Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement Part 2  




By Barnabus

(M/F, Wonder Girl, M/C, Consensual/non-consensual sex, first time)


Wonder Girl is called to keep a promise she made under duress. The promise included the loss of her virginity.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature, including graphic descriptions of semi-consensual, "vanilla" sex. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Wonder Girl is copyrighted and owned by DC Comics. I like to borrow her for my own pleasure and to give her a sex life. This is a work of fan-fiction. This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided the sites are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. Posting is permitted on a site requiring an 'adult verification service' provided it only costs a few dollars a year for access to many sites (the way "Adultcheck" used to be) but not on an "Adultcheck Gold" site, which requires much more money.

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story, (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

The story is a sequel to "WONDER WOMAN'S VOLUNTARILY ENSLAVEMENT", which should be posted on this site. It is not necessary to read the stories in sequence. (But it helps!)

Birth control is used in this story, because in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Some time had passed since Wonder Woman's return from her "secret mission". When questioned by Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman told her sister that this mission had been SO secret, that she (Wonder Woman) had willingly submitted to a drug treatment preventing her from remembering it. Thus, Diana could not share any of the details with her sister.

One afternoon, Wonder Girl told her sister that she was going to meet a friend at the Jefferson Memorial. Dressed in a light cotton sun suit, Drucilla left for the memorial. She arrived punctually at 1:00 PM, and purchased a rose from a flower vendor, and placed the rose in her hair, behind her right ear. She looked around seeking the person she was going to meet. She was a slightly disturbed that she couldn't remember WHO she was meeting, but she was sure that this was the right time and place.

She saw a man, deeply engrossed in a guidebook, moving closer to her. "Typical tourist," Drucilla thought. But somehow she felt uneasy about him. There was something familiar about him that she couldn't quite place, something that frightened her and made her uncomfortable.

Stopping beside her, he looked directly at her and asked, "Excuse me, are you alone?"

"Yes, my tour has left me behind," Drucilla answered. Why had she said that? There was certainly no tour group that she was involved with.

The man whispered, "Wonder Woman does Dallas!" Drucilla's eyes glazed over, and the man continued, "No one is near us. Speak to me."

"Yes, Master," Drucilla responded flatly. She had succumbed to the post-hypnotic suggestion he had planted in her several weeks earlier.

"Good!" the man continued. "Now take my arm and we will walk to my hotel." Wonder Girl obeyed immediately and the two moved away from the Jefferson Memorial.

Several weeks earlier, after an intense battle with an evil alien, both Wonder Woman and Wonder girl had been so exhausted that they had easily fallen captive to a man who took them to a secluded cabin in the woods. There, he had bound Drucilla and forced her to watch as he tortured her sister. In desperation, she had agreed to his terms: that he would not torture her sister any more and in return, she promised she would meet him at some time in the future and give him her virginity. Then, under hypnosis, he directed her to forget their previous encounter, and he implanted a post -hypnotic suggestion to fall back into a trance whenever he said the trigger words.

Chapter 1. "Come into my parlor . . . "

The man escorted Drucilla through the lobby to the elevators. He noticed a few glances from the hotel employees as he led her to the elevator. Apparently hotel employees take note when a mature, single male guest takes an attractive young girl up to his room. Entering his suite, he double-locked the door behind him and dropped the key on the table. Taking Drucilla's arm, he led her to a straight back chair by the table. She sat, looking straight ahead with unseeing eyes.

He surveyed her beauty for a few moments. Yes, he conceded to himself, her older sister, Wonder Woman, was definitely a piece of prime meat. But having enjoyed the entree, he looked forward to enjoying Wonder Girl as a delicious, tender morsel to be enjoyed for dessert!

She was still under his hypnotic spell when he whispered in her ear, "I will do a brief examination of you. Nothing that I do will seem unusual to you, and you will not become upset by anything I do. In fact, it will enjoy the 'examination' and it will make you feel good. Do you understand?"

Wonder Girl nodded her head mutely.

The man moved behind the chair and gently massaged her shoulders. Then he permitted his hands to side down her front and cup her breasts, gently caressing them and weighing them through her colorful dress. Drucilla was not as big as Diana, but she was well endowed and incredibly firm without the slightest hint of sagging. After a few moments, he slid his hands to her side and slipped them through the sleeves of the sundress to cup her bare breasts, grasping her nipples.

Wonder Girl sighed as he rolled her nipples between his fingers and moaned pleasurably as he weighed her breasts.

He had been waiting weeks for the opportunity to bring Wonder Girl to him, and ultimately to bring her under his control. Now it was time to collect what was properly his.

He withdrew his hands and readjusted her sundress as he spoke to her in a soft voice. "In a few minutes, you will awaken from your trance. When you do, you will feel great. You will remember this examination, and although it may embarrass you, you will not regret that I 'examined' you.

"Also, when you wake, you will remember me. You will remember being in my cabin and you will remember the time when I had your sister tied to the bed and threatened her with torture. You will remember that in order to save Wonder Woman from torture, you give your word that you would do whatever I demanded. You accepted my terms that in return for my pledge not to torture Wonder Woman any more, you promised to meet me in the future and you would share my bed and give me your honor and your virginity. And that under no circumstances would you ever try to hurt me or injure me.

"The time has come for you to keep your promise.

"Your Amazon training has taught you never to be intimate with men, lest you fall under the influence of a man's world. You have also been taught that a promise, once given, must be kept. The time you spend with me is not being 'intimate', but rather that you are keeping a promise that was given under coercion, and thus your actions will be performed under duress. Therefore, you will not be giving yourself to me freely. And since I have not defeated you in battle and you will not be giving yourself to me freely, nothing we do will cause you to lose your Amazon powers, and you will not become my life-long slave. Do you understand everything I have said to you?"

"Yes," Wonder Girl intoned flatly.

"One question before I continue. Is this your fertile period when you can become impregnated?"

Wonder Girl paused before answering, presumably to count days. "My fertile period began a few days ago. Today is the end of my fertile period. It is possible that I could become pregnant today, but it is not likely."

"I understand," he acknowledged.

"When I count to three and snap my fingers, you will awaken. You will feel good; in fact you will feel exceptionally good! You will remember the warmth of the sunlight on your shoulders as you approached the Jefferson Memorial. You will remember the beauty of the day and that will give you great pleasure. You will remember meeting me and coming to this hotel with me of your own accord. And you will remember the promises you made to me and will know that the time has come to honor your commitments. Indeed, keeping a promise and keeping your word will be one of the most important of your Amazon obligations, and when there is a conflict between keeping your word to me and another Amazon law, keeping your promise will take precedence over the other laws. Do you understand?"


He paused for a moment and reflected upon the opportunities she presented to him. He reflected on the two weeks he had spent with Drucilla's sister, about the things that had satisfied and pleased him, and about the disappointments he had experienced. He knew that hypnotic suggestion could not cause a subject to fall in love. And, in all reality, he didn't want Drucilla to be in love with him. He simply wanted to use her for as long as it pleased him.

But he decided to push the envelope a little anyhow.

"As we spend time together, you will find things about me that you find attractive. And you will begin to grow fond of me and you will enjoy my company and want to do things to please me." He waited, knowing that if this demand was too great for her subconscious mind, she would come out of her hypnotic state. When she didn't rouse, he concluded that she had accepted the suggestions. And he wondered what effect they would have on their relationship.

"Do you understand this?"

"Yes," Wonder Girl intoned flatly. He smiled.

"Once again, when I count to three and snap my fingers, you will awaken. One. Two. Three!" And he snapped his fingers.

Drucilla blinked her eyes and dropped her head. She felt embarrassed as she remembered being 'examined', but somehow, she felt good about it, also. She looked around and found him. Recognition registered on her face. Anger flashed through her eyes as she remembered the mistreatment he had given her sister. She rose to attack him. Then her face blanched as she remembered the rest of the background that went with his face. She had made him a promise. Although she had forgotten it before, she remembered it now. The memory of that promise engulfed her. Was he here to demand that she honor her promise?

A look of confusion and fear entered her eyes. Her knees suddenly felt week and she sank back onto her chair gawking him.

She was quite nervous now. Should she just get up and leave? What would Diana do? A myriad of thoughts cascaded through her mind, but she still was at a loss about what to do. He moved beside her and in passing, placed a hand on her bare shoulder.

"You are very pretty," he said.

The unexpected compliment, seemingly so out of place in this context, totally disarmed Wonder Girl. Diana had once told her it was proper to say thanks whenever she was complimented. But she was so taken aback, she could only blush and stammer, "Um…Thanks…" She couldn't remember how long it had been since someone said that to her. If she weren't so nervous, the complement would have made her feel good.

He knelt beside her and took one of her hands and kissed it. "You don't need to be shy."

A kiss on the hand can make a girl feel cherished, needed, wanted, all sorts of good things. And none of these things were desirable to Drucilla right now. She withdrew her hand and started toward the door. The sooner she could get out of here, the more comfortable she would feel.

"You made a promise!" His words stopped her mid-stride. "And you know," he continued, "that you must honor your commitment."

She turned back to face him. He was going to demand that she honor her promise! Her eyes were pleading, but he only smiled at her, ignoring her desperate look. She felt weak. Her stomach fluttered and a feeling of helplessness flooded her.

He closed the distance between them and again took her hand, raising it to his lips

There was something horribly erotic in the way he kissed her hand. It seemed harmless enough, except for the response it was eliciting from her. Again, she tried to withdraw her hand, and as she did, he moved closer to her and kissed her gently on the lips. It was warm and his lips were soft. Drucilla had never been kissed by a man before, and she was so bewildered that she was unaware that he had slipped a hand around her waist, holding her firmly to himself. Drucilla found herself almost melting under his touch. She didn't struggle very hard. As nervous and as frightened as she was, she was also a teenager and curious.

Was this was what it felt like to kiss a man? She had kissed her family members back home, and she kissed her sister. But this was so different. When the kiss broke, she was breathing heavily and she looked frightened. Her young eyes were wide. She watched him. He kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, and finally her mouth again.

Chapter 2. "Come into my bedroom . . . "

Then he took her by the hand. Drucilla could only follow as he gently led her into the other room. Her eyes focused on the bed and she hesitated. Somehow she felt that the bed had been especially prepared for her arrival. This was where they did . . .IT! She didn't want to go to the bed! . . . did she?

Gently, but somewhat demandingly, he drew her to the bed where he sat. Very nervous and frightened, she withdrew her hand and grasped it in front of her. She looked at it, trying to see if it had changed in any way when he touched it. When she looked at him again, he was smiling a gentle smile. Drucilla liked that smile. But somehow there was a predatory undertone to his smile, and that made her uncomfortable.

He patted the bed beside him. "Come on, sit," he urged in a gentle voice. There was nothing threatening in his face or demeanor. Drucilla had become total immersed in the scene that was playing out between the two of them. Somehow, she was so absorbed in what was happening that she had forgotten her promise to him - the debt that he wanted to collect. Slowly, she sat beside him, her hands folded in her lap, eyes downcast, like a little girl sitting outside the principal's office.

"Sometimes, I like to lie down and - rest - during the day," he mentioned casually, almost with a chuckle in his voice, leaning back on an elbow and facing her. Some sort of response was needed, so she smiled tightly and nodded, glancing at him briefly.

Drucilla was feeling very nervous. She had never been alone with a man before, and certainly not in his bedroom. And she knew what men did to girls in their bedrooms, and it certainly wasn't rest! She should leave! Just get up and walk away! It was not right for her to be here!

Almost absently, he lay his hand on her knee, just below the hem of her sundress. It made her feel funny. She should take his hand away! But she didn't. Holding her breath, she sat there for a long time. She knew he was looking down at her legs.

"You are very pretty," he said again.

Again! He said she was pretty again! This was the second the second time he had said it. He must mean it! It made her feel good, appreciated! He squeezed her leg, and that funny feeling flashed through her chest and stomach . . . and her . . . private areas. She flushed with embarrassment. Had he noticed? She glanced at him and he was smiling at her. He was an attractive man, she thought.

"You hurt my sister!" Drucilla charged.

"Yes, I did. And I'm sorry I did." It was a lie, but he figured it wouldn't hurt.

His fingers tightened on her knee, and his hand inched up her leg, gently caressing the inner thigh. He heard her slight intake of breath.

She placed her hand over his. "I should leave!" she said. "I know what men do to girls in the bedroom!"

"Really? What do they do?

Drucilla floundered. She knew in general, but she really didn't know any of the specifics. And she couldn't just come out and accuse him, could she? She changed the subject.

You should take your hand away. It makes me feel funny."

"I'm sorry," he apologized, but he didn't move his hand. "Am I hurting you?" He gave another squeeze.

"No," she conceded.

"Does it make you feel good?"

She dropped her eyes and nodded. "It makes me feel funny."

"Well, I certainly don't want to stop doing something that makes you feel good." He paused. "Did it feel good to you when I 'examined' your breasts?

Suddenly the memory of his 'examination' flashed through her memory, and embarrassment flooded over her. But somehow I didn't seem unusual. It embarrassed her, but it didn't upset her.

The man smiled as he felt the tremor in her body. He knew he could simply demand that she honor her promise, and she would be his in a few moments. But it would so much more fun to seduce this innocent girl. Would he actually be able to get her to yield? Or maybe, she would become the seducer and he would allow himself to be taken? Not likely. But he hoped that very possibly she might become a willing and eager partner if he handled her right.

"I would like to 'examine' your breasts again." She blushed a crimson red. "May I?" She felt good as she remembered his earlier 'examination' of her. She couldn't see the harm in permitting him to do something that he had done before and she had enjoyed so much. She nodded her head.

"If you unbutton the sundress behind your neck and allow the top of the dress to be released, it will be easier for me to 'examine' you," he prodded.

Her eyes widened almost in shock. "I can't do that. I was told that modesty requires that people - - -" she fumbled for the words, "- - - keep themselves covered, especially when men and women are together. And it is taboo for a woman to be exposed in the presence of a man."

He thought for a moment, and admitted, "That's true. But that taboo isn't in effect when a man and a woman are in a bedroom together." That was true as far as it went, he thought.

"Why not?" Dru asked. "Why should a taboo be in effect in one room but not in another?"

He considered his answer. Obviously, the real answer was that when a man and a woman are moving into foreplay, modesty rules are no longer in effect. But he knew this wouldn't be a good answer for Drucilla.

"That's just the way it is."

Drucilla had no reason to doubt his word. So she considered what he said for a moment. Then her hands went under her hair and opened the two buttons holding up the top of her sun-suit. Artlessly, she returned her hands to her lap, taking the top of the sun suit. She sat on the bed, eyes downcast, her hands in her lap, her pert breasts revealed to his gaze.

He was awed by the vision before him.

"Your breasts are beautiful!" he observed gazing at her.

Drucilla flushed. He had done it again. He'd called her pretty. Now he said her breasts were beautiful. His compliments affected her and she felt . . . a stirring growing within her that she couldn't explain. How does a girl cope with things like this?

"Thank you," she choked out, having difficulty forming the words.

He placed his hands on her bare shoulders and gently turned her so her back was to him. Then he pulled her until she was leaning against him and allowed his hands to slip around her. Again, he cupped her breasts, caressing them gently, weighing them. Finding her nipples, he rolled them alternately between his fingers. With a satisfied smile, he felt the nipples begin to harden and her breathing sped up.

"I like it when your nipples become hard," he whispered into her ear. Drucilla's eyes dropped to his hands as they manipulated her. Yes, her nipples looked hard and they stood straight out. Were they becoming more sensitive as they became harder? Distractedly, she found herself liking his hands. They were handsome hands. And they certainly were stimulating her, his fingertips grazing the tip of each nipple. He tweaked her nipple and felt her body tighten in response. She admitted to herself that she was enjoying his touch. She felt a slight embarrassment as he fondled her, but nothing seemed unusual about it. In fact, it made her feel good.

"Does it please you when you 'examine' me?" she asked, admiring his hands as they caressed her. When she felt him nod his head and kiss her shoulder, she smiled and lay her head backward against him. Slowly, Drucilla began to rotate her torso, alternately moving her chest forward and backward, into his hands, and away from them. She wanted to place her hands over his and press them to her, but she thought that would be improper. He had said that it pleased him to 'examine' her. And in some way, she wanted to do what pleased him. She crossed her legs.

Eventually, he slowed his manipulations and cupped her, pressing her against him as the palms of his hand covered her breasts. She was relaxed as she reclined against him, her head on his shoulder. He saw the slight movement of her crossed legs and smiled again.

One hand pressed into her breast firmly, but the other slipped downward, caressing her stomach, finding her belly button, and eventually slipping to the waist of her sundress. There was an elastic band around the waist of the sundress, and a fabric belt that was tied in a bow at her back. His finger ran along the elastic waistband and gently pressed under it, but only fractionally.

She seemed relaxed and contented, oblivious to everything outside of the room. She was comfortable and not thinking of anything, simply enjoying the touch of the hand caressing her stomach.

"How do you feel?" he asked, allowing his finger to extend about one inch below the elastic band of her sundress.

"I feel relaxed. I feel good!" Drucilla answered honestly.

"Does it upset you when I 'examine' you?"

Drucilla pondered for a moment. She thought she should be upset and uncomfortable by being caressed by a man. But she had enjoyed being 'examined' by him, and she was enjoying the touch of his hands and fingers now. How could that be? Amazon law forbade intimate contact with a man. And yet he was touching her in an intimate way now, and somehow it felt so good! She shook her head in answer and her hand covered his as he caressed her waist, not stopping him, but simply holding her hand over his as his fingers slipped another inch under the waistband of her dress.

Chapter 3. A few questions

"I've wondered about Amazons," he commented. He withdrew his fingers from her waistband and his hand slipped downwards outside of her sundress until he felt the panty line. He continued sliding his hand back and forth, this time tracing her panty line through her dress. Although her hand was still on top of his, she made no effort to stop him.

"May I ask you a few questions?" he continued. He gave her breast a squeeze.

"Um-huh," she responded. Comfortable and relaxed, Drucilla arched her back to press into his hand in response to his squeeze.

"Have you ever mated with a man?"

He felt tension enter her, as she immediately responded.

"No. Only certain Amazons are selected, and then only when there is a need to build up our population. It is a great honor to be selected. And it is a once-in-a-lifetime selection."

"I guess would be necessary to select both an Amazon and an appropriate male, wouldn't it? How are they selected?"

"I don't know. But they would never select someone as young as I am."

Drucilla had been at ease when he 'examined' her. And she had grown comfortable as he touched her. But this conversation was making her very uncomfortable. She was dumbfounded by his next question.

"Would you like to mate with me?"

"Oh, no! Since I haven't been selected by the queen, it would be improper for me to have a baby."

He kissed her neck. Suddenly, his attentions were making Drucilla even more uncomfortable.

"It IS possible to mate without creating a baby, " he whispered to her.

Is this possible? Drucilla wondered. The idea of mating without producing a baby had never occurred to her.

"Can you do that? How?"

He smiled. "It's called using a condom."

Drucilla considered this information. "That must be very powerful magic."

"It is!"

"Why would a man and a woman mate if they knew there wouldn't be a baby?"

"They wouldn't call it mating if a baby were not desired. They would call it making love. And they would do it because they enjoyed it." He rolled her nipple between her fingers.

"They would enjoy it? Why? Mmmmmmmmmmmm, that's nice. I like that!" As she was responding to his stimulation to her nipple, he inched his other hand downward until he felt the beginning of her pubic hair through her clothes.

Drucilla was experiencing confusing and mixed emotions. Talking with a man about mating made her uncomfortable. But she liked the way she felt as his hands touched her. It made her feel worldly. He wasn't in very good shape and wasn't handsome, but somehow she found him attractive. Her body was stimulated, and she was talking with a man about mating. She knew she would never be able to return to Paradise Island pregnant. But if what he said was true, and she could mate . . . or make love . . . and not get pregnant . . .

Suddenly catching the flow of her mind, she quickly squelched these thoughts.

"Men and women enjoy that type of pleasure when they are making love." He held her nipple and gently pulled it away from her body.

"Really? Ooooohhhh, yes! Is it like that? Does it feel that good?"

"Do you know how men and women mate?" he asked.

"The man plants a seed in the woman and the seed grows and they have a baby." The same answer an adult would give a small child.

"Do you know how?" he pressed.

"The man's sexual organ gets stiff and he puts it inside the woman and uses it to plant the seed."

"Is there ever a time when the man plans a seed and there is no baby?"

"Yes, but if it happens three months in a row, an Amazon is no longer considered suitable for motherhood. It is somewhat of a disgrace in the Amazon community."

"Have you ever thought about bearing a child?"

Drucilla's thoughts took her where she didn't want to go. When she was growing up, she had been taught about reproduction. And she wondered early on about the non-sequiter: If intimate contact with men was forbidden with such vehemence, why had she been trained so carefully about reproduction? She also knew that an Amazon could only be selected for childbearing once in her lifetime. But she, Drucilla, was the queen's second child.

Once when she was small, she had asked her mother about her father. Usually, her mother would refuse to answer questions, but the queen had just returned from an absence and had been very sad. The queen had told her that she had the same father as her older sister, Diana. Diana had been conceived when he had been a young sailor who had been shipwrecked on Paradise Island. After the queen had been impregnated, the man was sent back to the outside world. Years later, the queen had sought him out. He had been an old man when Drucilla was conceived. The queen had just returned from her final visit to him. He had been dying and he had died in her arms. When Drucilla asked her mother if she loved her father, the queen's eyes clouded over with tears, but she wouldn't answer. The queen never spoke of Drucilla's father again.

Yes, Drucilla had thought about becoming a mother. Of course, mating with a man would be necessary. But the idea of mating . . . or making love . . . simply for pleasure was new to her.

His hand had inched lower, and he was now gently massaging her lower pubis which combined with the self stimulation she was receiving from her crossed legs began to make it difficult to concentrate on what was being said. She grasped his hand. Her respiration and heart rate were elevated as she immobilized his hand. "I think - - - uuuuhhh - - - you'd better - - - stop doing - - - that - - -

He knew she was nineteen years old, but she seemed totally innocent of men and sex and completely ignorant of the male-female sexual experience. Making no effort to remove his hand, he asked again, "Am I hurting you?"

"No," she admitted again.

"Does it make you feel good?" Even as he asked, he ignored her hold on his hand and extended his fingers to hold her lips between them and rolled his fingers, bringing much greater stimulation to her clitoris.

Her intake of breath answered his question. He was a skillful lover and knew how close she was to climaxing. Listening to her gasps and moans, he observed her bodily reactions overriding her mental reservations as she rose to a rolling, rewarding climax. Her legs trembled as weakness overcame her. Was this what women in a man's world called orgasm? She couldn't believe what she was experiencing. He held her to him as the spasms passed and she relaxed in his arms. His hands had not moved, although, he was no longer stimulating her.

Drucilla was stunned by everything he had made her feel. Her head was spinning with stimulation.

"Do you know what you did to me?" she finally asked between breaths.

"Yes, I shouldn't have!" It sounded like he actually had contrition in his voice. "I'm sorry!" He kissed her neck. His kisses felt good!

"But it feels even better if we don't have clothes on." He whispered.

Drucilla was used to nudity. It was an accepted behavior on Paradise Island, and she had enjoyed nude bathing with her sisters. But she remembered the taboo of being naked in the presence of a man. But he had told her that the taboo didn't apply when they were in the bedroom. She also realized that past half hour had encompassed a considerable amount of intimate behavior between her and the man. It had been very exciting, but still, it was forbidden! She had broken the law!

As quickly as she recognized her violation of the law, her promise to him flashed across her mind. She had promised to meet him and share his bed and give him her honor and her virginity, and somehow she knew she had to keep her promise.

How could she yield to him? If she kept her promise she might fall under the influence of the man's world. That would mean she would become his slave forever.

Drucilla didn't want to be anyone's slave, and especially she didn't want to become the slave of a man!

But she had made a promise. And a promise, once given, must be kept! That, too, was Amazon law! But certainly he had not defeated her in battle! Her promise had not been made because she had been defeated. The promise had been made under coercion, and not freely given. If she kept her promise, she would be participating under duress. Could she truly be 'intimate' with a person who was coercing her? If she gave herself to him under these circumstances, she would simply be keeping a promise, not freely yielding! There was no reason why she should lose her Amazon powers and become his slave.

As she reflected on what had happened, somehow it didn't seem 'intimate'. How was that possible?

She tried to deny it, but actually, she had enjoyed being with him! Although she felt beholden to Amazon law, she found herself pleasantly attracted to the man.

Both of his hands moved and rested on her bare stomach. One hand moved to the bow on the fabric sash of her sundress and pulled the knot loose. Then he found the elastic on the waist of her sundress and slowly began sliding the sundress down over her hips.

She was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. She wanted to resist. And yet she didn't. She felt too spent after her climax. She wanted to leave. But she wasn't sure her knees would support her if she tried to stand. And, besides, she really wanted to stay! She wanted him to stop. She was scared! Scared of what? Scared that he would make her keep her promise. Scared that he would claim her honor and her virginity. If he did, would she be different afterwards? But she was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. She wanted to resist. And yet she didn't. She felt too spent after her climax. She wanted to leave. But she wasn't sure her knees would support her if she tried to stand. And, besides, she really wanted to stay! She wanted him to stop. She was scared! Scared of what? Scared that he would make her keep her promise. Scared that he would claim her honor and her virginity. If he did, would she be different afterwards?

Drucilla was quiet and unsure and was feeling quite nervous now. Somehow, she knew she had to resist him! But Drucilla had no idea how to stop him! Her mind couldn't formulate any plan of resistance. Trying to think, but finding her mind unresponsive, she gave the only resistance she could contemplate: She didn't raise her hips to allow him to slide her dress off. The man thwarted her plan by sliding his hands underneath her hips to lift her enough to slide the dress downward to her mid thighs, as far as he could reach.

Keeping his hands under her arms, he raised his hands to grasp her shoulders and hug her to him. He kissed her neck. Then he moved from behind her and she could no longer lean against him and she settled into a sitting position. She grasped her dress and tried to pull it back up. As he moved from the bed, he immediately grasped her hand to prevent her action. Then, still holding her hand, he knelt, kissed her thigh, and gently extracted the dress from her hand and continued pulling it downward until it slipped over her heels. Sitting back on his haunches, he unbuckled her sandals and removed them also.

Mutely, wearing only her panties, her hands folded in her lap, she watched dismayed as he stood and removed his clothes, leaving only his jockey shorts in place. The bulge in his shorts mesmerized her. She couldn't take her eyes from that bulge. He removed his shoes and stockings.

Of course, he observed her fascination as he took a small square package from the nightstand. He sat beside her, put his arm around her shoulders and drew her gently but somewhat demandingly backwards. Somehow, she knew that if she allowed herself to lie down with him, there would be no further chance to escape. Did she have a choice? Did she have a decision to be made? If so, it was her decision! But he was making it for her!

She felt her shoulders touch the bed and she settled into the mattress.

He took one of her hands and kissed her knuckles. Then he kissed her lips. This was only the third time she had been kissed by a man! It felt wicked and exciting, naughty and enticing, and it raised all of Drucilla's teenage feelings of rebellion against the values of her culture to the forefront of her mind.

His hand ran up her side and they both watched as his hand took control of her breast, gently compressing it. Drucilla's tension built! His hand moved and she stiffened as his fingers encompassed her breast. He took one nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, making Wonder Girl whimper, almost melting beneath his lips. He bit into the soft pink flesh, a little harder than gently, and Wonder Girl gasped and squirmed more. He returned to his sucking as the nipple grew firmer. After another bite, he began flicking his tongue around the totally hard nipple. She was breathing rapidly.

Still gently nibbling her nipples, his hand slipped to her panties and somehow pulled them aside. This was what they had warned her about! This was what she had been told she should never allow. Drucilla stiffened and held her breath as he touched her uncovered mound. His fingers slipped downward momentarily bring pressure on her clit causing her to gasp. He pressed further, insistently urging her to spread her knees. Not knowing what to do, she allowed her legs to separate and his finger traversed the length of her damp lips before separating the labia. Then his finger traversed her from rear to front and Drucilla whimpered as his finger paused over her opening and pressed gently, but not entering. Totally over stimulated, she didn't know what was causing her the most excitement, his mouth on her nipple or his finger pressing her. She turned her head away as the finger moved to the area between her vaginal orifice and her clit, gently massaging her.

Again, he bit her nipple, drawing her attention to her breasts again as he slipped his finger upward and gently slid the hood back from her clitoris. Drucilla cried out as a man's finger touched her exposed clit.

What was happening to her? What was he doing to her? This was a MAN! How was it possible for him to make her feel this way? How could he be doing these things to her? She should stop! If she didn't, she knew that her honor was in danger! She should leave! It was forbidden for an Amazon to be 'intimate' with a man! Promise or no promise, this had to stop!

His finger gently ran along the length of her clit, and Drucilla was paralyzed. She couldn't move, couldn't resist, couldn't do anything!

Without interrupting his digital manipulation, he rose to his knees and began to kiss his way from her breast downward. Drucilla felt like she had lost something as he left her nipple and she felt the cool air replacing the warmth of his mouth.

His kisses passed her belly button and paused at the waistband of her panties. Again, his finger traced the length of her clit causing her to moan and wiggle. The stimulation was so great Drucilla was only remotely aware that his free hand was tugging her panties downward over her hips. As the panties moved, his kisses followed the receding waistband and he was kissing the top of her fur-covered mound.

The lower the panties went, the more he could kiss! Recklessly, Drucilla slid the panties down her other hip, presenting her entire pubis to his lips. Accepting her gift, he kissed lower until his lips and finger were on opposite sides of the same organ.

He shifted lower in the bed and with Drucilla's help, pulled her panties down below her thighs. The constriction of her panties forced her knees together, capturing the man's hand. With her knees together, he could not access her clit. Frustrated, Drucilla pushed the garment over her knee and drew her foot out, permitting his finger to reestablish itself and generating unbelievable sensations as her movements caused new and unexpected contact against his finger. She gave a deep moan, and bent her knee and let it fall outward, unwittingly opening herself to him.

Chapter 4. Aaaahhhhh!

With blurry eyes, Dru looked down. She was naked! He was touching her! Mortification flooded through her. This shouldn't be happening. How had she gotten into this position? How was it possible that things had progressed this far this fast?

Desperately, she tried to regain control of the situation. ". . .Got to stop! . . . Can't . . . "

Whatever intensions she had mustered evaporated as a second finger came into contact with her vaginal entrance, just touching, not entering. If he entered her, she might be able to resist. But this soft touch . . .

He was a skilled and proficient lover. He knew exactly what he was doing to her. And he knew that he could not let her orgasm. If she climaxed now, there would be an interruption and she would have a chance to regain her wits, and that couldn't to be permitted.

"I told you it was better with our clothes off!" he teased, his whisper fluttering the hair as his nose nuzzled her fur-covered mound. Itoldyouitwasbetterwithourclothesoff! he teased, his whisper fluttering her fur-covered mound.

He slid between her legs and his lips found her clitoris. He kept the finger subtly but insistently touching her vaginal opening as he tenderly drew her erect clit between his lips. Drucilla was moaning. He would gently suck the organ between his lips, and then relax, always holding the center of her pleasure in his mouth.

She tossed her head from side to side. Semi-comatose from over-stimulation, she thrashed her legs. Getting no relief from that, she took hold of his head, trying to pull him away. She gurgled as he touched her with the tip of his tongue. She couldn't think about anything except what was happening to her. She was totally absorbed with her feelings, unconscious to almost anything else. Moans and cries of sexual excitement slipped from her lips.

He slipped his boxers off and rolled a condom into place.

". . . Got to stop . . . can't go on . . . it's too much!" Wonder Girl croaked as she desperately but feebly tugged at his hair, trying to move his head and give her some relief from the erotic tension that was constantly growing greater, but never permitting her relief.

He allowed her to draw his head upward, but he kept her lips spread with two fingers as a third finger remained at her opening.

His mouth reached hers and he kissed her fully on the lips. And he held the kiss. Drucilla threw her arms around him and kissed him hungrily. He had kissed her, but this was the first time she had kissed him, the first time she kissed any man, and in her hypersensitive state, she wallowed in the kiss. His free hand entwined in her hair, pressing her lips to his.


He moved his body upward, maneuvering himself between her lips until his finger had been replaced with something larger. Dru was so engrossed in the kiss she didn't distinguish the difference.

He let his tongue touch hers sending electricity jolting through her and making her moan against his lips. As she moaned, he edged the head into her opening. Dru realized she was being penetrated and tried to pull away from the kiss. He restrained her, keeping their lips pressed together until he reached her hymen.

Pulling free, panting, her eyes were wide open staring at him. She was trembling.

"No! - - - Don't! - - - Stop! - - -I can't - - - Uuuuuuhhhhhhh!"

He allowed her three objections and as she began the fourth, he pressed through claiming her maidenhead. As he entered her, she clenched around him in a futile and belated effort to stop his theft of her virtue. She raised her head and shut her eyes, her mouth forming a perfect "O"

"It's too late!" he whispered. "We can't stop now!"

A moment passed, and any resistance she may have had seemed to crumble beneath his weight. He had taken her. She was defeated! He had said they couldn't stop. And in her innocence, she believed there was no reason for him to lie to her. The thought of resisting him never entered her mind.

"Ohhhhhh - - -." she moaned, "I can't fight you!" She was trembling beneath him. The tension left her muscles and her knees fell to the bed. She was his to take, to ravish as he wished.

All of the foreplay had generated a profuse amount of lubrication. He withdrew an inch to spread her fluids around, and pressed deeper into her. She whimpered and her panting increased. Any residual resistance had come to an end. He pressed deeper into her and she gasped loudly and her body trembled, the pain of her deflowering ready passing into memory.

She couldn't believe what she was experiencing! Her stretched vagina was sopping wet, and she craved - - - what? - - - relief? - - - something - - - but she didn't know what.

Carefully, he began his thrusts into her, slowly at first. He was practicing his favorite technique: each thrust gently caressed her clit lifting her most assuredly toward her climax. She had felt nothing like this before. He wasn't rough. In fact, he was almost tender. Her stomach was aflutter as the sensation seemed to spread throughout her entire body.

He was using all of his considerable skills to bring them both to culmination together. Gently, he caressed her breasts, kissed her face

Breathing heavily, Drucilla gasped and moaned, not caring about anything else. She had already had one orgasm, but this was entirely different. Mindlessly, she tossed her head from side to side while he groaned and grunted in her ear.

He had successfully seduced her. Using force or invoking her promise or hadn't been necessary. Technically, she had fulfilled her promise and he had no further claim on her. But he knew he would want her again. So now he had to give her an experience that she would crave over and over. And the craving would have to be strong enough to prevail over Drucilla's deference to Amazon law.

In short, this had to be a 'bang-up' experience (pun intended)!

Quietly, he whispered in her ear, "Do you like that? Does it feel good?" She nodded and couldn't find words. "It feels so … Oooooo . . . ." He kissed her neck making her squirm more. Drucilla arched her back and wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles behind his back as he drove deeper into her. She bucked against his manhood and groaned loudly. Was this was what it felt like to come under the influence of a man's world? She tried to grab his shoulders. But she felt weak and she gasped louder as he pressed harder. His penetrations were deep, all consuming, totally possessing her. Without thinking she tightened even more around his member. Her excitement rose as she began moving her hips in juxtaposition to his thrusts, her hips rising to augment his thrusts. She was totally unaware that she was establishing a rhythm matching his. She began moaning in time with his thrusts. They were moving faster, now, and he was thrusting harder. Drucilla cried out and her head rolled back and forth like a drunken teenager.

His effort to conquer her had been so intense, his fervor so great that his state of excitement was almost as high as hers. Maintaining control much longer would be very difficult. But he also saw that she was teetering on the brink of a mind-shattering climax. He gazed into her eyes as she tightened around him once again.

He pumped harder and faster.

Wonder Girl was on fire. "Merciful Minerva! It feels so good! Ohhhh, ahhh, yes ... yes ... YES .... IEEEEEEE!" Unrelentingly, he was driving her onward. He refused to let up, forcing her . . . forcing her . . . forcing . . . her . . ..

Drucilla's orgasm hit her like a freight train! Her world shattered like a kaleidoscope of sensations and her body convulsed as the orgasmic wave overwhelmed her already numbed senses. Her back arched and her hips rose from the bed as she rode her apoplectic climax. She shivered in a wild frenzy of muscular contractions. Her sweet cunt, deep in the throes of her orgasm, frantically and spasmodically clutched him.

Flushed and trembling, he pressed his lips to hers to smother any scream she might make. And he climaxed hard discharging his hot seed deep inside her. She felt herself being filled with his seed, and she came again, one climax rolling over the other.

They convulsed in each other's arms, crying, groaning, panting together, perfectly mated, perfectly matched, perfectly fitting each other.

Their two bodies remained clenched together in post-orgasmic bliss. Sated, they both lay kissing, he resting on Drucilla's bountiful breasts. Lovingly, he caressed her face, her sweat covered body, calming her, soothing her. Her convulsing body began to return to her control, and she began to relax, almost cooing under his gentle caresses. They clung quietly together for what seemed like an eternity. Their breathing returned to normal. Eventually, he withdrew from Drucilla, moving to the side and disposing of the condom**.**

Chapter 5. What now?

Drucilla had done what she had been told never to do. Had he Chapter 5. What now?defeated her? But he hadn't defeated her, had he? Or was it a result of her own desire? Or had she simply keeping her promise to him? But he hadn't demanded she keep her promise. Whatever the reasons, Drucilla decided they were irrelevant.

"This is forbidden!" Wonder Girl said, still panting. "How come I feel so good?"

"Maybe that's why it's forbidden," he replied between breaths. "How do you feel?"

"It hurt like hell!" she answered frankly. "But then it got better."

"And did you enjoy it? Did you like it?" Wonder Girl smiled and nodded her head. Unbidden, a new thought crossed her mind.

"Am I Your slave now?"

"Do you feel like my slave?


"What does the Amazon law say?"

"If a man defeats an Amazon in battle," Drucilla recited, "and forces her to mate with him and she gives herself freely to him, then she will lose all her power and become his slave."

"Did I defeat you in battle?"


"Did I force you to mate with me?"

Wonder Girl Blushed deeply, and dropped her eyes. "No." she whispered.

"And it is not a complete mating if you are not pregnant, is it?"

Wonder Girl thought for a minute, still not raising her eyes. "I guess not."

He held her close as they lay quiet for a long time, cuddling with each other.

Finally Drucilla asked, "Will I get pregnant, now?"

He shook his head. "I don't think so. I used a condom to prevent pregnancy." Drucilla seemed satisfied with this.

He saw her tremble and a crimson flush passed over her entire body. "But I did give myself freely to you, didn't I"

"Did you?" he asked. "You were brought here in a mind-controlled condition. You couldn't resist that. And I took advantage of your inexperience. You couldn't be blamed for that. And it seems that there is an Amazon curse that drives an Amazon on once she has reached a certain level of stimulation. You couldn't control that, could you? "

Wonder Girl shook her head.

"So, do you think you are guilty of 'freely giving yourself' to me?"

"I guess not."

She snuggled in his arms. After a long period of thought, she spoke again.

"You said people did this because . . . " she hesitated before continuing, " . . .because they enjoyed it." Her eyes rose to his. He nodded.

"Does that mean they do it . . . " again she hesitated, " . . . more than once?" Her voice was almost a whisper. Again he nodded.

Drucilla's eyes seemed to fill with sadness. "You understand, don't you, that this is forbidden for me. I can't . . . I can't . . . " Drucilla was stuttering.

He smiled! She was trying to find a rationalization, and he allowed her to work out her thoughts on her own.

"If being like that is what it's like to be a man's slave, I think I want to be your slave. I want to have your babies. I'm willing to accept the influences of a man's world."

He shook his head. "That's not possible. You are an Amazon. You must remain an Amazon."

He could see the disappointment in her face.

"I have just learned what it's like to have someone make love to me. I like it so much that I want to do it on a regular basis with you. But Amazon law forbids intimate contact with a man."

"Hasn't your sister been captured by villains and . . .?"

Drucilla shuttered. "You certainly can't consider that as being intimate with anyone!"

An idea crossed her mind. "If you - take - me - again, if you hold me down and - do it, and I don't consent to freely give myself to you, I won't be under the law, will I?

Bingo! She had gotten there all by herself! He had won! He rolled toward the edge of the bed to open the drawer of the nightstand.

Drucilla moaned, "Ummm...don't leave. Please stay!

Immediately he returned with a handful of silk scarves and handkerchiefs. She watched as he sat beside her and tied one corner of the silk kerchief around her wrist. Then, he stretched her arm toward the corner of the bed and tied the other end of the scarf to the bedpost. He repeated the procedure with her other arm. Although Drucilla wasn't wearing her magic belt of power, she still felt the remainder of her Amazon strength drain out of her as her hands were bound by a man.

She tugged at the silken fabric that was binding her. He had tied his knots well: They wouldn't come loose.

Again, his hands began to caress her and almost immediately her vagina became wet. He found her clitoris and slowly began rubbing it as his body pressed close to hers. His long, passionate kisses drove her wild. She began to struggle to see if she could get away, but he put his leg over hers, effectively capturing it. She tried to struggle harder, to resist him. But having her strength limited by being bound, and not having the use of her arms, she found there was little she could to resist him.

Soon the bound Amazon was making love again with her benefactor. Between gasps, she exclaimed, "Oh, by Aphrodite, I'm helpless...I never thought it would feel so good to be helpless in a man's hands!"

Although her wrists were bound, she was much more aware of what was happening to her this time.

"Ohhh . . . yes . . . right there . . . oooooah!" she whimpered. "Great Hera that feels soooo good!" She gasped. "Ahhh . . . please again . . . harder . . . ohhhh! "

His arms slipped under her knees, raising them to permit even deeper penetration. He clenched her buttocks in his hands as he drove into her, and within moments they both climaxed together.

# # #

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Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement part 2