.

"'The master' talked in generalities when he first met Dr. Jones. But soon is questions turned to the matter of succession to the throne . . ."

The chief interrupted, "Princess Diana, Wonder Woman, is next in line to become queen, isn't she?"

Ollie nodded. "'The master's' questions seemed to center around what would be the position of 'the queen's consort' if Hippolita were to be replaced by Diana . . ."

There was sharpness in the chief's eyes. The only way Diana would become queen was if Hippolita died, which was unlikely . . . unless she was assassinated. The chief asked Ollie, "You have tapes documenting this?"

"We have transcripts of my conversation with Dr. Jones and my interview with Drucilla. We do not have the conversations on this subject between 'the master' and the two Amazons."

"And you have the tapes?"

Ollie took a package from his briefcase containing audiotapes, videotapes, photos and transcripts, sliding it across the desk to his chief. Immediately, she opened the transcript envelope.

"The highlighted sections are what you are most interested in," Ollie volunteered.

The chief scanned the pages for a few moments. Then gathered the pages together and returned them to their envelope.

"Come back tomorrow late afternoon," she instructed. I will have instructions for you then. In the meantime, maintain surveillance, but do not kidnap or drug anyone again without authorization."

One last time, Ollie nodded. He had been dismissed. Rising, he left without further comment. Ollie knew the Chief had almost unlimited authority to act on her on. But obviously, this was hot enough that even she needed to consult with her superiors. And Ollie had absolutely no idea who that might be.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 5. -Instructions

At five o'clock the next afternoon, Ollie was sitting across the desk from his chief.

"We reviewed your report and the supporting evidence and reluctantly, we must agree with your conclusions," the chief began. "We decided it was necessary to include Queen Hippolyte in our discussions. We contacted her and a meeting was arranged." It had been barely more than 24 hours since Ollie had reported to his chief. Absently, he wondered how all of this could be arranged and carried out with such speed, especially arranging a meeting with the queen of a foreign power.

"It turns out" the chief continued, "'that Queen Hippolyte already knew about the involvement of her daughters, and she was not pleased!"

Ollie heaved a sigh of relief. "Then, obviously, the queen will take care of the problem herself."

"No, she won't!" the chief interjected. "She tells me that Diana was legitimately defeated in battle, and then freely gave herself to her conqueror. According to Amazon Law, that makes Diana his lifelong slave. How he chooses to exercise his mastery over his slave is irrelevant. If he chooses to make Diana his sex slave, that is his right as a master."

"But Hippolyte is the queen! Can't she intervene?" Ollie asked.

"Apparently the Amazon culture has two types of laws: first, laws established by the queen (which she can set aside at will), and second, laws established by 'the Gods'. Laws dictated by 'the Gods' cannot be altered or interfered with."

"And the law which made Wonder Woman a slave?" Ollie began.

". . . was established by 'the Gods'." The chief completed. "The queen cannot do anything to interfere with this law. Therefore, under this law, Wonder Woman will remain his slave forever."

Forever! That seems like an awfully long time to Ollie. "Is there anything we can do . . .?"

"We asked the same question to the queen," the chief responded. "Her response was immediate, and almost automatic. She repeated that she could do nothing to interfere with the 'laws of the Gods'. Therefore, she could not possibly ask us to do anything to interfere with the divine commandments. Furthermore, she specifically asked that we do nothing. The queen believes that interfering with laws of the Gods will bring forth immediate and intense divine retribution.

"Does Wonder Girl fall under the same restrictions?" Ollie asked?

"Apparently not," the chief answered. "The queen considers her simply a rebellious teenager who has encountered her first sexual experience and is 'in love'. There doesn't seem to be master/slave relationship present between these two. The queen freely admits she would eliminate this man from Drucilla's life if it weren't for Diana's involvement with the same man."

"What about Diana's succession to the throne?" asked Ollie, since Diana was next in line to become queen upon Queen Hippolyte's death.

"That question is being studied on Paradise Island, even as we speak."

In a quandary, Ollie asked his Chief. "So what can we do?"

Without hesitation, the chief answered, "A sanctioned removal of this man has been authorized. It is to be done as soon as possible, preferably before he can fuck one of the Amazons again!"

Confused, Ollie asked, "But you said the queen specifically asked us not to get involved . . . "

". . . and I am ignoring her request!" the chief interrupted. "My people take their orders from me, not from the queen!" the chief stated with most affecting undertones to her voice.

Slowly, the realization crossed Ollie's mind. ". . . and if we take care of the Queen's problem, then she will be obligated to us . . . "

A smile crept across the chief's thin lips. ". . . she will be obligated to us in a BIG

way. . !"

Ollie rose to leave.

"One more thing, Ollie," the chief admonished. "If this 'slavery' law actually comes from the Gods, our interference may bring some sort of divine retribution."

Ollie smiled. "I have an obligation to my friend Steve. My commitment to my friend is greater than my fear of the Amazon Gods! Therefore, I volunteer for this assignment. But thanks for giving me the option."

"Your devotion to your friend is admirable. However you are not being given an option. You are too valuable for us to risk losing. I have given the assignment to someone else. You are specifically ordered to do nothing!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 6 - 'a friend of the family'

The next morning, Queen Hippolyte received a communication, which caused her a great sigh of relief. She was delighted that her problem had been resolved. . . or at least . . . part of her problem. She felt greatly relieved that she would not have to violate Amazon law herself to correct her predicament.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Diana Prince called Steve at the Pentagon to ask for some time off. She told him that a 'close friend of the family' had been unexpectedly killed and she was needed to help with the funeral arrangements. A week later, she returned to work. From time to time, Steve saw her crying and he assumed she was mourning the loss of her friend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ollie received a call from his chief. One of Ollie's colleagues had been in a car crash. He had been trapped in the car, unable to escape as the car burned. It had been a slow and painful death.

Within a few days, Ollie's chief had fallen and broken a hip, Ollie himself had taken a bad spill resulting in several broken ribs and a severe and painful shoulder dislocation. Steve Trevor had sprained his ankle. In fact, there seemed to be a minor epidemic of accidents in Washington during those next few days. (Even the President had slipped and fallen down the steps of Air Force One 'sustaining only minor injuries') As Ollie was popping a pain pill at his desk, he grudgingly admitted to himself that maybe there was some truth to this business about "the Gods".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A few days later, Ollie ran into Steve Trevor in the cafeteria at the Pentagon. Ollie told Steve that he had looked into Wonder Woman's problems and it seems there had been a man stalking her. Ollie assured Steve that someone 'had talked to the stalker' and there would be no further problems.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shortly after Diana Prince returned to work, Wonder Woman received a note from her mother with instructions to deliver it, as Wonder Woman, to Steve. Steve, seeing that the note was addressed to Ollie wondered about its contents, but passed it on to his friend.

It was a simple note to Ollie thanking him for his help in solving the queen's dilemma. It also expressed deep personal regret for the loss of Ollie's colleague.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A few weeks later, Wonder Woman's sister, Drucilla, departed for Paradise Island. After a short while, Wonder Woman returned to resume her duties. Drucilla remained on Paradise Island.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Epilog -- Wonder Woman returns to normal.

Steve's relationship with Wonder Woman gradually returned to what it had been before. However, Wonder Woman behavior was scrupulously 'proper' when she was with him. Whereas in the past, he had received an occasional kiss on his cheek, she no longer made any intentional physical contact with him.

And although she became an active crime fighter again, Steve noticed that she was allowing the police to handle considerably more crimes without her help. She refused to tell Steve what had been the cause of her depression, but only said the cause of her problem was no longer there.

But for the most part, Steve was pleased that his old friend was back . . . almost . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

# # #

End of part 4.

In Part 5, Steve has the opportunity to "screw the hell out of Diana".

When he resists the temptation, there are astonishing results!

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Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement part 4